The Hidden Eye (1945)

Barry Gifford (Paul Langton) is madly in love with wealthy heiress Jean Hampton (Frances Rafferty), and the feeling is mutual. But, when the young lovebirds take a trip to visit Jean's uncle, they find his dead body waiting for them. Barry becomes a suspect in the murder -- the police believe he is a fortune hunter. Convinced her lover is innocent, Jean consults blind detective Duncan Maclaine (Edward Arnold), who vows to discover the real murderer with the help of his loyal seeing-eye dog.

American Justice (1986)

A former Los Angeles police officer (Jack Lucarelli) and his Arizona colleague (Jameson Parker) expose the border slave-trading of a lawman (Gerald McRaney).

Money on the Side (1982)

Three housewives (Karen Valentine, Jamie Lee Curtis, Linda Purl) in need of cash join a real-estate agent's call-girl ring.

Qarantina (2010)

An assassin and a family squat in a Baghdad residence and deal with their loves in different ways.

Once in Paris (1978)

American screenwriter Michael Moore (Wayne Rogers) arrives in Paris to work as a script doctor for a struggling film production. At the airport, he is met by Jean-Paul (Jack Lenoir), a charming chauffeur who once served time for manslaughter. Despite this, Michael and Jean-Paul quickly forge a friendship. The American's pleasant stay in Paris becomes complicated when he meets an attractive, wealthy woman (Gayle Hunnicutt) at his hotel -- the complication being the fact that he is married.

Behind Prison Gates (1939)

An agent (Brian Donlevy) for the state attorney general poses as a convict to learn about bank loot.

Behind the Eight Ball (1942)

Rural performers (The Ritz Brothers) find spies trying to send shortwave messages from their barn theater.

No Fish Where to Go (2014)

A little girl is forced to leave home when a civil war breaks out and makes friends with a schoolgirl from another clan.

The Rajini Effect (2013)

A Japanese man wants to become a Tamil film superstar.

The Darkest Light (1999)

Two Yorkshire girls see a blinding flash of light, interpreted by some as a religious vision and a portent of doom.

You're Too Careless With Your Kisses! (1932)

A bee gets caught in the clutches of an evil ladybug.

Patagonia Treasure Trail (2016)

A young musician returns home to visit her family. She and her mother set out for the desert on horseback, where they encounter physical and emotional challenges.

The First Hundred Years (1938)

Lynn (Virginia Bruce) works for a successful theatrical agent (Warren William) in New York City, effectively the breadwinner in her marriage to David (Robert Montgomery). But, when David lands a job in charge of building boats in a shipyard in New Bedford, Mass., he wants Lynn to give up her career and be supported by him in a small town. She refuses, and the couple splits. Soon, the flirtatious Claudia (Binnie Barnes) starts going for David. But then Lynn becomes unsure of her choice.

Africa Blood and Guts (1966)

This shocking documentary chronicles the violence that occurred in much of the African continent during the 1960s. As many of the countries in Africa were transitioning from colonial rule to other forms of government, there were often violent political upheavals. The film shows clips of revolutions in Zanzibar and Kenya in which thousands were killed. The violence is not only political; there is also extensive footage of hunters and poachers slaughtering different types of wild animals.

Captive (2003)

In 1994 Argentina, Cristina Quadri (Brbara Lombardo), a teen from a well-to-do family, leads a charmed life. But when she's summoned in front of a judge one day, she learns the shocking truth of her real parents' disappearance during Argentina's "Dirty War" of the 1970s. Her actual name is Sofa Lombardi, and now she must live with her real grandmother (Susana Campos), a total stranger. With her life forever changed, Cristina works to uncover the deceit that for years kept her from the truth.

The Marksman (1953)

Mike Martin becomes a deputy marshal and takes on a gang of cattle rustlers.

Guilty as Charged (1991)

A meatpacker (Rod Steiger) thinks his mission in life is to execute the wicked with his very own electric chair.

Luv... Phir Kabhi (2014)

A young couple will go to any lengths to indulge their desire for a lavish lifestyle.

My Father's House (1947)

Following World War II, a young Holocaust survivor (Ronnie Cohen) holds out hope that he will be reunited with his parents in the Holy Land.

Kozhi Koovuthu (1982)

A drama directed by Gangai Amaran, featuring Prabhu.

Touchdown Mickey (1932)

Mickey Mouse must score a touchdown if his team is to beat the Alley Cats.

Fall Into Darkness (1996)

A rich girl (Charlotte Ross) fakes her own murder and frames the piano student (Tatyana M. Ali) she holds responsible for her brother's suicide.

The Image of Bruce Lee (1980)

A special investigator tracks down counterfeiters responsible for swindling a jeweler out of a million dollars.

Gangnam 1970 (2015)

Two homeless friends (Lee Min-ho, Kim Rae-won) are recruited by a gang to help sabotage a political rally.

An Unexpected Family (1996)

A single careerist (Stockard Channing) finds her maternal instinct when her irresponsible sister (Christine Ebersole) dumps two children on her.

Lethal Vows (1999)

A woman (Marg Helgenberger) suspects her ex-husband (John Ritter) of foul play when the mysterious illness that kills his second wife sounds (Megan Gallagher) familiar.

Lady for a Night (1942)

A riverboat queen (Joan Blondell) leaves her partner (John Wayne) to marry into high society but is framed for murder when her husband is killed.

I'll Follow You Down (2013)

After a scientist disappears during a business trip, his son (Haley Joel Osment) and wife (Gillian Anderson) struggle to cope, then they make a bizarre discovery years later that may bring him home.

Super Dragon (1979)

A Ching dynasty prince meets fighters who can help him to the throne.

Always Will (2007)

After uncovering an old time capsule, a high-school senior discovers that he can travel back to the past and fix all his old mistakes.

The Shanghai Spell (2002)

In Barcelona, Spain, a would-be teenage artist (Fernando Tielve) falls for a young woman (Aida Folch) after painting her portrait.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)

Agent 007 (George Lazenby) and the adventurous Tracy Di Vicenzo (Diana Rigg) join forces to battle the evil SPECTRE organization in the treacherous Swiss Alps. But the group's powerful leader, Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Telly Savalas), is launching his most calamitous scheme yet: a germ warfare plot that could kill millions!

It's in the Air (1938)

Accident prone George Brown (George Formby) is mistakenly sent to the Royal Air Force, and falls in love with his sergeant's daughter.

Mama Rwanda (2016)

Two women exemplify Rwanda's economic growth as they balance motherhood and entrepreneurship.

Outcasts of Poker Flat (1937)

Bret Harte's gold-rush gambler (Preston Foster) and others (Jean Muir, Van Heflin) are banished in winter with a child called Luck.

The Secret of the Purple Reef (1960)

Mark (Jeff Richards) and Dean (Richard Chamberlain) Christopher voyage to the Caribbean after their brother and his ship mysteriously sink in calm seas. The Christopher siblings suspect foul play, and through their own investigations they discover that all is not as pristine as the sparkling blue seas and white sandy beaches. Pirates, deception and villainy lurk beneath the sunny facade, and the snarling Tom Weber (Peter Falk) seems to be at the center of everything.

Eyes of a Thief (2014)

A man with a dangerous secret searches for his daughter.

The Price of a Man (1968)

A bounty hunter (Richard Wyler) pursues a violent outlaw (Tomas Milian) after a woman helps him escape.

Touched by Gold: The History-Making Story of the 1971-1972 NBA Champion Los Angeles Lakers (2012)

A group of aging stalwarts and enthusiastic youngsters were unlikely NBA champions.

In This Corner (1948)

A Navy veteran takes up boxing and winds up killing his own friend in the ring during a championship match.

The Brain Eaters (1958)

Young Glenn Cameron (Alan Frost) finds a 50-foot cone sticking out of the ground near a small Illinois town. He reports his discovery, and the government sends a UFO committee, headed by Sen. Powers (Jack Hill) and scientist Dr. Paul Kettering (Edwin Nelson). Soon, they learn several townspeople have vanished, including Glenn's father, Mayor Cameron (Orville Sherman). But, when he returns, he is under the control of a mysterious creature attached to his brain, and an alien siege begins.

Sky Riders (1976)

Industrialist Jonas Bracken (Robert Culp) lives happily with his wife (Susannah York) and child in Greece. When they are kidnapped, he turns to her ex-husband, Jim McCabe (James Coburn), for help. The terrorists are holed up in an abandoned mountain-top monastery, placing them out of reach of conventional attack. While Jonas negotiates with the terrorists and arranges for a ransom payment, Jim is assembling a group of hang-gliding circus performers into a rescue team.

Lie Down With Dogs (1995)

A gay New Yorker finds no jobs but no shortage of companions when he opts to spend the summer in Provincetown, Mass.

Tomorrow We Disappear (2013)

Residents of the Kathputli Colony, mostly magicians and puppeteers, are relocated to allow development.

Lady Valor: The Kristin Beck Story (2014)

Beck, a former U.S. Navy SEAL, confronts her past to better understand her future.

Vic & Flo Saw a Bear (2013)

Victoria and Florence, lesbian ex-cons, try to start anew in the backwoods of Quebec, but their idyllic life is constantly interrupted by a nosy probation officer and a strange woman from the neighborhood.

City Unplugged (1993)

Just before Estonia was overrun by Soviet forces during World War II, its government sent its gold bullion reserves to Paris for safekeeping. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the once-again independent nation is getting its gold back. But a group of money-crazed -- albeit not particularly intelligent -- Russian gangsters have their sights on the loot, and they've shanghaied apolitical electrician Toivo (Ivo Uukkivi) and his pregnant wife (Milena Gulbe) into their plot.

Epilogue (2012)

Berl and Hayuta refuse to adjust to a world that has trampled them under its feet.

Beyond the Gates (2016)

In the wake of their father's mysterious disappearance, two estranged brothers -- responsible Gordon and reckless John -- reunite to sift through the contents of his stubbornly anachronistic VHS rental store. Among the inventory, they discover an interactive VCR board game, which their father viewed just before he vanished. Intrigued, the boys pop in the tape, press play, and soon discover that, far from an ordinary game, the video is a portal to a nightmarish alternate reality.

Secret of Giving (1999)

A young widow (Reba McEntire), aided by a lone rider (Thomas Ian Griffith), overcomes hardship to restore the faith of a town in time for Christmas.

The Loudspeaker (1934)

A small-town Pennsylvania railroad man (Ray Walker) becomes a radio star and offends his girlfriend (Jacqueline Wells).

Year by the Sea (2016)

After 30 years as a wife and mother, Joan retreats to Cape Cod rather than follow her husband to Kansas. Intent on rediscovering herself, but plagued with guilt, she questions her decision until stumbling upon a spirited mentor. Supported by her literary agent and a host of locals, including a sexy fisherman, Joan learns to embrace the ebb and flow of life.

This Woods Is Cursed (2015)

Five friends make the biggest mistake of their lives when they venture deep into the woods and awaken an ancient curse.

The Spellbinder (1939)

A lawyer (Lee Tracy) kills his daughter's (Barbara Read) marriage to his criminal client (Patric Knowles).

Battle Flame (1959)

A Marine (Scott Brady) leads a mission to free his girlfriend (Elaine Edwards) and four other nurses from the North Koreans.

The memory of water (2015)

A young couple's relationship is tested by a tragic accident.

Flight Crew (2016)

The crew of a Russian airliner receives a distress signal from a volcanic island and attempts a rescue mission, with disastrous results.

The Lab (2013)

Key figures in Israel's arms industry discuss the country's role in military and police arms around the world.

Fogo (2012)

A small community on the Fogo Islands deteriorates as residents leave and resettle.

A Secret Affair (1999)

An engaged young executive (Janine Turner) who yearns to be an artist falls in love with an Irish reporter (Paudge Behan) she meets in Venice.

She Doesn't Want to Sleep Alone (2012)

Amanda fills her nights with a string of casual lovers so she can sleep until she is forced to care for her elderly grandmother.

Barefoot Boy (1938)

Simple country boy Billy Whittaker (Jackie Moran) must deal with the arrival of Kenneth Hale (Bradley Metcalfe), the arrogant, snobbish son of an old friend of Billy's dad. Kenneth looks down on Billy's homespun ways, though he does have eyes for Billy's girlfriend, Pige (Marcia Mae Jones). The trio's adventures include an encounter with a couple of crooks, a visit to a haunted house and some boyish fisticuffs. Soon, Kenneth begins seeing things in a new light.

The Spring Break Murders (2011)

Emma and four friends head to the beach for a weekend of fun. When their night on the town attracts unsavory characters, their party weekend turns into a nightmarish trap.

Body Puzzle (1992)

A young woman is terrorized by a series of grisly packages linking her to a serial killer's brutal crimes.

Sleep, Baby, Sleep (1995)

A bride-to-be sets out to clear her name when the police finger her as their prime suspect in her baby's disappearance.

Mr. Rock 'n' Roll: The Alan Freed Story (1999)

Disc jockey Alan Freed, credited with introducing rock 'n' roll to the world, experiences triumphs and tragedies.

The Little Gangster (2015)

Rik is tired of being bullied, and tricks people into thinking his father is a mafia boss so they will leave him alone.

Harem Girl (1952)

Susie Perkins (Joan Davis) is a sassy and independent American girl who's hired to serve as full-time secretary to Shareen (Peggie Castle), the princess of a small but oil-rich Middle-Eastern nation. Susie's not on the job long before discovering that Shareen's rival, the corrupt Sheik Jamal (Donald Randolph), hopes to do away with the princess and claim her throne for himself. Hoping to foil his plot, Susie goes undercover as a harem girl and gains access to Jamal's lair.

Paddy O'Day (1935)

A young Irish girl (Jane Withers) finds friends (Rita Cansino, Pinky Tomlin) and sings after coming to America to find her mother.

Terror in the Haunted House (1958)

Newlyweds (Gerald Mohr, Cathy O'Donnell) visit her family mansion so she can confront and surmount childhood demons.

Never Too Old to Meow (2013)

Gloria, a decadent and bitter writer, gives an interview to a young journalist in her building.

Blood Is Blood (2016)

A young girl's quest for revenge begins to prey upon her sanity as new and horrifying family secrets are revealed.

Rio of Faith (2013)

The message conveyed by Christianity has a confluence with the way of life in Rio de Janeiro.

Long Way North (2015)

In the 19th century, a young Russian girl (Chloe Dunn) embarks on an adventure-filled quest to find her grandfather at the North Pole.

Wonder Valley (2015)

Four friends face life-threatening danger during a weekend camping trip in the abandoned mining town of Wonder Valley.

Curley (1947)

Mischievous youngsters out to ruin the new teacher's first day at school find the tables turned on them.

The Rink (1916)

A waiter (Charles Chaplin) catches the eye of a socialite (Edna Purviance).

Paris by Night (1988)

British politician Clara Paige (Charlotte Rampling) will do anything to get ahead, often to the detriment of her relationship with her husband, Gerald (Michael Gambon). When Clara believes that former business partner Michael Swanton (Andrew Ray) is blackmailing her, she ruthlessly murders him, and enters an even more tangled situation as his daughter seeks her help in finding him. As the murderous plot thickens, Gerald has a surprising revelation that will further complicate Clara's life.

The Raid (1954)

When a band of Confederate servicemen escapes from a Union stockade, they make their way to the safe haven of Canada, but have no intention of living out their remaining days in peace. Led by Maj. Neal Benton (Van Heflin), the fugitives plan to raid a small town in Vermont as payback for the North's destruction of the South. Performing reconnaissance, Benton becomes familiar with the town's layout, and also develops a relationship with a widow (Anne Bancroft) and her son (Tommy Rettig).

Let It Come Down: The Life of Paul Bowles (1999)

A portrait of American expatriate novelist Paul Bowles, this documentary by Jennifer Baichwal focuses on his writing and his many years living in Morocco. Filmed shortly before his death, the production features an aged Bowles discussing his work, and includes input from his renowned Beat Generation contemporaries William S. Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg. Bowles also addresses the high-profile cinematic adaptation of his novel "The Sheltering Sky," which Bowles roundly dismisses.

Monique (1970)

An Englishman (David Sumner) likes his children's new French nanny (Sibylla Kay) ; so does his wife (Joan Alcorn).

Max Embarrassing (2008)

A woman unwittingly humiliates her son (Samuel Heller-Seiffert) whenever he tries to impress the girl (Ophelia Eriksen) of his dreams.

The Mysterious Stranger (1982)

Drifting into a world of fantasy, August Feldner (Chris Makepeace), a printer's apprentice with his head in the clouds, suddenly realizes he isn't in his everyday world anymore. Having traveled back in time, Feldner appears to have made it all the way to a castle in 13th-century Austria. There the young daydreamer joins up with a graceless and foolish magician, Balthasar Hoffman (Fred Gwynne), and begins a series of misadventures while exploring his new and fascinating environment.

Rock 'N Roll Space Patrol: Action is Go! (2005)

After a top agent disappears, a second-rate shooter is sent in to quell an uprising.

A Stranger in the Kingdom (1998)

An attorney (David Lansbury) defends an outsider (Ernie Hudson), a black minister accused of murder, in 1950s Vermont.

Jiri Kylian - Forgotten Memories (2011)

The life and work of Jiri Kylian.

The Prince Who Was a Thief (1951)

In this film based on Theodore Dreiser's short story, the handsome rogue Julna (Tony Curtis) lives the life of a skilled thief in the Middle East, thanks to his kind-hearted adopted father, Yussef (Everett Sloane). But Julna was born for a grander destiny as the next heir to the sultan's throne. Discovering his true lineage, Julna boldly starts a revolt against the treacherous Mustapha (Donald Randolph) with the help of the beautiful and spectacularly limber contortionist Tina (Piper Laurie).

Appointment in London (1953)

A grounded British wing commander (Dirk Bogarde) risks court-martial to make his 90th bombing run over Germany.

Delta Force One: The Lost Patrol (1999)

A commando unit tries to rescue a peacekeeping force from an arms dealer.

El Bien Esquivo (2001)

In 1618 a former soldier (Diego Bertie) embarks on a quest to prove his heritage.

The Eyes of Annie Jones (1964)

Two men try to prevent an orphan who has extrasensory perception from discovering their crime.

Itchy Heart (2004)

A married man (Ching Wan Lau) looks for excitement in the arms of an ex-lover (Carina Lau) and a free-spirited gal (Cherrie Ying) he met at a party.

The Bold and the Brave (1956)

GI Fairchild questions the right to kill another human being, The Preacher sees everything in strict terms of good and evil, and the comedy element comes from Dooley, who runs a floating crap game with the intention of raising enough money to set up a fancy restaurant in New York. The love interest comes from Fiamma, who Fairchild and Dooley set up for The Preacher, only for a genuine relationship to develop.

To the Victor (1948)

An American black marketeer (Dennis Morgan) protects a Nazi collaborator's wife (Viveca Lindfors) stalked in postwar Paris.

A Night at the Ritz (1935)

A PR man (William Gargan) talks a swanky hotel into hiring his girlfriend's (Patricia Ellis) brother as chef.

Half a Chance (1998)

Russian mobsters battle a female ex-convict (Vanessa Paradis) and two men (Jean-Paul Belmondo, Alain Delon) in order to get back $50 million.

Assignment -- Paris (1952)

Cocky investigative reporter Jimmy Race (Dana Andrews) and his idealistic rival, Jeanne Moray (Mrta Torn), tangle over international espionage and Cold War tensions in Communist Hungary. While following an explosive story about an accused American spy, Jimmy inadvertently brings the unwanted attention of Hungarian agent Anton Borvitch (Donald Randolph) to Jeanne's ongoing investigation of possible collusion between Hungarian and Yugoslavian politicians, endangering both reporters' lives.

Framed (1930)

A racketeer's daughter (Evelyn Brent) loves the son (Regis Toomey) of the policeman who killed her father.

Half-Marriage (1929)

Judy marries Dick in secret and is afraid her parents will not approve of him. When her parents send a persistent suitor to spend time with her, she has to discourage his attention while keeping her jealous husband happy.

Heart of the Dragon (1985)

A policeman (Jackie Chan) forsakes his dream of world travel to care for a mentally impaired brother (Sammo Hung), who is later kidnapped by gangsters.