The Tailor's Maid (1959)

An amorous garment worker indulges in a series of romantic flings.

The Teacher and the Miracle (1957)

Tragedy strikes after a teacher opens an art academy at the urging of his gifted son.

Bliss (2012)

Irina, a war refugee and a former prostitute, falls in love with Kalle and tries to build a new life.

Ghost of Hidden Valley (1946)

Englishman Henry Trenton (John Meredith) arrives at his late father's spread, the reportedly haunted Hidden Valley Ranch. Criminal Ed Dawson (Charles King) has been using the abandoned ranch as part of his cattle rustling operation. After two locals, Billy (Buster Crabbe) and Fuzzy (Al St. John), take up with Henry, who's also caught the eye of Dawson's niece (Jean Carlin), the group runs afoul of Dawson and his deadly clan. When there are gunfights and a kidnapping, Billy comes to the rescue.

Ten Days in Paris (1939)

A British spy suffering from amnesia ironically becomes an enemy agent.

Payment on Demand (1951)

David (Barry Sullivan) gives his wife, Joyce (Bette Davis), an unexpected -- and unpleasant -- surprise when he suddenly demands a divorce. When she then learns that David has taken up with a younger woman, Joyce decides to make the most of this separation by taking a solo trip to the Caribbean. However, just before diving into a vacation fling, she runs into Emily (Jane Cowl), an old chum whose own divorce has left her embittered. Joyce then debates giving married life one last chance.

Merce Cunningham, A Legacy of Dance (2012)

Marie-Hlne Rebois follows lawyers, directors, dancers and musicians as they follow the Cunningham Legacy Plan they developed with Merce before his death.

Fuga de Cerebros 2 (2011)

Alfonso, the younger brother of Emilio, decides to follow the girl of his dreams, Sara, to Harvard University, but he meets his childhood love, Marta. He will have to decide between the two.

Mamá, Soy Paquito (1984)

Paquito suffers the death of his mother at an early age, left at the mercy of poverty and misery.

Highway 301 (1951)

A network of armed robbers successfully gets away with several million dollars before the law can stop them.

Escape From El Diablo (1983)

When a teen is jailed in Mexico for his involvement in a brawl, his friends devise a daring plan to free him.

Third Time Lucky (1950)

A gambler (Dermot Walsh) takes his lucky lady (Glynis Johns) for granted, until he is shot in the back.

Born Wild (1968)

Relocating from California to a small town in Arizona, young Tony (Tom Nardini) arrives at a high school simmering with racial tension. While Tony attempts to cool the conflicts between the local Latino gang and a white group led by the tough-talking Bruce (David Macklin), his efforts aren't met with much regard. With even the school's teachers openly taking sides, it seems that little can be done to avoid an inevitable explosion of hate-fueled violence.

She Shoots Straight (1990)

Hong Kong police officer Mina Kao (Joyce Mina Godenzi) marries Huang Tsung-Pao (Tony Leung Ka Fai), who is a member of a law enforcement dynasty. His father (Sammo Hung) and his many sisters are also officers, and the eldest sister Chia-Ling (Carina Lau) is one of the highest ranking women in the police department. When a Vietnamese gang begins a rampage through the city, the women must overcome their suspicion of one another to bring the criminals to justice.

The Double-Headed Eagle (1974)

An exploration of how Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party rose to power out of the chaos of the Weimar Republic.

Thunder Rock (1942)

As the 1940s approach, British reporter David Charleston (Michael Redgrave) tries to alert the public to the political unrest that he believes is leading to another war with Germany -- but no one listens to him. So David gives up, retiring to a small town in the American Midwest, where he works as a lighthouse watchman. There he is visited by the ghosts of 19th-century ship captain Joshua Stuart (Finlay Currie) and his passengers, who try to persuade David to make a difference while he is alive.

That Other Woman (1942)

A woman poses as a seductive vamp in order to impress a man to whom she is attracted.

Panic on the Air (1936)

A sports announcer and a friend investigate after a pitcher misses a series. When they discover that gangsters are trying to find a hidden fortune, they use the radio show to foil the plan.

J J Colony (2008)

A woman is asked to investigate a murder case. During the course of her investigation, she finds out that her brother, separated a long time ago, is the culprit, but instead of arresting him, she ends up protecting him.

Six Pack Annie (1975)

She (Lindsay Bloom) goes to Miami to tap a sugar daddy for cash needed to save her mother's (Danna Hansen) diner from foreclosure.

Ivan's Dream (2011)

Ivan, an 11-year-old, plays against the most important champions of the soccer world and lives the first love story of his life.

Odyssey of the Pacific (1981)

Youngster Toby (Jonathan Starr) and his sister, Liz (Anick), live with their aunt and uncle, who take in Cambodian orphan Hoang (Ky Huot Uk) while he awaits placement with a foster family. The three kids become fast friends, and, as they explore a nearby wood, they encounter a retired engineer (Mickey Rooney) living in an abandoned freight car. Playing off Toby's already active fantasy life, the kids and the engineer use the train car to make an imaginary journey to Cambodia.

Shadow of Evil (1966)

A secret agent hunts down a mad scientist planning to eliminate unfit humans through germ warfare.

Blood Couple (1973)

Germs from the stab of an ancient dagger turn two lovers (Duane Jones, Marlene Clark) into immortal vampires.

Four for the Morgue (1962)

Two New Orleans police detectives (Stacy Harris, Louis Sirgo) attempt to solve numerous crimes, including the case of a patrolman accused of murdering a thieving socialite.

Autumn Days (1963)

A provincial orphan travels to the capital city to work in a bakery, and a married young man courts her.

Thunderstorm: Return of Thor (2011)

A group of death risers tries to bring Hel, the Norse god of death, to Earth, and Thor gives part of his power to Grant Farrel to stop Hel and her acolytes.

The Right Approach (1961)

A would-be movie star (Frankie Vaughan) takes advantage of a carhop (Juliet Prowse), bachelor buddies and a magazine photographer (Martha Hyer).

Where's My Man Tonight? (1943)

An Army draftee (Hugh Martin) leaves an Arizona training camp after hearing his girlfriend (Georgia Kelly) sing to his superior.

Black & White (2008)

An Indian professor (Anil Kapoor) is unaware that his new friend (Anurag Sinha) is an Afghan terrorist who plans to kill himself and thousands of Indians with explosives during a holiday celebration.

Daïnah la métisse (1931)

A ship's engineer (Charles Vanel) is the chief suspect when a young woman (Laurence Clavius) disappears from an ocean liner.


A would-be animal trainer cheating on his wife prematurely brags that he fears no animal.

Comanche Territory (1997)

During the Bosnian War, three Spanish journalists venture into Sarajevo in an effort to bring the latest happenings to the masses. Mikel (Imanol Arias) has been around the block a few times and is decidedly skeptical when he's joined by Laura (Cecilia Dopazo), who has little experience with hard news. With their cameraman, Jos (Carmelo Gomez), they enter the war zone, where Mikel becomes more sympathetic as Laura gains firsthand knowledge of the horrors of war.

She's No Lady (1937)

An exclusive social gathering becomes the target of three thieves intending to stage a jewel heist.


College friends on a camping trip fall victim to an army of resurrected 13th-century cultists.

Man of the Forest (1933)

A cowboy (Randolph Scott) helps a brother (Harry Carey) and sister (Verna Hillie) fight a bad guy for a water hole.

Tender Pumpkins (1949)

A singer's suicide attempts trigger a series of outrageous encounters.

Leaving (2009)

An unhappily married woman's (Kristin Scott Thomas) affair with an ex-convict (Sergi Lpez) yields dangerous consequences.

Stagecoach War (1940)

Hopalong Cassidy (William Boyd) shuts up a gang of singing bandits.

Small Town Deb (1941)

A young girl experiences the joys and heartbreaks of adolescence.

A Son Comes Home (1936)

A mother experiences the torment of discovering that her own son is a killer.

World and Time Enough (1994)

An artist (Matt Guidry) and a trash collector (Gregory G. Giles) face a harsh society as HIV-positive gay lovers.

Those Were the Days, Señor Don Simon! (1941)

A widow attends a show for men and discovers that her boyfriend is cheating on her with a show dancer.

Kaalicharan (1976)

The under trial Kalicharan is sent as Prabhakar, a cop who is his look-a-like, to arrest a rich man named Deen Dayal.

Fraidy Cat (1942)

Jerry Mouse decides to have some devilish fun at Tom Cat's expense after he witnesses his feline foe listening to a frightening radio broadcast.

Fruits of Summer (1955)

Family members try to maintain social propriety despite being surrounded by romantic predicaments.

So's Your Old Man (1926)

A princess helps a meek, downtrodden man win respect from the bullies who torment him.

The Villain (1979)

An outlaw (Kirk Douglas) eyes a stagecoach and a beautiful woman (Ann-Margret) but is foiled by a handsome stranger in white (Arnold Schwarzenegger).

Southside 1-1000 (1950)

A Treasury agent cracks down on a counterfeiting operation behind prison walls.

Fugitive at Large (1939)

Payroll thieves easily manage to frame a construction engineer for their crime because he looks just like their group's ringleader.

The Wedding Video (2007)

A deranged videographer kidnaps a couple (Christine Blackburn, Jeff Kueppers) who broke up at their own wedding and forces them to reunite so that he can finish his film of the event.

All Is Brazil (1998)

In 1942, Orson Welles travels to Brazil as a cultural ambassador.

Quanto Dura o Amor? (2009)

Three stories of people in search of someone to love unravel in the congested center of Sao Paulo.

Goldy 3: The Search for the Golden Bear (1988)

An orphan (Jessica Black) and her pet bear find adventure in the wilderness.

Do Chor (1972)

When a mysterious burglar robs the homes of several important people, leaving behind only a swastika, the police go on a massive hunt to track down the criminal.

The Man With a Cloak (1951)

In the 1840s, Madeline Minot (Leslie Caron) travels from France to America to visit Charles Theverner (Louis Calhern), her lover's wealthy, aging relative. Her boyfriend is fighting in the French Revolution, and he hopes the once patriotic Charles is willing to donate his money to the people's uprising. Eventually, Madeline begins to warm the old man's heart, but his devious servant Lorna Bounty (Barbara Stanwyck) also wants the cash, and she's willing to resort to deadly means for it.

Three Wise Guys (1936)

Crooks find the newlywed bride (Betty Furness) who double-crossed them and fell in love on her honeymoon.

Hard Shoulder (2012)

On a weekend trip to get away from their busy lives, Carl (Wil Johnson) and his family spend the night in an old roadside diner. They are captured by vagrants during the night and Carl must come up with an escape plan before they disappear.

Spy Ship (1942)

Pam Mitchell (Irene Manning), a famous aviatrix, is also an unapologetic isolationist. Her anti-war views clash with the patriotic sentiments of reporter Ward Prescott (Craig Stevens), who is in love with Pam's half-sister, Sue (Maris Wrixon). Soon after the Nazis sink a U.S. ship with supplies meant for England, Ward realizes that Pam tipped off the Germans and helped bring down the boat. Later, Nazis agents kill Pam to make sure she doesn't talk, then set their sights on shutting up Sue.

Tide of Empire (1929)

Based on Peter B. Kyne's novel about the days of gold-seekers and outlaws as California became part of America.

Night of the Prowler (1962)

An executive's plan backfires when he frames a reformed embezzler for murder to gain control of an automobile company.

The Divine Lady (1929)

In this dialogue-free film, Emma Hart (Corinne Griffith), a young woman of lowly birth, is courted by rich Charles Greville (Ian Keith). But, after he grows tired of Hart, he sends her to live in Naples, Italy, with his uncle, Lord Hamilton (H.B. Warner), whom she marries. Despite living peaceably with her new husband, Hart is drawn to Capt. Horatio Nelson (Victor Varconi), who she meets while serving as confidante to the queen of Naples. The two begin an affair with risky social consequences.

Lotte and the Moonstone Secret (2011)

Moon rabbits search for Klaus and his friends.

Sensored (2009)

The line between reality and delusion blurs as a children's book author (Robert Picardo) becomes increasingly unhinged.

The Steel Jungle (1956)

A power structure emerges among convicts condemned to prison life.

Kiwi Flyer (2012)

Though he faces an uphill battle, New Zealander Ben (Edward Hall), 12, intends to win the Nelson Trolley Derby in memory of his father.

Midnight Tease (1994)

A psychiatrist must prove his client (Cassandra Leigh) is not realizing her dreams of killing fellow strippers.

Stolen Heaven (1938)

Two jewel thieves pose as musicians as a cover to elude pursuing law officers.

Healed by Grace (2012)

Dancer Riley Adams (Natalie Weese) is faced with the worst setback of her life, and clings to her faith to recover.

Night Rider (1932)

A stranger (Harry Carey) is blamed for gulch trouble caused by a night rider.

Lunarcy! (2012)

Several dreamers and schemers dedicate their lives to the moon.

I'll Be There (2010)

A young, aspiring New York-based fashion designer returns to Philippines to meet her father after her mother's death.

Simon Bolivar (1972)

The general leads the people of Venezuela, Colombia and Peru in fights for independence from Spain, and establishes Bolivia.

Forgotten Soldiers (2011)

The Philippine Scouts, an offshoot of the U.S. Army, is charged with protecting the fledgling Philippine Army during its retreat from Lingayen Gulf to Bataan.

General Crack (1929)

A soldier of fortune (John Barrymore) travels to Vienna with his new Gypsy bride to offer his services to the Austrian emperor.

Love Commune (1970)

Cleveland hippies plan peace demonstrations, clash with the police, and welcome a curious young woman into their far-out fold.

Sounds Like a Revolution (2010)

Michael Franti, Fat Mike and other activist musicians use their art to help spur social change, while they defy attempts to censor them.

My Sweet Canary (2011)

Three young musicians embark on a musical tour to pay tribute to Roza Eskenazi.

Sylvia and the Phantom (1946)

The appearance of a real ghost adds to the confusion when a nobleman hires three impostors to play phantoms.

The Sea Wolf (1974)

Based on Jack London's story. When he realizes he is going blind, a brutal sea captain tries to destroy all around him.

The Black Knight Returns (2009)

When a corporation threatens to release a plague, a young man's (Adam Salandra) grandfather (Win De Lugo) indoctrinates him into an ancient order of warriors who are sworn to fight evil.

In Enemy Hands (1968)

During World War II, Allied Intelligence agents parachute behind enemy lines to sabotage a Nazi torpedo plant.

The Legend of Secret Pass (2010)

A Native American boy embarks on an epic journey to save his family.

Summers Past (2012)

An unexpected visitor brings a decision that changes two lives.

I Got Five on It Too (2009)

Three friends planning a house party have to save their friend after he is set up by the neighborhood drug dealer and busted by the cops.

Wake Up and Live (1937)

Ben Bernie (himself) is about to take the stage with his band at a trendy New York City club when Walter Winchell (himself), a wise-cracking gossip reporter, makes some choice quips at Ben's expense in front of the audience. And so begins a very public series of back-and-forth insults, with Ben and Walter eventually involving others in their game of one-upmanship, including the beautiful singing starlet Alice Huntley (Alice Faye) and a honey-voiced man with a crippling case of stage fright.

Dex Hamilton and the Doomsday Swarm (2012)

Entomologist Dex Hamilton protects a giant alien insect from a ruthless exterminator who wants to see all bugs in the galaxy wiped out.

Richie (1977)

Teenager Richie (Robby Benson) is spiraling out of control and his family doesn't know what to do. After he falls in with a bad crowd, Richie's drug use gets out of hand. Richie's strict but loving father (Ben Gazzara) wants to help his son but does not know how to communicate with him adequately. As pressure upon pressure piles on top of the perpetually stoned and emotionally confused Richie, the conflict with his father escalates to the point of no return.

Patricia Cornwell's The Front (2010)

A district attorney (Andie MacDowell) and an investigator (Daniel Sunjata) reopen the case of a brutal, 40-year-old murder.

The Story of Temple Drake (1933)

A hedonistic woman kills her rapist and admits to it during trial to save a man who is falsely accused.

Desafío (2010)

An ambitious stock-car racer is offered a slot on a championship team, but to join them would mean abandoning the people who helped him get where he is.

Search for Beauty (1934)

Two beauty-contest winners (Larry "Buster" Crabbe, Ida Lupino) skip town after learning they were only going to be posing for the pinup trade.

Safari Express (1977)

An air/land safari operator saves a blonde with amnesia from a usurper of uranium rights in Africa.

Boys Will Be Boys (1935)

A schoolmaster (Will Hay) tries to help a thief (Gordon Harker) turn his life around.

La Hermana Blanca (1960)

A young woman joins a religious order after hearing reports that her fiance, a soldier, has been killed in battle.

Ed Mort (1998)

A Brazilian detective falls for his client's daughter. Based on the cartoon character created by Miguel Paiva.

John Cage: Journeys in Sound (2012)

Filmmakers Allan Miller and Paul Smaczny chronicle the life of composer John Cage.

Outlaw Brothers (1990)

Two car thieves commit crimes as they dodge the female police officer who is on their trail.

Home in Indiana (1944)

After he is sent to the Indiana countryside to live with his aunt and his hard-drinking Uncle Thunder (Walter Brennan), troubled teen Sparke Thornton (Lon McCallister) begins skipping school to learn to race horses at a neighboring ranch. When Thunder, a retired breeder, finds out Sparke is spending time with his former partner, Godaw Boole, he forbids him to continue. Sparke struggles to follow his new passion against Thunder's wishes, and schemes to reignite his uncle's equestrian interests.

The Lost Episode (2012)

A local TV show goes to an abandoned mental hospital with a reputation for paranormal activity. They are tormented by restless souls from their past as they die one by one.