Hen (1996)

Hen (変) is a seinen manga which was the first work created by manga artist Hiroya Oku, who is best known for Gantz. There are two separate series of Hen, but they share the same setting, and characters from the first series appear in the second.

Get Hit (2008)

Garroway at Large (1949)

Garroway at Large was an experimental American musical variety show program with the host Dave Garroway in the Golden Age of Television. It was telecast at 10pm on Saturday on NBC from April 1949 to 1954. Garroway at Large aired with a full symphony orchestra conducted by Joseph Gallicchio. There were two female singers, Betty Chapel and Connie Russell and a male singer, Jack Haskell. In addition, the Hamilton Trio, a contemporary dance group, appeared each week, along with comedian Cliff Norton.

Czterej pancerni i pies (1966)

Czterej pancerni i pies was a Polish black and white TV series based on the book by Janusz Przymanowski. Made between 1966 and 1970, the series is composed of 21 episodes of 55 minutes each, divided into three seasons. It is set in 1944 and 1945, during World War II, and follows the adventures of a tank crew and their T-34 tank in the 1st Polish Army. The book and TV series have achieved and retain a cult series status in Poland, the former Soviet Union and other Eastern Bloc countries.

Foul-Ups, Bleeps & Blunders (1984)

Foul-Ups, Bleeps & Blunders is the title of a comedy series that aired on ABC for two short seasons in the mid-1980s. The series is hosted by Steve Lawrence and Don Rickles.

Fantasy (1982)

Fantasy is a combination American game show and human-interest show co-hosted by Peter Marshall and Leslie Uggams, with Chris Lemmon and Meredith MacRae as remote correspondents. Bill Armstrong announced the show, with substitutes from Johnny Gilbert and Charlie Tuna. Tuna replaced Armstrong about midway through the series' run. It aired on NBC from September 13, 1982 to October 28, 1983, and was videotaped at the network's studios in Burbank, California.

El Fantasma de Elena (2010)

El Fantasma de Elena is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by the American television network Telemundo. It is a remake of the 1983 Venezuelan telenovela Julia. The telenovela ran for 117 episodes from July 20, 2010 to January 7, 2011. It was broadcast with English translation subtitles in CC3.

Egoli: Place of Gold (1991)

Egoli: Place of Gold was a bilingual South African soap opera which first aired on M-Net on 6 April 1992. South African television's first daily soap opera, on 3 December 1999 Egoli became the first South African television program in any genre to reach 2,000 episodes. As of 3 August 2007, 4,000 episodes had aired. Egoli: Place of Gold aired its final episode on 31 March 2010, after 18 years of acting from South African and international actors.

CrashBurn (2003)

CrashBurn is an Australian 13-part drama series airing on Network Ten, about surviving long-term relationships in an age where multiple partners and multiple orgasms are considered a birthright.

Captain Pugwash (1957)

Captain Pugwash is a fictional pirate in a series of British children's comic strips and books created by John Ryan. The character's adventures were adapted into a TV series, using cardboard cut-outs filmed in live-action, also called Captain Pugwash, first shown on the BBC in 1957, a later colour series, first shown in 1974–75, and a traditional animation series, The Adventures of Captain Pugwash, first aired in 1998.

Big Brother: México (2002)

Big Brother México is a reality television series based on the international Big Brother format produced in the Netherlands by Endemol. Big Brother México was launched by Televisa in 2002. Before its debut, the idea of being watched twenty-four hours a day by a camera was shocking to some in Mexican society. The series was successful, and it was followed by a special edition called Big Brother VIP with Mexican celebrities from show business and even politics.

The Legion (2007)

Men from all over the world have left their pasts behind to start a new life as elite soldiers in the French Foreign Legion. Director Elisabeth Nord has been granted unprecedented access to follow this legendary defence force from the inside. The documentary series looks beyond the myths and brutal reputation of the Legion, portrays the legionnaires' daily life, and reveals the true face of one of the most famous, mysterious and secretive fighting forces in the world.

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Bosses of struggling shops allow staff members to temporarily take charge in an effort to boost their profit.

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