King Guillaume (2008)

A suburbanite discovers that he's the heir of a small kingdom off the coast of France.

El Candidato (2016)

A rich businessman running for president is groomed by his campaign team to become more palatable to the middle class.

Mercy Black (2019)

Fifteen years after stabbing a classmate to conjure a phantom known as Mercy Black, a woman is released from psychiatric care and sent to live with her sister and young nephew. Now, she'll need to confront her past to save her nephew's future.

Chasing Molly (2019)

A paranormal con artist accidentally steals from drug kingpin. Now, she must use every trick she knows to navigate Los Angeles' grimy underworld and save her kidnapped partner.

The Music Box (2018)

When a 6-year-old girl is orphaned, guardianship is given to her estranged aunt. After she moves into her aunt's old Victorian home, she finds a wooden box that plays a soothing melody that captivates her more and more.

The Hydra (2019)

Ecstasy and other synthetic drugs flood the European market after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Breakneck (2018)

Two extreme sports athletes enter a mysterious contest. They soon learn that the game is actually a dangerous cross between a reality show and a sadistic ritual that will push them beyond the limits of extreme.

The Drifter (2014)

A troubled man finds himself on a downward spiral induced by the painful memories of his dark and distant past.

Where the Journey Ends (2015)

A man tries to survive in a harsh post-apocalyptic world filled with bandits, cannibals and mutants.

Shades of Darkness (2015)

A man finds himself in a dream world of endless night ruled by creatures called Planeshifters.

Happy Tree (2016)

An aging American war reporter suffers alone in a French hospital during World War II, blaming himself for the disappearance of his son who was lost on the war front.

Judi-Judi King Boss (2016)

When his girlfriend Skye hands him some money to help her open a restaurant, the ambitious Ah Boon instead uses the funds to start his own illegal gambling house, a fact that doesn't sit well with Skye.

My Millennial Life (2016)

Five millenials face challenges finding employment.

A Life Lived (2016)

A single dollar bill impacts many lives as it passes from hand to hand.

Our Love Story (2016)

Two women begin an intimate romance.

The Team (2016)

Misfit street soccer players join together as a team to save their neighborhood from developers.

Key Transitions (2016)

Sudden tragedy divides a couple.

Loop (2016)

A drug dealer and his girlfriend betray their boss.

Rugby Boys of Memphis (2016)

An inner-city high school forms a rugby team.

Losing in Love (2016)

A struggling writer and a brokenhearted waitress find the ability to once again believe in love amidst a world both real and imagined.

The Dunes (2016)

When a domestic counselor's ex-wife attempts to move to the other side of the country with their son and her new boyfriend, he decides to do whatever is necessary to keep it from happening.

Thirteen (2010)

A 13-year-old girl struggles to find her niche after relocating to a new school.

William (2019)

Two doctors use ancient DNA to clone a Neanderthal named William, but his distinctive physical features and different way of thinking soon provoke fear and hostility from those who encounter him.

Compulsion (2009)

A serial killer discovers that his latest victim may be more than he can handle.

Red Island (2018)

Stranded on an isolated island, a couple realize they are being hunted by an unseen force.

We Gotta Get Outta Here (2017)

Three youths struggle to beat the odds as they navigate the foster care system.

Impressions of a Man Lost (2009)

After having a dream about the end of the world, a man wakes up on an unknown train.

Hell's Belle (2018)

While on an archeological expedition, a group of young people stumbles upon a piece of jewelry that once belonged to the famous outlaw Belle Starr.

Much Ado About Nothing (2016)

A carefree college student ends up in a desperate fight for freedom when a well-connected friend falsely accuses him of a hit-and-run accident.

The Memory of Fish (2016)

The salmon of Washington's Elwha River sustained Dick Goin for the first half of his life. But he spent the last half fighting to bring down its dams and bring the salmon back to the river.

Limit Is the Sky (2016)

Seven ambitious men and women come to Fort McMurray, Alberta, from all around the world. Hoping to make their livelihoods in a boomtown, they are sorely disappointed to find an economy hindered by the global oil glut.

Bank (2016)

Two street rivals set aside their differences to pull off a bank heist.

What Lies Beyond... The Beginning (2014)

Eight ecology students and their chaperone must fight for their lives on a research trip.

A...holes (2017)

Adah and Aaron are recovering addicts who are struggling to stay sober. After meeting in their psychoanalyst's waiting room, they fall in love, relapse on poppers, and become the biggest jerks in New York City.

Trials: Finding the Medal (2016)

Four para-rowers train for a spot on the 2014 U.S. national rowing team.

High & Tight (2016)

A mysterious man returns to the small town where he once committed a double homicide.

Book Week (2018)

A narcissistic and arrogant high school teacher is forced to re-evaluate his life choices when it seems like his book will finally be published.

Los Domirriqueos 2 (2019)

A group of performers sets up a circus act to pay off a lawsuit.

Oklahoma Outlaws (1943)

A father and his son battle a criminal element for control of the newly established town of Tulsa, Okla.

Penguin League (2019)

Intergalactic penguin pilots, Flip and Zooey, tour the galaxy on fact-finding missions in their friendly talking spaceship, Slushy.

Egise Tarajuvvalu (2017)

A science teacher inspires underprivileged kids.

Horror High School (2013)

Tales of terror set in a haunted high school full of evil paranormal spirits.

Mindset (2018)

A workaholic finally takes a vacation.

Curse of the Banshee (2013)

A demon hunter and his protege tangle with an angry banshee.

David Robson (2016)

An introvert who speaks seven languages searches for the courage to talk to a girl. A mysterious invitation to join the ranks of an intelligence agency could be everything he needs to get the ball rolling.

Evol (2016)

A troubled teenager is forced to move to New York City for psychiatric care. Throughout the summer he learns not only about the brutalities of life, but the realities of love.

Shadow Nation (2015)

Renowned rock musicians travel to reservations throughout America to learn about the many injustices done to Native Americans.

The Enemy (2011)

Serbian soldiers discover a man locked in a basement at the end of the war. After he is freed, people start disappearing.


From the creators of Inside Out.

The Murder of Mary Phagan (1988)

In 1913 factory owner Leo Frank stands trial for the murder of Atlanta teenager Mary Phagan despite evidence that points to another suspect.

Bromance (2016)

Sexual tensions bubble to the surface when four friends go camping in a remote part of Argentina.

Shashamane (2016)

Jamaicans return to Africa to reclaim their heritage, settling the Ethiopian region of Shashamane. There, they establish one of the oldest Rastafarian settlements in the world.

Hajwala 2 (2018)

A gang searches for a group of professional drivers to carry out challenging missions.

Everyone Says I Love You (2010)

Sixteen-year-old Marion receives a text message from her boyfriend of 10 days, declaring his love for her; she and her best friend have different opinions of what the text means.

Top Knot Detective (2017)

A failed Japanese samurai series becomes a cult classic.

The Insect (2016)

A woman begins to question whether her teenage daughter's personality change is a result of her husband's actions.

Those Who Dwell Within (2016)

An apprehensive priest visits a woman to help her with her sister.

Witness Protection (2019)

A single mother and her daughter find themselves in even greater danger when they enter the Witness Protection Program to hide from a serial killer.

Slingshot Cops (2016)

Rusty and Wolf assemble a team of freedom fighters to battle a supernatural villain.

Leeches (2016)

In the chaotic old city of Hyderabad, 18-year-old Raisa hatches a dangerous and improbable plan to save her younger sister from becoming a one-day bride.

We Make Movies (2016)

College kids spend the summer making a movie for their town's film festival.

Situational (2016)

A guy takes his roommate to the ocean to see the sunrise to cure his depression.

By the River (2016)

A young man travels across the country on a train, and he gathers sounds and records conversations about life, creativity, and personal growth with people he meets along the way.

Prettyface (2016)

Two teenage girls encounter the Manson family.

Bottom Dollars (2016)

Filmmaker Jordan Melograna exposes the exploitation of people with disabilities.

Bad Neighborhood (2013)

A woman becomes stranded in a bad neighborhood.

Butter Brioche (2015)

A shy baker works up the courage to slip an origami figure into an attractive customer's bag.

Return (2015)

A man returns home for the weekend to discover the difficulty of juggling friends, parents, magic mushrooms and several thousand chickens.

The Station (2017)

Three people discover a strange gas station filled with photocopiers.

Artifice (2016)

A driven actor's preparation for a terrifying new role leads him down a dark path toward madness.

Staid (2016)

Four small-town people come together to argue, sing, smoke and drink.

The Stray (2016)

In 1966, nuclear war has destroyed civilization and transformed it into a mutant-infested wasteland. A man struggles to survive while being forced to face his tortured past.

Schlep (2016)

When Scott attempts to reconcile with his girlfriend, he needs to dodge her brother and bond with his newly married best friend.

Sleepwalkers (2016)

A teenage boy's nighttime alter ego falls in love with a waitress at an all-night diner.

The Cousin (2017)

After a well-meaning Arab-Muslim handyman arrives in an Israeli village, a young woman is assaulted, and the community assumes he was her attacker.

East West (2016)

A professional driver returns to his hometown after 15 years to compete in his final race. He meets a teenager who dreams of being a driver.

Inocente (2013)

A man wakes up next to a mentally handicapped woman.

Status Pending (2018)

An indecisive millennial must overcome the high life expectations she's built from social media to decide if she should take a yearlong trip around the world or settle into her current relationship with a man she met on Tinder.

Brothers (2014)

Two men discover the true meaning of brotherhood on a London bus.

Citizen Hero (2009)

A lonely man dreams of having superpowers.

Baby Bulldog (2019)

A woman fights her family and city hall to save a dog.

Dogwalker (2014)

An undocumented migrant gets a job as a dog walker.

Cigarette (2016)

A woman asks a man up to her apartment and surprises him with an impromptu striptease.

Corpucia (2018)

Government agents interrogate two people.

IBuddy (2016)

A digital friendship soon becomes an addiction.

Life Under the Bridge (2013)

A homeless artist with HIV lives under a bridge.

Ripples (2017)

An overweight woman feels bigger than ever when she meets a seemingly perfect woman at the pool.

The Impasse (2015)

A blind date seems to be going well until the man reveals his true intentions.

Kaise Kahoon Ke... Pyaar Hai (2003)

Karan, a burglar, wishes to permanently leave his profession when he falls in love with Priya. They decide to get married, but Karan finds out that he has cancer.

Life of Significant Soil (2016)

A struggling young couple are forced to relive the last day of their relationship over and over again.

Making Out (2016)

A professional writer and an actress make a pact to create the greatest romance they can imagine to perform as a play. As they pretend to have the perfect love, they discover they may have feelings for each other.

Dare to Be Remarkable (2016)

A disabled philanthropist works to find a cure for her deadly condition.

Icare (2017)

An inventor living on an isolated island with steep cliffs becomes obsessed with making his dream of flying a reality.

The Brink (2019)

Filmmaker Alison Klayman follows political strategist Stephen K. Bannon as he tries to mobilize and unify far-right parties during the 2018 U.S. midterm elections.

Marie Marmaille (2001)

During the German occupation of France, a woman hides a 9-year-old Jewish boy whose parents have just been deported.

The Japanese Evil Dead (2014)

A bodybuilder meets his ex-girlfriend at an abandoned house to help with her research on haunted houses. Accompanied by a professional psychic, they soon find themselves trapped and tormented by a ghost with a 30-year grudge.

Redeemer (2016)

Two brothers working in the music industry return home when their mother is diagnosed with cancer.

Last Day of School (2016)

After they're caught cheating on their final exam, four college buddies have to perform a series of outrageous acts to graduate.

Second Nature (2016)

A man and a woman compete in an unusual race for mayor in an alternate reality where gender roles are magically reversed.

Backtrack Boys (2018)

An Australian man helps three troubled youths avoid jail when he brings them aboard his legendary dog jumping team.