Power Rangers Monster Bash Halloween Special (2012)

Halloween is every Nighlok's favorite day of the year, so the creepiest creatures from the Netherworld are just dying to get into the scariest party ever and trade war stories about their battles with the Samurai Power Rangers. Includes Episodes: "Power Rangers Samurai: Party Monsters" "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Life's a Masquerade" "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Trick or Treat"

The Arrested Development Documentary Project (2013)

Two devoted fans of the TV show "Arrested Development" interview cast, crew and other fans and discuss what made the show so special.

Scream Blacula Scream (1973)

Blacula, back in the world of the living by means of voodoo, is now loose with an insatiable bloodlust on a small community in the Louisiana backcountry.

Best Friends Forever (2013)

BEST FRIENDS FOREVER is a post-apocalyptic 'Thelma and Louise.' where the bond of two badass girlfriends can survive anything, even the end of the world. Harriet (writer/director Brea Grant) is a perpetually perky comic-book artist who has hit a dead-end in Los Angeles. She drags her party-girl BFF Reba (co-writer Vera Miao) along for a road trip to Austin, Texas. Just as they pull out of town, a series of atomic bombs explode across the U.S., and the duo's priorities have to shift from boys and beer to surviving the apocalypse.

Bond Girls Are Forever (2002)

Bond Girls Are Forever is a 2002 James Bond documentary film hosted by actress Maryam d'Abo, who had played the role of Kara Milovy in the 15th James Bond film The Living Daylights. It was accompanied by a 2003 book written by John Cork and d'Abo. The book is subtitled The Women of James Bond. Both the film and the book is a tribute to the elite club of women who have played the role of a Bond Girl.

Secrets in the Fall (2015)

Campers attend a youth retreat in the North Carolina mountains to better understand God's plan for them. When one of the campers goes missing, the counselors and their teams set out to find him before the sun sets.

Rain Fall (2009)

Rain Fall is a 2009 Japanese/Australian action thriller film written and directed by Max Mannix. In the film a half-Japanese half-American hitman protects the daughter of one of his victims against the CIA. It was based on the novel Rain Fall by Barry Eisler.

Fall Time (1995)

The late 1950s, Eisenhower was President, Elvis was King. And in Caledonia, Wisconsin, the only action in town was the kind you cooked up. One lazy fall day, David, Tim and Joe, three high school buddies, decide to stage a gangland-style shooting in front of the local bank. But little do they know that their prank Is about to send them on a dramatic collision course with Rusty (Mickey Rourke, 9 1/2 Weeks) and Leon (Stephen Baldwin, Posse), two cold-blooded criminals who are planning a robbery with the help of Patty (Sheryl Lee, TWIN PEAKS) the bank's loan officer. In a case of mistaken identity, Leon is accidentally abducted by David and Joe, while Tim falls into the murderous hands of Rusty who forces him to carry out the bank heist, leading to a tense, action-packed conclusion filled with twists, turns and bad intentions.

Beyond the Fringe (1964)

A TV version of the stage show originally performed at the Edinburgh Fringe, Fortune Theater in London and Broadway.

Martin Luther (1953)

Martin Luther is a 1953 film biography of Martin Luther. It was directed by Irving Pichel, (who also plays a supporting role), and stars Niall MacGinnis as Luther. It was produced by Louis de Rochemont and RD-DR Corporation in collaboration with Lutheran Church Productions and Luther-Film-G.M.B.H. The National Board of Review named the film the fourth best of 1953. It was nominated for two Academy Awards, for Best Cinematography (Black-and-White) (Joseph C. Brun) and Art Direction/Set Decoration (Fritz Maurischat, Paul Markwitz). The music was composed by Mark Lothar and performed by the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra. It was filmed in studios in Wiesbaden, West Germany. A notice at the beginning of the film characterizes it as a careful and balanced presentation of Luther's story: "This dramatization of a decisive moment in human history is the result of careful research of facts and conditions in the 16th century as reported by historians of many faiths." The research was done by notable Reformation scholars Theodore G. Tappert and Jaroslav Pelikan who assisted Allan Sloane and Lothar Wolff.

Skin Crawl (2007)

300 years ago, a coven of persecuted witches swore a gruesome curse of vengeance upon any person who would dare harm its descendants. Three centuries later, a young woman named Margaret is brutally murdered, victim of her husband's cold-blooded plot to inherit her wealth. The ages-old curse lying dormant for generations will manifest itself before his very eyes and those of Margaret's killers...in the form of a horrifying monstrosity risen from the grave.

C.O.G. (2013)

C.O.G. is an American comedy-drama film directed and written by Kyle Patrick Alvarez, and starring Jonathan Groff. The film is based on a David Sedaris short story from his book of collected essays, Naked. It marks the first time one of Sedaris' stories has been adapted for film. It co-stars Denis O'Hare, Casey Wilson, Dean Stockwell, Troian Bellisario, and Corey Stoll.

Don't Raise the Bridge, Lower the River (1968)

It’s one of Jerry Lewis’s zaniest films, filled with the hilarious antics for which he’s famous! Jerry (Boeing, Boeing) plays George Lester, an American in London, whose grandiose schemes constantly get him into trouble. His first outrageous plan turns his wife’s ancestral palace into a Chinese disco, an idea she hardly appreciates. Forced to raise money to restore the mansion, George unveils an even crazier scheme with the help of his friend, William Homer (Terry-Thomas, I’m All Right Jack), to sell stolen plans for an electronic oil drill. George smuggles the plans into Lisbon where he is supposed to make the big deal, but then learns the plans are phony! He promises his wife he'll finally settle down, but wait – he has just one more idea! Newly remastered.

Sex & the Single Mom (2003)

Sex & the Single Mom is a 2003 Lifetime made for television drama film directed by Don McBrearty and starring Gail O'Grady, Grant Show, and Danielle Panabaker.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1910)

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is a 1910 American silent fantasy film and the earliest surviving film version of L. Frank Baum's 1900 novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, made by the Selig Polyscope Company without Baum's direct input. It was created to fulfill a contractual obligation associated with Baum's personal bankruptcy caused by The Fairylogue and Radio-Plays, from which it was once thought to have been derived. It was partly based on the 1902 stage musical The Wizard of Oz, though much of the film deals with the Wicked Witch of the West, who does not appear in the musical.

Shield For Murder (1954)

Detective Barney Nolan shoots and kills a bookmaker, from whose pockets he removes $25,000. He pretends to have shot the man while making an arrest. Nolan takes his girlfriend Patty out to see a model house that he intends to buy, and while there he buries the money outside while Patty makes herself comfortable in the living room. Meanwhile, Packy Reed, a gangster, wants the $25,000 the bookmaker was bringing to him. Nolan denies having seen the money. Nolan’s closest friend on the force, Mark Brewster becomes interested in the case and starts to do some investigating of his own. A break in the case arrives when a deaf mute tells Nolan he witnessed the bookie’s murder from his room. Nolan kills the man, but the mute’s notebook, unnoticed by him, pinpoints Nolan as the criminal. After a desperate attempt to elude the police. Nolan is mowed down by bullets as he attempts to dig up the hidden money.

American Revolution 2 (1969)

American Revolution 2 is a 1969 documentary on the 1968 Democratic National Convention and its aftermath. Part of the film focuses on the creation of an alliance between the Young Patriots Organization and local Black Panthers. On its release Roger Ebert gave the film four stars, while New York Times reviewer Roger Greenspun was more critical. The film was released on DVD in 2007 (along with its follow-up The Murder of Fred Hampton) and received generally positive reviews. The film was directed by Howard Alk and produced by Mike Gray. Ebert writes that the film was created as a collective effort by the Film Group, a local company that generally made commercials, and released without any individual credits. It has no narrator.

What We Can't Have (2014)

Three brothers try to navigate their various romantic relationships, while trying to come to terms with the problems in their familial relationships.

Batman & Mr. Freeze: Subzero (1998)

Batman faces his coolest case ever when Mr. Freeze returns to Gotham City and kidnaps Batgirl. While unraveling the mystery of Batgirl's disappearance, Batman and Robin discover that she is part of Mr. Freeze's frigid plan to save his dying wife—no matter what the cost. With time running out, Batman and Robin must find Gotham's most cold-blooded villain and prevent him from putting Batgirl "on ice" forever.

Do You Know This Voice? (1964)

When a ransom bid results in the death of a child, the police have only one lead the old lady who witnessed the kidnapper using a public phone box. Though her recollection is vague, she volunteers to act as bait for the killer telling the press that she had seen the kidnapper's face, she waits for him to attack...

Player (2012)

Sam is a professional gambler living with a young woman nicknamed Princess. Needing the rush of high stakes gambling to feel alive, Sam uses Princess to place a dangerous bet - which he knows he can't cover without manipulating his estranged son. It's a life or death bet now for Sam and Princess as a game of cat and mouse ensues.

Blue Gold: World Water Wars (2008)

Blue Gold: World Water Wars is a 2008 documentary film by Sam Bozzo, based on the book Blue Gold: The Fight to Stop the Corporate Theft of the World’s Water by Maude Barlow and Tony Clarke. It was produced by Mark Achbar and Si Litvinoff and was narrated by Malcolm McDowell. The film was first screened on October 9, 2008, at the Vancouver International Film Festival.

Denise Austin Fit in a Flash (2012)

Get slim in 7! Denise Austin has revved up her workouts to give you a 7-minute solution to ignite your metabolism and start shedding pounds. FIT IN A FLASH: 7-MINUTE SOLUTIONS delivers 7 dynamic workouts focused on cardio, strength training and toning in quick 7-minute intervals. Start with the Level 1 workouts, and when you're ready, advance to Level 2. When you're feeling good, combine the workout for a total-body blast that will get you FIT IN A FLASH! WARM-UP Wake up your muscles with invigorating movements to get your body warmed up. CARDIO - Levels 1 & 2 Burn fat and calories with these heart-pounding cardio moves. TOTAL-BODY TONING - Levels 1 & 2 Firm up while you strengthen and tone your body from head to toe with dynamic strength moves. UPPER BODY Sculpt your upper body with moves that will tighten up tough trouble areas. LOWER BODY Slim and firm your butt, hips and thighs with signature moves that deliver results. ABS, WAIST & CORE Widdle down your middle with exercises that flatten your belly and tighten your core. ARMS Get defined, sexy arms and shoulders with targettoning moves. COOLDOWN Wind down your workout with a series of stretches that will bring your heart rate back to resting.

The Monster of Blackwood Castle (1968)

The Hound of Blackwood Castle (German: Der Hund von Blackwood Castle) is a 1968 West German crime film directed by Alfred Vohrer and starring Heinz Drache, Karin Baal and Horst Tappert. Based on a story by Edgar Wallace, it also draws inspiration from Arthur Conan Doyle's The Hound of the Baskervilles. The film's sets were designed by the art directors Walter Kutz and Wilhelm Vorwerg. It was shot at the Spandau Studios in Berlin and on location around the city.

Exhale: Core Fusion Body Sculpt (2008)

A quarter of a million people have transformed their bodies at Exhale, the exclusive mind/body spa. Now you can get these same results at home. Build a strong core, develop washboard abs, improve posture, and create a tighter, firmer backside with Core Fusion Body Sculpt. This total-body workout employs exercises that tone and sculpt your deepest, hard-to-reach muscles so it's more efficient and effective than traditional strength training. You'll use your own body weight as resistance and small hand weights to really challenge and build your muscles. Segmented into five focused workouts of just 10 minutes each, these exercises target the whole body, from arms and shoulders to glutes, hips, thighs, and abs. The unique Core Fusion program will strengthen your body, quiet your mind, and improve your overall well-being while redefining your physique from head to toe.

Yes Acoustic (2004)

On January 26th 2004, a 75 minute version of the film Yesspeak was premiered. Following this live broadcast, the fans in the cinemas were treated to a live performance from Yes. For the first time, the Yes classic line-up of Jon Anderson, Steve Howe, Chris Squire, Alan White and Rick Wakeman, performed 'live and unplugged'. This is the recording of that digital transmission...YES ACOUSTIC!

The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg (1980)

This is a short comedy movie inspired by a Mark Twain story. A stranger arrives in the town of Hadleyburg. He carries a sack of gold and claims he wants to know who gave it to him. He says he knows the person is a resident of this small town because of a note left inside the sack. He will return the gold to whoever gave it to him but they must tell him what the note says. The people of this town claim they are honest people. They do not recognize this stranger who has been among them before and found them less than honest.

The Big Space Shuttle (1997)

Part of the award-winning BIG Adventure Series from Little Mammoth Media! BLAST OFF with the astronauts of the Space Shuttle on a real mission! Experience what it is like to work and live in outer space. LEARN all about the Space Shuttle program. Visit the launch pad, the rockets, astronaut training, and Mission Control. DISCOVER what scientists are learning about our universe, and see the world's largest radio telescope!

Food Chains (2014)

From Eva Longoria and Eric Schlosser, producer of Food Inc and Fast Food Nation, comes a powerful and shocking expose about what feeds our country. This powerful true story of one small group of workers overcoming corporate greed to end slavery and abuse in America's fields will inspire you to demand your food be fair!

To the Shores of Iwo Jima (1945)

To the Shores of Iwo Jima is a 1945 Kodachrome color short war film produced by the United States Navy and United States Marine Corps. It documents the Battle of Iwo Jima, and was the first time that American audiences saw in color the footage of the famous flag raising on Iwo Jima.

Trevor Moore: High in Church (2015)

Trevor Moore, head writer for "The Whitest Kids U' Know" recorded his first solo one-hour special, "High In Church", at The Gramercy Theatre in New York City. Accompanied by a live band, dancing girls and music videos, Trevor performs an hour of brand-new sketches and songs spanning all musical genres. Moore's hilarious and catchy songs cover everything from gay marriage, underage drinking, bullying and a parallel Kitty Universe where all of human history is repeated with cats instead of people.

American Weightlifting (2013)

Weightlifting coaches and athletes in the United States struggle to compete against international competition.

Russell Madness (2015)

A terrier named Russell (Sean Giambrone) is adopted by a family that runs a pro-wrestling arena. With help from a savvy monkey, Russell becomes an amazing wrestler and rockets to the top of the sports world.

It's Only Money (1962)

It's Only Money is a comedy film directed by Frank Tashlin and starring Jerry Lewis. It was filmed from October 9 to December 17, 1961 and was released on November 21, 1962 by Paramount Pictures. This was the final film of actor Zachary Scott.

Superheroes (2011)

Caped crusaders are big in movies, and they're also found in reality, as this documentary shows. Interviewees include several self-proclaimed real-life superheroes, like "Zimmer," a gay superhero from Brooklyn, N.Y.; "Mr. Xtreme" and "The Vigilante Spider," who sometimes team up in San Diego; and "Master Legend," who lives in Orlando, Fla., and has an otherwise typical life with his girlfriend. Some take themselves seriously, others don't. But all want to help humanity in their own way.

Island Of Lemurs: Madagascar (2014)

Island of Lemurs: Madagascar is a 2014 Canadian-American-Malagasy nature documentary film directed by David Douglas about lemurs in Madagascar. The film was released through Warner Bros. on April 4, 2014. It is narrated by Morgan Freeman.

Unicorn City (2012)

An unemployed gamer (Devin McGinn) entices his pals to help him create a utopian society to impress a potential employer, but a longtime nemesis (Jon Gries) disrupts his plans.

Witchcraft (1964)

Witchcraft is a 1964 British black and white horror film. It was directed by Don Sharp from a script by Harry Spalding. It stars Lon Chaney Jr. in one of his last proper acting roles.

Imagination (2007)

Imagination is a 2007 American avant-garde animated/live action film, and the first feature length project directed by Eric Leiser, about young twin sisters who have Asperger syndrome.

Escape Me Never (1947)

Escape Me Never is a 1947 American melodrama film directed by Peter Godfrey and starring Errol Flynn, Ida Lupino, Eleanor Parker, and Gig Young. It is an adaptation of the play Escape Me Never by Margaret Kennedy which had previously been made into a film of the same name in 1935. It was the final Warner Brothers film with a musical score by Erich Wolfgang Korngold to be released, but Korngold later adapted the music of Richard Wagner for Republic Pictures' 1954 production Magic Fire and wrote some original music for the film as well.

Authors Anonymous (2014)

When a dysfunctional group of unpublished writers accept Hannah into their fold, the last thing they expect is her overnight success. Can these lovable misfits achieve their artistic dreams and avoid killing one another in the process?

The Land Before Time XIII: The Wisdom of Friends (2007)

Get ready for lots of laughs with your favorite prehistoric pals and their new friends in their funniest journey ever! Featuring memorable new songs and the hilarious voice talents of Academy Award® winner Cuba Gooding Jr. and Golden Globe® winner Sandra Oh (Grey's Anatomy), it's an adventure filled with dino-riffic fun and heartwarming friendship! Littlefoot, Cera, Spike, Petrie and Ducky are excited to meet two goofy and lovable yellow-bellied Beipiaosauruses, Loofah and Doofah, who have lost their way while traveling to the distant Berry Valley. Loofah and Doofah seem to be too clumsy to find the way back, so Littlefoot and the others decide to help their new friends while sharing important life lessons called Wisdoms along the way. By the time they reach Berry Valley, Littlefoot realizes that even though the Yellow Bellies don't follow his Wisdoms very well, their silly techniques work just fine.

The Making of 'Nightmare on Elm Street IV' (1989)

This one hour behind-the-scenes look at the Niightmare On Elnm Street films, covers the first four installments with a look at how the amazing special effects, stunts, and Freddy Kruger make-up were created. Interviews with the cast and crew of Nightmare On Elm Street 4, as well as the legendary director and creator of the Nightmare franchise Wes Craven.

Ronald Reagan: An American Journey (2011)

A history of the political career of the 40th president of the United States spotlights milestones that he helped to establish.

Shadowland (2010)

Construction workers free a vampire (Caitlin McIntosh) from her grave, but she has no clue as to who or what she is.

Blood of the Dragon (1971)

Blood of the Dragon, also known as The Desperate Chase, is a 1971 Hong Kong/Taiwanese wuxia film starring Jimmy Wang.

Bella Bettien (2002)

Bettien Martens (Thekla Reuten) builds a successful career in the drug trade until she is arrested.

Savage Gringo (1966)

A new hired hand (Ken Clark) puts his gunslinging skills to work against his boss's ruthless rival, who covets the man's land and wife.

Christo In Paris (1990)

Christo, an iconic and controversial figure in the world of conceptual art, is best known for wrapping landmarks the world over in vibrantly colored fabrics. Yet when he and his wife and collaborator, Jeanne-Claude, set out to envelop Paris' Pont-Neuf bridge in 440,000 square feet of sand-colored cloth, they were met with staunch resistance from Mayor Jacques Chirac. Their hard-fought decade-long battle to craft their quirky masterpiece is detailed in this award-winning documentary.

History and Memory: For Akiko and Takashige (1991)

History and Memory: For Akiko and Takashige is a 1991 documentary film by Rea Tajiri. In her film, Tajiri recalls her family's experience of the American internment of the Japanese during World War II.

Foodies: The Culinary Jet Set (2014)

The interest in haute cuisine has grown exponentially. In the globe-trotting documentary Foodies, we enter the world of the most influential people on the food scene – the foodie.

Catching Sight of Thelma & Louise (2018)

Women discuss the film 25 years later.

Odile the Documentary (2017)

Weather experts, ecologists and sociologists discuss the impact of Hurricane Odile on Los Cabos.

Mission (2001)

Marvin and Jay learn important life lessons from each other.

The Idiot (1958)

The Idiot (Russian: Идиот), is a 1959 Soviet film directed by Ivan Pyryev. It is based on the eponymous novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky.

The Mistress (1952)

Nights on the Road (German: Nachts auf den Straßen) is a 1952 West German drama film directed by Rudolf Jugert and starring Hans Albers, Hildegard Knef and Lucie Mannheim.

How to Kill a Judge (1975)

How to Kill a Judge (Italian: Perché si uccide un magistrato), also known as The Murder of a Magistrate and Why Does One Kill a Magistrate?, is a 1974 Italian crime-thriller film directed by Damiano Damiani. It is the final chapter in the Damiani's trilogy about mafia, after The Day of the Owl and Confessions of a Police Captain.It was released on DVD by Blue Underground in March 2006.

Rage (1995)

A man in chains, a young man who dreams of being part of something, and a militant from an armed group who must wield a cruelty in which he may not believe, are at the center of violence they don't understand.

The 72 Desperate Rebels (1978)

Mercenaries, swordsmen and spies team up to defeat a pirate.

That's Sexploitation! (2013)

From director Frank Henenlotter (BASKET CASE, BRAIN DAMAGE) and co-producer Mike Vraney (the late founder of Something Weird Video) comes the epic documentary critics call “fascinating” (Video Watchdog), “titillating” (Time Out Los Angeles) and “jaw-dropping” (Seattle Weekly): Henenlotter and legendary exploitation monarch David F. Friedman – in his final film appearance – are your hosts for this eye-popping expedition through the world of pre-code peekaboos, stags, sex-hygiene films, goona-goonas, nudie-cuties, roughies, druggies, white-coaters and more, featuring thousands of spicy, steamy and downright sleazy clips from the SWV archives. And if that’s not enough to tickle your pickle, Bonus Features include an additional 2+ hours of rare loops and shorts from five decades of Sexploitation history!

Paper Dream (2012)

A young woman who has dreamed of becoming a mother since she was a young girl is dealt a crushing blow.

Bus Driver (2016)

A school bus pulls over to fix a blown tire and inadvertently interrupts a drug operation. Now, the driver must defend his students against dangerous criminals who won't tolerate witnesses.

Hello I Am David! (2015)

The Australian piano prodigy David Helfgott and his unique views on life, love and imagination.

The Revolt of Mamie Stover (1956)

The Revolt of Mamie Stover is a 1956 romantic drama DeLuxe Color film directed by Raoul Walsh and produced by Buddy Adler from a screenplay by Sydney Boehm, based on the novel of the same name by William Bradford Huie. The picture stars Jane Russell and Richard Egan, with Joan Leslie, Agnes Moorehead, and Michael Pate filmed in CinemaScope. The music was by Hugo Friedhofer and the cinematography by Leo Tover, with costume design by Travilla. This adaptation downplays the novel's critique of Hollywood and the film industry.

Can Go Through Skin (2009)

Can Go Through Skin is a 2009 Dutch drama film written and directed by Esther Rots. The film is the first feature film by Rots.

The Son-Daughter (1932)

The Son-Daughter is a 1932 American pre-Code drama film directed by Clarence Brown and written by John F. Goodrich, Claudine West and Leon Gordon. The film stars Helen Hayes, Ramon Novarro, Lewis Stone, Warner Oland and Ralph Morgan. The film was released on December 23, 1932, by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

La historia del baúl rosado (2005)

A detective (Edgardo Romn) must contend with a nosy journalist (Diego Vlez) while trying to solve a murder.

Crush (1993)

Crush is a 1992 New Zealand drama film directed by Alison Maclean. It was entered into the 1992 Cannes Film Festival.

Beau Bandit (1930)

Beau Bandit is a 1930 American Pre-Code western film, directed by Lambert Hillyer, from a screenplay by Wallace Smith, based on his short story, "Strictly Business" which appeared in the April 1929 edition of Hearst's International-Cosmopolitan.. The film starred Rod La Rocque, Mitchell Lewis, Doris Kenyon, and Walter Long. The story is based loosely on the legend of Robin Hood.

All These Women (1964)

Conceived as an amusing diversion in the wake of Ingmar Bergman’s despairing trilogy, this comedy is the director’s first film in color, and it is an opulent visual feast. Working from a bawdy screenplay he cowrote with actor Erland Josephson, about a supercilious critic drawn into the dizzying orbit of a famous cellist, Bergman brings together buoyant comic turns by a number of his frequent collaborators, including Jarl Kulle, Eva Dahlbeck, Harriet Andersson, and Bibi Andersson. All These Women, in which Bergman pokes fun at the pretensions of drawing-room art, possesses a distinctly playful atmosphere and carefree cadences.

This Is What It Is (2007)

The daily lives of people living in Los Aldeanos.

Bombay Summer (2010)

Friendship among three young people disintegrates in Mumbai, India.

Kassim the Dream (2009)

The life of World Champion Boxer Kassim "The Dream" Ouma, a man from Uganda who was trained as a child soldier before getting involved in boxing.

Sharp Teeth (2006)

A nuclear-reactor leak causes a carp to mutate into a giant, bloodthirsty killer.

Love Arcadia (2015)

A teenager has to defend his family's tea shop from a young and beautiful real estate mogul.

The Legend Of Jimi Lazer (2013)

Lazer Us is an independent film by CubeCity Entertainment and Curium Films. Originally titled The Legend of Jimi Lazer, it won "Best Film - Adventure Category" at the Manhattan Film Festival and screened at Toronto's Reel Indie Film Festival. Its new name was unveiled for the DVD release in 2014. The film stars Robbie Beniuk, Patrick J. Mitchell, Amy Landon, Elijah Black, Robert Tanos, Tanya Lynne, Christopher Elliott, and Jim Yorfido. Written and produced by Roberto Munoz, the story is inspired by his days in the music industry. In the 1980s, Munoz managed the alternative Gospel band, Level Heads, featuring Juno award-winning musician, Jim Chevalier. He promoted such acts as Phil Keaggy and Second Chapter of Acts, and Freedom 88, a three-day alternative Gospel Music festival at Bingeman Park in Kitchener, Ontario with Steve Taylor, Adam Again, and the Grammy-award winning band The Choir.

The Map Reader (2008)

A misfit New Zealand teenager (Jordan Selwyn) is confused and conflicted by his feelings for a cheery, young blindwoman and a friendly classmate.

Borders (2002)

Senegalese refugees make a desperate trek toward a hoped-for sanctuary in Spain.

Stardust (2010)

Images of celebrities in Las Vegas are edited together to make a thriller narrative.

Ninja: Silent Assassin (1987)

Alvin, a police officer, loses his star witness and his wife to a ninja assassin and vows revenge. He travels to Hong Kong and teams up with locals to track down and kill the elusive assassin.

Let's Have Some Church Detroit Style (2015)

The work and achievements of the Hallelujah Singers.

Arizona Roundup (1942)

Tom Keene clashes with a railroad owner who is charging exorbitant prices for the use of the right-of-way road out of town.

A Fire (1961)

Water Sark (1965)

Nobleza baturra (1935)

Nobleza baturra (The Nobility of the Peasantry, also known as Aragonese Virtue) is a 1935 Spanish musical drama film directed by Florián Rey, and starring Imperio Argentina, Miguel Ligero Rodríguez, and Juan de Orduña, based on the play by the playwright Joaquín Dicenta. The film was a phenomenal success, and one of the most commercially successful films of the Second Republic. The film was made by CIFESA at CEA Studios. The film was noted for its folkloric type characters and sentimental views of rural peoples.

The Last Goon Show of All (1972)

Dai tek bau (2000)

Harlekin (1932)

Watashi no sex-hakusho (1976)

Law and Order (1950)

Train Taking Up Mail Bag, U.S.P.O. (1903)

Mannadhi Mannan (1960)

Frate sole (1918)

Frate Sole (Brother Sun) is a 1918 Italian silent film based on the life of St Francis of Assisi, directed by Ugo Falena and Mario Corsi. The film has four episodes, The kiss of the leper, In the footsteps of St. Francis of Assisi, Time, and The stigmata. The film was restored in 1998 with the assistance of Fondazione Cineteca Italiana.

Charlton Heston Presents the Bible: Jesus of Nazareth (1993)

Gypsy Spirit: Harri Stojka - Eine Reise (2010)

The Iranian Film (2014)

In the Nuclear Shadow: What Can the Children Tell Us? (1984)

In the Nuclear Shadow: What Can the Children Tell Us? is a 1983 American short documentary film directed by Eric Thiermann. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Short. The film includes interviews with youths discussing the nuclear threat, a first-hand account of the atomic destruction of Hiroshima, and excerpts of speeches by psychiatrists John E. Mack and Robert Jay Lifton.

Mat Karong Guni (1970)

I Am an Old Smoking, Moving Indian Movie Star (1969)

Hr. Petit (1948)

Hr. Petit (Mr Petit) is a 1948 Danish crime film directed by Alice O'Fredericks.