Man on the Train (2002)

Milan (Johnny Hallyday) is a beleaguered old thief who rolls into a small French town with the aim of robbing its bank. However, a chance meeting with a local professor, Monsieur Manesquier (Jean Rochefort), delays his scheme and leads to an unexpected friendship. Milan has grown tired of his adventurous life on the run and wishes to retire in peace; Manesquier craves the danger he's never known in his bookish existence. Their shared admiration and envy inspires each to follow his dream.

The Warrior's Brother (2002)

After his younger brother (Guillaume Canet) is badly beaten, a man (Vincent Lindon) falls for his sister-in-law (Mlanie Doutey) in 13th-century France.

No More Games (2012)

A womanizing photographer with a terrible reputation among females falls in love with a super-sophisticated woman, but must work hard to make up for his past behavior.

Hot Shots (1956)

Sach and the gang (Bowery Boys) baby-sit a bratty TV star (Philip Phillips).

It Happened at the Inn (1943)

Greedy peasants at a French country inn scramble to retrieve money lost by their incapacitated patriarch.

L'émigrante (1973)

An Italian emigrant falls in love with the ward of a gangster.

Todas las mujeres (2013)

Nacho, a veterinarian, has to resolve issues with the women in his life.

Freaks In Love (2011)

The underground rock scene of the '80s as experienced by the psychedelic-punk band Alice Donut.

Teheran (1946)

An English newsman (Derek Farr) uncovers a plot by World War II arms merchants to kill President Roosevelt.

The Gospel of the Flesh (2013)

The lives of three men intertwine during a championship.

Topaze (1933)

Professor Auguste A. Topaze (John Barrymore) is a simple, nave schoolteacher with a good name and an impeccable reputation. When the wealthy and corrupt Baron Philippe de La Tour-La Tour (Reginald Mason) and his mistress, Coco (Myrna Loy), take advantage of the professor's good nature in a fraudulent business scheme, Topaze learns a harsh lesson on the consequences that exist outside the world of academia. He soon finds his sense of ethics and honesty being pushed to the limit.

Aap Ki Khatir (2006)

Anu Khanna (Priyanka Chopra) enlists Aman Mehra (Akshaye Khanna), a handsome male escort, to travel with her to London and pretend to be her date at the upcoming wedding of her sister Shirani (Amisha Patel). Khanna hopes to use their torrid faux romance to regain the attention of her dashing former lover, Danny Grover (Dino Morea). But, as the weekend proceeds and Mehra's enthusiasm for his role increases, Khanna begins to fear that her employee has fallen for her in earnest.

Legend of the Red Dragon (1994)

Upon returning from a tiring journey, rebellious Shaolin monk Hung Fey Kwun (Jet Li) finds his beloved temple ransacked and its devout residents slaughtered by loyalist goons. Kwun locates his young son -- pint-sized martial artist Hung Man-Ting (Tse Miu) -- and vows to punish those responsible for the devastation. Kwun recruits high-flying criminal Red Bean (Chingmy Yau), and seeks revenge on the traitorous Ma Ling-Yee (Chuen-Hua Chi) and the tyrannical ruling family.

The Project of the Century (2015)

An engineer survives with his father and son in an abandoned nuclear complex.

Inupiluk (2014)

Thomas is forced to host Olee and Adam, two of his father's Inuit friends, in Paris.

The Shore Break (2014)

Two cousins from a rural community come up with opposing plans to develop their homeland on South Africa's coast.

Casablanca Calling (2014)

A new generation of women in Morocco campaign against early marriage and encourage girls education.

Island of Lucifer (2012)

A small film crew travels to the remote island of Anholt to uncover the truth surrounding a mysterious satanic cult.

La planète Nam (2014)

An odd family reunion.

The Amsterdam Kill (1977)

A former U.S. narcotics agent (Robert Mitchum) tries to plug an information leak behind a global drug war.

Secrets of a Door-to-Door Salesman (1973)

A bored housewife's brief extramarital fling leads to disaster.

The Second Death (2012)

A policewoman in a small village is guided by a clairvoyant boy who claims a killer is the Virgin Mary.

Viva Viva (2012)

Two generations from the slums to the city center of São Paulo shape global culture.

Variations for Piano for Six Hands (2009)

A man gets a cold reception from his family when he returns to Israel after five years in Russia.

Out of Control (1998)

A Kansas City woman seduces a restaurateur while fleeing to Mexico with the mob in hot pursuit.

Ennavale (2001)

When a man and his friends start a music troupe that performs at weddings, he is highly motivated by his landlord's daughter.

The Longest Distance (2013)

Martina arrives in Venezuela and plans to die on a mountain, but then her grandson shows up.

Cubamerican (2012)

Filmmaker José Enrique Pardo examines causes leading to the exile of millions of Cubans to the United States.

The Satan Bug (1965)

Special Agent Lee Barrett (George Maharis) joins forces with Ann Williams (Anne Francis), a general's daughter, to recover a biological weapon stolen from a secret government lab. Learning that the pathogen could destroy all life on Earth, they focus their attention on a mysterious millionaire who may have orchestrated the theft. After annihilating a small town in Florida, the villain turns his attention to Los Angeles -- and the duo must race to stop the city's destruction.

Doomed Love (2008)

Andre struggles to live in the present and not in the past.

Roll Wagons Roll (1940)

The Army sends Tex Masters (Tex Ritter) to find out who is supplying Indians with military guns.

Image Before My Eyes (1981)

The story of Jewish life in Poland before World War II is vibrantly recreated with historical footage and interviews.

Ulysses (1967)

It's a day in the life of Leopold Bloom (Milo O'Shea), his wife, Molly (Barbara Jefford), and Stephen Dedalus (Maurice Roves) in 1904 Dublin, based on the James Joyce novel.

Image Of An Assassination (1998)

A wider, digitally remastered look at Abraham Zapruder's amateur footage of JFK's assassination.

Murder on the Yellow Brick Road (2005)

A pretty young songbird is murdered in Hollywood, leading to an investigation that involves a crusty private eye who was in love with her, a smooth-talking seductress who hires the P.I., and a tough-as-nails cop.

Déjà Vu (2013)

Mihai, a man in a mid-life crisis, takes his mistress to the airport.

Six Men Getting Sick (1967)

Six grotesque human figures vomit.

Cesar's Last Fast (2014)

In 1988, activist Cesar Chavez begins his last protest fast to bring attention to the effects of pesticides on farmers.

Blondie Has Servant Trouble (1940)

Mr. Dithers puts Blondie (Penny Singleton) and Dagwood (Arthur Lake) in a mansion to show buyers it's not haunted.

East Is West (1930)

A beautiful, young Chinese woman is saved from being a slave and taken to America.

Adam Had Four Sons (1941)

Emilie Gallatin (Ingrid Bergman) works as governess for the wealthy Stoddard clan, but she also serves as a maternal figure when mother Molly (Fay Wray) dies. After the head of the family, Adam (Warner Baxter), loses much of his fortune, he has to send his boys off to boarding school and part with Emilie, the object of his affections. Years later, Emilie reunites with Adam and his sons, but their contentment may be short-lived when the scheming Hester (Susan Hayward) marries into the family.

In His Hands (2005)

A married woman (Isabelle Carré) has an affair with a veterinarian (Benoît Poelvoorde), despite her growing suspicions that he is a serial killer.

The Enforcer (1995)

Johnny (Xie Miao) is a junior kung fu champ growing up in China. He's been told his father, Wei (Jet Li), is a dangerous criminal. He's really an undercover agent infiltrating the Hong Kong Triad. When a brazen cop, Inspector Fong (Anita Mui), sets out to bring down the gang, she investigates Wei's mainland past and uncovers his true identity. After Wei's gravely ill wife dies, Fong takes Johnny back to Hong Kong with her, and father, son and cop team up to bring down a criminal empire.

Tada's Do-It-All House (2011)

Tada and Gyoten's friendship reaches a breaking point over events from Gyoten's past.

The Music of Strangers (2016)

Filmmaker Morgan Neville profiles cellist Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble, an eclectic group of musicians who tour worldwide.

City of Rott (2006)

An old-man and his trusty walker wander the city and struggle to fend off thousands of rotting zombies.

Pick A Card (1997)

Tired of his hardscrabble life working as an electrician in Tel Aviv, David (Zvika Hadar) decides to pursue his lifelong dream of making it as a magician. His girlfriend, Batya (Esti Zackheim), is tired of his irresponsibility and moves back to their hometown. David, however, focuses on his aspirations and eventually does make a mark on the magic world. However, just as he achieves his ambitions, he begins to rethink his priorities and decides to try to win back Batya.

Soudain, le silence (2015)

A French opera singer comes to Montreal for a concert and loses his voice.

I Know I'm Not Alone (2005)

Michael Franti's mission of peace in the Middle East.

Perry Mason: The Case of the Desperate Deception (1990)

Lawyer Mason (Raymond Burr) defends an embassy Marine officer accused of killing a Nazi war criminal in Paris.

Cowboy Del Amor (2005)

Ivan Thompson is a retired cowboy who has found a lucrative second career. A self-proclaimed "cowboy cupid," he regularly travels to Mexico to find wives for males who have been unsuccessful at finding mates in the States and can afford to pay his fee.

Thirunelveli (2000)

A drama directed by Bharathi Kannan, featuring Roja.

Death Strokes (2013)

Ivan, a young coroner, performs his deadly routine in Mexico.

Running For Jim (2014)

Cross country coach Jim Tracy battles Lou Gehrig's disease, and his coaching accomplishments reach a global stage in 2010 when, during the championship race, his team captain collapses and crawls across the finish line to win the title.

Marie's Sons (2002)

After the death of her husband and teenage son, a woman (Carole Laure) puts an ad in a newspaper for a surrogate child.

Trains of Thoughts (2012)

Filmmaker Timo Novotny compares metro systems around the world.

Majesty (2013)

The strange and stressful world of queen ceremonies in Panama.

México Pelágico (2014)

Conservationists unveil Mexico's fragile sea-life while creating sustainable livelihoods for the shark fishermen to preserve the critical ecosystem.

Sorority Sister Slaughter (2007)

An uninvited guest in a sorority house decides to have a killer time.

The Hollies: Look Through Any Window 1963-1975 (2011)

The Hollies were one of the most successful British groups of the sixties and early seventies and have continued to perform up to the present day

The Hunting of the Snark (2015)

Strange individuals embark on a quest to capture a beast known as the Snark.

The Killers: Live From The Royal Albert Hall (2009)

In July, 2009, the Killers set out to create a gift for their fans...a spectacular concert experience, at a uniquely majestic venue, featuring their greatest songs - filmed with pristine production values, for the bands first ever official live concert release

The Kirlian Witness (1979)

Laurie believes that it's possible to communicate with plants via telepathy and devotes all her time and love to them. Her plants do warn her of her sister Rilla's new boyfriend Robert. When Laurie's found dead on the street under her balcony one morning, Rilla doubts that it was an accident. Only a plant was witness that night, so she tries to find a way to learn the truth from it.

The Living Sea (1995)

Filmmaker Greg MacGillivray examines the world's oceans and their importance to life on Earth.

The Man Who Captured Eichmann (1996)

Once a high-ranking Nazi officer, Adolf Eichmann (Robert Duvall) now lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, under an assumed name, having moved on from past atrocities and raising a family. But when a survivor recognizes Eichmann, an Israeli intelligence team is put together and dispatched to South America. Eventually, Eichmann is caught by secret agent Peter Malkin (Arliss Howard), who interrogates the man in an attempt to grasp how he was capable of committing such crimes against humanity.

The Man Who Lost His Head (2007)

Ian Bennet is a curator at the British Imperial Museum. The drama follows his journey from the dusty back rooms of the museum to the seductive and wild scenery of the west coast of New Zealand, as he gets out of his depth in the wrangling over the return of an ancient Maori carving.

The Masonic Map (2008)

The lives of college students changes when they recover one of the most controversial relics of all time, a Masonic map brought to America by the Freemasons in 1502 that hundred of people have died for.

The Path: Afterlife (2009)

Life is a journey; we are born, our lives are lived, then we die. No one can live forever – or can they? The Path: Afterlife asks two basic fundamental questions: What happens when we die? What is the purpose of life? The filmmakers interviewed 12 individuals in the United States who are well-versed, knowledgeable and currently practicing, studying or are experts in the field of holistic studies, out-of-body experiences, Reiki, past-life regression, physics and integrative medicine. The participants look at different theories as to what happens to people when they die, sharing their own personal encounters with death and near-death experiences and describing how these experiences shaped their lives and inspired them to dedicate their work to the study of consciousness.

The Possession of David O'Reilly (2010)

David (Giles Anderson) has just found out his beloved is cheating on him and to make matters worse, demonic creatures are stalking him in his house.

The Red Room (2008)

In the middle of an uncharacteristically chilly Los Angeles night, 2 men meet for the first time on a rooftop, somewhere downtown. One of the men, Hadley Prince, is calm and in control.

The Rhythm of My Soul: Kentucky Roots Music (2006)

The Rhythm of My Soul is a performance documentary that tells the story of country, gospel, mountain and bluegrass - Kentucky roots music.

The Sad and Lonely Glow (2013)

A lonely video editor decides to try online dating while is girlfriend is away.

The Seekers Guide to Harry Potter (2010)

An exploration into the underlying themes of J.K. Rowling's novels.

The Toy Shop (1928)

Locked in a deserted old English toy shop, Katherine and her stuffy cousin Matthew meet some very special friends, toys who are alive!

White Horse (2018)

The Four Horsemen of the apocalypse have challenged the imagination of every generation since the end of the 1st Century. Moving relentlessly across history, they wield great destructive power over humanity, but are these ominous riders relevant in the 21st Century? The White Horse.

Thirst (2016)

Teens at a wilderness boot camp discover a strange orb in the desert. What follows is a fight for their very lives as they're hunted by a ruthless, blood-sucking alien.

This Is Gonna Be Awesome (2015)

Caleb Mackenzie, a 14-year-old aspiring filmmaker, works hard to overcome obstacles and make his dreams come true.

The Division: Agent Origins (2016)

Agents of the Division are trained to operate independently when the system fails. When a pandemic devastates America, the Division is activated as the last line of defense.

The Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism (1967)

Rest your bones in the Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism (1967) as horror great Christopher Lee gleefully torments his enemies. It's non-stop nightmares as these ghouls come out to play for a long, jittery night!

Life Is A Bed Of Roses (1983)

This film tells three tales set in the same castle. In the first, Count Michel Forbek (Ruggero Raimondi) builds a castle in which he tries to create a utopian society by strange means. Years later, an educational conference occurs in the castle in which trysts take precedence over education and Nora Winkle (Geraldine Chaplin) makes predictions about her friend's relationship. Finally, children in the castle create a fantastical story about medieval times.

Little Ghost (1997)

A lonely boy prepares for adventure when the ghost of a girl who died centuries ago becomes his new best friend.

The Land Before Time VI: The Secret of Saurus Rock (1998)

Young dinosaurs investigate a mysterious rock formation and fend off the dangerous "sharp-tooth" dinos.

Los Scandalous - Skid Row (2014)

See what makes Skid Row tick, a tell all, never before seen, raw documentary about the harsh reality of the street life in Los Scandalous - Skid Row. The homeless capital of The United States. My name is Shanks Rajendran and I'm a 28 year old Australian filmmaker. I shot this documentary to uncover the truth about Skid Row, the people, the place, and the politics behind it.

Lost in New Mexico: The Strange Tale of Susan Hero (2009)

A woman who's desperate to clone her dead child steals cash and travels across the country in search of a maverick animal-cloning expert who says he can help her.

Mangiacake (2015)

Two sisters (Melanie Scrofano, Christina Cuffari) move back in with their mother and grandmother and initiate a tug-of-war to be the most precious girl in the family. Mom and grandma leave to escape the rivalry and things go from bad to worse.

Mr. Blue Sky: The Story of Jeff Lynne & ELO (2012)

As the creative force behind Electric Light Orchestra and a singularly accomplished singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer, Jeff Lynne is one of rock's most iconic--yet mysterious--figures.

Myanmar: Bridges to Change (2014)

In August 2013, a group of climbers traveled to the farthest reaches of Northern Myanmar to make a first ascent of Gamlang Razi, Southeast Asia's disputed highest peak. All told, the climbers traveled over 270 miles on foot through some of the harshest terrain on the planet, braving extreme heat and moisture, as well as the gambit of jungle creatures.

My Chemical Romance: Life on the Murder Scene (2006)

Life On The Murder Scene offers an in-depth, extensive video diary, featuring band interviews and behind-the-scenes commentary.

My Father, My Son (1988)

Elmo Zumwalt III (Keith Carradine) serves as a boat commander in the Vietnam War. He returns home to marry and start a family. His idyllic life takes a dramatic turn when he is diagnosed with terminal cancer and his son is born with a learning disability. As it turns out, both their plights are linked to Agent Orange, a chemical weapon used in the war. Ironically, it is Elmo's own father, Adm. Elmo Zumwalt Jr. (Karl Malden), who called for the gas to be used.

My Son My Savior (2015)

My Son, My Savior, a powerful portrayal of the life of Jesus as seen through the eyes of his mother, Mary. My Son, My Savior imagines Mary's childhood, growing up in a strict Jewish household, celebrating the annual feasts such as Passover and hearing the prophecies about a coming Messiah who would redeem Israel.

Nerd Prom: Inside Washington's Wildest Week (2015)

A reporter quits his job covering the White House Correspondents' Association's annual dinner to find out what really goes on during the week.

Night of the Fight: Hatton's Last Stand (2013)

Undisputed Champion Network Presents - A raw, unflinching and, at times, brutal account of the events that led up to, during and after Ricky Hatton's last ever professional fight, which took place in Manchester against Vyacheslav Senchenko.

Noah's Ark (1959)

Gilbert the meerkat is tasked with shepherding all the animals onto Noah's Ark.

Nudged (2015)

The lives of eight people come together at a community television station.

One Big Affair (1952)

An American girl (Evelyn Keyes) misses her bus to Acapulco but finds romance with a lawyer (Dennis O'Keefe).

One of Us (2015)

The dynamic pace of Quincy's basketball match soon calms when he is faced with a life changing dilemma.

One Thing She Doesn't Have (2014)

K-pop singer, Na-bi, is now a famous actress for her beautiful appearance but lousy acting. Her dramas make no money, so her management company forces her to be in a play directed by Jin-woo, who is famous for a shocking sex scene from his previous film.

On the Assassination of the President (2008)

A top-secret government file, only to be viewed in the event of the president's death by assassination, has instructions on it for what is to be done if the president is killed.

Snoopy's Reunion (1991)

Snoopy is homesick for his puppyhood at the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm, so he and Charlie Brown organize a reunion of his siblings Spike, Andy, Olaf, Marbles, Belle, Molly and Rover. However, when they arrive at the puppy farm, Charlie Brown is aghast to find that urban sprawl has replaced it with a parking garage.

Snow (2013)

A talented songwriter falls in love with a rock singer.