3 Guys, 1 Girl, 2 Weddings (2004)

Garden of Eden (2012)

Neben den Gleisen (2016)

Natale A Rio (2008)

Natale a Rio (Christmas in Rio) is a 2008 Italian cinepanettone directed by Neri Parenti with Christian De Sica. In Italy this film has grossed 24.678.792 €. This is the third film starring De Sica without mate Massimo Boldi, his shoulder of honor in these films that make up the saga of Italian "cinepanettoni". In fact, in 2006 they were separated in film roles following a dispute.

Het Doet Zo Zeer (2017)

De Zevende Hemel (2016)

Another Forever (2016)

The 40-year-old Alice (Daniela Escobar) has already suffered some bitter disappointments in her life. After a rough patch, her life seems to be falling apart and so she decides to take a long journey to re-arrange her life.

Elli Makra - 42277 Wuppertal (2008)

Kingston Paradise (2013)

Rocksy, a small-time hustler, journeys into chaos stealing a car while his lady friend Rosie hangs a watercolor painting in their modest room and dreams of peace. The fight for their dreams and aspirations forces them to commit a crime that changes their lives forever. Shot on the streets of Kingston, where poverty, beauty and desperation collide, this Jamaican story transcends its island locale to become a universal story of people whose hardships seems to trap them in a life where reckless acts appear the only road to an elusive better life.

O Ultimo Voo Do Flamingo (2010)

bestefreunde (2015)

Crossing Borders (2011)

Die Eylandt Recherche (2008)

Pleasurecraft (1999)

Manzan benigaki (2001)

Last Days In Jerusalem (2012)

22nd of May (2010)

22nd of May is a 2010 Belgian thriller film directed and written by Koen Mortier. The film won one award and was nominated for five with all awards going to Koen Mortier.

Lost in Plainview (2005)

La mano de un hombre muerto (1962)

So weit und groß - Die Natur des Otto Modersohn (2011)

The Bedroom (1968)

Female Reporter (1989)

Camera Obscura (2012)

Bendeyar (2011)

Die Guten Feinde (2017)

THE GOOD ENEMIES is the complex portrait of a group of friends who loved life and decided in the darkest times of German history to follow their conscience and bravely fight against the injustice of the Nazis.

R-Generation (2004)

Ediths Glocken - Der Film (2016)

Mädchen im Eis (2015)

Wintergast (2015)

Black Eyed Peas: United We Stand (2011)

Room 314 (2008)

Une histoire banale (2014)

Une histoire banale is a 2014 French drama film written, produced and directed by Audrey Estrougo. It tells the story of Nathalie, a young woman who works in the health care industry and whose life takes an abrupt turn during an encounter with a co-worker on a fateful evening. The film was made on a €8,000 budget which was raised through crowdfunding. Filming took place in Estrougo's flat over a period of three weeks.

Mil cretins (2011)

The Smashing Pumpkins: Oceania 3D Live in NYC (2013)

Waiting for the sun (2008)

The Secrets of Handsome Leo (2019)

Leo Wagner was a Member of Parliament for the Conservatives (CSU), a close confidante of Franz Josef Strauß and a dazzling figure in Cologne’s nightlife. He left his family behind with many questions and open wounds. His grandson, the film director Benedikt Schwarzer, embarks on the search for a grandfather who he never really got to know. He finds contemporary witnesses, pimps and lovers, even Leo‘s commanding officer in the Stasi. His party friends from the time remain curiously silent. The attractive appearance of Leo’s textbook career and picture-book family in the election brochures is deceptive. His marriage was ruined. He became involved in dubious business. And evidence is being confirmed that Leo Wagner was the crucial traitor who led to the failure of the CDU / CSU’s vote of no confidence against Federal Chancellor Willy Brandt in 1972 – celebrated by the Stasi. His life still casts a shadow over his family. It has taken a long time for his daughter to be able to speak about the past. The candy-coloured Super-8 films of the 1960s and 1970s are viewed in a completely new light. Benedikt Schwarzer‘s research into Leo Wagner opens up an unembellished view oflook at the contradictions of his generation and the sordid underbelly of the Bonn Republic.

Willkommen Bei Habib (2014)

A Spinal Tap Reunion: The 25th Anniversary London Sell-Out (1992)

The Double Steps (2011)

Due Partite (2009)

The Ladies Get Their Say (Italian: Due partite) is a 2009 Italian comedy-drama film directed by Enzo Monteleone. It is based on the Cristina Comencini's stage play with the same name. It was nominated to four Silver Ribbon Awards (for best producer, best costumes, best set design, and to the whole cast for best supporting actresses) and to two David di Donatello (for best makeup and for best hairstyling).

Frohes Schaffen - Ein Film zur Senkung der Arbeitsmoral (2013)

Subject 36 (2017)

A woman is obsessed with stalking and studying strangers from a distance, but her life gets shaken up when one of her subjects becomes a part of her life in an unexpected way.

First Lesson (1960)

First Lesson is a 1960 Bulgarian drama film directed by Rangel Vulchanov and starring Korneliya Bozhanova. It was entered into the 1960 Cannes Film Festival.

Ajab singh ki gajab kahani (2017)

Ajab Singh Ki Gajab Kahani is a Hindi film directed Rishi Prakash Mishra, produced by Binod Kumar and featured Ajay Kumar Singh, Yashpal Sharma, Vikas Giri, Manoj Mishra, Govind Namdev, Amit Koushik and Rajesh Jais. The film is a Biopic of a handicapped Indian Revenue Service officer Ajay Singh.

Mr. Dynamite (1941)

A baseball player takes his girlfriend to the carnival.

Shoot for the Moon (2011)

Actors make footage of the moon landing.

The Flying Scotsman (1929)

The Flying Scotsman is a 1929 black and white part-silent film set on the Flying Scotsman train from London to Edinburgh, also featuring the famous locomotive LNER Class A3 4472 Flying Scotsman. Directed by Castleton Knight, the thriller is chiefly remembered for being the first acting role of Ray Milland, as well as for its daring stunts performed aboard the moving train.

Amazona (2017)

Filmmaker Claire Weiskopf, now pregnant, journeys deep into the Amazon jungle to find her mother, Val, a woman who has been absent for a large majority of Claire's life.

Boxing for Freedom (2015)

Sadaf Rahimi, one of the best female boxers in Afghanistan, must deal with her country's traditions as she battles to be a free woman.

Chicken Skin (2002)

A man dies when he's on the verge of getting a credit card, and his family tries to hide his death to collect money.

The Batwoman (1968)

Il pezzo mancante (2011)

Safari: Match Me If You Can (2018)

Afraid of the Dark (Bruises) (2010)

The Other Side of the Law (1995)

Land in Sicht (2014)

Dean Smith (2015)

Britney Spears: Innocent Beauty (2004)

Bonne Nuit Papa (2015)

LA Tour 2 Controle Infernale (2016)

La Tour de contrôle infernale (or La Tour 2 contrôle infernale on the billing, often used in the medias) is a French and Belgian movie directed by Éric Judor, released in 2016. It is a prequel of the film La Tour Montparnasse infernale, directed by Charles Nemes and released in 2001.

Jakobs Bruder (2009)

The 90 Minute War (2016)

The Apostate (2000)

Mia madre fa l'attrice (2015)

Die letzten Gigolos (2015)

Through the Years of Hip Hop, Vol. 1: Graffiti (2002)

Plop Wordt Kabouterkoning (2012)

Tutto l'amore del mondo (2010)

San Martín: El cruce de Los Andes (2011)

Revolución: El cruce de los Andes (English: Revolution: The Crusade of the Andes) is a 2010 Argentine historical epic film directed by Leandro Ipiña and starring Rodrigo de la Serna. It premiered during the bicentennial of Argentina. It was initially named San Martín: El cruce de los Andes (Spanish: San Martín: The Crossing of the Andes). The film follows the life of José de San Martín, with special focus on the Crossing of the Andes. Production was done by Channel 7 and Channel Encuentro. It was premiered in Mar del Plata on November 15, 2010.

Romeo y Lorenza (2008)

Sara Stein: Jewels In The Grave (2019)

It is Chief Inspector Sara Stein's first case in Tel Aviv. That nobody here has been waiting for her is quickly made clear by her colleagues Shimon Ben Godin and Jakoov Blok. Nevertheless, she is given the assignment to investigate the case, because it is her predecessor Noam Shavit, who is found dead in his apartment - suffocated under a plastic bag. Quick parallels are drawn to a robbery that is already two years old. It had the same action, theft of jewelry, even the foreign pullover fibers that are found on the bodies. But was it really the same killer? Or did Shavit come to terms with the perpetrator and pay for it? The trail leads Sara through the Arab Ghetto to the affluent district of Tel Aviv. But in the end, the solution is so close ...

A Path Appears (2015)

Man Underground (2017)

Man Underground is a 2016 science fiction film written and directed by Michael Borowiec and Sam Marine.

Memory Run (1995)

Memory Run, also known as Synapse, is a 1995 action film set in the year 2015, starring Karen Duffy. It is based on the novel Season of the Witch (1968), published by Jean Marie Stine under her former name Hank Stine.

Six Degrees Could Change The World (2008)

Unschuld (2008)

Payback (1995)

Payback is a 1995 thriller film directed by Anthony Hickox and written by Sam Bernard. It stars C. Thomas Howell and Joan Severance.

Flashburn (2017)

Wes Nolan alone holds the cure for a deadly virus that has brought the world to its knees. When he awakes in the wreck of a car crash, trapped within a warehouse sealed off from the rest of the world, he quickly realizes that his memories, among them the cure for the virus, have been wiped from his brain. Before he can save mankind, he must unlock his memories and release the cure hidden within.

ReMastered: Who Killed Jam Master Jay? (2018)

Run-DMC DJ Jam Master Jay made a huge impact in music and his community. But friends and family still seek closure years after his unsolved murder.

Bazar (2009)

Die Innere Zone (2014)

Freche Mädchen (2008)

Freche Mädchen (transl. Sassy Girls) is a 2008 German teen film directed by Ute Wieland. Its script was written by Bianka Minte-König and it is based on the book series Freche Mädchen – freche Bücher.

A Different Tree (2014)

Iago (2009)

Live Life Dearest (2014)

Super Agent K9 (2008)

The Last Continent (2007)

Jacques Leonard, el payo Chac (2011)

High Tech Soul: The Creation Of Techno Music (2006)

88 - Pilgern auf Japanisch (2008)

Muzhchina s garantiey (2012)

A tus espaldas (2011)

Behind You (Spanish: A tus espaldas) is a 2011 Ecuadorian drama film written and directed by Tito Jara.

Grossstadtklein (2013)

The True Story of Palestine (1962)

Don't Fool Yourself Dear (1937)

No te engañes corazón (released in English as Don't Fool Yourself Dear) is the first full-feature film of Cantinflas after becoming a star of the carpa circuit (folk theater). It was also one of the earliest films of Sara García and Carlos Orellana and the first where they share the screen. This film was released in DVD format on October 26, 2004.

Martha Argerich, Evening Talks (2003)

Martha Argerich has long been hailed as one of the greatest and most uniquely imaginative pianists. She is most admired for the pure joy of her music-making and her individual approach to each work, each situation and each audience. A wild child and a rebel at heart, this legendary Argentinean musician has often been surrounded by an aura of mystery during her long career. The "evening talks", a film by Georges Gachot, a French film maker specialised in classical music documentaries, lifts a corner of the veil: Martha Argerich shares with us her memories, confides in us her doubts, and transmits to us her incredible appetite for music-making.

12 Chòm Sao: Ve Duong Cho Yêu Chay (2015)

It’s the clash of the incompatible signs when Huy, a Sagittarius playboy, meets My, a zodiac-enthusiast Pisces, and their fates become heart-achingly entangled in a twisted journey of unrequited love.

The Erotic Ghost (2001)

Jungle Girl (1941)

Jungle Girl is a 1941 15-chapter Republic Pictures serial starring Frances Gifford. It was directed by William Witney and John English based on the novel Jungle Girl (1932) by Edgar Rice Burroughs. It was the 22nd of the 66 serials produced by Republic.

Michael the Visitor (2012)