American Killing (2019)

Jeb’s cartoon is on the verge of cancellation, so the studio sends him and an eclectic team of writers to a secluded house in the mountains. As Jeb's controlling personality and obsessive work ethic starts to push the team apart, he goes even further by planting spy cameras in places shared and private, obsessed on what everone is doing. Jeb is soon fired by the studio but he continues to spy in sercret from his home leading him further down the road to madness. In his most desperate hour, Jeb seals his fate as a viscous madman by returning to the house and murdering his writers one-by-one, on camera. Past emotions and tensions flare, and while nothing goes as Jeb planned, the unforeseen twists, turns, and revelations make his snuff film a violent spectacle sure to go down in infamy.

Carmen And Geoffrey (2005)

China Night (1940)

The Flesh and the Fury: X-posing Twins of Evil (2012)

Making of 'Devil Woman Doctor' (1986)

Black Red Yellow (2010)

Halfway to Hell (1953)

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Live: I'll Take You There (2009)

Ellektra (2004)

Ellektra is a 2004 Belgian thriller drama film directed by Rudolf Mestdagh starring Axelle Red and Matthias Schoenaerts.

The Golden Triangle (1975)

Opium smugglers battle the law and each other in Southeast Asia.

Crying Freeman 6: The Guiding Light of Memory (1993)

Living Dolls (1980)

Behind the Redwood Curtain (2013)

Crying Freeman 3: Shades of Death, Part 2 (1990)

The Secret Man (1917)

The Secret Man is a 1917 American silent Western film, directed by John Ford and featuring Harry Carey. Two of the five reels of the film survive at the Library of Congress film archive.

VeggieTales: Larry-Boy and the Bad Apple (2006)

Rose, c'est Paris (2010)

Spare Time (1939)

Excluded (2010)

The Pirates and the Prince (1997)

Hakui monogatari: Midasu! (1984)

Project Shadowchaser II (1994)

Project Shadowchaser II, also known as Shadowchaser II, Night Scenes: Project Shadowchaser II, Night Siege and Armed And Deadly, is a 1994 science fiction film by director John Eyres. It is the second installment in the Project Shadowchaser film series.

Mirant al cel (2008)

Damnation: The Flashback (2015)

Dangle (2003)

Laurie Anderson: Collected Videos (1991)

Star Wreck IV: The Kilpailu (1996)

The Joe Spinell Story (2001)

Nightshadows (2004)

Un retrato de Diego (2007)

Rocket Power: Island of the Menehune (2004)

La gran sangre - La pelicula (2007)

Jimmie Lunceford and His Dance Orchestra (1936)

The Games of Countess Dolingen (1982)

The Games of Countess Dolingen (French: Les Jeux de la comtesse Dolingen de Gratz) is a 1981 French fantasy-drama film written and directed by Catherine Binet and starring Carol Kane. The film was entered into the main competition at the 38th edition of the Venice Film Festival.

Virtuoso: The Olga Samaroff Story (2009)

The Yellow Sign (2001)

Get Rollin' (1980)

Get Rollin' is a 1980 American roller disco documentary film directed by J. Terrance Mitchell.

Sesame Street: Computer Caper (2002)

Reborn from Hell II: Jubei's Revenge (1996)

The World's Greatest Hoaxes: Secrets Finally Revealed (1998)

Emmanuelle 2000: Being Emmanuelle (2000)

Stage Door Magoo (1955)

Loop Dreams: The Making of a Low-Budget Movie (2001)

The Easter Chipmunk (1995)

The Road to Glory (1926)

The Road to Glory is a 1926 American silent film directed by Howard Hawks and starring May McAvoy, Leslie Fenton and Ford Sterling.

Wifey (2005)

Scherzi: il film (2014)

In Bed with Ulysses (2012)

The Road to Casino Royale (2008)

Shifter (2014)

Blood Street (1988)

Blood Street is a 1988 film co-directed by Leo Fong. It stars Fong in a reprised role as private detective Joe Wong who has been hired to find a woman's husband who has gone missing. Richard Norton, Stan Wertlieb, Stack Pierce, Chuck Jeffreys and Kymberly Paige also appear in the film.

The Mystery of Men (1999)

A Sweet Sickness (1968)

Bomb Disposal Officer: Baby Bomb (1994)

Rich Hall's Continental Drifters (2011)

Emmanuelle 7: The Meaning of Love (1994)

Hollywoods Spaßfabrik - Als die Bilder Lachen lernten (2014)

La hija de Juan Simón (1957)

Juan Simón's Daughter (Spanish:La hija de Juan Simón) is a 1957 Spanish musical drama film directed by Gonzalo Delgrás and starring Antonio Molina, María Cuadra and Mario Berriatúa. It is based on the play by Nemesio M. Sobrevila. A 1935 film of the same title had previously been made.

Hook, Line, and Stinker (1968)

Hook, Line and Stinker is a 1958 Warner Bros. cartoon in the Looney Tunes series featuring Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner. Production number 1487.

Chimp & Zee (1968)

Prehistoric Super Salesman (1969)

Tumble Weed Greed (1969)

Tumble Weed Greed is a Woody Woodpecker cartoon that was released in theaters on June 1, 1969. It is notable for being the first appearance of Buzz Buzzard in a cartoon since 1955 Bunco Busters. He also would appear in the following cartoon. In addition to Grace Stafford, who provides Woody's voice, Dal McKennon provided Buzz's voice.

A Gooney Is Born (1970)

All Hams on Deck (1970)

Chilly's Cold War (1970)

Chilly's Hide-a-Way (1971)

Sleepy Time Chimes (1971)

Darna and the Giants (1973)

Wondrous Woman (2007)

Into the Fire (1989)

Into the Fire, also known as The Legend of Wolf Lodge, is a 1988 thriller film about a man who takes a job at a mysterious road-side lodge. The film was directed by Graeme Campbell, and stars Susan Anspach, Art Hindle, and Olivia d'Abo.

A Lei da Água (Novo Código Florestal) (2015)

The Belly of the Whale (2018)

Miss Caribe (1988)

The Wicked Die Slow (1968)

Reveals the true brutality, passion, and violence that dominates the lives of those ruthless enough to risk their lives in search of adventure in the American Wild West.

The Voice of the City (1929)

Voice of the City is a 1929 American Pre-Code film by Willard Mack modeled on a stage play. It is not related to the story of the same name by O. Henry. This film became available on DVD on January 31, 2012 from the Warner Archive collection.

Single Single: Love Is Not Enough (2018)

How to Be a SexStar (2010)

Violent Shit: The Movie (2015)

Rome is shattered by a series of gruesome murders that paint the Eternal City deep red. Italian Police Inspector Aristide D'Amato and his German counterpart Hans Ebert initiate their criminal investigations. They stumble upon the eccentric Professor Vassago - a master of myths and mysteries - who is linked to Senator Vinci - a corrupt politician - mutually driven by power and perversions. The suspicion grows that these atrocious crimes are connected with the return of one of the most heinous serial killers of our time - Karl the Butcher!

Stupid Young Heart (2018)

Stupid Young Heart is a 2018 Finnish drama film directed by Selma Vilhunen. It was screened in the Contemporary World Cinema section at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival.

The Trail of the Octopus (1919)

The Trail of the Octopus is a 1919 American mystery film serial directed by Duke Worne.

Tehran Has No More Pomegrenates! (2007)

Tehran Has No More Pomegranates! is a 2006 musical-comedy Iranian Crystal Simorgh award-winning film produced, directed and written by Massoud Bakhshi.

Curious Alice (1968)

Danny's Doomsday (2014)

Vulva 3.0 (2014)

The Truth on the Savolta Affair (1980)

Los autómatas de la muerte (1962)

Rabi (1992)

The Night I Swam (2018)

Rocca verändert die Welt (2019)

Marcel Duchamp: Art of the Possible (2019)

Marcel Duchamp: Art of the Possible explores the life, philosophy and impact of one of the most influential early 20th century modernists, Marcel Duchamp. The film breaks down Duchamp’s ideas and applies them to both historical events and the modernist explosion that blanketed the early 20th century. Art of the Possible isn’t simply a biopic; rather, the film shows how Duchamp’s ideas changed the public consciousness, and our understanding of aesthetics, art, and culture. The film highlights the singular impact of Duchamp’s philosophy on art, and, more importantly, examines how Duchamp’s revolutionary ideas from the early 20th century have shaped the 21st century and modern day. Ultimately, Marcel Duchamp: Art of the Possible is a guide to exploring the possibilities in every art endeavor and showcasing how Duchamp’s ideas gave generations of artists the intellectual backing to pursue new ideas.

The Little Switzerland (2019)

The discovery of the tomb of William Tell’s son in a town in the Basque Country spurs the village's cantankerous citizens to lobby for Swiss annexation.

Ke Tumi Nandini (2019)

Ghosthunter (2018)

Part-time ghost hunter Jason King cannot remember his childhood. When his life-long search for answers converges with a police manhunt and unearths an horrific family secret, he is forced to confront a brutal past in order to reclaim his future.

Felts Field (2019)

Good Boy (2016)

The Good Boy is a 2016 Russian comedy film directed by Oksana Karas. The picture won the Grand Prix of the 27th Kinotavr. It was released on November 10, 2016.

Santa Stole Our Dog (2017)

Ed Asner (Elf, Up) stars as Santa Claus in this heartwarming holiday adventure for the whole family. On a snowy Christmas Eve, the Whitehaven's beloved family dog, Rusty, goes missing. Could Santa have taken him? Follow the Whitehavens on an exciting adventure to the magical North Pole to get Rusty back in this enchanting holiday delight featuring original songs by Dolly Parton, John Schneider and Leiber & Stoller.

The National Gallery: Leonardo Live (2012)

'Leonardo Live' will provide a unique opportunity for art lovers to share in the excitement of viewing 'Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan' the night before it opens to the general public.

Running with Wolves (2010)

Nagima (2014)

Grenzbock (2016)