The Reckoning (1969)

Michael Marler (Nicol Williamson), determined to leave his criminal father and his Irish past behind him, abandoned Liverpool to pursue a more respectable career path. Now he's a wealthy businessman living in London, but his father's death draws a reluctant Michael back to his hometown. When he learns his father was killed in a fight with a young delinquent, Michael teams up with an old flame (Rachel Roberts) and a friend of his father's (Paul Rogers) to avenge the death.

Bread and Freedom (2009)

The life of Giuseppe Di Vittorio (Pierfrancesco Favino), Italian trade unionist and politician.

Queen of the Nile (1961)

An ancient Egyptian high priest (Edmund Purdom) makes his daughter (Jeanne Crain) marry a mad prince instead of a sculptor (Vincent Price).

I Think It's Raining (2011)

Renata, a victim of her own heartfelt idealism and neurotic angst, flees back to San Francisco for reasons unknown.

Daughter of the Dragon (1931)

At her Chinese father's bidding, a woman (Anna May Wong) goes to murder an enemy and meets a Scotland Yard detective.

Betty Blowtorch (and Her Amazing True Life Adventures) (2003)

Filmmaker Anthony Scarpa chronicles the exploits of the all-girl band with interviews and performance footage.

Make (2011)

Four artists from around the world feel an obsession to create works of art.

Algeria: Drink, Smoke and Love (2003)

The filmmaker documents the civil unrest in Algeria while falling in love with her guide and trying to overcome his family's displeasure with their romance.

The Racetrack Murders (1964)

The son of a British racehorse owner conspires with a bookie to ruin the odds of his father's thoroughbred winning an important event.

Now I'll Tell (1934)

A bookie's (Spencer Tracy) widow (Helen Twelvetrees) tells how his greed led him to crooked gambling and an affair with a singer (Alice Faye).

The Penguin Pool Murder (1932)

New York schoolmarm Hildegarde Withers (Edna May Oliver) assists a detective (James Gleason) with an aquarium corpse.

Rosita (1923)

This silent classic focuses on Rosita (Mary Pickford), a young Spanish woman who's fed up with the disparities between her country's privileged and poor. A gutsy protest singer, Rosita performs a song that takes issue with the Spanish king's (Holbrook Blinn) highfalutin ways. Soon, though, she's being courted by the very man whose lavish lifestyle inspired her angry lyrics. Quite by accident, Rosita finds herself in a love triangle that makes her once simple life much more complicated.

The Red Circle (1960)

Scotland Yard searches for a killer whose calling card is a peculiar crimson mark left on the bodies of his victims.

World and Time Enough (1994)

An artist (Matt Guidry) and a trash collector (Gregory G. Giles) face a harsh society as HIV-positive gay lovers.

Mother Teresa (1986)

Narrated by Richard Attenborough, this documentary focuses on the seemingly tireless Mother Teresa, the world-renowned Catholic nun who founded the Missionaries of Charity to help the sick and impoverished. The film follows Mother Teresa as she cares for the unfortunate with unshakable faith and passion while constantly promoting a message of peace. Outside of her base of operations in Calcutta, India, she visits various countries in turmoil, always ready to provide aid.

Chance (2009)

Toa and Paquita, the housekeepers for a aristocratic family, are fed up with their low pay and poor treatment and take over the mansion.

In the Prime of Her Life (2011)

Tirza becomes entranced by Akaviah Mazal, a lecturer at her college. Her enchantment turns into an obsession, and she does everything in her power to get Mazal's attention.

The New Land (1972)

In this sprawling sequel to the 1971 film "The Emigrants," Karl-Oskar (Max von Sydow) and his wife, Kristina (Liv Ullmann), having journeyed to America from Sweden, are now living in the wilderness of Minnesota. While clearing and farming their land, they must deal with the brutal realities of American frontier life, including a fierce Sioux uprising and the bloody Civil War, along with family squabbles and the lure of the gold fields of California.

Fruits of Summer (1955)

Family members try to maintain social propriety despite being surrounded by romantic predicaments.

So's Your Old Man (1926)

A princess helps a meek, downtrodden man win respect from the bullies who torment him.

The Villain (1979)

An outlaw (Kirk Douglas) eyes a stagecoach and a beautiful woman (Ann-Margret) but is foiled by a handsome stranger in white (Arnold Schwarzenegger).

Speed Crazy (1959)

A race-car driver becomes a fugitive from justice after killing a man during the course of a robbery.

His Brother's Ghost (1945)

A man asks the twin brother (Al St. John) of a slain friend to pose as the dead man in order to frighten the killers.

Dulaara (1994)

When Raja and Priya fall in love, Priya's brother frames Raja for murder. The only way Raja can clear his name is to find the real killer.

Unsatisfied (1972)

A wealthy old man plots to have a prostitute take the place of the nubile nurse who fell off a cliff while caring for him.

Beyond the Door II (1977)

A woman (Daria Nicolodi) returns to her former home with a new spouse (John Steiner) and a son (David Colin Jr.) possessed by the ghost of his father.

Murder in Times Square (1943)

An actor (Edmund Lowe) becomes a suspect in the murders of four New Yorkers injected with rattlesnake venom.

Fury of the Dragon (1976)

A crime fighter and his trusty sidekick spring into action in this re-edited collection of episodes from the 1966 television series "The Green Hornet."

And So They Were Married (1936)

Bratty children prevent their single parents (Melvyn Douglas, Mary Astor) from marrying, but regret it later.

All Is Brazil (1998)

In 1942, Orson Welles travels to Brazil as a cultural ambassador.

Inquilaab (1984)

A wife becomes suspicious of her police-officer-turned-politician husband and discovers that he is being manipulated by skilled politicians to carry out their nefarious deeds.

Goldy 3: The Search for the Golden Bear (1988)

An orphan (Jessica Black) and her pet bear find adventure in the wilderness.

Do Chor (1972)

When a mysterious burglar robs the homes of several important people, leaving behind only a swastika, the police go on a massive hunt to track down the criminal.

Zvenigora (1928)

A grandfather who trades in salt (Nikolai Nademsky) looks after his two grandsons, the idealistic nationalist dreamer, Pavlo (Les Podorozhnij), and the industrious Bolshevik worker and soldier, Timoshka (Semyon Svashenko). In a surreal, modernist story that leaps back and forth over a thousand years of history and Ukrainian mythology, the grandsons battle each other in a civil war. Soviet director Aleksandr Dovzhenko's first film in his Ukraine Trilogy was shot mostly on location.

Tequila: A Story of Passion (2011)

A young man has a dangerous affair with his uncle's wife.

Crooked River (1950)

An outgoing outlaw (Russ Hayden) helps a man (Jimmy Ellison) track down the bandits who killed his parents.

Spy Ship (1942)

Pam Mitchell (Irene Manning), a famous aviatrix, is also an unapologetic isolationist. Her anti-war views clash with the patriotic sentiments of reporter Ward Prescott (Craig Stevens), who is in love with Pam's half-sister, Sue (Maris Wrixon). Soon after the Nazis sink a U.S. ship with supplies meant for England, Ward realizes that Pam tipped off the Germans and helped bring down the boat. Later, Nazis agents kill Pam to make sure she doesn't talk, then set their sights on shutting up Sue.

Tide of Empire (1929)

Based on Peter B. Kyne's novel about the days of gold-seekers and outlaws as California became part of America.

El Manzano Azul (2012)

A young man from the city is forced to spend vacations at his grandfather's farm.

Lady With Red Hair (1940)

When a bitter and sensational divorce leaves Leslie Carter (Miriam Hopkins) without the custody of her son, she determines to make a name for herself and win her child back. She goes to New York City to make her fortune as an actress and so relentlessly pursues producer David Belasco (Claude Rains) after he promises to write a play for her. Leslie's career improves, and she attracts the attention of handsome actor Lou Payne (Richard Ainley) -- but will it be enough to get her boy back?

Heera (1973)

A rural magistrate's son falls in love with a young woman and wants to get married soon; but he is arrested for a woman's murder and sentenced to death. He escapes the prison and becomes a bandit in an attempt to prove his innocence.

The Last Fling (1987)

Another man's bride (Connie Sellecca) invites a guy (John Ritter) she hardly knows to Mexico for one last fling before she weds.

The Divine Lady (1929)

In this dialogue-free film, Emma Hart (Corinne Griffith), a young woman of lowly birth, is courted by rich Charles Greville (Ian Keith). But, after he grows tired of Hart, he sends her to live in Naples, Italy, with his uncle, Lord Hamilton (H.B. Warner), whom she marries. Despite living peaceably with her new husband, Hart is drawn to Capt. Horatio Nelson (Victor Varconi), who she meets while serving as confidante to the queen of Naples. The two begin an affair with risky social consequences.

Akayla (1991)

Inspector Vijay Verma finally manages to capture criminal mastermind Jojo. But Jojo escapes from jail and kills Vijay's friends for revenge, leaving Vijay determined to fulfill a vendetta of his own.

The Blue Tiger (2012)

Johanka and Matyas protect a tiger from the evil clutches of the mayor and his henchman who want to build an entertainment center.

The Right to Romance (1933)

A plastic surgeon (Ann Harding) marries a playboy aviator (Robert Young) who's wrong for her.

Stem Cell Revolutions (2011)

The history and scientific evolution of stem cell research.

Karntiveer (1994)

A crusading journalist (Dimple Kapadia) inspires an aimless man (Nana Patekar) to fight for the rights of the poor.

They Knew Mr. Knight (1945)

Based on the novel by Dorothy Whipple. A clerk's family experiences financial gain and ruin with a financier's advice.

Arriba el Norte (1948)

A young man from the ranch and a young woman from the city change the life of a rich man, after crashing their cars.

Bees in Paradise (1944)

Four pilots become stranded on a tropical island inhabited by beautiful women.

Frankie's House (1992)

Photographer Tim Page (Iain Glen) hangs out in 1960s Saigon with Errol Flynn's son, Sean (Kevin Dillon), and other fringe Vietnam War journalists.

The Manxman (1929)

A woman faces a crisis of conscience when her father insists that she marry a lawyer instead of her true love.

The Green Room (1978)

Julien Davenne (Franois Truffaut) is a French writer who becomes consumed with the concept of death. After losing many friends during the fighting in World War I, Julien constructs a shrine to those close to him who died in battle. At the heart of Julien's obsession is his late wife, whom he honors throughout his home, which is essentially one large memorial dedicated to her memory. Though Julien makes fleeting attempts to connect with the living, he seems more comfortable with the dead.

Gypsy Fury (1951)

The love of a gypsy girl prompts a young aristocrat to abdicate all he owns.

One on One (1977)

A small-town basketball star (Robby Benson) goes to college and tries to impress his tutor (Annette O'Toole), teammates and coach (G.D. Spradlin).

Cloportes (1965)

Released from prison, a man (Lino Ventura) seeks revenge against his former colleagues.

Always Goodbye (1938)

A woman must choose between the man she loves or her illegitimate son's widowed father, whom she respects and admires.

Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation (1986)

The cuddly bears' mission to spread joy at a summer camp is threatened by the evil schemes of Dark Heart.

Always Goodbye (1931)

The girlfriend (Elissa Landi) of a gentleman crook (Paul Cavanagh) falls in love with a diamond merchant (Lewis Stone).

College Queen (1946)

A tap-dancing college senior (Pat Phelan) finds the perfect partner in a singing waitress (Noel Neill).

Rising Damp (1980)

A bigoted landlord (Leonard Rossiter) tries to woo a spinster (Frances de la Tour) even though she fancies another man.

Commando Assault (1963)

In the 1960s, a group of old friends gather in a restaurant in Finland to reminisce about their days as soldiers in World War II. As the alcohol continues to flow, forgotten memories find their way to the surface, along with the powerful emotions they inspire. Most of the revelations revolve around Lt. Erkki Takala (Matti Oravisto) leading his soldiers into enemy territory, resulting in traumatic incidents that continue to haunt some of the soldiers some 20 years later.

Facts of Love (1945)

An English couple (Gordon Harker, Betty Balfour) in the country catch both their son and daughter with guests of the opposite sex.

Burst City (1982)

Punk bands protest a nuclear power plant and are attacked by yakuza thugs until a pair of metal-clad bikers arrives.

Half Way to Shanghai (1943)

A young woman encounters terror and suspense aboard a train leaving the Orient during wartime.

Olympia (2011)

A rookie porn star (Mora Escola) takes on an ambitious project in the hope that it will take her to the top of Argentina's adult-film industry.

Soft Money (2005)

Three thieves hatch a plan to get even with a millionaire banker who hired them to rob his bank, then double-crossed them.

Queen of the Sun: What Are the Bees Telling Us? (2010)

Filmmaker Taggart Siegel examines how the disappearance of bees affects the planet.

Cry Wolf (1947)

A widow (Barbara Stanwyck) visits her husband's (Richard Basehart) family estate, where his rich uncle (Errol Flynn) keeps a secret lab off limits.

Old Mother Riley, MP (1939)

A boisterous washerwoman (Arthur Lucan) loses her job and runs for Parliament against the man who fired her.

Family Pack (2000)

A college dropout (Marie Brunel) struggles to tell her family (Hlne Vincent, Tsilla Chelton) that she is a lesbian and has a soul mate.

The Ten Commandments (1923)

Although the first part of the film is set in ancient Egypt with Moses (Theodore Roberts) and Rameses (Charles De Roche), the central focus is the 1920s story of two brothers -- John (Richard Dix) and Dan McTavish (Rod La Rocque). John, a carpenter, is the son who embodies the laws of Moses, while Dan, a corrupt contractor, lives a life of sin. When a tragedy caused by Dan kills the brothers' mother (Edythe Chapman), Dan tries to redeem his wicked ways. But more hard lessons await him.

Brothers (1977)

An innocent black youth succumbs to the brutalities of prison after being duped into pleading guilty to robbery.

Decoy for Terror (1968)

Canadian police bait an artist (William Kerwin) who kills his models and keeps them in a freezer.

Poison Pen (1940)

The inhabitants of a peaceful village begin receiving mysterious hate mail penned by someone with malicious thoughts.

Don't Quit Your Daydream (2010)

Longtime friends Clark Stiles and Nathan Khyber are the Good Listeners. They are also unrepentant dreamers who refuse to hang up their guitars, even though it's clear they'll never hit it big. They pack up a rented RV and set out on a cross-country journey to collaborate and make music with people all over America. From the deserts of California to the swamps of Louisiana, Clark and Nathan share the joy of music with guitarists, violinists and anyone who can pick up an instrument.

Nude in a White Car (1960)

A fashionable French resort becomes the scene of mystery and murder.

Congress Dances (1931)

European leaders use trickery to influence history as they meet to determine Napoleon's fate at the Congress of Vienna.

One Step to Eternity (1954)

A Frenchman plotting murder plays with fire when he sets up a tryst with all of his lovers at the same time.

Anatomy of an Illness (1984)

Middle-aged newspaper editor Norman Cousins (Edward Asner) learns that he has a disease that could significantly reduce the quality of his life and cut short his time on earth, but he doesn't agree with his doctor's treatment plans. He believes that he doesn't need to succumb quietly and decides to combat his sickness by simply enjoying his life. With his kindhearted wife, Ellen (Millie Perkins), at his side, Norman determines to treat himself with positivity, laughter and love.

Trouble in Mind (1985)

An ex-convict policeman (Kris Kristofferson) returns to futuristic Rain City, where gangs rove and militia patrol.

Fate's Fathead (1934)

A happily married man (Charley Chase) must think fast when a woman who has mistaken him for a masher suddenly shows up at his home.

City on Fire (1979)

A doctor (Barry Newman), a fire chief (Henry Fonda), a newswoman (Ava Gardner) and hospital patients face disaster after arson at an oil refinery.

Seven Women (1966)

In 1935 China, a group of American missionaries must tolerate the obsessive, self-righteous leader of the mission, Agatha Andrews (Margaret Leighton). However, when the forthright Dr. D.R. Cartwright (Anne Bancroft) joins the mission, she is not afraid to come into direct conflict with the humorless Andrews, which earns her the respect of the other missionaries. Apart from the mounting tension within, the group must put aside their differences when Mongolian bandits attack.

Three in the Cellar (1970)

A student poet (Wes Stern) seduces his college president's (Larry Hagman) wife (Joan Collins), daughter and girlfriend over lost financial aid.

Operation Conspiracy (1957)

A secret agent matches wits with a deadly group of spies out to gather vital nuclear information.

Operation St. Peter's (1968)

A Depression-era hood attempts a comeback by planning the theft of Michelangelo's Pieta.

Bandhan (1969)

Jeevanlal makes a living by theft, but he is caught and sent to prison. After his release years later, there is a conflict with his son.

The Oregon Trail (1936)

A cowboy who is bitter over his father's murder sets out after a gang of renegade outlaws.

It's a Dog's Life (2012)

Fifi the dog finds himself stuck under the dinner table, surrounded by quite a ruckus.

The First Assignment (2010)

After taking a teaching job in an Italian village, a young woman (Isabella Ragonese) finds romance with a local handyman (Francesco Chiarello).

For the Love of Ada (1972)

An elderly gravedigger and his wife celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

Passport to Shame (1958)

In order to get a loan, a London cabdriver (Eddie Constantine) hastily marries a Frenchwoman (Odile Versois), not realizing she is a recruit for a prostitution ring.

Ginger and Fred (1986)

In Italy, dancers Pippo (Marcello Mastroianni) and Amelia (Giulietta Masina) -- once famous for their impersonations of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers -- reunite to perform one last ballroom routine on the TV show "We Are Proud to Present." Now both show biz has-beens, Pippo and Amelia are billed alongside a veritable circus sideshow of dwarfs and celebrities. Soon the aging dancers take to the stage and transform the vulgar spectacle into a magical re-imagining of 1930s Hollywood.

People in White (2011)

The filmmaker explores the relationship between mental-health patients and their doctors.

Spoilers of the Forest (1957)

A lumber tycoon's (Ray Collins) foreman (Rod Cameron) woos a Montanan (Vera Ralston) who owns 64,000 acres with her stepfather.

Albur de Amor (1979)

A rural farmer falls in love with a woman who belongs to high society.

Pardon Our Nerve (1939)

A boxer receives financial assistance from two girls who have cooked up an unusual scheme.

Anton Chekhov's The Duel (2009)

Laevsky runs away with his married mistress Nadya and suffers a mental breakdown.