Conversation Piece (1975)

A U.S. professor (Burt Lancaster) in Rome rents apartments to a decadent countess (Silvana Mangano), her family and her lover (Helmut Berger).

The Dress (1996)

A woman's garment has a strange power over everyone who comes into contact with it.

Wanted: Dead or Alive (1951)

A U.S. marshal (Whip Wilson) and his sidekicks (Fuzzy Knight, Jim Bannon) track a gang of bounty hunters.

Una parisina (1958)

In this romantic comedy, Brigitte Laurier (Brigitte Bardot), the beautiful daughter of the French premier, falls for the womanizing Michel Legrand (Henri Vidal), one of her father's aides, and attempts to get him to settle down with her. When Michel can't curb his flirtations with other women, Brigette makes a play to seduce the married Prince Charles (Charles Boyer), resulting in an entertaining battle of the wills between the gorgeous girl of privilege and her beau.

La Mano que Aprieta (1964)

Three wrestler friends investigate the kidnapping of a young woman and find out that two bands are fighting for a special weapon.

El Mofles y los Mecánicos (1985)

A poor mechanic (Rafael Incln) finds a bag full of stolen cash, and has a run-in with the thieves who want it back.

La Casa del Pelícano (1978)

A woman who was raped by a mentally retarded person has a child and becomes a possessive mother.

The Naked Country (1985)

Farmer Lance Dillon (John Stanton) and his wife, Mary (Rebecca Gilling), settle on the plains of the Australian Outback, but the challenges presented by the unforgiving terrain and the unwelcoming locals threaten their marriage and Lance's life. The often-ignored Mary slowly falls into the arms of lawman Neil Adams (Ivar Kants). Meanwhile, Lance becomes involved in a land dispute with nearby Aborigines, and, after a burst of violence, finds himself injured, lost and alone in the wild.

International House (1933)

The International House hotel in Wuhu, China, is hosting the debut of Dr. Wong's latest invention: a television-like device he calls a "radioscope." From around the world, agents and collectors, including Professor Henry Quail (W.C. Fields), arrive to purchase the rights to the invention--or perhaps steal it. Elsewhere in the hotel, a young man is due to wed his blushing bride, if only he can stop falling ill. When the groom breaks out in a rash, the hotel guests are quarantined together.

El Compadre Mendoza (1933)

A landowner survives the Mexican Revolution by supporting both sides at the same time.

La Viaccia (1962)

Amerigo (Jean-Paul Belmondo), a young man from a wealthy rural Italian family, is used to life in the country but becomes fascinated with urban life when he ventures into the city. Falling for a gorgeous prostitute named Bianca (Claudia Cardinale), Amerigo soon burns through his money trying to keep up with her expensive tastes. Determined not to lose her, Amerigo resorts to extreme measures to stay with Bianca, and this alienates him from his relatives.

Margarita Happy Hour (2001)

Set against the backdrop of the underground music and art scenes in New York, "Margarita Happy Hour" is a film about life after the party. Five disreputable young women meet in the late afternoon hours of half-price drink specials and jabber uninhibitedly about life, libidos, and lactation. The heroine of this real life "Sex and the City" quintet is Zelda (Eleanor Hutchins), an artist and unwed mother struggling to hold on to her persona as sexy, rock star-seducing siren.

Seducing Charlie Barker (2010)

An out-of-work actor (Stephen Barker Turner) cheats on his wife (Daphne Zuniga) with an ambitious blonde (Heather Gordon) who uses her body to get what she wants.

El extra (1962)

Determined to succeed in the world of cinema, Rogaciano (Cantinflas) accepts a role as an extra in several productions, in which he has to interpret characters as varied as the lover of Marguerite Gauthier and others.

Mía (2011)

Ale is a transvestite who gathers cardboard from the streets to survive. One day, he finds the intimate diary of a woman who has died, so he locates her daughter and son-in-law, Julie and Manuel.

Neighboring Sounds (2012)

Life in a neighborhood in Recife, Brazil, takes a turn for the better when a security firm moves in and brings a sense of safety to the residents.

Diablo (2011)

A retired boxer will be wrapped in big trouble when his cousin comes home fleeing thugs.

Violent Women (1959)

Five try to break out of prison by way of a tunnel and a sewer.

It Looks Pretty From a Distance (2011)

A scrapper and a young woman fall in love in a secluded Polish village.

Ramona (1936)

A chief's son (Don Ameche) falls in love with a Spanish rancher's part-Indian daughter (Loretta Young).

Unshackled (2000)

A racist (Burgess Jenkins) shares a prison cell with a black inmate (James Black) and develops a friendship with a nurse's son.

Coqueta (1983)

A youth who studies music in the afternoons falls in love with his teacher's sister and invites her to a music group.

Kid's Auto Race (1914)

The Tramp goes to a baby cart race in Venice, Calif., and causes mayhem on and off the track.

Madison Avenue (1962)

An adman (Dana Andrews) and an adwoman (Eleanor Parker) put a dangerous milk tycoon in line for the White House.

I Ring Doorbells (1945)

A reporter, sent by his wealthy publisher to discourage a gold digger who is after his son, finds murder instead.

The Mountie (2011)

A Mountie moves to a town and begins to stop its illegal activity by busting people one by one.

How to Succeed With Girls (1964)

A man who constantly fantasizes about rescuing endangered damsels misunderstands his own alluring wife.

Forgotten Pills (2009)

Patrick, his girlfriend, and two other friends take pills that cause amnesia to have a guilt-free night of fun, but things take a dark turn when Patrick's girlfriend Megan gets too friendly with the other guys.

Diva Dolorosa (1999)

Filmmaker Peter Delpeut compiles footage of opera stars from the silent-film era.

Narsimha (2004)

A police officer places his family in danger when he battles against corruption.

Chicken Rice War (2000)

Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson star as Richie and Eddie, proprietors of the worst hotel in the world: the chef's a drunken illegal immigrant, the waiter's been readmitted to the psychiatric hospital and the sea view is not quite what it should be. Where else would Gina Carbonara, the famous and beautiful Italian movie star, choose to hide away after jilting renowned playboy ex-racing driver Gino Bolognese?

Eddie Presley (1993)

An ill-fated security guard (Duane Whitaker) tries a long shot as an Elvis impersonator at a seedy Los Angeles nightclub.

Love on the Riviera (1958)

Vamps and gigolos populate a quintet of comedic vignettes focusing on romantic entanglements on the French Riviera.

I Was a Parish Priest (1953)

In Spain, a young parish priest, Andr (Claude Laydu), is sent by the church to a small mining village, but his determination to bring the word of God to the diocese runs into trouble. Dismayed by the harsh working conditions of the miners, Andr is also shocked to find bitter class divisions which have led to pockets of hatred and despair. Despite his strong belief that pure religion can guide souls to higher meaning, Andr finds his own beliefs in the church severely challenged.

Resisting Enemy Interrogation (1944)

A U.S. Army training film displays interrogation techniques used by the Nazis during World War II.

Cold War (2000)

A woman (Christy Chung) hires a professional killer (Simon Yam) to murder a Taiwanese gangster in Seoul.

Asterix the Gaul (1967)

Two Gallic warriors, Asterix and Obelix, trick Roman legionnaires into drinking a hair-growing potion.

Panjaban (2010)

Born into a wealthy family, identical twin sisters (Miss Pooja) have different outlooks on life.

Little White Lies (2009)

A student's (Markus Krojer) lie about a book he damaged leads to an unexpected campaign of hate against the members of another class.

The Adventures of Hajji Baba (1954)

A clever Persian barber (John Derek) wows the harem and wins a princess (Elaine Stewart) by saving her from an evil prince.

Jungle Patrol (1948)

Eight fighter pilots hold off constant Japanese attacks during the construction of an airstrip in New Guinea.

Devil's Harvest (1942)

A high-school student does her civic duty by posing as a nightclub dancer to get the straight dope on an illegal drug operation.

Julie, the Redhead (1963)

douard Lavigne (Daniel Glin) is an artist living in Paris and having an affair with his muse, Julienne (Pascale Petit). douard wants to marry her and devote his life to art, but his father disapproves. He demands that his son move home, marry the heiress of a factory and join the family business. douard concedes and has a son, Jean (also Glin). When douard dies, he wills a large part of his estate to Julienne. Jean sets out to find Julienne and reclaim the inheritance.

Julietta (1953)

A young Frenchwoman sees an already-engaged attorney as a way out of her betrothal to an aging playboy.

Jeet (1996)

The story of Karan, a hit man who kills for the mobster Gajraj. On one job, Karan falls madly in love with Kajal, the beautiful daughter of an associate.

Así Es Mi México (1963)

A charro and a singer fall in love with a beautiful young woman who wants to debut as a dancer in a traveling theater.

Bellyfruit (1999)

Three Los Angeles teens are forced to deal with unplanned pregnancies. Shanika (Tamara LaSeon Bass), who has spent most of her life in foster homes, meets Damon (T.E. Russell), an older man who promises love but uses her for sex, leading to her pregnancy. Kicked out of her family home, Aracely (Tonatzin Mondragon) tries to move in with her boyfriend, Oscar (Michael Pena), but finances stand in their way. Meanwhile, the promiscuous Tina (Kelly Vint) is unable to determine her child's father.

We the Women (1953)

Five directors contribute to an episodic look at the personal and professional lives of several actresses.

Kassava Restaurant's Jerks (2011)

Two immigrants move to Los Angeles and run into all kinds of problems when they decide to open a Caribbean restaurant.

Chained (2010)

Jules has to overcome his demons and tries to save women working as sex slaves.

Forbidden Jungle (1950)

An adventurer searches for a boy who was raised in the jungle but is rumored to be the son of an American.

Night Train (1959)

A man and a woman share a cabin on a train and one of them could be a murderer.

Birth Story: Ina May Gaskin and the Farm Midwives (2011)

Women on a 1970s hippie commune teach themselves midwifery. Their leader, Ina May Gaskin, becomes an author and staunch advocate for natural childbirth.

Ripa Hits the Skids (1993)

An ill-fated slob filmmaker (Sam Huber) scrounges around, getting in trouble, narrating his downfall in a week.

It Happened in Athens (1962)

A Greek beauty (Jayne Mansfield) offers herself to the 1896 Olympic marathon champion, who turns out to be a Greek shepherd (Trax Colton).

Three Young Texans (1954)

A cowboy (Jeffrey Hunter) robs an Army payroll train to help his father, but another cowboy (Keefe Brasselle) grabs the loot.

À St-Henri, le 26 Aout (2011)

Fourteen filmmakers document a neighborhood in St-Henri.

George's Intervention (2009)

George is a zombie and his friends stage an intervention to get him to stop eating people.

Get a Job (2011)

An employment agent has to find a job for the least-employable man in Maui.

Sevdah for Karim (2010)

A Bosnian (Amar Selimovic) who defuses land mines tries to woo the girlfriend (Marija Karan) of his incarcerated buddy (Adnan Haskovic).

Sibelius (2003)

Finnish composer Jean Sibelius (Martti Suosalo) grows from a humble music student to one of the most creative talents of his generation.

The Trap (1967)

An 1890s French Canadian trapper (Oliver Reed) buys a mute orphan servant (Rita Tushingham) to be his wilderness wife.

Betty & Coretta (2013)

After the assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (Malik Yoba) and Malcolm X (Lindsay Owen Pierre), their widows, Coretta Scott King (Angela Bassett) and Betty Shabazz (Mary J. Blige), continue to raise their children and fight for the cause.

Please Subscribe: A Documentary About YouTubers (2012)

There are stories behind influential content creators currently taking the world of online entertainment by storm.

Ghost Stories 3 (2009)

Dan T. Hall and his team of paranormal investigators visit haunted locations throughout Indiana and try to communicate with the dead.

The Descendant of Wing Chun (1978)

An escaped prisoner (Ma Lung) seeks vengeance on the retired teacher who helped incarcerate him.

Je T'aime, I Love You Terminal (2010)

While traveling to his wedding, Ben meets Emma in an airport, and the two quickly form a deep connection that has them second-guessing their lives and relationships.

Tumult (2011)

Traveling across a harsh and barren landscape, Norse warriors encounter an army of a different kind.

The Law of War (1961)

A Nazi commandant takes 30 innocent hostages in order to flush out the saboteur who destroyed a German outpost.

Un Corazón Para Dos (1990)

A seriously ill young woman decides to donate his heart to the girl he loves, which requires a transplant or will die.

Legend of a Gunfighter (1964)

A man bent on avenging his parents' murders is rescued from drowning by the very man he's seeking.

El Organillero (1956)

A poor but kind man falls in love with his neighbor and when hearing her sing, he buys her piano so she can practice.

Dog Trouble (1942)

Tom and Jerry put their adversarial relationship on hold after their cat-and-mouse shenanigans awaken a sleeping bulldog.

El siete machos (1950)

Cantinflas delights viewers with this sensational performance in which he takes from the rich to give to the poor.

Beauty's Worth (1922)

An artist (Forrest Stanley) wants to design some flattering clothes for a prim Quaker woman (Marion Davies).

FrackNation (2013)

Proponents of the drilling process known as fracking claim that activists and the media have suppressed facts and that the process does not harm the environment.

Space Milkshake (2013)

Outer-space explorers (Robin Dunne, Billy Boyd, Kristin Kreuk) encounter gigantic aliens on their ship.

The Little Humpbacked Horse (1962)

The Bolshoi Ballet performs the Russian fairy tale of a Queen Maiden (Maya Plisetskaya), a stableboy (Vladimir Vasiliev) and a lucky horse (Alla Shcherbinina).

The Light Across the Street (1956)

Tensions mount as the lonely wife of a trucker becomes involved with a gas station attendant.

The Long Night (1947)

Shortly after a violent encounter with magician Maximilian (Vincent Price), Joe Adams (Henry Fonda) is shot by police. As he lies dying in his apartment, he reflects on his past. The flashbacks follow Joe as he falls in love with young Jo Ann (Barbara Bel Geddes), who is also being courted by Maximilian. Jo Ann begins to favor the compassionate Joe over the possessive magician, and Maximilian heads to Joe's apartment intending to kill him, resulting in a dramatic standoff.

Say Yes to Love (2012)

It takes a bold, free-spirited woman (Nazia Hussain) to help a young man (Aasad Mirza) overcome an incident from his past and learn to love.

Swan Lake (1957)

The Bolshoi Ballet performs Tchaikovsky's ballet of a swan queen (Maya Plisetskaya) and a prince (Nicolai Fadeyechev).

Lovers on a Tightrope (1962)

A pair of adulterers lays careful plans to eliminate the lady's unwanted husband.

Van Veeteren: Moreno & the Silence (2006)

Police investigate the murder of a girl who left a religious community.

A Close Shave (1995)

Wallace's whirlwind romance with the owner of the local wool shop puts his head in a spin; Gromit is framed for sheep-rustling in a fiendish criminal plot.

Maciste the Mighty (1960)

A musclebound strongman battles a ravaging horde of ferocious Persians.

Damaged Goods (1961)

A high-school student (Mory Schoolhouse) cheats on his girlfriend (Charlotte Stewart) and contracts a nasty surprise.

Bob the Builder: The Big Dino Dig: The Movie (2011)

Bob and his team unearth dinosaur bones while building an amusement park.

La Adelita (1937)

A couple pretend to be in love still, though both are in love with others.

Ni sangre ni arena (1941)

Cantinflas, a wandering rogue, is mistaken for a famous bullfighter and ends participating in a bullfight.

Canyon Raiders (1951)

A government agent (Whip Wilson) battles a gang of thieves terrorizing his friend, a couple and a female sheriff.

Call of the South Seas (1944)

An island princess (Janet Martin) charms an undercover G-man (Allan Lane) who combs her beach for fugitives.

Lightnin' in the Forest (1948)

A rich girl (Lynne Roberts) seeks thrills with a vacationing psychiatrist (Warren Douglas) ; they find a fugitive (Donald Barry).

Conduct Zero (2002)

A teen (Ryu Seung-beom) who is more brag than brawn must prove his mettle in a public fight with a rival from another school.

Gun Crazy: Beyond the Law (2004)

An idealistic young lawyer forms a dangerous alliance with an assassin who saved her life.

Quiet Thunder (1987)

A bush pilot (Wayne Crawford) and a U.S. senator's wife (June Chadwick) flee after witnessing an assassination in Africa.

No Room for Rockstars (2011)

Stories of musicians, staff and fans during the 2010 Vans Warped Tour.

Cold Soldiers (2010)

Highly trained soldiers who have lost their sanity live in a mental hospital where they can be kept under control.

The Natural History of the Chicken (2000)

People with special connections to chickens are interviewed in this documentary about the ubiquitous fowl. Among the many unusual anecdotes are the story of a chicken resuscitated thanks to her owner's CPR skills, a cockfight breeder whose loud roosters annoy his neighbors and a headless chicken that was a sideshow attraction for many years. Facts about the poultry industry are interspersed with the stories, providing a quirky and well-rounded portrait of the bird.

How to Be Louise (1990)

A would-be actress (Lea Floden) deals with her scheming stepmother (Maggie Burke) and finds love with a New York cabby (Bruce McCarty).