Wildcat Fastbreak (2011)

Northwestern Wildcat basketball.

Ram Sports Magazine (2009)

Colorado State sports.

Lessons From the Lunch Counter (2004)

Black students stage sit-ins at whites-only lunch counters in 1960.

Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (2011)

An examination of the search for intelligent life on other planets.

2011 Pro Football Hall of Fame Induction (2011)

From Canton, Ohio.

Blind Justice (2011)

The murder of a woman and the blinding of her husband leave detectives with many questions.

The Story of Jesus (2011)

Archaeological and social insights into the life of Jesus.

Red Sea Jaws (2011)

Sharks that attack humans.

Great Lodge of the Marble Halls of Oregon: The Chateau at the Oregon Caves (2011)

Historic hotel in Oregon.

Cleopatra: Portrait of a Killer (2009)

The discovery of her sister's skeleton suggests there may be a much darker side to the beautiful Egyptian ruler.

The Pedophile Hunters (2011)

Undercover cops track Americans who prey on Southeast Asian children for sex.

HLN Special Report (2011)

Wild Side

Radiohead: The King of Limbs (2011)

The band performs songs from its latest album, "The Daily Mail," as well as some from "Staircase."

Rocksteady: The Roots of Reggae (2011)

A chronicle of Rocksteady's surviving vocal stars celebrates the golden era of Jamaican music with a reunion concert.

Private Screenings: Ann Miller (1997)

An interview with the actress/dancer.

Faces of Change (2008)

Five activists from different countries struggle to overcome social, racial, ethnic and gender gaps.

The Journey: Big Ten Basketball 2011 (2011)

A look at key players, coaches and storylines shaping the 2011 Big Ten Conference season.

Party Political Broadcast (2006)

A short broadcast from a political party.

Renegade Genius (2009)

Thomas Gold's radical theories transformed how science views the origin of life and how humans hear sounds.

Home Comforts (2002)

Everyday comfort for your home.

Doctor Detectives

The doctors-turned-detectives who try to solve the rarest medical mysteries.

Sun Pharaoh (2001)

A look at the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten, who along with his wife Nefertiti established an early monotheistic religion worshiping the sun god Aten.

Diamond Jigs NY Bight Bass & Blues

The art of jigging the NY-NJ Bight area for bass.

Toots and the Maytals: Reggae Got Soul (2011)

A documentary about the legendary Reggae performer.

Sun River Homestead (2001)

Esther Strasburger and her sisters settle near Simms, Mont., in the early 1900s.

Welcome to Glaringly (2011)

The Great Summits (2015)

Expert climbers introduce 10 of the world's most famous mountains.

Hoy quiero confesar (2011)

River Monsters: The Deadliest (2011)

Jeremy relives his encounters with the world's deadliest fish.

The Ruggles

Charlie Ruggles portrays a harassed husband in a family comedy. (1949)

Hard Rock Calling 2011 (2011)

Performers include Bon Jovi, Rod Stewart, Stevie Nicks, The Killers and Train.

The Asylum Session

After running away from home, Hiyoko ends up at a homeless shelter where she meets an individual capable of flying.

Polkafest (2003)

David Garrett: Rock Symphonies II (2011)

Violinist David Garrett and Laura Savini perform at Berlin's open-air Wuhlheide Theater.

Home Decor (1998)

From home decorating ideas to holiday adornments, you'll find everything you need right here.

Tournament Countdown: College Basketball Live (2011)

Gemstones: Rock Stars (2009)

Colorful loose gems.

Lest They Be Forgotten (2006)

World War II survivors share their stories.

Mengele (2011)

Josef Mengele turns into a cruel murderer during World War II after receiving the mission of perpetuating the Aryan race through scientific experimentation.

Jersey Shore: From the First Fist Pump (2011)

Highlights from the first three seasons of the show.

Private Screenings: Rod Steiger (2000)

Celebration of Rod Steiger's 75th birthday.

Home Delivery (2004)

Search for everyday people with compelling stories.

Makeup Artistry (2011)

Wild Things

Nature and wildlife footage.

Renewing Your Mind (2006)

Dr. R. C. Sproul.

Divine Truths (2006)

Informal and intimate conversations with characters that are famous in show business and other areas, such as sports, politics, etc. Getting to know the stars' human side and opinions better.

Rain 2: A Tribute to the Beatles (2009)

A Beatles tribute band performs.

When Fish Attack 3 (2011)

A baby white shark bites the hand that tries to feed it; a diver learns a lesson when he gets between a shark and its dinner.

Perfect Match (1997)

A panel of relatives, friends and ex-lovers select a partner for a single person.

First Look With Linzie Janis (2011)

Linzie Janis brings all the overnight news from Asia and the look ahead to the stories that will dominate Europe.

Dana Sings The Best Is Yet to Come (2011)

Celebrating the love of Irish music.

Carlinhos Brown (2011)

A live concert by Carlinhos Brown, one of the most creative singers in the Brazilian music scene.

Restoring Wetlands (2009)

Wetlands help keep waters clean, reduce flooding, provide a home for wildlife and strengthen family activities.

Wild World

David Attenborough studies wildlife.

Altitude Sports Summit: Pro Football Edition (2011)

Facts of Fishing (2008)

Facts of Fishing features what really happens on the water in real time, shot over one day.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra: The Birth of Rock Theater (2011)

Founder Paul O'Neill outlines the past, present, and future of the orchestra.

The Last Days of Shishmaref (2011)

Global warming threatens an island community.

Marching Once More: 60 Years After the Battle of the Bulge (2011)

More than 100 American veterans who survived the Battle of the Bulge return to Belgium and Luxembourg.

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (2011)

The Franciscan Missionaries of the Eternal Word.

William & Kate: A Fairytale Romance (2011)

The private lives of the young royal couple.

World Youth Day 2011: Opening Mass (2011)

Beginning with Mass in Madrid's Cibeles Square presided over by the archbishop of Madrid.

L.A. Champions (2011)

High school basketball captains go for the win.

BBC News Special: President Obama (2011)

Bill Marr talks to President Obama inside the White House.

Operation Sodoma

A dramatic reconstruction of the day the Colombian army found and killed the top rebel commander of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) Jorge Briceno Suarez, Aka, Mono Jojoy on September 22nd, 2010.

The British Academy Film Awards (2011)

Awards honor the year in film.

Income Property: Reno to Riches (2011)

Scott checks in with homeowners to see how their lives have changed since finishing their renovations.

TNA Wrestling: Bound For Glory (2009)

Ultimate X match; TNA Knockouts tag team championship match; Eric Young vs. Kevin Nash vs. Hernandez; Full Metal Mayhem tag team match; ODB vs. Awesome Kong vs. Tara; Bobby Lashley vs. Samoa Joe; Abyss vs. Mick Foley; Kurt Angle vs. Matt Morgan; AJ Styles vs. Sting. From Irvine, Calif.

World Youth Day 2011: Arrival (2011)

The welcoming ceremony as Pope Benedict XVI arrives at Barajas Airport.

Reporters (1997)

Stories from around the world include analyses, reflections and anecdotes.

World Youth Day 2011: Welcome Ceremony With Youth at Cibeles (2011)

The Pope will pass through the Puerta de Alcala with youth from all the continents.

Wild and Dangerous (1999)

Canadian Champion in the Making (2011)

The story of Andrei Rogozine, a figure skater who dreams of becoming an Olympic champion.

WWE Hell in a Cell (2009)

CM Punk vs. Undertaker; John Cena vs. Randy Orton; DX vs. Legacy; Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz vs. Jack Swagger; Chris Jericho & Big Show vs. Rey Mysterio & Batista; Mickie James vs. Alicia Fox; John Morrison vs. Dolph Ziggler. From Newark, N.J.

World Youth Day 2011: Meeting With Religious & Teachers (2011)

Meeting with young religious sisters in Patio de los Reyes at the Monastery of El Escorial.

Pingu: South Pole Adventures

Pingu hangs out with the Abominable Snowman, gets his first job and dances in his igloo.

When the Moors Ruled in Europe (2011)

Toda Una Vida: Cuban Masterworks -- Albita (2011)

Grammy Award-winning Cuban singer Albita Rodrguez discusses her musical philosophy.

Tupac: Uncensored and Uncut: The Lost Prison Tapes

Tupac Shakur discusses his views on diverse subjects ranging from gang life, the black community and his relationship with his mother.

The Way Things Go

The construction of a 100-foot structure crafted by Swiss artists Peter Fischli and David Weiss.

Marble Halls of Oregon: Exploring the Oregon Caves National Monument (2011)

Formation of spectacular caves in Oregon.

World Youth Day 2011: Stations of the Cross (2011)

Stations of the Cross in Plaza de Cibeles.

Capitol Hill Hearings (2011)

Speeches from policy makers; political coverage from around the country.

The Celebration of Easter From the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception (2011)

Cardinal Donald Wuerl, archbishop of Washington, celebrates Easter Mass in the U.S. capital.

World Youth Day 2011: Mass for Seminarians (2011)

Over 90 and Loving It (2011)

People in their 90s and 100s discuss achieving and sustaining a happy life regardless of age.

World Youth Day 2011: Visit to San Jose Center and Prayer Vigil (2011)

Visit to the Fundacion Instituto San Jose, a center for people with disabilities.

SportsDay OnAir (2011)

A complete overview of the sports scene in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with insight and analysis.

Lost and Found (2011)

Unemployment: How Faith Communities Help Job Seekers (2011)

Free workshops seek to provide practical, emotional and spiritual support to people who are out of work.

Nigel Slater's New Year Suppers (2011)

Nigel Slater demonstrates how to have a healthy start to the New Year.

Politics and Public Policy Today (2011)

The day's major public affairs and political events presented without interruption.

Celtics Classics (2010)

Featuring some of the most memorable games in Boston Celtic history.

Washington This Week (2011)

Capitol Hill hearings, speeches from policy makers and political coverage from around the country.

HIT Favorites: Being a Friend

The importance of being a friend is reinforced with colorful fun featuring some favorite television characters.

Black Over White

A concert in Ethiopia by the Idan Raichel Project is also a journey back to the homeland of two of the Project's singers, Cabra Casay and Avi Vograss Vesa.

Sunday Edition

Host Mike Duffy.

Bob the Builder: Call in the Crew (2009)

A range of new tasks, from repairing a gate to aiding a family of ducks, with Bob and his crew using teamwork, determination and a positive approach to get the jobs done right.

Patton Oswalt: Finest Hour (2011)

The comic shares his thoughts on romantic comedies, being a new dad, the art of vomiting and imagining what it would be like if Jesus was a superhero.