Janosch: Komm, wir finden einen Schatz (2012)

Brotherhood of Tears (2013)

Hanni & Nanni (2010)

Hanni & Nanni (2010) is a German film directed by Christine Hartmann. The screenplay of the film was written by Jane Ainscough based on a book written by Enid Blyton.

Trompeten Anton (1981)

Nachhilfe für Vati (1984)

Florentiner 73 (1972)

Pigeons on the Roof (2011)

Samba in Mettmann (2004)

Schwester Agnes (1975)

Osceola (1971)

Ulzana (1974)

Die Leute aus dem Roten Ross (1978)

Kommen Sie am Ersten (1951)

El karateca azteca (1976)

Howard Hawks: American Artist (1997)

Death in the Soul (2018)

Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu - Day of the Departed (2016)

Bryan Kellen: Ballet Komedico (2014)

Zanahoria (2014)

Lover (1992)

Livelihood (2005)

Shakira: Live and Off the Record (2004)

Live & Off the Record includes 90 minutes of electric performances from Shakiras sold out Tour of The Mongoose in 2003, plus an uncensored look behind the curtain of the tour capturing Shakiras life, loves and family

Yanni: Live at the Acropolis (1994)

On September 25, 1993, beneath the glow of the Parthenon, an audience assembled to witness Yanni’s extraordinary homecoming. Live At The Acropolis features the acclaimed composer’s most timeless works brought to life with a full band and orchestra.

The Wiggles: Apples and Bananas (2014)

Cat Funeral (2015)

My Fantastic Field Trip to the Planets (2005)

Kim Daha Mutlu? (2019)

Den forsvundne fuldmægtig (1971)

The Missing Clerk (Danish: Den forsvundne fuldmægtig) is a 1971 Danish comedy film directed by Gert Fredholm. It was entered into the 22nd Berlin International Film Festival.

Eddie Izzard: Force Majeure Live (2013)

In My Father's Garden (2016)

In My Father's Garden is a 2016 Dutch drama film directed by Ben Sombogaart. It was based on the book of the same name by Jan Siebelink. It was listed as one of eleven films that could be selected as the Dutch submission for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 89th Academy Awards, but it was not nominated.

Full Contact (2015)

Full Contact is a 2015 Dutch-Croatian drama film directed by David Verbeek. It was shown in the Platform section of the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival.

Silent Ones (2013)

Furious (2011)

La pelle dell'orso (2016)

The Adulteen (2013)

Dora Heldt: Bei Hitze ist es wenigstens nicht kalt (2012)

Marlene (2016)

Marlene is a 2000 German-Italian biopic film directed by Joseph Vilsmaier and starring Katja Flint, Hans Werner Meyer and Herbert Knaup. It follows the life of the German actress Marlene Dietrich and her success in Hollywood.

Philipp, der Kleine (1976)

Hinterdupfing (2014)

Ein Sommer im Allgäu (2017)

Lotte Jäger und das tote Mädchen (2016)

Im Winter, So Schon (2016)

Jahr des Drachen (2012)

Flussfahrt Mit Huhn (1984)

O Velho: A História de Luiz Carlos Prestes (1997)

This Is How You Haunt Your House (2014)

Four Two Ka One (2012)

Four Two Ka One is a 2013 Bollywood comedy film directed by Anwer Khan and Ishwar Singh The film stars Jimmy Shergill, Rajpal Yadav, Nikita Anand, Murli Sharma among many others. The film released on 10 May 2013. Four Two Ka One is produced by Sunil Shah under the banner Bhumii Creations. The film's title was based on the 2001 Shah Rukh Khan-starrer One Two Ka Four.

Thirsty (2009)

Fascination Coral Reef 3D (2011)

Strega Nona (1977)

Strega Nona's meddling assistant Big Anthony is determined to prove to the town his knowledge of the magic secrets contained in her pasta pot. But he unleashes a torrent of pasta which threatens to engulf their little Italian town.

The Gold Spinners (2013)

Super 4: Gunpowder Island Adventures (2017)

The Wiggles: Meet the Orchestra! (2015)

Outside The Box (2016)

Piet Piraat En Het Zeemonster (2013)

County Kilburn (2000)

County Kilburn is a 2000 British comedy film directed by Elliot Hegarty and starring Ciarán McMenamin, Rick Warden and John Bowe.

Operation Grandma (1999)

Operation Grandma is a short 1999 Israeli satirical comedy about the military and kibbutz life directed by Dror Shaul. It was filmed on Kibbutz Yakum and based on Kibbutz Kissufim where Shaul was born and raised.

Papa Was Not A Rolling Stone (2014)

Pleasurecraft (1999)

The Olsen Gang in Deep Trouble (2013)

Meno male che ci sei (2009)

22nd of May (2010)

22nd of May is a 2010 Belgian thriller film directed and written by Koen Mortier. The film won one award and was nominated for five with all awards going to Koen Mortier.

Two Rabbits (2012)

Murder, kidnapping and robbery are all in a day’s work for the tangled web of ruthless gangsters, corrupt politicians and shady lawyers in this adrenaline-fueled Brazilian crime saga.

Studentfesten (2013)

The Bedroom (1968)

Female Reporter (1989)

Mommy's Day (1997)

Mommy 2: Mommy's Day (also known as just Mommy's Day) is a 1997 low budget sequel to the 1995 thriller Mommy starring Patty McCormack once again as the psychotically obsessed mother who is trying to reunite with her daughter.

Aparecida: O Milagre (2010)

For all the World to see (2017)

Michael Jackson: A Remarkable Life (2003)

Imagine Waking Up Tomorrow And All Music Has Disappeared (2015)

The National Gallery: Leonardo Live (2012)

'Leonardo Live' will provide a unique opportunity for art lovers to share in the excitement of viewing 'Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan' the night before it opens to the general public.

Je suis (2010)

American Killing (2019)

Jeb’s cartoon is on the verge of cancellation, so the studio sends him and an eclectic team of writers to a secluded house in the mountains. As Jeb's controlling personality and obsessive work ethic starts to push the team apart, he goes even further by planting spy cameras in places shared and private, obsessed on what everone is doing. Jeb is soon fired by the studio but he continues to spy in sercret from his home leading him further down the road to madness. In his most desperate hour, Jeb seals his fate as a viscous madman by returning to the house and murdering his writers one-by-one, on camera. Past emotions and tensions flare, and while nothing goes as Jeb planned, the unforeseen twists, turns, and revelations make his snuff film a violent spectacle sure to go down in infamy.

National Theatre Live: Cat On A Hot Tin Roof (2018)

On a steamy night in Mississippi, a Southern family gather at their cotton plantation to celebrate Big Daddy’s birthday. The scorching heat is almost as oppressive as the lies they tell. Brick and Maggie dance round the secrets and sexual tensions that threaten to destroy their marriage. With the future of the family at stake, which version of the truth is real – and which will win out?

Homa Kai Nero (1999)

Love & Slaps (2010)

Sky Palace (1994)

Santo and the Vengeance of the Mummy (1971)

Landauer - Der Präsident (2014)

Hitmakers: The Changing Face of the Music Industry (2014)

After Autumn (2007)

Hoops U (2015)

Non pensarci (2008)

Non pensarci is a 2007 Italian-language Comedy directed by Gianni Zanasi. The film follows Stefano Nardini a post-punk guitarist stuck in a strange career limbo.

All Hallows Eve: October 30th (2015)

The Lost Tribe (1983)

An anthropologist disappears in New Zealand while looking for a lost tribe, so his wife and his twin brother go to look for him. Also seeking him are the police, who suspect that one of the twins is responsible for a hooker's murder...

Los Asaltantes (2013)

SuperBrother (2009)

Liebeslied (2009)

The Reverse (2009)

Reverse (original title: Rewers) is a 2009 Polish comedy-drama film, directed by Borys Lankosz.

The Firing Squad (1999)

The Firing Squad is a 1999 drama film directed by Tim Story starring Kevin Mambo.

3 Holiday Tails (2011)

Wat Mannen Willen (2015)

14 kilómetros (2007)

Sweets (2014)

Las zapatillas coloradas (1952)

Sodoma... L'altra faccia di Gomorra (2013)

Ciro, Marco and Ettore are three friends who dream of becoming big shots in the world of organized crime. Actually what they are looking for is a permanent employment rather than non-stop gun action, extortion and dealing. Daddone, on the other side, is totally frustrated with the outcome of his criminal career and dreams of a coup that would make him the godfather of the gangs in town. Unfortunately, no one takes him seriously, least of all his own wife who treats him like a cheap small time hustler and sends him always on errands.

The Shingle Life (2018)

Golden Arm (2020)

Crossing the Channel (2018)