Lightnin' Bill Carson (1936)

A lawman has doubts about an outlaw's guilt after he captures and hangs him for his crimes.

Guest Wife (1945)

Mary and Christopher Price, preparing to leave on a second honeymoon, are contacted by their friend Joe Parker. He's a roving newspaper correspondent who has, for years, convinced his publisher Arthur Worth he's married. However, Worth has demanded to finally meet Mrs Parker. Joe implores Mary to play the part and she agrees, but matters get complicated and before long, she and Joe are forced to be inseparable.

Naya Aatish (1998)

A rivalry between two influential families divides their village. Many years later, a college student, Ram, comes from America with a mission to unite them and expose the real culprits.

Exile Express (1939)

A San Francisco reporter (Alan Marshal) and a lab assistant (Anna Sten) foil spies on an East-bound deportation train.

No Child of Mine (1993)

A grandmother (Patty Duke) fights for custody of her daughter's (Tracy Nelson) baby with Down syndrome, up for adoption.

Leila Diniz (1987)

Leila Diniz (Louise Cardoso) leads a tempestuous life and becomes Brazil's greatest star.

The Vagabond King (1930)

Rebel poet Francois Villon (Dennis King) charms Louis XI's (O.P. Heggie) niece (Jeanette MacDonald) and saves the king in restless Paris.

Dwarves Kingdom (2014)

Filmmaker Matthew Salton visits a theme park in China where people with dwarfism are on display to perform in elaborate shows.

The Golem (1936)

In Prague, the insane, anti-Semitic Emperor Rodolphe II (Harry Baur) is planning an attack on the local Jewish population, who look to their spiritual leader, the rabbi Jacob (Charles Dorat), for an answer. Desperate to save his people, Jacob turns to the dark arts and fashions a protector from clay, using spells to give him life. Called "The Golem," the vicious guardian quickly turns from savior to violent entity, and he may be too powerful for the Jews to stop.

For Love or Money (1993)

New York concierge Doug Ireland (Michael J. Fox) wants to go into business for himself and refurbish a hotel on Roosevelt Island, N.Y., but he needs an investor. With a few weeks left before his option on the site runs out, Doug agrees to help wealthy Christian Hanover (Anthony Higgins) conceal his affair with salesgirl Andy Hart (Gabrielle Anwar) from his wife. Despite his own attraction to Andy, Doug tries to stay focused on getting Christian to invest $3 million in his project.

Jacky in the Kingdom of Women (2014)

In a country where women are in charge, a man (Vincent Lacoste) goes to unusual lengths to make his dream of marrying the daughter (Charlotte Gainsbourg) of a military leader come true.

Elvis Meets Nixon (1997)

Elvis Presley (Rick Peters) travels alone to Washington, D.C., in December 1970 and meets the president (Bob Gunton) of the United States. Dick Cavett narrates.

Religion, Inc. (1989)

Seeing God on television inspires an adman (Jonathan Penner) to form a new religion based on greed, with a janitor (Gerald Orange) in charge.

When Gangland Strikes (1955)

A racketeer blackmails a county prosecutor (Raymond Greenleaf) about his adopted daughter's (Marjie Millar) past.

Little Miss Millions (1993)

A greedy stepmother (Anita Morris) hires a bounty hunter (Howard Hesseman) to find a runaway heiress (Love Hewitt) before she finds her real mom.

Sheer Madness (1983)

University professor Olga (Hanna Schygulla) becomes close friends with painter Ruth (Angela Winkler) after stopping her from killing herself at a party. The burgeoning relationship between the two women alarms both of their families. Mentally unstable Ruth lives with her husband, Franz (Peter Striebeck), who feels threatened by his wife's intense friendship with Olga. When Franz arranges for the two to take a cruise, Ruth begins to realize she must separate from her husband to find herself.

Ace Drummond (1936)

Washington sends famed pilot Ace Drummond (John King) to clear an Asian airway.

I Am Here (2014)

When a man awakens after death, a familiar, poetic sound beckons him.

Across the Rio Grande (1949)

When silver smugglers seize the son of a man they killed, his sister (Reno Browne) sends good guys (Jimmy Wakely, Dub Taylor) to the rescue.

Action for Slander (1937)

A British officer (Clive Brook) is ostracized for cheating at cards and goes to court to defend his honor.

Naniwa no Koi no Monogatari (1959)

A wealthy man (Kinnosuke Nakamura) falls in love with a prostitute (Ineko Arima).

Advent (2014)

When a con artist impersonates a missing teenager, he gets more than he bargained for.

Adventures of Rusty (1945)

Danny Mitchell (Ted Donaldson) misses his deceased mother and is upset that his father (Conrad Nagel) is remarrying. His stepmother, the kindly Ann (Margaret Lindsay), struggles to connect with the boy. One day, Danny stumbles upon a solution to his loneliness when he encounters his neighbor's dog, Rusty, a vicious German shepherd trained by the Nazis. Danny adopts Rusty and attempts to rehabilitate him, while Ann works on forging a closer relationship with her stepson.

The Easter Experience (2013)

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Slaughterhouse (1987)

Lester Bacon (Don Barrett) has run into financial trouble and is now facing the grim possibility that he might have to shut down the slaughterhouse he runs. Unwilling to lose his family business but unable to pay down his debt, Lester becomes desperate. So, when a crew of people come to the slaughterhouse thinking they might buy the place, Lester instructs his overweight and mentally disabled son, Buddy (Joe B. Barton), to kill anyone who comes onto their property.

Trophy Heads (2014)

An obsessed fan of horror movies kidnaps actresses and forces them to reenact their famous roles with deadly results.

Dead Clowns (2003)

Circus performers rise from a watery grave to terrorize a small town.

Body of God (2013)

The history of modern body modification from its start in the 1940s through its worldwide breakthrough in the 1990s.

Invader (1992)

A tabloid reporter encounters hostile aliens while investigating the mysterious deaths of several servicemen.

Stand Your Ground (2014)

A woman struggles to retain her faith after her son is falsely accused of murder.

Pardon My Sarong (1942)

Two Chicago bus drivers (Bud Abbott, Lou Costello) land on a Pacific isle with natives and crooks.

The Loves of Hercules (1960)

An evil Amazon wants Hercules (Mickey Hargitay) to think she's the same queen (Jayne Mansfield) he freed from between two trees.

Get Lost (2015)

Off-road moto film documents the journey from civilization to wilderness and back home again.

Hit the Ice (1943)

Two cameramen (Bud Abbott, Lou Costello) chased by gangsters get jobs as waiters at Sun Valley, Idaho.

Love, Cheat & Steal (1994)

A newlywed (Madchen Amick) worries when her visiting ex-lover (Eric Roberts) takes an interest in her husband's (John Lithgow) bank.

In Society (1944)

Two zany plumbers and a female cabbie attend a high-society party, but no one knows they weren't on the guest list.

Krugovi (2013)

The murder of a good Samaritan by three Serbian soldiers causes a ripple effect among family and friends of all involved.

Please Not Now! (1961)

A sexy model pretends to have a new boyfriend in a wacky plan to make her ex-lover jealous.

Ladies Must Live (1940)

A Broadway rube (Wayne Morris) meets a gold digger (Rosemary Lane) and sees a man about a can opener.

Ann Rule's Too Late to Say Goodbye (2009)

After Bart Corbin's (Rob Lowe) wife Jenn dies in their home, Heather (Lauren Holly), Jenn's sister, starts a relentless campaign to make the police believe Bart murdered her.

Dark City (1950)

An unseen killer stalks a gambler (Charlton Heston) and his cronies after a man they fleece at poker hangs himself.

Presenting Princess Shaw (2015)

The extraordinary story of New Orleans singing sensation Princess Shaw and her collaborator Kutiman, a musician in Israel who uses her YouTube videos to create something magical.

Confessions of a Congressman (1978)

A teenage hustler falls in love with the politician that he was hired by secret police to sexually compromise.

Kung Fu Instructor (1979)

A brilliant martial-arts teacher and his star pupil become caught up in an old rivalry between clans.

A Mother's Revenge (1993)

An anguished woman (Lesley Ann Warren) stands trial for attempted murder after shooting her daughter's rapist in court.

Fátima (1997)

In a little Portuguese town, three boys testify about the apparitions of the Virgin Mary and some start believing in his word.

Avenger of the Seven Seas (1960)

A young man in the 17th century sends ships to their doom to punish the wrongs of their blackhearted English captain.

Stormheart (2008)

A Finnish family bonds with a cute puppy named Stormheart.

Thundercloud (2014)

Elite surfers are filmed in the barrels of monster waves.

Armenia, My Love... (2016)

An Armenian-American artist paints the story of his shattered childhood.

On Her Own (2015)

Filmmaker Morgan Schmidt-Feng examines the plight of Nancy Prebilich and her family as they struggle to save their fifth-generation farm.

Attack of the Normans (1960)

A Norman conqueror and his daughter find themselves in the middle of royal intrigue when a count offers his hospitality.

Attack of the Crab Monsters (1957)

A team of scientists land on a tropical island to study the effects of radiation fallout. When the island begins to break off into the ocean, giant crustaceans begin calculated attacks on the humans, forcing them to fight for their lives.

The Adventures of Renny the Fox (2005)

A clever fox tries to raise money to help poor children.

An Unremarkable Life (1989)

An old Chinese mechanic (Mako) courts a sweet old woman (Patricia Neal) who lives in an old house with her bitter sister (Shelley Winters).

Atomic Rulers of the World (1964)

Starman (Ken Utsui) of the Emerald Planet tries to save Japan from nuclear-armed U.S. gangsters.

At Dawn We Die (1943)

A British agent (John Clements) works with the underground in World War II France.

The Barefoot Executive (1995)

A network employee sees a chance to go from mailroom to boardroom with a chimpanzee that predicts TV's hottest hits.

Atlantic Convoy (1942)

People get suspicious when a weatherman (Bruce Bennett) predicts sinkings of Allied ships by U-boats off Iceland.

Atlantic Adventure (1935)

Fired for taking his fiancee (Nancy Carroll) to dinner, a reporter (Lloyd Nolan) gets a hot tip on a cruise ship.

Professor Pyarelal (1981)

A successful man becomes the victim of a police bullet meant for his friend.

Billy the Kid (2007)

Filmmaker Jennifer Venditti follows a teenager from a small town in Maine as he grapples with the challenges of adolescence.

Main Street After Dark (1944)

A police detective (Edward Arnold) uses fluorescent powder to catch a pickpocket (Selena Royle) and her gang.

Daft Punk Unchained (2014)

The career of Daft Punk, from the start until the 2014 Grammy Awards.

Falciani's Tax Bomb (2014)

Filmmaker Ben Lewis examines the international tax debate.

Marina (2013)

Rocco moves with his family to Belgium in the 1940s and struggles with his new life until he embraces music.

Staying Together (1989)

The close-knit McDermott family lives in a small town where the father (Jim Haynie) owns and runs a chicken restaurant. Brian (Tim Quill), Kit (Dermot Mulroney) and Duncan (Sean Astin) are convinced they have a solid and peaceful future ahead of them: One of these days, they'll inherit the old man's restaurant. Dad, however, impulsively sells the business, and turmoil engulfs the McDermott boys as they face uncertain futures for the first time in their lives.

Assigned to Danger (1948)

Thugs jump an insurance sleuth (Gene Raymond) and make him operate on their wounded boss (Robert Bice).

Account Rendered (1957)

All four suspects have alibis for the murder of a seductive woman (Ursula Howells).

Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome (2012)

As the Cylon war rages, a routine mission becomes dangerous when two pilots (Luke Pasqualino, Ben Cotton) must escort a mysterious woman (Lili Bordán).

Alter Ego (2002)

Three aspiring models go on their first fashion shoot in an abandoned school, but strange events begin occurring. The models and crew lose their sanity before they die agonizingly, one by one.

Sawan Ki Ghata (1966)

A man arranges his daughter's marriage to prevent her from marrying the man who truly loves her.

Patlabor: The Movie (1989)

Two police officers must stop a computer virus from ruining crimefighting robots in futuristic Tokyo.

Dirty Martini (2009)

A look at Dirty Martini and her punk rock burlesque scene.

Candles in the Dark (1993)

A young Estonian (Chad Lowe) defies Soviet rule by putting a star on a Christmas tree in the public square.

The Song Within: Sedona (2014)

Sixteen women from Sedona share stories and wisdom.

It's All True (1993)

In 1942, fresh off the success of "Citizen Kane," director Orson Welles journeys to Brazil to make a documentary. The unscripted look at bullfighting, the samba and three fisherman making a voyage of protest on the open sea stuns the studio with its daring storytelling and politics. The unfinished film is scuttled, and so is the director's career. The story of the debacle is told through interviews with Welles and others involved in the project, plus rarely viewed scenes from the documentary.

Yerma (1998)

Despondent after several failed attempts at pregnancy, Yerma (Aitana Snchez-Gijn) talks to an old pagan woman (Irene Papas), who counsels that her husband, Juan (Juan Diego), is actually the source of the problem. Yerma considers seducing the handsome shepherd Victor (Jesus Cabrero) to become pregnant, but village gossip paralyzes her. As her frustration and resentment build, Yerma becomes mentally unstable and begins considering violent solutions.

Thrive (2015)

Friends from opposite sides of the world find exceptional people who have overcome the odds and inspired others to do the same.

Death Valley (1927)

When a young man discovers gold, he must deal with threats.

Babes in Bagdad (1952)

Neglected harem beauties (Paulette Goddard, Gypsy Rose Lee) lead their sisters in rebellion, aided by the caliph's godson (Richard Ney).

Back to Nature (1936)

Small-town druggist Mr. Jones (Jed Prouty) takes his wife (Spring Byington), family and house trailer to Yosemite National Park.

Attack of the Mushroom People (1963)

A man in a padded cell tells of being shipwrecked on a foggy island with toadstool-eating tourists.

A Woman Rebels (1936)

A Victorian-era woman struggles to break free of the moral codes established by society and enforced by her father.

Annie: A Royal Adventure (1995)

Little Orphan Annie (Ashley Johnson) foils an English noblewoman's (Joan Collins) plot to blow up Buckingham Palace.

Because Why (1993)

Montreal building tenants comfort a wanderer (Michael Riley) who has returned to find his best friend (Doru Bandol) leaving for Egypt.

Conquered City (1962)

Allied officers (David Niven, Ben Gazzara) protect weapons stored in an Athens hotel from rebels at the end of the war.

Towed In A Hole (1932)

Laurel and Hardy get into the fish business.

You're Darn Tootin' (1928)

Bumbling band members (Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy) hit a sour note.

Tit For Tat (1935)

Laurel & Hardy face off with a grocery store owner.

Bannerline (1951)

Small-town newspaper reporter Mike Perrivale (Keefe Brasselle) learns that elderly history teacher Hugo Trimble (Lionel Barrymore) is on his deathbed. Hugo tells Mike he regrets not having motivated the townsfolk to stand up to local crime boss Frankie Scarbine (J. Carrol Naish). Mike concocts a phony front-page article for Hugo, hoping to convince the dying man that Frankie is finally facing charges. Unfortunately for Mike, Frankie reads the phony article too, and doesn't like it.

The Portrait (2014)

A mother is forced to confront her past after her daughter paints a portrait of her aging grandfather.

Act of Piracy (1989)

A mercenary (Ray Sharkey) with business in Greece and Zimbabwe hijacks a yachtsman (Gary Busey) bound for Australia.

All Yours (2016)

Cass, a busy, single mother, hires her friend Matt to help her take care of the kids. Eventually, she realizes that the person who could complete her family may have been there the whole time.

Sparkle (2007)

Sam has a chance to be a public relations guru, until true love turns his world upside down.

Barbed Wire (1952)

The Texas cattle trails to Kansas have been obstructed by settlers stretching miles of barbed wire across their territories. Kansas-based cattle buyer Gene Autry (Gene Autry) goes to Texas to find out what gives. He discovers that a dispute between ranchers and settlers has been actively fostered by unscrupulous speculator Sandy Reeves (Harry Shannon), who will benefit from railroad construction across the land -- which he is scheming to possess. It's up to Gene to stop him.

Million Dollar Baby (1941)

Heiress Cornelia Wheelwright (May Robson) is scandalized to discover that the family fortune was earned by her father when he swindled an old business partner. Desperate to rectify matters, Cornelia travels to New York City, where she gives the cheated man's granddaughter, sales clerk Pam McAllister (Priscilla Lane), a million dollars. But the generous gift turns out to be a mixed blessing when Pam's friends and beloved boyfriend, Pete (Ronald Reagan), turn on her.

Keo-peul-jeu (2011)

Single Koreans struggle with relationships. One's girlfriend is missing; one deals with unrequited love; one does not believe in love.

All Neat in Black Stockings (1968)

An irresponsible window cleaner believes that he has found true love with a woman he picked up in a tavern.

Listen (2013)

Hoping to finally win the woman of his dreams, a graduate student (Joshua Mikel) with a powerful gift invents a device that helps him manipulate the music he hears emanating from the soul of everyone he meets.