Invisible Temptation (1996)

A teenager battles dark forces in a war for his soul's integrity.

Poison (1951)

A man (Michel Simon) murders his wife, then admits it in court.

Of Whales, the Moon, and Men (1963)

The young men at Ile-aux-Coudres try to revive an old method of fishing for belugas in the St. Lawrence River.

Bhopali (2011)

Victims of an industrial accident fight for justice and corporate responsibility.

The Stargazer (2011)

In the summer of 1610, Johannes Kepler and Rudolf II use one of the first telescopes invented by the Galileo family to explore the night sky.

Nikaah (1982)

A woman must first wed and divorce another man in order to legally remarry her ex-husband.

Nerawareta Gakuen (2012)

A new student comes to Kamakura Junior High School with orders to take over the campus using his powers of telepathy. Only one student is able to resist and is the only one who can free the school from the mind-controller.

The Legend of Red Dragon (2006)

A killer uses a sword to slice members of a crime family.

The Wolf Children Ame and Yuki (2012)

Hana marries a wolf man and raises their two children alone after he dies. They move to the countryside and the children have adventures in the woods and at school.

Fear of Falling (2011)

Marcin, who is an expectant father, reaches out to his estranged and schizophrenic dad.

The Forest (2011)

After committing suicide, a girl returns as a ghost to wreak violent revenge.

Europe '51 (1952)

A society woman (Ingrid Bergman) helps the poor in postwar Rome and goes mad.

Into the Arms of Strangers (2007)

Three years after a devastating accident, a man discovers that the life he knew may be a lie.

Guardians (2006)

Mercenaries battle creatures from another dimension.

Where the Streets Have No Name (2010)

A man works for 20 years to alleviate homelessness in Cairns.

The Journey (2007)

A couch potato (Andres Londono) follows his ex-girlfriend to Mexico.

Spin a Dark Web (1956)

An ex-GI gets mixed up with underworld elements in London when his girlfriend is kidnapped.

You May Be Next (1936)

Neil, the chief engineer of a radio station, is kidnapped by a gangster after he accidentally jams the police radio signals.

The Curse of Blanchard Hill: Raped by Nature (2006)

A man disappears for 22 years after he awakened a deadly Native American curse and returns to unleash a killing spree.

Magnificent Gladiator (1963)

A musclebound hero proves his strength and courage to his people.

Scruff: St. George's Legend (2006)

A curious puppy tries to learn about farm animals and humans.

Mahal (1949)

A man (Ashok Kumar) becomes obsessed with a beautiful ghost (Madhubala) after moving into a mansion that is said to have a tragic history.

The Student of Prague (1913)

Based on the poem by Alfred de Musset and the story by Edgar Allan Poe.

Hoch droben auf dem Berg (1957)

An opera singer performs an emergency landing in Tirol, where she discovers a yodeling lumberjack. She persuades the man to come to the city with her, but his wife, who has to stay back, is left wondering whether her husband will ever return.

Son of Dracula (1974)

The son of Count Dracula battles with Baron Frankenstein to be king of the netherworld.

Boca de Lixo (1993)

The poor people of Itaoca manage to live off garbage.

Death of a Shadow (2012)

Caught between life and death, a soldier collects the shadows of the dying to earn his freedom.

Everything Is Thunder (1936)

After a Canadian officer (Douglass Montgomery) escapes a prison camp in 1917 Germany, a Berliner (Constance Bennett) helps him cross the border.

Naked Werewolf Woman (1976)

A lycanthrope (Annik Borel) kills her victims after sex and embarks on a crusade to avenge her murdered lover.

Memories Corner (2011)

Ada (Dborah Franois), a French journalist, goes to Japan to cover the commemoration of the 1995 Kobe earthquake. She bonds with a survivor until her interpreter tells her -- without explaining why -- not to become involved with the man.

The Varrow Mission (1978)

A teen uses the site of a legendary UFO landing for a Halloween horror show and gets more than he bargained for.

Out of Place (2009)

A small, underground group in Cleveland demonstrates its devotion to surfing Lake Erie.

Rebels With a Cause (2013)

Activists band together to protect coastlines, farmlands and open spaces from urban development.

Double or Nothing (1936)

A dose of knockout gas in the dentist's office causes a movie stunt double (Phil Harris) to dream that he is a famous Hollywood star.

Down and Dirty Duck (1974)

An insecure insurance adjuster gets a confidence boost when a wild and crazy waterfowl takes him under its wing.

White Knuckles (2010)

A subdued housewife is provoked into a state of fear and she becomes watchful and suspicious of her husband.

Downeast (2012)

Italian immigrant Antonio Bussone uses federal grants to bring factory work back to the United States.

The Second 100 Years (1927)

Two hapless jailbirds tunnel into the warden's office.

Crab Trap (2009)

A young man lands at a village on Colombia's Pacific coast.

Rouge of the North (1988)

A bitter Chinese woman (Hsia Wen-shi) marries a wealthy crippled man, endures abuse from his family and becomes addicted to opium.

Manhattan Angel (1949)

An enterprising young girl with a social conscience tries to keep a youth center safe from the wrecking ball.

The Great Turin (2005)

A young man (Ciro Espositio) gets a chance to play soccer when members of the team Torino die in a plane crash.

Ecstasy of Gold (2009)

A bounty hunter (John Elliott) tries to follow a treasure map to a hidden cache of gold before a band of outlaws beats him to it.

Sexo en Paraíso (2010)

Ben Lpez.

The Man in the Trunk (1942)

The restless spirit of a dead bookie returns to haunt the living and conduct an investigation of an old murder case.

Flor de Muertos (2011)

Filmmaker Danny Vinik examines customs associated with Mexico's Day of the Dead in border towns.

Living Proof: HIV and the Pursuit of Happiness (1993)

This documentary chronicles the stories of 30 New Yorkers who, despite their varying ethnic and economic backgrounds, all have one thing in common: they've all been infected with the HIV virus. From a police officer to a drag queen, each shares unique stories about contracting the disease and how it has affected their lives. While sitting for photographers Carolyn Jones and George DeSipio, these men and women speak movingly about how life goes on even in the face of a grim prognosis.

The Constant Woman (1933)

A man (Conrad Nagel) begins a downward spiral after the death of his adulterous wife.

El Sexólogo (1987)

A seller who seduces all the women he meets falls in love with the woman who ran over him with her car.

Enemigos Íntimos (2008)

The stories of various people that assume and affront their personal crises in different ways.

The Tenth Man (1936)

An unscrupulous businessman resorts to deceit and murder in his bid for power. Based on a play by W. Somerset Maugham.

The Adventures of Hercules II (1985)

The son (Lou Ferrigno) of Zeus comes down from Mount Olympus to retrieve seven thunderbolts stolen by angry gods.

Degrassi Takes Manhattan (2010)

Two best friends find adventure and romance while spending the summer in New York.

Dumb-Hounded (1943)

A wolf on the run from authorities cannot seem to elude the lethargic police hound on his trail in this first cartoon appearance of Droopy.

North of the Great Divide (1950)

A singing Indian agent (Roy Rogers) helps a Canadian tribe cheated by a salmon cannery.

Okay for Sound (1936)

Six jobless brothers who find work as extras on a movie set are mistaken for studio executives.

Election Daze (1943)

The "Our Gang" kids engage in political chicanery when incumbent club president Mickey (Bobby Blake) faces a challenge from Froggy (Billy Laughlin).

End of the Road (1970)

A young teacher (Stacy Keach), just released from an unconventional mental hospital, finds work at a small college and becomes involved with a professor's wife.

Pit of Darkness (1961)

An amnesiac safe-designer tries to clear his name after jewel thieves use him for a heist.

Scoop (1987)

A nature columnist (Michael Maloney) is mistakenly assigned to cover a looming revolution in East Africa.

Oklahoma Annie (1952)

Judy Canova (Judy Canova) is a capable cowgirl and a sassy shopkeeper in her frontier town. But, once she spies the dashing new town sheriff, Dan Fraser (John Russell), Judy decides to branch out into catching crooks to garner his notice. With her daring behavior and bravery, she soon earns a deputy's badge, allowing her to spend time with her favorite lawman. But, when Dan is abducted by a band of wild outlaws, it's up to Judy to round up a posse and save the day.

Ms. Cannibal Holocaust (2012)

The residents of a condemned apartment building come under siege by a cannibalistic cult. The tenants try to hold out and avoid being consumed but it seems hopeless until a woman arrives looking for vengeance.

Warriors From Hell (1990)

A black man and a white comrade team up to end the terror as warring forces fight for control of an African nation.

Changing Trains (1943)

Two former lovers are reunited in a train station.

Hyper Sapien: People From Another Star (1986)

A Wyoming rancher's son (Ricky Paull Goldin) befriends a three-eyed thing and two females from the planet Taros.

Fear (1954)

A woman (Ingrid Bergman) who cheats on her busy husband (Mathias Wieman) falls prey to blackmail in order to save her marriage.

Meet the Girls (1938)

When two singers are left behind in the Hawaiian Islands they decide to hitch a ride home on a San Francisco-bound ship.

Melody Lane (1941)

A breakfast food sponsor is accused of kidnapping a girl after he hires a group to sing on his radio program.

Santo contra el Estrangulador (1965)

A maniac intends to murder beautiful artists as revenge for a deformity he endured sometime in the past.

Striptease Girl (1952)

Dancers strip on stage and comics tell jokes.

Adventures in Plymptoons! (2011)

Family, friends, fans and critics discuss the career of Academy Award-nominated animator Bill Plympton ("Guard Dog").

Amazing Women by the Sea (1998)

Two wives (Marika Krook, Asa Karlin) on vacation become good friends even though one is having an affair with the other's husband (Nicke Lignell).

Dragon on Fire (1978)

A kung-fu fighter goes back to Hong Kong to help a friend fight gangsters.

Ek Alag Mausam (2003)

Aparna finds out that she has contracted AIDS from her husband, who has been having affairs on his business travels.

Escape From Terror (1955)

The assignment for a Russian secret agent (Jackie Coogan) is to apprehend an American in possession of incriminating photographs, who is escorting a Latvian refugee to Copenhagen.

Midnight Madonna (1937)

When a woman's capabilities as a mother fall under serious question, she struggles to prove her fitness.


During the Crusades, a warrior falls in love with a Saracen princess.

Naughty New York (1959)

A struggling French artist visits a nightclub, where dancers in various states of undress provide him with the necessary inspiration to make his works the toast of the town.

Yeh Vaada Raha (1982)

Vikram and Sunita plan to marry, but Vikram's mother opposes it because of Sunita's poor background. They decide to go through with the wedding anyway, but on their way to the temple, they are both injured in a car accident.

Hands Up (2010)

Milana recalls living in Paris when she struggled for a better life.

Miracle of the Hills (1959)

A clergyman is confronted by a tough dance-hall queen when he attempts to bring religion to a frontier mining town.

Black's Game (2012)

Stebbi (Thor Kristjansson) becomes reacquainted with a childhood friend and joins the drug trade in order to pay off his debts.

Miss Fane's Baby Is Stolen (1934)

When a child is kidnapped, his actress mother desperately tries to get him back.

Just Before Nightfall (1971)

A married man (Michel Bouquet) who killed the wife of his best friend during a tryst feels compelled to turn himself in.

Himmatwala (1983)

A young man sets out to avenge his father, who is being tormented by a mobster.

La Risa en Vacaciones II (1991)

More leg-pulling of innocent tourists who have no idea that they are part of practical jokes and gags.

Jamai Raja (1991)

When Rekha marries the daughter of a wealthy woman, he is invited to live in their house but soon finds out that his new mother-in-law tries everything she can to break up the marriage.

Wedding Night (1970)

When a woman dies from a miscarriage on her daughter's wedding day, the younger woman (Tessa Wyatt) fears consummating the marriage.

Mix Me a Person (1961)

A young coffee-house performer inadvertently finds himself accused of murder when he agrees to do a girl a favor.

Human Lanterns (1982)

Lung Shu Ai (Tony Liu), a pompous and wealthy man, hires Chao Fang (Lieh Lo) to make a special lantern for an annual lantern festival. Chao remembers losing his woman to Lung, so he plots revenge on the man and his loved ones.

The Pawnshop (1916)

Charlie competes with a fellow shop assistant.

The Road (2011)

Investigators reopen a 12-year-old cold case after three teenagers disappear while traveling along a particularly infamous stretch of road.

Road to Happiness (1942)

A divorced father (John Boles) struggles to make a home for his son.

On Dress Parade (1939)

The final feature in the "Dead End Kids" film series finds a youth trying to adjust to life at a military school.

Eat and Run (1986)

A 1940s-style detective (Ron Silver) traces missing persons to a tubby, man-eating alien who likes spicy food.

The Moralist (1957)

A town's chief proponent of high ideals and ethics is really a scoundrel who lives contrary to his own preachings.

The Baker of Monceau (1962)

Although he is searching for the real object of his desire, a law student (Barbet Schroeder) flirts with a pretty bakery worker.

Mister Scarface (1977)

A young man of the slums fights the Mafia in Italy to avenge his father's death.

Diary of the Dead (1976)

A heel of a husband (Hctor Elizondo) lands the opportunity to eliminate his shrewish mother-in-law (Geraldine Fitzgerald) and claim her small fortune.

Too Much Sleep (1997)

Chronicles the life of Jack Crawford (Marc Palmieri), a 24-year-old security guard who works nights and still lives at home. Jack negotiates a peculiar suburban underworld in his search for his stolen gun, which he inherited from his father. Encountering a slew of oddball characters, some bizarre coincidences and a beautiful young woman named Kate (Nicol Zanzarella) along the way, Jack navigates through the emotional emptiness and spiritual longing lurking beneath contemporary suburbia.