Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Brick Road (2012)

Monas verden (2001)

Monas verden (eng. Mona's World) is a Danish film from 2001, directed by Jonas Elmer. The actors could work relatively freely of a script by Nikolaj Peyk. The story was first created by Jonas Elmer with Sidse Babet Knudsen, and given to the actors (12-13 pages). A test filming of the improvisation took place, and was then made in to the script by Nikolaj Peyk. Jonas Elmer also had the idea of creating a website where everybody could write suggestions for the film, such as the actor's lines, the locations, the poster, taglines, logos, and the plot of the film. The website ( was put up in 2000.

Flying Full Circle (2009)

Støv på hjernen (1961)

Støv på hjernen is a 1961 Danish film directed by Poul Bang and starring Helle Virkner. It is a remake of the Norwegian film Støv på hjernen from 1959.

Jasper Carrott: Beat The Carrott (1981)

Seven Swans (2005)

La cura del gorilla (2006)

The Bodyguard's Cure (Italian: La cura del gorilla) is a 2006 Italian neo-noir film directed by Carlo Arturo Sigon.

Malody (2012)

Koncert zyczen (1967)

Pains of Autumn (2009)

Pains of Autumn (Turkish: Güz Sancısı) is a 2009 Turkish drama film, directed by Tomris Giritlioğlu, based on the novel by Yılmaz Karakoyunlu. The film, which went on nationwide general release across Turkey on January 23, 2009 (2009-01-23), was one of the highest-grossing Turkish films of 2009.

Rhod Gilbert and The Cat That Looked Like Nicholas Lyndhurst (2010)

Drugmothers (2010)

L'inamovible Hoover- le plus grand ripou d'Amérique (2007)

Portrait of a Killer (1949)

Portrait of an Assassin is a 1949 French film starring Maria Montez.

The Leaf Woman and the Centuar (2011)

Stolen Apples for Karen Blixen (1973)

Little Hamlet (1960)

What Can I Do with a Male Nude? (1985)

When Crocs Ate Dinosaurs (2010)

Sikke'n familie (1963)

Sikke'n familie is a 1963 Danish family film directed by Jon Iversen and Alice O'Fredericks.

Michael Mittermeier: Back to Life (2000)

Disgusting Spaceworms Eat Everyone (1989)

Aldri annet enn bråk (1954)

Aldri annet enn bråk is a 1954 Norwegian comedy-drama film, edited by Edith Carlmar. It takes place in a working-class setting in the city of Oslo. The English title is Nothing but trouble. A 1955 Danish remake, Altid ballade, was directed by Gabriel Axel.

Blake's Junction 7 (2005)

The Story of Cosmetics (2010)

Stratovarius: Infinite Visions (2001)

How to Be Alone (2009)

All I Ever Wanted: The Airborne Toxic Event Live from Walt Disney Concert Hall (2010)

Gunfight at Black Horse Canyon (1961)

Chimaira: The Dehumanizing Process (2004)

Jimmy Carr Live (2004)

Kranked III: Ride Against the Machine (2000)

Henry Rollins: Shock & Awe (2005)

Cause for Concern (2002)

Grateful Dead: Downhill from Here (1989)

Downhill from Here is a concert performance video by the Grateful Dead. It was recorded at Alpine Valley Music Theatre, near East Troy, Wisconsin, in July, 1989. It was released by Monterey Home Video, on VHS in 1997 and on DVD in 1999, and has a running time of 2 hours 30 minutes. It was also released on LaserDisc in 1997 by Pioneer Entertainment. Most of Downhill From Here was recorded July 17, 1989. However, the last four songs of the first set — "Row Jimmy", "When I Paint My Masterpiece", "When Push Comes to Shove" and "The Music Never Stopped" — have been replaced with the last three songs of the first set from July 19: "West L.A. Fadeaway", "Desolation Row", and "Deal". "The Music Never Stopped", from July 17, is included in the albums Weir Here and Fallout from the Phil Zone. The latter also includes "Box of Rain" from July 19, and "Foolish Heart", from that date, is a bonus track on Built to Last. The word play of the title refers to the venue's winter purpose as a downhill skiing facility, and to the dates being the last of the tour. It also refers to the gradient of Alpine Valley's general admission section and perhaps to the notion, as well as opinion of several members of the Grateful Dead, that 1989 through 1990 was the band's final peak period.

Back to the Future Part II Behind-the-Scenes Special Presentation (1989)

Eksperiment (2009)

S&M Lawn Care (2010)

Gallero (2008)

Bassweight (2008)

Razzle Dazzle (2007)

W.S.S. Thriftettes (1918)

En ganske almindelig pige (1940)

En ganske almindelig pige is a 1940 Danish family film directed by Lau Lauritzen, Jr. and Alice O'Fredericks.

From Stump to Ship (1930)

From Stump to Ship is an amateur industrial film by Alfred K. Ames, former State Senator and owner of the Machias Lumber Company, in Machias, Maine as well as by Dr. Howard Kane of Washington, DC. The half-hour 16mm film was shot over the winter of 1930 in the logging woods and shows logging in the forest with hand tools and horses, then moves to the spring log drive, with loggers using peaveys to break up log jams on icy rivers as the logs are moved from the forest to the mill. Detailed views of mill work, changing the bandsaw, and making shingles. Lumber is loaded onto schooners in Machias for transport to New York. The film was originally silent, with a typed script which Ames read aloud when he showed the film. In 1985, with funds from the Maine Humanities Council, the narration was recorded with the film. The film is distributed by Northeast Historic Film, in Bucksport, Maine. Footage was included in the compilation documentary Woodsmen and River Drivers, Another Day, Another Era which also interviewed the surviving woodsmen of the Machias Lumber Company. In 2002, the film was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".

Marxist Poetry: The Making of 'The Battle of Algiers' (2004)

Parade of the Dead (2010)

Jasenovac (1945)

Diecovery (2006)

Play Time (1995)

Studie II: Hallucinationer (1952)

Bryan Adams: Live in Lisbon (2005)

La poupée cassée (2005)

Heaven Scent (1956)

Doroga, vedushaya k schastyu (2009)

Thomas Hartmann: Hartmann 3 (2006)

Shania Twain: The Platinum Collection (2001)

Doctor Silicon (2008)

The Proud Princess (1954)

The Proud Princess (Czech: Pyšná princezna) is a 1952 Czech comedy film directed by Bořivoj Zeman.

Brainblast (1987)

Europe in the Raw (1963)

Europe in the Raw is a 1963 American documentary film written and directed by Russ Meyer. The film was released on March 28, 1963.

As if we Were Catching a Cobra (2012)

Breach in the Silence (2013)

Breach in the Silence (Spanish: Brecha en el silencio) is a 2012 Venezuelan drama film directed by Luis Rodríguez and Andrés Rodríguez. The film was selected as the Venezuelan entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 86th Academy Awards, but it was not nominated.

Blue Moses (1962)

Armin Only Ahoy' 2007 (2007)

Live at the El Mocambo: Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble (1983)

Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble—Live At The El Mocambo 1983 is a high-powered performance from SRV’s early days, featuring Testify,Texas Flood, Pride and Joy and a fiery interpretation of Jimi Hendrix's Voodoo Chile (Slight Return).

Inside Planet Earth (2009)

Coffee Crazy (2004)

Red Hot Chili Peppers: Funky Monks (1991)

Route 66: An American Bad Dream (2004)

Red, White and Blue (1971)

Password (2005)

When The Sun Goes Down (2004)

No One Heard the Scream (1973)

Nadie oyó gritar (English: No One Heard the Scream) is a 1973 Spanish horror film directed by Eloy de la Iglesia. The film stars two of the director’s favorite performers: Carmen Sevilla (from de la Iglesia's The Glass Ceiling) and Vicente Parra (from de la Iglesia's Cannibal Man). The plot follows a beautiful woman forced to help her neighbor after she sees him disposing the corpse of his wife on an elevator shaft. The film, daring for its time, was mutilated by the Francoist censors. The film explores some of Eloy de la Iglesia’s recurrent themes such as voyeurism, socialism, society's class system, and homoerotic imagery. Nadie oyó gritar is not strictly a horror film, but mixes genres: drama, black comedy, suspense, road movie, character study, psychological thriller and horror, with few jolts and bloody scenes.

Dave Matthews Band: The Central Park Concert (2003)

Jisoe (2005)

The Captain's Summit (2009)

Christopher Titus: Norman Rockwell is Bleeding (2004)

Evil Sister 2 (2001)

Kathy Griffin: Allegedly (2004)

Bully for Bugs (1953)

Bully for Bugs is a 1953 Warner Bros. Looney Tunes theatrical cartoon short. It was directed by Chuck Jones and written by Michael Maltese.

Dead Kennedys: DMPO's on Broadway (1985)

Dead Kennedys: The Early Years (1987)

Ein Polterabend (1955)

Ein Polterabend is an East German film. It was released in 1955.

All My Friends Part 3 (1985)

Amici miei – Atto III (internationally released as My Friends Act III and All My Friends Part 3) is a 1985 Italian comedy film directed by Nanni Loy. It is the third chapter in the Amici Miei film series. For this film Gastone Moschin was awarded with a Silver Ribbon for best supporting actor.

The Wiggles: Wiggle Bay (2002)

Underworld Live: Everything, Everything (2000)

The Garden (1995)

The Garden (Slovak: Záhrada) is a 1995 Slovak feature film in cooperation with French Artcam International directed by Martin Šulík. The film is a poetic tale of Jakub, a man in his early 30s. It reflects the relationships and desires of Jakub in the idyllic surroundings of his grandfather's garden. The film was selected as the Slovak entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 68th Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.

Reflections of Light (1988)

Riflessi di luce (also known in English-speaking countries as Reflections of Light) is a 1988 Italian erotic movie directed by Mario Bianchi and starring Pamela Prati.

Nathalie Granger (1972)

Nathalie Granger is a 1972 French drama film directed by Marguerite Duras.

Blood of the Undead: The Unwanted (1987)

Algjör Sveppi og dularfulla hótelherbergið (2010)

Toot Blues (2008)

The Lock In (2014)

Zig Zag (1970)

Zig Zag, also released as False Witness, is a 1970 drama film directed by Richard A. Colla and starring George Kennedy.

13/67 Sinus Beta (1967)

Creation (1979)

Midzomernacht (2011)

Look Out for Trouble (1980)

Multiverse (2014)

R-1 (1927)