Washington Wizards Team Preview (2010)

America's Home Cooking: What's for Dinner? (2010)

Simple recipes for balanced meals include proteins, starches and vegetables.

My Music: Love Songs of the 50s and 60s (2008)

A compilation of pop and R&B performances from the 1950s and early 1960s; songs include "Earth Angel," "In the Still of the Night" and "Tell Me Why."

Gemstones: Red Tag Clearance (2010)

Collectible loose gemstones.

Held Hostage (2002)

A robber involved in a multi-state car chase shoots his way into a home to hold a family hostage, not knowing the dad is a deputy sheriff.

The 60s Generation (2008)

Folk rock, rhythm and blues and pop hits from the 1960s.

Held Hostage in Colombia (2004)

A journalist interviews three Americans held captive by guerrillas.

New York Knicks Team Preview (2010)

English Seniors Open Highlights (2003)

After capturing the course record of 63 in the third round at the English Senior Open, Cesar Monasterio was victorious at the Rockliffe Hall golf course in Durham. The win was his first after only competing in five events on the European Senior Tour.

Denver Nuggets Team Preview (2010)

Lindsey Vonn (2010)

Lindsey Caroline Vonn is an American World Cup alpine ski racer on the US Ski Team.

The British Beat (My Music) (2007)

Archival performance films and new live performances of British Invasion hits from the 1960s.

Phoenix Suns Team Preview (2010)

A Grateful Nation (2010)

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir performs patriotic music.

Sexiest Rockers (2010)

Sexy rock stars.

Failing Haiti (2006)

The international community tries to rebuild Haiti's economy and impose democratic values.

Mark Curry: Comedy All Stars (2011)

Mark Curry's stand up performance.

HIT Favorites: Music, Music Everywhere!

Music-centered adventures with some popular television characters.

Sibling Rivalry (2011)

Dan Hall is a construction worker with years of experience. His twin sister, Nikki, is a relative newcomer to the industry. In this series, the two compete against each other to see who can build a house faster. Each is on the search for a property he or she can buy, then tear down and rebuild. Nikki wants to finish her dream home before her new baby arrives. Dan wants to kick it up a notch and go bigger and bolder than his last build. But the important thing for Dan is to build better -- and faster -- than Nikki, a challenge he has accepted.

120 Minutes With Matt Pinfield (2011)

Music fans who preferred an alternative to mainstream artists found a comfort zone on "120 Minutes," MTV's weekly ode to the unusual and offbeat tunes never heard on formulaic radio. Its eight-year run ended in 2003, a victim of the network's move to more reality-based programming. But, incredibly, there's still a place for music on MTV, and nearly a decade later, this revival of "120 Minutes" is glorious music to the ears of its many fans. Now on MTV2, the series features the return of original and iconic host Matt Pinfield and a familiar format -- plenty of videos from both established and new indie acts, shining a spotlight on the likes of Beady Eye, The Kills, Mumford & Sons, Alabama Shakes, Death Cab for Cutie, Lupe Fiasco and Grouplove.

HIT Favorites: Playtime Pals

A fun-filled collection celebrating the joys of play.

Pamper Yourself (2011)

Treating to a little something special.

Dambusters Fly Again (2011)

Pilots from Buffalo Airways re-create the famous skipping-bomb run on the Mohne Dam, made by the Royal Air Force during World War II.

HIT Favorites: School Days

Some popular animated characters go back to school to show that learning can be fun.

Showbiz (2010)

A virtual round table discussing and analyzing news and stories about entertainment industry celebrities.

Gregorian Chant From the Choir of the Friars of the Abbey of Solemnes (2011)

The monks' choir of the Abbey of Solemnes perform musical pieces from a Gregorian Mass.

Our Lady of the Angels Mass With MFVA Ceremonies (2011)

The Franciscan Missionaries of the Eternal Word celebrate the Mass of Our Lady of the Angels, from Irondale, Ala.

Thunder on the Mountain (2011)

The mountains of Costa Rica come alive with the calls of animals including birds and monkeys.

Solemnity of Corpus Christy Benediction & Procession From the Shrine of the Most Blesses Sacrament in Hanceville (2011)

Fair Fight in the Marketplace (2007)

Antitrust laws ensure that consumers have fair pricing, product choices, product innovation and a vibrant economy.

National Geographic Bee 2011 (2011)

Students in grades four through eight compete for a college scholarship.

UFC 125: Resolution Weigh-In (2010)

Catch the entire fight card as they weigh in on the eve of UFC 125 hosted by Joe Rogan. Don't miss UFC 125: Resolution, Saturday, January 1st, live on Pay-Per-View.

Hello World

Freestyle snowboarding.

Goering's Last Secret (2011)

William Hastings Burke investigates the secret heroic deeds of Hermann Goring's brother, Albert, who saved the lives of nearly 100 Jews, yet, like his Nazi sibling, was later tried as a war criminal.

Back From the Brink: Okinawa Spiny Rat (2011)

Believed to be extinct, the Okinawa spiny rat was rediscovered in 2009 on the main Okinawaisland after 30 years.

The Scene of the Crime (2000)

Forensic scientists examine a murder scene.

Joe Bonamassa: Guitar Center Sessions (2011)

An intimate concert and interview with acclaimed blues-rock guitarist Joe Bonamassa. Music performances include "So It's Like That", "Woke Up Dreaming" and "When the Fire Hits the Sea". Hosted by Nic Harcourt. Only on DIRECTV.

Watery Vistas (2011)

Scenes of various bodies of water from around the world.

The Health Show (2011)

Health solutions from around the world.

Changing Planet: Our Lives (2011)

Tom Brokaw moderates a discussion on the impact that the planet's changes are having on people's lives and values.

Angel Of Death (2011)

Killer Volcanoes (2011)

The infamous Mount Vesuvius; the 1902 eruption of Mount Pelee; experts discuss which volcanoes are likely to blow next.

On the Beach (2011)

Breathtaking beaches.

PGA Tour Classic (2003)


On The Water (2011)

Scenes from rowboats and cruise ships.

The American Road to Victory (2011)

Battlefield tours.

Let's Talk About It (1993)

Home Shopping (1993)

Provides viewers with an array of merchandise to purchase.

The American Tax Cheat (2011)

Widespread tax evasion lands businessmen in prison, celebrities in hot water, and other citizens in fear.

Mandie and the Secret Tunnel (2011)

Mandie's Cherokee friends guide her to a potential new home.

Twisters and Weird Weather (2011)

An exploration into some of the most violent and devastating tornadoes to hit the planet in the last 100 years.

El Show de las Copas (2009)

The most vivid moments of the top rated tournaments in the world.

Best of College Football (2011)

The Day (2011)

The Pope's Secret Service (2011)

Behind the walls of the Vatican lie collections of treasures from many eras.

Barney: Shapes and Colors All Around

Learning about shapes and colors; sing along with Barney and his friends.

The 12,000-Bottle Boat (2011)

The journey of Plastiki, a boat built from recycled plastic.

Mardi Gras: Feast Before Fast (2011)

A look at the history and diverse practices of Shrove Tuesday, also known as Mardi Gras, around the world.

Search for the Greatest Polar Explorer (2011)

Uncovering the truth behind the disappearance of legendary polar explorer Roald Amundsen.

Inside Loretta Lynn's (2011)

AMA Amateur Motocross Championships.

The Real Battle of Britain (2011)

Ewan and Colin McGregor look anew at the Battle of Britain on its 70th anniversary.

Make It Count (2011)

A four-part series showcasing one of skateboarding's most respected brands, Element.

Nats Talk (2011)

HSN2 Cooks! Event (2011)

Professional grade cookware, appliances and accessories.

Home Waters (1995)

Writer/naturalist Robert Perkins canoes 400 miles down the Connecticut River.

Sesame Street: Silly Storytime

Zoe wishes she had longer hair, like Rapunzel.

Hometown Throwdown (2011)

Competitors from all walks of life take to the ring to prove who is toughest.

The Kennedys: Katie Holmes (2011)

Katie's career from "Dawson's Creek" to a lead role in "The Kennedys".

Faith Matters (2001)

The Church Program.

The Kennedys: Premiere Party (2011)

Leonard Maltin and Richard Roeper host a special to introduce the world premiere of "The Kennedys"

Seized and Sold: The Madoff Auction (2011)

US Marshals seize the property of criminals and auction it off to the public.

New Americans (2000)

The plight of Japanese-Americans during and after World War II.

Walking the Great Wall (2011)

Uncovering mysteries of the ancient Great Wall of China.

Jewels of the World (2011)

Guido's Orchestra: Live From the Heart of Europe (2009)

The Dutch pop orchestra performs a unique mix of original classical-rock compositions; guests include Guido's wife, Wendy.

Mahler: Symphony No. 1 in Concert (2011)

The San Francisco Symphony performs Gustav Mahler's Symphony No. 1, Titan.

Lo Mejor de Bailando (2011)

Los Visionarios (2011)

Jesus Christ's message of transformation for the people with testimony of how God has touched and transformed their lives.

William & Kate: A Royal Love Story Updated (2011)

The courtship of Kate Middleton and Prince William, son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, predicts another royal wedding in the making.

Espirito Santo Aquamarine (2011)

The enchanting beauty of the blue sea water treasure Espirito Santo Aquamarine.

The Search for Atlantis (2000)

Spanning the globe from the volcanoes of the Azores to the jungles of South America in search of the lost city of Atlantis.

Home in the Country (1999)

Simon & Garfunkel: The Harmony Game - The Making of Bridge Over Troubled Water (2011)

Archival footage and interviews with the artists and collaborators.

Wildfire in the Great Lakes Region (2008)

Threats posed by wildfires; challenges faced by firefighters; measures homeowners can take to protect their properties.

Lewis and Clark: Crossing the Centuries (2004)

An examination of the route the explorers took to the Northwest; narrator George Kennedy.

A Passion for Giving (2009)

Giving time, resources or talent can benefit other people, animals and the planet.

College Football Spring Blitz: Draft Special (2011)

Strikeforce World Heavyweight Grand Prix: Barnett vs. Kharitonov (2011)

Josh Barnett vs. Sergei Kharitonov; Daniel Cormier vs. Antonio Silva; Luke Rockhold vs. Ronaldo Souza; Roger Gracie vs. Mo Lawal. From Cincinnati.

Dead Reckoning: Champlain in America (2009)

Samuel de Champlain explores the New World and draws maps to help the French navigate the waterways of North America.

Wildflowers With Helen Hayes

With Helen Hayes, Lady Bird Johnson, naturalist Howard Peacock and photographer Jim Bones.

OUT in America (2011)

Personal narratives from gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities.

Home on Their Own (2002)

Children get free rein to change their parents' homes.

Caught In The Act II (2009)

Some of nature's most unexpected enemies, baffling battles and surprising survivors.

The New Beginning: Highlights of the Jewish High Holy Days (1995)

The origin and traditions of the High Holy Days, including Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and the Ten Days of Awe.


Let Freedom Ring

Polly Pocket (2005)

Polly Pocket and her friends have adventures.

Never Land Pirate Band (2011)

The Ideal Husband (2011)

A couple expecting their first child has a dark secret looming in the husband's past.

Women Addicted to Sex (2011)

Four women show how they have struggled with sex addiction and how they have overcome their demons.