New York Influence City (2011)

New York's most prominent artists reflect on their relationship with the Big Apple and how its history, influence and audience make it the only city in the US to make it as an artist.

The Story of Oscar Brown Jr. (2007)

Historical clips and live performances give insight into the life of the jazz singer.

Sten för sten (2008)

Victoria Michaels (2011)

10 Years of YES (2012)

YES Network's tenth anniversary special.

The Cat in the Hat-a-Thon (2012)

The top-hatted feline explores the four seasons and learns how animals change as they grow.

Maximum Fighting Championship 33: Collision Course (2012)

Nathan Coy vs. Ryan McGillivray; Adam Lynn vs. Mukai Maromo; Derek Parker vs. Jared McComb. From Edmonton.

The Horsemen Cometh (2009)

A P-51 Mustang formation aerobatic team showcases the plane's heritage at airshows around the world.

March Biblethon (2012)

Every Day Is a Holiday (2012)

Chinese-American filmmaker Theresa Loong profiles her father, Paul.

Emozioni (2014)

Super Why! Around the World Adventure (2012)

The Super Readers travel around the world; Pig and his friends need help deciphering an Egyptian treasure map.

Sister Wives: Secrets Revealed (2012)

The Brown family sits down to discuss the ups and downs of life as a polygamist family separated into four different homes.

Always: Whitney Houston (2012)

The life behind the voice of Whitney Houston.

NBA (2012)

Lynn Murphy's Summer Beauty Picks (2012)

Host Lynn Murphy's favorite beauty items for summer.

Jewelry: Evening Enchantments (2009)

An attractive selection of jewelry.

Coin Collector (2012)

Limited edition, graded coins for collectors of all ages.

Designer Showcase With Steve and Alan (2011)

Home Solutions (2012)

Problem solving products for in and around the home.

Newsfront With Banfield & Holt (2001)

Hosts: Lester Holt and Ashleigh Banfield.

Amy Morrison's Summer Host Picks (2012)

Amy Morrison's favorite summer picks.

The Kennedy Assassination: 24 Hours After (2009)

New information about the 24-hour period after President John F. Kennedy's assassination in 1963 includes the transfer of power to Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson.

Voters in America: Who Counts (2012)

Joe Johns investigates the impact of new voter laws and how those changes may affect the outcome of the 2012 presidential election.

Witch's Night Out

In a fit of jealousy, a lonely witch turns children into monsters. With the voice of Gilda Radner.

Queen Victoria's Children (2013)

Looking at Queen Victoria's reign, including her relationship with her husband and nine children.

2012 NHL Awards Red Carpet (2012)

102 Minutes That Changed The World (2009)

Films, photos and recordings from unique and rarely seen or heard archives chronicle the terrorist attack on New York City's World Trade Center Sept. 11, 2001.

Restaging Shelter (2012)

The Urban Bush Women reconstruct Jawole Willa Jo Zollar's master work Shelter for the Virginia Commonwealth University dance program.

El Placer de la Belleza (2012)

A program for helping take care of your skin and hair. All the latest in makeup and fragrances. Physical therapies.

Prism Awards 2012 (2012)

Awards that recognize the accurate depiction of drug, alcohol, and tobacco use in media.

Sheryl Crow: Miles From Memphis, Live at the Pantages (2011)

Filmed in November 2010 in the palatial surroundings of the wonderful art deco Pantages Theatre in Hollywood, this concert film captures Sheryl Crow on tour in support of her recent hit album `100 Miles From Memphis'. The set pulls tracks from across her career and is peppered with hit singles and her best loved album tracks as well as highlights from the new album. Sheryl Crow is at the top of her form and is backed by an outstanding band.

Inside March Madness (2012)

Coverage and analysis of the 2012 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.

Brett Chukerman's Summer Host Picks (2012)

Brett Chukerman's favorite summer items.

Sexiest: Justin Timberlake (2011)

Brett Chukerman's Summer Electronic Picks (2012)

Brett Chukerman's electronic favorites.

Notarized 2012 (2012)

A countdown of the Top 100 videos of 2012 as voted by fans and hosted by many special guests.

Lunch ON! (2012)

Gaining insights into working people by investigating what they eat for lunch.

Canada's Sports Hall of Fame: 2012 Induction Gala (2012)

This year's Class of 2012 Inductees includes two builders and seven athletes. They have been part of many of Canada's greatest moments in sports history.

The Doors Live at the Bowl '68 (2013)

This 1968 concert from the Hollywood Bowl includes "Light My Fire," "Hello, I Love You," "Moonlight Drive" and "The End."

Skokie: Invaded but Not Conquered (2013)

An examination of the attempted neo-Nazi March in Skokie, Ill.

The Best of Michael Bolton Live (2006)

The singer performs hits including "Rock Me Baby," "When a Man Loves A Woman," and "Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay."

Live: Ligue 1 Football (2012)

God of Creation (2012)

The Best of the Journey Home (2002)

An inside look at the lives of dynamic Catholic converts throughout Europe.

Batman Live! The Arena Spectacular (2012)

Behind the scenes of the live-action stage production featuring Batman and other characters of DC Comics.

Colored Gem Jewelry Bargains With Hunter and Alan (2011)

Gemstone jewelry.

Colored Gem Jewelry Bargains With Wes and Bryan (2011)

The Making Of: Safe House (2012)

Denzel Washington stars as a renegade CIA agent left in the care of rookie operative Ryan Reynolds in the thriller.

Making Life's Too Short (2012)

Behind-the-scenes clips and interviews with some of the celebrity guest stars highlight the new comedy series.

2 Days: Portrait of a Fighter: Brandon Rios (2012)

The lightweight champion makes preparations in the final 48 hours before his bout against John Murray.

Santos Tour Down Under (2012)

Where Birds Never Sang (2012)

Ravensbrck in Northern Germany, Hitler's largest concentration camp designed for women, was the site where 92,000 women and children met their deaths.

The Big Picture (2000)

On the Red Carpet at the Emmys (2012)

Emmy night fashions and interviews with nominees; at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.

Civility & Politics (2012)

How polarization affects political discourse in Washington.

2012 The Year in Business (2012)

Bloomberg anchors, reporters and contributors examine the biggest stories from the financial world in 2012.

Tara Pearl Jewelry (2012)

MASN College Classics (2012)

Mike + the Mechanics at Isle of Wight 2011 (2012)

English pop super group Mike + the Mechanics delivers a thrilling set at the 2011 Isle of Wight Festival, featuring a host of familiar songs from its long and successful career.

Traveling Light (2009)

A biography of Canadian Sikh politician Ujjal Dosanjh.

Emergency Abroad (2012)

A look at Mallorca's medical services, who have more than their fair share of British casualties.

Mendelssohn Unknown (2012)

Exploring the life and work of romantic composer Felix Mendelssohn, examining recently discovered unpublished works and original letters written between him and his family.

TV Guide Magazine's Top 25 Best Oprah Show Moments (2012)

I Cloned My Pet (2012)

If you can't fathom replacing your beloved Spot with just another dog, perhaps creating an exact replica is the way to go. This series tells all about the extraordinary world of pet cloning, including who exactly is taking advantage of this decidedly 21st-century technology, and if it actually succeeds in bringing pets to life. Oh, and there's the cost factor as well, which can run in the many thousands of dollars. Therefore, asking "Is it worth it?" to someone who can actually afford the procedure probably isn't, ahem, worth it.

The Road to Gold: An Academy Award Preview (2012)

A preview of the Oscars presentation.

Confessions of a Sex Addict (2012)

Jeff Leach is the archetypal ladies' man, when asked what the most important thing in the world is he'll say women.

Sooner Football With Bob Stoops (2012)

The Big Ten's Greatest Games (2007)

Relive the Big Ten's greatest games, while watching league heroes and coaches take the field again.

Best of Bloomberg West (2012)

A recap of the week's best interviews from Bloomberg West, the only daily news program focused on innovation, technology, and the future of business.

Rodney Sampson (2011)

Ozomatli Live at the Ogden Theatre (2012)

The Latin band performs in Denver.

Moksgm'ol: The Quest for the Spirit Bear (2013)

Exploring the northern coastline of British Columbia for the Spirit Bear, the rarest species of bear on the planet.

Ultimate Cloth (2013)

The Ultimate Cloth cleans and polishes windows, mirrors, windshields, glass, stainless steel surface & appliances.

O Come All Ye Faithful (2011)

Fountainview Academy Orchestra and Choir.

Friends of the NRA (2011)

Our Favorite Holiday Movies (2011)

REELZ channel's favorite Holiday movies.

Nature's Palace (2013)

The Chambord Kingdom is the largest enclosed forest park in Europe.

Secrets of the Waterside: The Canals of England (2013)

England's canals have long supported rich natural habitats.

Top New Year's Movies (2011)

REELZ channel's top New Year's movies.

Capitol Gains (2012)

Host Peter Cook interviews news makers, policy makers and industry leaders.

Heart Failure: Beating the Odds

Managing heart failure.

Education, Education (2013)

China's economic boom and talk of the merits of hard work have created an expectation that to study is to escape poverty; this is not the case these days.

Heirloom Meals Christmas (2012)

Mexican-American tradition of making tamales on Christmas Eve; Austrian-American custom of preparing Christmas goose; sweet potato cake; holiday-themed lollipops; family eggnog.

The Way Back Home (2011)

In the Fight (2012)

Humanitarian acts performed by our servicemen in support of other countries.

Women's Health: Baby Boomer Advice

Health information for women over 50.

The Coffee Addiction (2011)

The global supply chain trail of coffee, from the fields of Peru to the bottom of the cup.

The Coffin Ship Hannah (2012)

Canadian descendants of the Irish famine survivors retrace their ancestor's steps by walking the ice pack in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

24 Hour Rod Race (2013)

European fisherman, Matt Hayes faces ultra tough fishing challenges.

Next Door with Katie Brown (1998)

Tips for the home, garden and kitchen.

Food Trip With Todd English: Malaysia (2012)

Sampling a one-of-a-kind noodle dish in Ipoh, Malaysia; creating clay pot dishes in Kuala Lumpur; street food; flaming zombie cocktail.

XCorp (2012)

The Pattie Lovett-Reid Show (2012)

Canadian financial guru Pattie Lovett-Reid offers her advice on financial situations. Each episode allows viewers to call in and receive advice on saving money, stretching income and getting the biggest bang for their buck. Lovett-Reid combines her vast financial knowledge with her outgoing personality and high energy. Guests with a record of success offer advice. Each week, Lovett-Reid takes to the streets offering answers to financial questions; she tackles issues like spenders and savers living together, to repairing a credit rating.

Chocolate Fest (2012)

Chocolate food gifts.

Living Faith Church (2012)

Portuguese Volleyball

BTN Game of the Week (2011)

A replay of the best Big Ten game of the weekend as voted upon by fans.

Sports Day in Canada (2012)

Events that embody the Sports Day experience. Events, interviews and discussions will be featured.

Feeding Minds: Texas Takes on Hunger and Obesity (2012)

Texas communities combat hunger and obesity.