The Phoenix Lights (2008)

The UFO phenomena continues when residents of Arizona witness mysterious lights in the sky.

The Love Lottery (1954)

While being raffled as a PR stunt, a Hollywood star (David Niven) jokingly says the winner can have him for life.

Two (2003)

Nick and Lizzie each long for a human connection and meet for the first time. They seem destined for a one-night stand until Nick starts acting bizarre, and Lizzie realizes he might want something she cannot give him.

Mynarski Death Plummet (2014)

Canadian pilot Andrew Mynarski becomes a hero during World War II.

Foodies (2014)

Some of the most influential international food fanatics on their world tours to Michelin restaurants.

Half-Life (2008)

Troubling signs of the apocalypse appear while a brother and sister react to their father's desertion.

Chasing Butterflies (1992)

The lives of the affluent residents of an exclusive town in the French countryside converge at a chateau owned by Marie-Agnes de Bayonette (Thamar Tarassachvili), a feisty, physically disabled woman, and maintained by her elderly cousin, Solange (Narda Blanchet). When de Bayonette dies suddenly, cultures and personalities clash as an international cast of characters -- including real estate vultures, bargain hunters and numerous distant cousins -- descend upon the chateau.

Tata Mia (1986)

A nun (Carmen Maura) leaves the convent and returns to Madrid with the woman (Imperio Argentina) who cared for her as a child.

The Kidnappers (1953)

Bungling criminals plan the ultimate crime.

Stadtgespräch (1995)

Thirty-five-year-old Monika Krauss (Katja Riemann) hosts a popular local radio show about relationships, yet while holding out for the perfect guy, her private life has become a mess. Taking the advice of her brother, Rene (Kai Wiesinger), who just met his new boyfriend (Moritz J. Bleibtreu) through a personal ad, Monika places a notice for herself. She soon meets a wonderful man, dentist Erik (August Zirner) -- not realizing he is already married to her friend, Samine (Martina Gedeck).

Hip-Hop Task Force (2004)

Khalil Jones, a Chicago detective goes under cover as a music producer at a hip-hop record label to pick up enough information to snag a crime lord who is affiliated with the label.

Vampire (1979)

Awoken from his decades-long slumber by the construction of a new church, vampire Prince Anton Voytek (Richard Lynch) tries to adapt to the modern world. He plans to live off the wealth his family has accumulated, but when he is accused of being a thief, he lashes out against the world. Soon he is feasting on the blood of those he holds responsible for his plight -- the church's architect, his wife and anyone else who has the misfortune of getting in the vampire's way.

Pictures of Superheroes (2012)

Marie is dumped and fired on the same day and gets a job cleaning up after a businessman and his forgotten roommate.

Maciste in Hell (1962)

A muscular warrior (Kirk Morris) embarks on a quest to break a witch's (Hélène Chanel) curse.

The Fatal Mallet (1914)

Three men play dirty tricks to charm a beautiful young woman.

Desmundo (2003)

An orphan (Simone Spoladore) endures numerous hardships after the queen of Portugal sends her to the New World to marry a colonist.

Our Wife (1941)

A composer (Melvyn Douglas) goes on a cruise and meets a woman (Ruth Hussey) he likes more than his wife (Ellen Drew).

Ashens And The Quest For The Gamechild (2013)

Ashens embarks on a quest to find the elusive electronic tat called Game Child.

A Slice of Death (1979)

After the murders of his fellow monks, a man (David Chiang) seeks vengeance.

The Ball (2010)

Two little boys use condoms in a different way.

Home Team (1998)

A compulsive gambler (Steve Guttenberg) is sentenced to perform community service at a group home for abandoned children.

Oncle Bernard -- L'anti-leçon d'économie (2015)

An interview with economist Bernard Maris before he was killed in the Charlie Hebdo shooting.

The Last Fair Deal (1995)

An ex-con returns home and must once again make plans to rob a bank.

The Great Wall (2014)

An adaptation of a short story by Franz Kafka, this film examines the enclosure and protection of Europe by a complex and growing system of walls, fences and systems of exclusion.

The Voice of the Shadow (2014)

A woman tries to help her ex-lover emerge from a coma by telling him about her daily encounters.

Air Sex: The Movie (2014)

Director Jonathan Evans follows comedians on the Air Sex tour as they experience the highs and lows of life on the road.

Speaking Parts (1989)

A bit-part actor and a fledgling screenwriter become fatally entangled when he lands a role in her movie.

Gossip (2000)

A cynical businessman has trouble with employees until a charming, distant relative shows up to settle a strike.

A Crude Awakening (2006)

In 1956, geologist Marion King Hubbard proposed the peak oil theory: Once easily extractable oil reserves are depleted, demand will exceed supply and the natural-gas-dependent global economy will eventually collapse. This documentary argues that Hubbard was correct, drawing upon the testimony of a wide range of experts, concluding oil supplies will peak by 2020 and that alternative energy solutions will not be found quickly enough to provide a viable alternative.

Death Is a woman (1966)

A British narcotics agent (Mark Burns) links a woman (Patsy Ann Noble) to Mediterranean murder and heroin.

Secrets (2007)

Five teens, one an Elvis Presley fan (Malcolm Kennard), are locked in the basement of the Beatles' Melbourne hotel in 1964.

Poor Girls (1927)

A woman (Dorothy Revier) raised to believe she was born in a wealthy and well-connected family leaves for New York after discovering the truth.

Wild Target (1993)

Victor Meynard (Jean Rochefort), a hit man who still lives with his mother, is becoming more reluctant to pull the trigger during assignments. He meets a young man, Antoine (Guillaume Depardieu), whom he takes under his wing after being unable to kill him. Their lives change when he meets Rene (Marie Trintignant), an art forger who has earned the wrath of powerful mob leaders. Unwilling to assassinate the new object of his affections, Victor must run and hide with two new friends in tow.

Plagues & Pleasures On the Salton Sea (2006)

Eccentric Californians still hang around a once-popular but deteriorating man-made lake.

A Matter of Time (2014)

A young man (Jason Burkey) consumed with bitterness after heartbreak must relearn how to open himself up to love.

Shaolin Invincibles (1977)

A kung-fu master's five disciples set out to restore peace to warring states.

Herod the Great (1959)

Defeated in battle and angry at his wife (Sylvia Lopez), the B.C. ruler (Edmund Purdom) of Judea goes roaring mad.

The Man of My Life (2006)

A happily married man (Bernard Campan) feels an unexpected attraction to a gay neighbor.

Amu (2005)

A 21-year-old Indian-American woman learns of secrets and lies that tie her origins to a horrifying genocide.

Junoon (1992)

A woman (Pooja Bhatt) looks for a way to end a curse which turns her new husband (Rahul Roy) into a deadly tiger during each full moon.

Brothers Five (1970)

Five siblings come together to battle for revenge.

7 Days in Slow Motion (2009)

A boy finds a video camera and decides to make a film in just seven days.

Wax: We Are The X (2015)

Reporters receive a chronicle of a trio's ill-fated road trip along the French Riviera.

Leaving Home: The Life and Music of Indian Ocean (2010)

The story of Indian Ocean, one of India's biggest bands.

The Tall Target (1951)

Abraham Lincoln will be traveling by rail to his inauguration in Washington and a plot is being hatched to assassinate him as he passes through Baltimore. New York detective John Kennedy (Dick Powell) tries to alert his superiors to the scheme, but his suspicions are dismissed. He decides to quit the force and boards the train to try to thwart the assassins himself. He's unsure of whom he can trust but finds a potential ally in Ginny Beaufort (Paula Raymond), the sister of one of the plotters.

Förortsungar (2006)

Amina moves to Sweden but cannot get a residency permit. When her grandfather dies, she hides Johan, a rocker, and she has to fight deportation.

Aggar (2007)

Janvi who is married to Dr Adi gets drawn into an affair with Aryan. She realizes her mistake, but it's too late for her to withdraw, and Aryan gets dangerously possessive about her.

Femmes De Personne (1984)

Ccile (Marthe Keller), Isabelle (Caroline Cellier) and Adeline (Fanny Cottencon) all work at the same medical facility, but their professions aren't the only thing the women have in common. Each is struggling with a romance that seems to be going nowhere. Ccile is pursuing a complicated relationship with a married man. Isabelle, though newly pregnant, plots to ensnare her husband in an affair with a younger woman. Adeline can't get over her ex-lover, even as he plans to leave the country.

Meet the Robertsons (2014)

Residents of West Monroe, La., discuss the famous Robertson family and its impact on the community.

The Adventures of Tarzan (1921)

In the jungle, Tarzan (Elmo Lincoln), the son of a British lord stranded in the African wilds and brought up by apes, has rejected human civilization as empty but clings to his friendship with American Jane Porter (Louise Lorraine). When Jane is abducted by Arab slave traders, Tarzan comes to her rescue -- only to see her kidnapped again by Queen La of Opar (Lillian Worth). To save Jane, Tarzan must battle both the queen's minions and William Clayton, who seeks Tarzan's family title.

Orgies and the Meaning of Life (2008)

A writer embarks on simultaneous searches for the right woman and for the end of his book.

Rivals of the Dragon (1980)

Gangsters target a martial-arts teacher (Jeffrey Chan) when one of his students turns to crime.

The Duke (1999)

A miserly Briton opposes his philanthropic uncle (John Neville), an American cousin (James Doohan) and the uncle's loyal dog.

Breaking Free: The Shale Rock Revolution (2014)

Filmmaker Robin Bossert tries to explore the controversial practice of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing in the oil and gas industry in a balanced way.

God Willing (2006)

In 1975 Stockholm, romance blooms between an immigrant and a tango singer.

The Shepherd (1984)

An Air National Guard pilot (Christopher Stone) is haunted by a mission that went wrong in Vietnam.

Grand Master Of Kung Fu (1978)

Secret Shaolin techniques are revealed in a battle that pits monk against monk.

The Appointment (1991)

A woman writing anti-god editorials encounters a mysterious visitor with a message from the Lord.

The Web of Death (1976)

Martial arts clans battle to find a lost artifact.

Paris Bound (1929)

A newly married woman, who fancies herself open-minded, experiences unexpected jealousy.

Off the Grid: Life on the Mesa (2008)

Members of a self-sufficient New Mexico community shun government and modern conveniences.

Jump! (2008)

A young Austrian (Ben Silverstone) stands trial for the murder of his father in 1928.

Kids of the Round Table (1995)

A 20th-century boy (Johnny Morina) pulls the sword Excalibur from a stone, giving him power over bullies and bad guys.

Exchange and Mart (2014)

In 1986, Reg, a lonely 15-year-old boarding school student, is nervous while she waits to take part in the school's self-defense exercise. Full of trepidation, she enters the woods to be attacked, but the test does not go according to plan.

Unthinkable (2007)

A policewoman becomes embroiled in a cat-and-mouse game with a killer who murdered her son's fiancee.

Kaalia (1997)

Two men frame a man for murder after he refuses to cooperate with them. Soon, the man escapes from jail and sets out to exact revenge on them.

The Great Mr. Nobody (1941)

Robert Smith (Eddie Albert), who sells newspaper advertisements, has so many romantic ambitions that his nickname around the office is "Dreamy." While his shifty boss, John Wade (John Litel), scoffs at these lofty goals, Dreamy knows that he is closer than ever to leaving his lackluster job behind to set sail on a world adventure. But then the car he plans to sell ends up underwater. Still, this tenacious daydreamer finds a new plan, thanks to his feisty girlfriend, Mary (Joan Leslie).

2 x One (2013)

Two brothers run away from their home in Mexico City and come face to face with death. To survive, they are forced to change their perceptions of life, love and freedom.

The Corsican File (2004)

Rémi François is a detective hired to find Ange Leoni, a Corsican who has inherited an incredible house.

Pavee Lackeen: The Traveller Girl (2005)

Members of an Irish town council offer an impoverished woman and her children a new apartment.

I'm Still Alive (1940)

A Hollywood stuntman (Kent Taylor) refuses to quit, not even for his wife (Linda Hayes).

As Tears Go By (1988)

Love for a distant relative causes a Chinese gangster (Andy Lau) to consider leaving the triad.

City of Darkness (1999)

A triad boss searches for three pendants that hold parts of a map leading to a hidden treasure.

Six Bridges to Cross (1955)

In the 1930s, newly minted Boston policeman Eddie Gallagher (George Nader) breaks up a robbery by a group of hooligans led by Jerry Florea (Sal Mineo). Though Eddie shoots and wounds Jerry in the process, the boy later comes to him to provide a tip on another robbery. Over the years, the two develop a relationship in which Eddie guides Jerry, who struggles to reform. When the adult Jerry (Tony Curtis) hopes to enlist in the Army, he is prevented by his criminal past, until Eddie lends a hand.

Piccadilly Incident (1946)

A missing Wren (Anna Neagle) returns from a desert isle and finds her husband (Michael Wilding) has a new wife and son.

Zero Kelvin (1995)

After his girlfriend turns down his marriage proposal, sensitive poet Henrik Larsen (Garb B. Eidsvold) becomes a fur trapper and is sent to Greenland. There he inhabits a small, filthy cabin with the brutish veteran Randbaek (Stellan Skarsgard) and the wily scientist Holm (Bjrn Sundquist). Randbaek takes sadistic delight in taunting Henrik with graphic tales of his girlfriend's infidelities, and tensions among the three men mount as they struggle to survive in the punishing conditions.

SpongeBob An Scannan: Spuinse As Uisce (2015)

Life is dandy in Bikini Bottom for SpongeBob Squarepants (Marcus Lamb) and his friends Patrick, Squidward (Brian Thunder), Mr. Krabs (Liam Heffernan) and Sandy (Carmel Stephens). However, when the top-secret recipe for Krabby Patties is stolen, SpongeBob finds that he must join forces with perpetual adversary Plankton (Garrett Keogh) and come ashore to battle a fiendish pirate named Burger Beard, who has his own plans for the delicious delicacies.

Severed Ties (1992)

A scientist's widow (Elke Sommer) and her partner (Oliver Reed) try to profit from her son's genetics work, which gets out of hand.

Kiss the Boys Goodbye (1941)

A Broadway director (Don Ameche) and composer (Oscar Levant) search for talent down South and find a star (Mary Martin) for their show.

Deepsea Challenge 3D (2014)

On March 26, 2012, James Cameron made a record-breaking solo dive to Earth's lowest point, successfully piloting a submarine nearly seven miles deep to the bottom of the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean.

Chinese Couplets (2015)

Filmmaker Felicia Lowe explored her family's history.

All Eyes And Ears (2015)

An exploration into the complex links between the U.S. and China.

Hell's Caretaker (2013)

Six friends travel to a remote farmhouse for one last party but have no idea a deranged killer has taken up residence in their favorite party spot.

Number One With a Bullet (2008)

Interviews with stars who have been shot spotlights the violence in hip-hop.

Swedenhielms Family (1935)

Money woes and family problems surround a Swedish scientist (Gösta Ekman) up for a Nobel Prize.

The Legend Of Jimi Lazer (2013)

A guitar player learns of a magic guitar and goes to the House Where Dreams Come True to find it.

Sexo com Amor? (2008)

Three troubled couples attend a school meeting after their children get caught looking at an erotic art book.

The Map Reader (2008)

A misfit New Zealand teenager (Jordan Selwyn) is confused and conflicted by his feelings for a cheery, young blindwoman and a friendly classmate.

The Coverup (2008)

A repeatedly drunken driver is found dead behind a police station.

The Jitterbugs: Pioneers of the Jit (2014)

The three McGhee brothers, founders of Detroit's leading dance agency, discuss their struggles and successes.

Lavoura Arcaica (2001)

In 1940s Brazil, a runaway (Selton Mello) tells his older brother about his incestuous desire for his beautiful sister.

Panic (1983)

A backfired genetic experiment turns a scientist into a bloodsucking zombie.

Midnight Flight (1998)

A woman trapped in an airport sees a man plant a bomb on the plane her ex-husband and son will soon be aboard.

The Collectors (1999)

The head of the Louisiana Mafia sends two mobsters (Casper Van Dien, Rick Fox) to New York on a dangerous assignment to collect money.

Don't Worry, I'm Fine (2006)

A 19-year-old (Mlanie Laurent) searches for her twin brother after he runs away from home, following a fight with their father (Kad Merad).

The Santa Switch (2013)

Hoping to reconnect with his family, a man (Ethan Erickson) takes over Christmas duties for Santa Claus.

Enough Rope (1963)

Two strangers suspect each other of murdering their own spouses.

Sunday in Peking (1956)

A glimpse into Mao's China in Beijing.

Dynamite Brothers (1974)

A street fighter and a martial-arts expert challenge a corrupt organized-crime leader and his murderous henchmen.

Passinho Dance Off: The Movie (2012)

Kids from the favelas of Rio use dance as an alternative to drugs and crime.