For Love or Money (1993)

New York concierge Doug Ireland (Michael J. Fox) wants to go into business for himself and refurbish a hotel on Roosevelt Island, N.Y., but he needs an investor. With a few weeks left before his option on the site runs out, Doug agrees to help wealthy Christian Hanover (Anthony Higgins) conceal his affair with salesgirl Andy Hart (Gabrielle Anwar) from his wife. Despite his own attraction to Andy, Doug tries to stay focused on getting Christian to invest $3 million in his project.

Real Love (2008)

A down-to-earth woman falls in love with a man who doesn't believe in real love.

Cave of the Living Dead (1964)

An Interpol inspector (Adrian Hoven) finds seven missing girls in a zombie state at a vampire professor's castle.

Mujeres Maras (2012)

After losing their men to crime, two women must struggle to survive on their own.

Flesh and Blood Show (1973)

British thespians (Ray Brooks, Jenny Hanley) audition for macabre theater and are met by a hooded hacker.

Tavarataivas (2013)

Petri locks all of his belongings in a storage container and retrieves one item per day.

Life's No Piece of Cake (2012)

The life of the Färber family is completely unhinged after a bizarre accident leading to the mother's death; while Markus clings onto the past and can't come to terms with the loss of his wife, his 15-year-old daughter Kim runs away to Denmark.

Cow Country (1953)

A Texas cowboy (Edmond O'Brien) saves indebted cattlemen from a crook (Bob Lowry) in cahoots with a banker.

Dance Little Lady (1954)

Ballet star Nina (Mai Zetterling) learns that her spouse, Mark (Terence Morgan), is cheating on her. While blinded by rage, she is involved in a car wreck that ends her career as a dancer. When the cold-hearted Mark finds out that Nina's days as a money-making ballerina are over, he leaves her. As Nina slowly learns to cope with life after the accident, she teaches her daughter to dance professionally. Unfortunately, Mark then comes back to try to seize custody of the successful young girl.

Empty Cradle (1993)

A hospital nurse (Kate Jackson) fakes pregnancy, kidnaps a patient's (Lori Loughlin) baby and leaves another one in its place.

Forward 13: Waking Up the American Dream (2012)

Filmmaker Patrick Lovell embarks on a cross-country journey to find out what happened to America.

Murder in Miami (2014)

When several beautiful models are murdered by a serial killer, a young photographer becomes the prime suspect. As more women are killed, he races to vindicate himself and uncovers dark secrets.

Far North (1988)

After Bertrum (Charles Durning), a hard-living man in Minnesota, is badly injured riding a horse, his daughter Kate (Jessica Lange) comes to visit him. Kate has fled this harsh climate and harsher family by moving to New York City, so being back is difficult, especially because Bertrum wants her to shoot the horse that injured him. Kate's sister, Rita (Tess Harper), can provide little support because she is desperately trying to control her rebellious teenage daughter (Patricia Arquette).

Five Fighters From Shaolin (1985)

A Shaolin monk and his four disciples attempt to recover a stolen temple scroll.

Her Highness and the Bellboy (1945)

A New York hotel bellboy (Robert Walker) forgets his girlfriend (June Allyson) after meeting a European princess (Hedy Lamarr).

HoneyBee (2016)

A quiet town is disrupted by the arrival of a new family.

Asterix and Caesar's Surprise (1985)

Little warrior Asterix (Roger Carel), sidekick Obelix (Pierre Tornade) and the dog Idefix venture into ancient Rome.

Hat, Coat and Glove (1934)

An artist (John Beal) on trial for murder has his lover's (Barbara Robbins) husband (Ricardo Cortez) for a lawyer.

Turkey Shoot (2014)

Disgraced Navy SEAL Rick Tyler (Dominic Purcell) gets a chance to win his freedom by participating in a deadly reality TV show with other killers.

Moving Target (2000)

An unassuming tourist (Don "The Dragon" Wilson) winds up entangled in an espionage plot and on the run from a gang of terrorists.

The Bear (1984)

Paul "Bear" Bryant's (Gary Busey) begins his career playing football, then becomes an icon while coaching for the University of Alabama.

The Christmas Secret (2000)

A robust villager named Nick (Beau Bridges) rescues a zoologist (Richard Thomas) whose plane crashes near the North Pole.

The Golden Arrow (1936)

A fake heiress (Bette Davis) keeps fortune hunters at bay with a false marriage to a poor newsman (George Brent).

Avalanche (1999)

The survivor of an Alaskan avalanche, Dr. Lia Freeman (Caroleen Feeney) is an environmentalist concerned about a similar disaster occurring if a proposed new oil pipeline is built. Freeman adamantly warns the planners of the likelihood of a major avalanche, but they ignore her pleas. As she realizes that a massive whiteout is imminent, Freeman tries to get the citizens of a nearby town to leave, aided by brave helicopter pilot Neal Meekin (Thomas Ian Griffith).

Caveat (2011)

Members of a privileged family are forced to come together after their patriarch's death. As they sort through the will, they discover deep-seated resentments and hostility that prove money is not the true root of evil.

Promises to Keep (1985)

A roustabout (Robert Mitchum) comes home after 30 years to a wife (Claire Bloom), a son (Christopher Mitchum) and a grandson who wants to go to sea.

The White Rose (1961)

A Mexican planter (Ignacio López Tarso) and his wife (Rita Macedo) lose their land to U.S. oilmen in 1937.

What Lola Wants (2015)

A 17-year-old girl lets everyone think she has been kidnapped. She meets a young man in a New Mexico diner and the two fall instantly in love, but when he learns of the reward for her return, he has to choose between helping her or cashing in.

Journal of a Crime (1934)

A woman (Ruth Chatterton) kills her husband's (Adolphe Menjou) lover (Claire Dodd), then loses her memory as well as her guilt.

High Wall (1947)

Steven Kenet (Robert Taylor) has been blacking out, which is particularly problematic because he has been convicted of a crime he thinks he did not commit -- murdering his wife. Afraid that brain surgery will allow his accusers to decree him insane, Kenet instead is sent to a mental hospital. At the hospital, Dr. Ann Lorrison (Audrey Totter) falls for Kenet. But after initially believing his story, she starts to doubt whether her patient, the man she loves, is innocent after all.

Street Wars (2012)

Elijah Kane (Steven Seagal) and his team race to stop a drug ring from distributing poisonous Ecstasy at raves.

Stray Dogs (2004)

Two Afghan siblings spend their days struggling to survive on the streets of Kabul and nights sleeping with their imprisoned mother.

Pool of Princesses (2007)

Three German teenagers discuss dating, school and other components of their daily lives.

Subway Stories (1997)

Subway travelers have steamy, hilarious, frightening and emotional encounters in this collection of 10 short tales.

Joshua's Heart (1990)

A commercial artist's (Melissa Gilbert) bond with a boy (Matthew Lawrence) is stronger than her affair with his architect father (Tim Matheson).

Virtual Assassin (1995)

A scientist's (Suki Kaiser) computer virus is the quarry of an Internet criminal (Brion James) bent on controlling the world in the 21st century.

Speed Reporter (1936)

An ambitious crime reporter sets out to expose a phony reform league.

Paris Follies (2014)

Brigitte and Xavier let routine and weariness set in after their children leave their cattle farm. When Brigitte is wooed by a young man, she takes a trip to Paris to see him, but things do not go according to plan.

Everything Strange and New (2009)

Ordinary people longing for certainty in uncertain times.

Before Tomorrow (2008)

As two isolated families meet for a celebration two of their relatives wait on an island to be picked up.

Quick Millions (1931)

A truck driver (Spencer Tracy) uses extortion and protection to form his own crime racket, with him at the top.

Skyscraper Souls (1932)

After bank president David Dwight (Warren William) makes a vast loan to himself to build a remarkable skyscraper, his board questions the propriety of the loan. Despite the devotion of longtime mistress Sarah (Verree Teasdale), the ruthless David, while seeking bank mergers to protect his building, tries to seduce Sarah's secretary, Lynn (Maureen O'Sullivan). David then agrees to a plot by a bank board member to inflate his bank's stock and sell short -- just before the market crashes.

Lee's 88 Keys (2015)

The life and work of Lee Shaw, a jazz singer from Albany, N.Y.

Balancing the Books (2009)

A woman (Dina Meyer) seeks help from her friends after her lover (Vincent Spano) becomes malicious.

The Path to the Past (2011)

A German woman (Anna Stieblich) travels to Poland to investigate the mysterious past of her late mother.

Saint Joan (1957)

Joan of Arc (Jean Seberg) leads the dauphin's (Richard Widmark) army in 15th-century France, then is burned at the stake.

It's a Revolution Mother (1969)

The turbulent youth of the '60s, from protesting hippies to partying biker gangs.

Jaws of the Jungle (1936)

Ferocious vampire bats attack villagers.

The Sea Spoilers (1936)

Seal poachers kidnap the girlfriend of a Coast Guardsman recently placed in charge of the ship.

Lady Mobster (1988)

A corporate lawyer's (Susan Lucci) underworld benefactor (Joseph Wiseman) expects her to legitimize his family business.

The Most Wonderful Moment (1957)

Pietro, who believes in natural childbirth, falls in love with a nurse.

Dragon's Showdown (1982)

An orphan and his cousin try kung fu on their archenemy and his magic sword.

Living by the Gun (2011)

A young woman must become as ruthless as the uncle she has been sent to hunt down.

The Sucker (1965)

A wily gangster (Louis De Funès) picks a muddle-headed man (Bourvil) to drive a Cadillac filled with stolen goods.

October (1994)

Based on the true story of the 1970 kidnapping and murder of a Quebec cabinet minister by political revolutionaries.

Pinto Rustlers (1936)

A young cowboy poses as a notorious criminal to infiltrate the gang of rustlers that orphaned him.

Mahana (2016)

In the 1960s, a family tries to reconcile rivalries in rural New Zealand.

Un certo giorno (1969)

An advertising executive is forced to take a hard look at his unsatisfying life following a series of tragic events.

Kehraus (1983)

Forklift driver Ferdinand Weitel takes a trip through German party life.

A Fine Romance (1991)

An Italian gentleman (Marcello Mastroianni) and a doctor's wife (Julie Andrews) plot to break up their spouses' tryst in Paris.

You're Never Too Young (1955)

When barber's assistant Wilbur (Jerry Lewis) unwittingly becomes involved in a heist, he tries to get away by train. He is unaware that gangster Noonan (Raymond Burr) has slipped a stolen diamond into his pocket. Unable to pay the fare, Wilbur dresses up as a young boy and sits with teacher Nancy (Diana Lynn). When one of Nancy's colleagues sees Wilbur, she concludes that Nancy is cheating on Bob (Dean Martin), her fiancé. Wilbur remains disguised to prove Nancy's innocence and evade Noonan.

Last Night (2014)

Sky's last night in Washington, D.C., before moving with her boyfriend becomes a whirlwind of emotions when a meeting with a handsome stranger tests her will.

I Am Here (2014)

When a man awakens after death, a familiar, poetic sound beckons him.

Action for Slander (1937)

A British officer (Clive Brook) is ostracized for cheating at cards and goes to court to defend his honor.

Slaughterhouse (1987)

Lester Bacon (Don Barrett) has run into financial trouble and is now facing the grim possibility that he might have to shut down the slaughterhouse he runs. Unwilling to lose his family business but unable to pay down his debt, Lester becomes desperate. So, when a crew of people come to the slaughterhouse thinking they might buy the place, Lester instructs his overweight and mentally disabled son, Buddy (Joe B. Barton), to kill anyone who comes onto their property.

Dead Clowns (2003)

Circus performers rise from a watery grave to terrorize a small town.

Affairs of Cappy Ricks (1937)

A crotchety old man banishes his family to a desert island for a lesson in minding one's own business.

Invader (1992)

A tabloid reporter encounters hostile aliens while investigating the mysterious deaths of several servicemen.

Inferno (2005)

Firefighters battle a raging blaze that threatens a vast landscape.

Stand Your Ground (2013)

A woman struggles to retain her faith after her son is falsely accused of murder.

Kudrat (1981)

A woman (Hema Malini) returns to a previous life, meeting a lover (Rajesh Khanna) who looks like the man she loves in the present.

Sweet Bird of Youth (1989)

Florida gigolo Chance Wayne (Mark Harmon) brings home ex-screen queen Alexandra Del Lago (Elizabeth Taylor).

Anxiety (1953)

A recently widowed singer (Libertad Lamarque) must contend with two troublesome sons.

Dial: Help (1989)

A supernatural presence uses the phone lines to terrorize a British model who unwittingly dialed a wrong number.

Richie (1977)

Teenager Richie (Robby Benson) is spiraling out of control and his family doesn't know what to do. After he falls in with a bad crowd, Richie's drug use gets out of hand. Richie's strict but loving father (Ben Gazzara) wants to help his son but does not know how to communicate with him adequately. As pressure upon pressure piles on top of the perpetually stoned and emotionally confused Richie, the conflict with his father escalates to the point of no return.

The Wrong Road (1937)

After being released from jail, a young couple (Richard Cromwell, Helen Mack) search for their stolen loot so they can start a new life.

The Story of Temple Drake (1933)

A hedonistic woman kills her rapist and admits to it during trial to save a man who is falsely accused.

Point Doom (1999)

After finding a new love, a woman tries to leave her boyfriend (Richard Grieco), a violent and double-crossing drug dealer.

Love Is Forever (1983)

Australian journalist John Everingham (Michael Landon) rescues his Laotian girlfriend (Moira Chen) in 1978.

Fag Hag (1998)

A woman (Stephanie Orff) entering a local beauty contest teams with an old classmate (Damion Dietz) who tries to help her win.

The Cold Call (2012)

A man has a swift moral decline over the course of 36 hours.

Boys Will Be Boys (1935)

A schoolmaster (Will Hay) tries to help a thief (Gordon Harker) turn his life around.

La Hermana Blanca (1960)

A young woman joins a religious order after hearing reports that her fiance, a soldier, has been killed in battle.

Androcles and the Lion (1952)

Based on George Bernard Shaw's play, an adaptation of the classic folktale, this film follows Androcles (Alan Young), a slave in Ancient Rome who has escaped his bonds and fled into the wilderness. A devoted Christian with an unparalleled level of compassion, he seeks to aid any who need assistance -- even a wild lion with a thorn in its paw. While the move to remove the thorn may seem foolhardy, Androcles' kindness is later repaid in the blood-stained ring of the Colosseum.

From Russia to Hollywood: The 100-Year Odyssey of Chekhov and Shdanoff (1999)

Michael Chekhov, nephew of famed playwright Anton Chekhov, is a well-respected actor who studied under legendary acting coach Constantin Stanislavsky. Along with his friend George Shdanoff, Checkhov worked on numerous productions in Moscow before being forced to emigrate to Germany. Interviews with former students relate how the rise of Nazi Germany prompted Chekhov to move to the United States, where he founded an influential acting school and helped train many of Hollywood's biggest stars.

The King of Kings (1927)

After driving the sin out of Mary Magdalene (Jacqueline Logan) and raising Lazarus (Kenneth Thomson) from the dead, Jesus (H.B. Warner) enters into Jerusalem, where Judas (Joseph Schildkraut) conspires to have him turned over to the authorities. After the Last Supper, Jesus goes to Gethsemane, where he is taken prisoner, and thereafter tried under Pontius Pilate (Victor Varconi) and crucified. He is buried and, as foretold in scripture, resurrected three days later.

Outlaw Brothers (1990)

Two car thieves commit crimes as they dodge the female police officer who is on their trail.

East of Hope Street (1998)

A Salvadoran teen (Jade Herrera) finds hardship and violence in Los Angeles instead of the better life she sought.

Out of the Storm (1948)

A clerk has second thoughts about a life of crime after stealing cash that was overlooked during a robbery.

The Lost Episode (2012)

A local TV show goes to an abandoned mental hospital with a reputation for paranormal activity. They are tormented by restless souls from their past as they die one by one.

Life Begins at 17 (1958)

A preppie (Mark Damon) dates and charms a plain girl just to get a date with her older sister (Dorothy Johnson).

Take Me Home (2003)

A critic (Patrick Huard) falls in love with an actress (Michle-Barbara Pelletier) while working for a nonprofit organization.

The Captain Is a Lady (1940)

Evicted from their home of 30 years, elderly retired couple Ace (Charles Coburn) and Angie Peabody (Beulah Bondi) realize a retirement home is their only option. Ace wants the best for Angie and, after selling his boat, finds a place in a ladies-only home for her. Touched by the couple's devotion, the ladies in the home allow Ace to move in with her -- only to later suspect him of flirting with various residents. Despondent when he is ejected, Ace wonders if suicide is the answer.

The Gorgon (1964)

A mysterious monster is turning people to stone in a German village in 1910. When his girlfriend is killed, Bruno (Jeremy Longhurst) becomes the prime suspect. His ensuing suicide seems to confirm his guilt, but professor Carl Maister (Christopher Lee) isn't so sure. He thinks one of the villagers is possessed by the spirit of Megaera, sister to Medusa. Among the possible culprits are Dr. Namaroff (Peter Cushing), gorgeous nurse Carla (Barbara Shelley) and a mental patient.

The Occultist (1989)

Caribbean islanders hire a private eye (Rick Gianasi) to protect their president from assassins and voodoo.

Sueño (2005)

A passionate musician (John Leguizamo) finds romance with a pre-med student (Ana Claudia Talancn) and a recently divorced mother (Elizabeth Pea).

Houdini (1998)

Harry Houdini (Johnathon Schaech) becomes a legendary escape artist, fascinated with spiritualism and the afterlife.

Jules Verne's The Mysterious Island (2012)

Stranded on a dangerous island, survivors turn to Capt. Nemo (W. Morgan Sheppard) for a way to escape.

Bloom (2005)

A newly released kleptomaniac is shunned by her family and friends as she straightens her life out.

There Must Be a Pony (1986)

A Hollywood actress (Elizabeth Taylor) recovers from a breakdown, finds TV work and begins a romance with a stranger (Robert Wagner).