The Duchess of Buffalo (1926)

The Duchess of Buffalo is a 1926 American silent romantic comedy film produced by and starring Constance Talmadge and released through First National Pictures. It is based on the 1916 Broadway stage musical Sybil, which is this film's alternate title.

The Dance of Death (1969)

The Dance of Death is a 1969 film version of the play The Dance of Death by August Strindberg as presented by the National Theatre Company. It stars Laurence Olivier and Geraldine McEwan. The play was directed by Glen Byam Shaw and the movie version was directed by David Giles. Olivier reprised the role of Edgar, Geraldine reprised her role of Alice but Robert Stephens, who played Kurt was replaced by Robert Lang. Previous filmed National Theatre productions include Uncle Vanya (1963) and Othello (1965). Both of these are available on DVD, however as of 2017 The Dance of Death has never been released on DVD or video.

Private Potter (1962)

Private Potter is a 1962 British drama film directed by Caspar Wrede and starring Tom Courtenay, Mogens Wieth, Ronald Fraser, and James Maxwell.

A Night In The Woods (2011)

A Night in the Woods is a 2012 British found footage horror film written and directed by Richard Parry. The film premiered at the United Kingdom film festival Fright Fest in August 2011. A Night in the Woods was produced by Vertigo Films and stars Anna Skellern, Scoot McNairy, and Andrew Hawley.

The Grove (2011)

Filmmaker Andy Abrahams Wilson examines the development of the National AIDS Memorial Grove in San Francisco.

Crazy Wisdom: The Life & Times of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche (2011)

Crazy Wisdom explores the arrival of Tibetan Buddhism in America through the story of Chogyam Trungpa, who landed in the U.S. in 1970. Trungpa became renowned for translating ancient Buddhist concepts into language and ideas that Westerners could understand and shattered preconceived notions about how an enlightened teacher should behave.Initially rejected, his teachings are now recognized by western philosophers and spiritual leaders as authentic and profound.

Zhenikh (1960)

A newly married man must prove his worth to his in-laws.

The Darkening (2012)

A young man returns to his hometown to rid himself of the nightmares that have plagued him since he witnessed his mother's murder. As soon as they move in, a stranger begins killing townspeople and the man must prove he is not the killer.

A Female Cabby in Sidi Bel-Abbes (2000)

As a working woman in Sidi Bel-Abbes, Algeria -- a city with a reputation for religious and political volatility -- Soumicha puts her life on the line every time she steps into her taxi to pick up another fare. As a widow with three children to support, Soumicha has no choice but to continue her dangerous profession, though she is not without her supporters -- mostly other women, who admire her for her courage. However, Soumicha is always under the constant threat of the extremists.

BoardHeads (2010)

Filmmaker Davo Weiss examines the cultures of surfers, skateboarders, snowboarders and other thrill-seekers.

The Bucks County Massacre (2010)

Some friends have a party in a remote area of Bucks County, Pa., and someone goes missing. The party-goers venture into the woods to find their friend, and something hunts them down one by one.

The Harimaya Bridge (2009)

The Harimaya Bridge is a 2009 film written and directed by American filmmaker Aaron Woolfolk. It was filmed in Kōchi Prefecture, Japan and San Francisco, California, U.S.A. The film had a nationwide theatrical release in Japan in 2009 and an independent theatrical release in the United States in 2010. The film was released on DVD in Japan at the end of 2009 and was released on DVD and video-on-demand in the United States in 2011. The title references the Harimaya bridge in Kochi city, which is connected to a well-known Japanese story about forbidden love. The film is produced by Ko Mori and Aaron Woolfolk. Executive producers are Danny Glover, Naoshi Yoda, and John Kim. Co-producers are Muneyuki Kii and Tatsuya Kimura. Associate producers are James Lane and Lee Rudnicki. The film's theme song, "Shūten: Kimi no Ude no Naka", was sung by Japanese singer Misono, who released the song as her 13th single.

Reflex Action (2002)

A Gulf War soldier (Michael Baldoz) battles members of a drug ring who want to buy his father's property.

New Year's Eve (1924)

New Year's Eve is a 1924 German silent Kammerspielfilm directed by Lupu Pick and written by Carl Mayer. It was filmed in 1923 and premiered in Berlin on January 4, 1924. The film is known to be one of the earliest examples of a kammerspielfilm and was innovative in its extensive use of "entfesselte Kamera", using tracking and gliding techniques as opposed to keeping the camera stationary. Like Pick's previous films, New Year's Eve does not use intertitles.

Oceans of Fire (1986)

Offshore oil-rig divers (Gregory Harrison, Billy Dee Williams) use convicts after their crew quits over hazardous conditions.

Nokia: A Decent Factory (2005)

As industrial production continues moving to countries with cheaper labor, some firms doing the "outsourcing" are trying to make sure their plants abroad are complying with safety regulations and that workers are treated fairly. One such corporation is Nokia, which in this documentary sends ethics experts to a site in China to investigate workers' conditions. What follows is as much an expose of a Chinese factory as a fascinating juxtaposition of Eastern and Western business practices.

Getting High in the Barrio (2010)

Vato (Alberto Alvarado) and Felipe (Danny Martinez) need cash and decide to look for work, but nothing goes as planned.

Lady of the Dark: Genesis of the Serpent Vampire (2011)

Eve (Melanie Denholme), an ordinary, married woman, lives an idyllic life until she is transformed into a ravenous killer with no mercy.

Home Sweet Home (2015)

A man tries to build a house in a wasteland. A mysterious robot interrupts him.

Yoorijungwon (2017)

Glass Garden is a 2017 South Korean mystery drama film directed by Shin Su-won. The film stars Moon Geun-young, Kim Tae-hoon, Seo Tae-hwa, Lim Jung-woon and Park Ji-soo.

The Gold Bracelet (2008)

A family is affected by the events on 9/11.

Demi soeurs (2018)

Reza a Lenda (2016)

Archimède, le clochard (1959)

Archimède le clochard is a 1959 French drama film directed by Gilles Grangier. It is also known as The Magnificent Tramp. The film was entered into the 9th Berlin International Film Festival, where Jean Gabin won the Silver Bear for Best Actor.

Hermogenes, professor and poet of Yoga (2015)

Kidnapped to Mystery Island (1964)

Kidnapped to Mystery Island (Italian: I misteri della giungla nera, German: Das Geheimnis der Lederschlinge and 'The Snake Hunter Strangler') is a 1964 Italian-German adventure film directed by Luigi Capuano and starring Guy Madison, Ingeborg Schöner and Ivan Desny. In West Germany it was released by Bavaria Film and in the United States by its parent company Columbia Pictures. It was based on a novel by the popular Italian writer Emilio Salgari.

A.I. Tales (2018)

A collection of different futuristic sci-fi tales about space, technology, and family that take place in different dimensions and time zones, confronting the ongoing divide between human warmth and cold technology.

The Man from the Sea (2018)

The Least Professional Broadcaster (2018)

Feuer unter Deck (1979)

Dora Heldt: Tante Inge haut ab (2011)

Die Nordsee von oben (2011)

Trash Detective (2016)

Inspektor Jury: Der Tod des Harlekins (2018)

Südstadt (2018)

Unter Frauen (2012)

Katharina Luther (2017)

Amundsen der Pinguin (2003)

Wie man sich bettet (1981)

Nachhilfe für Vati (1984)

Pettson & Findus - Katten och gubbens år (1999)

Florentiner 73 (1972)

Trail of the Falcon (1968)

Spur des Falken is an East German film. It was released in 1968. The film was followed by a sequel, Weiße Wölfe (1969).

Das Babylon Komplott (1993)

Never Mind the Wall (2001)

Midday Event: Trace of Blood (2019)

An Innocent Little Game (2004)

Black Tulip (1988)

A Very Pink Christmas (2011)

Detektiv Downs (2013)

Lo Spazio Bianco (2009)

The White Space (Italian: Lo spazio bianco) is a 2009 Italian drama film directed by Francesca Comencini. It entered the main competition at the 66th Venice International Film Festival.

The Masseuses (1962)

Giselle (2013)

Giselle is a 2013 New Zealand drama film written and directed by Toa Fraser. It was screened in the Contemporary World Cinema section at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival. The film is based on the 2012 production Giselle, performed by The Royal New Zealand Ballet which many of the cast members are part of.

Dopo divorzieremo (1940)

Then We'll Get a Divorce is a 1940 Italian comedy film directed by Nunzio Malasomma and starring Amedeo Nazzari, Vivi Gioi and Lia Orlandini.

Die Ostsee von oben (2013)

Die Eisläuferin (2015)

A Hitman's Solitude Before the Shot (2014)

Werner - Volles Rooäää!!! (1999)

Weihnachtsmann gesucht (2002)

Mother Holly (1961)

Show! (2013)

Angelina Ballerina: Spring Fling (2014)

Spring is in the air, and Angelina and the mouselings dance their way through spring traditions from around the world.

9/11 Inside the Pentagon (2016)

The Wiggles: Rock & Roll Preschool (2015)

Killer Mosquitos (2018)

Dark Was The Night (2012)

Dark Was the Night is a 2018 American drama film written and directed by Joshua Leonard and starring Marisa Tomei, Charlie Plummer and Timothy Olyphant.

Familien Jul (2014)

Ella and Friends 2 (2013)

Karsten og Petra på safari (2015)

Dream Journey (2016)

The BBQ (2018)

Den forsvundne fuldmægtig (1971)

The Missing Clerk (Danish: Den forsvundne fuldmægtig) is a 1971 Danish comedy film directed by Gert Fredholm. It was entered into the 22nd Berlin International Film Festival.

Beyond the Known World (2017)

When 19 year old Eva fails to return home to New Zealand from India, her estranged parents Carl and Julie must reunite to find her. Their journey takes them from coastal Auckland to the chaos of New Delhi and on to idyllic Himalayan villages, where hash smoking expats are tight lipped and local police offer little help. Desperate to find Eva, Carl's misreading of the local culture leads to a young woman being imprisoned. Old wounds and betrayals between husband, wife and daughter are exposed, and Carl begins to realize that he may be responsible for driving Eva away. Believing Eva has died in the mountains Carl despairs, but Julie's refusal to stop searching eventually proves that sometimes blind faith is better than having none at all. To find their daughter Carl and Julie must first rediscover each other.

Feuten: Het Feestje (2013)

Pôle Emploi, ne quittez pas! (2014)

The Calling (2013)

Love Again (2014)

Foute Vrienden, de film (2015)

Kniga masterov (2009)

The Book of Masters (Russian: Книга Мастеров, tr. Kniga Masterov) is a Russian fantasy film produced by the CIS division of the Disney company and directed by Vadim Sokolovsky. It was released in Russia on October 29, 2009. The story is based on Russian fairy tales, such as "The Stone Flower" and other stories from The Malachite Casket collection. It is Disney's first film made in Russia.

The Adulteen (2013)

Mensch Kotschie (2010)

Mission Hunter 2 (1996)

Berlin Fur Helden (2012)

Wendy 2-Freundschaft für immer (2018)

Der König und sein Narr (1981)

Trigger (2006)

Bocksprünge (2014)

Im Winter, So Schon (2016)

Der Schatten des Herrn Monitor (1950)

Tischlein, deck dich (1956)

The Wishing-Table (German: Tischlein, deck dich) is a 1956 West German family film directed by Fritz Genschow and starring Werner Stock, Wolfgang Draeger and Harald Dietl. It is based on the story of the same name by the Brothers Grimm.

Das Rätsel der grünen Spinne (1960)

People in Luck (1963)

Les Veinards English: The Lucky, is a French comedy film from 1963, directed by Philippe de Broca and Jean Girault, written by Jacques Vilfrid and Jean Girault, starring France Anglade and Louis de Funès (uncredited). The film is known under the titles: "People in Luck" or "The Lucky" (English titles), "Die Glückspilze" or "Fünf Glückspilze" (West Germany), "I fortunati" (Italy).

Swearnet Live (2014)

The Sandlot Journey (2015)

The “Sandlot” is one of those mystical, magical places in childhood, a place where dreams begin and boys and girls learn the art of working together to accomplish a single goal.. to have fun...

Zedd (2014)

Romeo Santos King Stays King Sold Out at Madison Square Garden (2012)

Cat Funeral (2015)

Die Fighting (2014)

The Fox Lover (2013)

The Fox Lover is a 2013 Chinese film directed by Niu Chaoyang and starring Gillian Chung, Julian Cheung, Kara Hui and Gao Hu.

Plácido Domingo Gala (2019)

Half a century ago, Plácido Domingo made his debut at the Arena di Verona: on 16 July 1969 he sang the role of Calaf in Puccini’s “Turandot”; in August followed the title role in Verdi’s “Don Carlo”. Since then, the world-famous singer has appeared in numerous acclaimed performances in the city of Romeo and Juliet. From the Arena di Verona comes an operatic gala concert event, captured live on August 4, 2019, marking the 50th anniversary of the debut of one of the greatest singers the world has ever known. The program features excerpts from three famous operas by Giuseppe Verdi: Nabucco, Macbeth and Simon Boccanegra.