Accident (1928)

The Horseman (2003)

The Janitor (2003)

Labyrinth (1977)

Twelve Chairs (2004)

Life is Beautiful (2009)

Fugue (2018)

The Vampire (1913)

Kurama Tengu (1928)

Solace (2006)

Life (2008)

Season's Greetings (1996)

Expressens Mysterium (1914)

Hungry Hearts (1916)

The Wind (1982)

Duel (1961)

Christina (1949)

Christine (1916)

The Hat (1937)

Young Love (1955)

A Woman's Way (1916)

Amar Jyoti (1936)

Nocturne (2005)

Karma (2016)

Paradise (2008)

Struggle in the Valley (1954)

Aladdin (1992)

Dödsritten under cirkuskupolen (1912)

Black Roses (1936)

Beauty and the Beast (2009)

Beauty and the Beast is a 2009 Australian fantasy film directed by David Lister and starring Estella Warren, Rhett Giles, and Victor Parascos, and loosely based upon the fairy tale of the same name. The film was released in 2009 on video under that title and aired in 2010 on Syfy television as Beauty and the Beasts: A Dark Tale.

Tender Flesh (1997)

The Third Key (1983)

Big Game (2013)

Siren (2004)

Once Upon a Time (1957)

The Dog (2009)

Trouble (1920)

Hide and Seek (2009)

Triple Trouble (1948)

Hornet's Nest (1970)

Rock Hudson portrays an American Army officer who joins forces with his Italian rescuers after they save him from a German attack in this suspenseful WWII drama that co-stars Sylva Koscina.

The Big Show (1936)

The Big Show is a 1936 American Western musical film directed by Mack V. Wright and starring Gene Autry, Kay Hughes, and Smiley Burnette. Written by Dorrell and Stuart E. McGowan, the film is about a singing cowboy who confuses two girls by being himself and his own stunt double at the Texas Centennial in Dallas. Roy Rogers appears in the film as one of the Sons of the Pioneers.

Haunt (2019)

On Halloween, a group of friends encounter an "extreme" haunted house that promises to feed on their darkest fears. The night turns deadly as they come to the horrifying realization that some monsters are real.

The Addams Family (2019)

Get ready to snap your fingers! The Addams Family is back on the big screen in the first animated comedy about the kookiest family on the block. Funny, outlandish, and completely iconic, the Addams Family redefines what it means to be a good neighbor.

Made In China (2019)

A middle-class businessman, dejected by his failures, goes to China with the hope to get a successful business idea and better his prospects. There, he embarks on an unusual and comical journey and finds something much better, which will change his life and a second chance in life, to get it right. “Made in China” is a Gujarati Entrepreneurs’ Hilarious story, from a Nepali handicraft dealer to a Millionaire.

Ghost Writer (2019)

Made in Italy (2018)

In Your Hands (2010)

In Your Hands is a 2010 French drama film directed by Lola Doillon.

Mein Kampf (2009)

U Turn (2018)

The Unseen (2017)

Will and Gemma are destroyed when their son dies in an accident. Gemma blames herself and starts to have panic attacks that affect her eyesight and Will hears his son's voice calling to him.

Radiance (2017)

Monotonous day-to-day when Misako (Ayame Misaki) eventually meets a genius photographer Masaya (Masatoshi Nagase) who is gradually deprived of his sight. While dealing with the conflict something changes and life starts in Misako.

Bad Apple (2016)

The Virginian (2014)

All of Me (2013)

All of Me is a 2014 American documentary film, that follows a group of obese women friends who decide to have adjustable gastric band or gastric bypass weight loss surgery. All of Me is directed and produced by Alexandra Lescaze. Deborah Eve Lewis is co-producer and director of photography. The film was shot in Austin, TX. All of Me premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival in June 2013. The broadcast version of the film premiered on PBS's Independent Lens on March 24, 2014.

Yellow (2012)

Knockout (2011)

Knockout (also called Born to Fight) is a 2011 Canadian-American sports drama film directed by Anne Wheeler. The film stars Steve Austin, and Daniel Magder.

Cause of Death (2018)

The Chambermaid (2019)

A young maid at a luxurious Mexico City hotel confronts the monotony of long workdays with quiet examinations of forgotten belongings and budding friendships that nourish her newfound and determined dream for a better life.

Seeds (2019)

After a night of debauchery spirals out of control, Marcus retreats to his family home along the New England coast. Solitude is disturbed when his brother asks Marcus to look after his estranged nephew and niece. As days pass, solace escapes him; he feels baited by a dark force. Is he losing his mind or has something terrible burrowed deep within him? Incubating. Waiting until the climate is right. Haunted by his deepest fears, Marcus struggles not to succumb as he fights to protect Lily, his beloved niece from a monster that lies in wait.

Ashes (2017)

Outlaw (2016)

Lucky Number (2015)

In a Heartbeat (2013)

The Great War (2007)

The Great War is a CBC television film documenting Canadian participation in the First World War. The film stars writer-director and award-winning documentarian Brian McKenna, Michael Rudder, and future Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau — who became the official Liberal candidate for the Papineau, Quebec in April 2007 — portraying his fifth cousin, twice removed, Major Talbot Papineau. The film aired in two parts on Canadian television during the 90th Anniversary of the Vimy Ridge battle, on April 8th and 9th, 2007.

George (2018)

George- The Story of George Maciunas and Fluxus is a feature documentary as mercurial as its subject, George Maciunas, impresario of the international avant-garde art movement Fluxus (1962-78). Fascinatingly contradictory interviews with artists, including Yoko Ono, Jonas Mekas, and Nam June Paik, and inventive sound and screen design, shape this rich portrait of a visionary artist. Dedicated to cooperative methods and expanded processes, everything could be Fluxus: kits, shops, festivals, islands, weddings, food, or Flux Lofts - the first network of artist-owned lofts in SoHo, New York. The iconoclastic Maciunas and the spirit of Fluxus provoke questions still critical to artists working today. Featuring interviews with Yoko Ono, Jonas Mekas, and Nam June Paik.

Forever Young (2018)

Forever Young is a 2018 Chinese drama film written and directed by Li Fangfang. The film stars Zhang Ziyi, Huang Xiaoming, Chang Chen, Wang Leehom and Chen Chusheng. The film is about four generations of Tsinghua University graduates, spanning a hundred years of modern Chinese history since World War I, from the 1920s, the 1940s, the 1960s till nowadays, no matter how time changes, there are always people who insist on their dreams.

The Perfect Wedding (2019)

Villains (2019)

Villains is a 2019 American dark comedy thriller film written and directed by Dan Berk and Robert Olsen. It stars Bill Skarsgård, Maika Monroe, Kyra Sedgwick, and Jeffrey Donovan.

Unexpected Race (2018)

Trio (2019)

Three Worlds (2018)

The Laundromat (2019)

A widow (Meryl Streep) investigating insurance fraud uncovers two lawyers in Panama exploiting the world's financial system. Steven Soderbergh directs.

The Boys in the Band (2020)

Semper Fi (2019)

A police officer who serves in the Marine Corps Reserves is faced with an ethical dilemma when it comes to helping his brother in prison.

Redemption (2019)

Possessed (2018)

Pour vivre ici (2018)

To Live Here (French: Pour vivre ici) is a Canadian drama film, directed by Bernard Émond and released in 2018. The film stars Élise Guilbault as Monique, a recently widowed woman who, while visiting her adult children in Montreal, decides to return to her childhood hometown of Verner, Ontario for the first time in many years.In addition to Montreal and Verner, parts of the film were shot in Baie-Comeau, Tadoussac and Sudbury.The film was Guilbault's fourth time appearing in Émond's films, following The Woman Who Drinks (La Femme qui boit), The Novena (La Neuvaine) and The Legacy (La Donation). Guilbault received a Prix Iris nomination for Best Actress for her work in the film.

Open (2019)

Only God Can Judge Me (2018)

Nemesis (2019)

Mr. Leather (2019)

Mitra (2018)

Les Misérables (2019)

Stephane, only just arrived from Cherbourg, joins the anti-criminality brigade of Montfermeil in a sensitive district of the Paris suburbs. Paired up with Chris and Gwada whose methods are sometimes "special," he rapidly discovers the tensions between the various neighborhood groups. When an arrest starts to get out of hand, a drone is filming every move they make.

Juice (2018)

Intime conviction (2019)

Hot Dog (2018)

Gloria Mundi (2019)

Gloria Mundi is a 2019 French drama film directed by Robert Guédiguian. It was selected to compete for the Golden Lion at the 76th Venice International Film Festival. At the Venice Film Festival, Ariane Ascaride won the Volpi Cup for Best Actress.

Finale (2018)

Ema (2019)

Ema is an upcoming Chilean drama film, directed by Pablo Larraín, from a screenplay by Guillermo Calderón and Alejandro Moreno. It stars Mariana Di Girolamo, Cristian Suares, Gael García Bernal, Paola Giannini and Santiago Cabrera.

El reino (2018)

The Realm (Spanish: El reino) is a 2018 Spanish thriller film directed by Rodrigo Sorogoyen. It was screened in the Contemporary World Cinema section at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival.

One Day (2018)

Diana (2018)

Closure (2018)

Class A (2019)

Mind-altering and terrorizing, CLASS A, is set in modern-day New York City but the ultimate setting is another world in which our LGBTQ addicts, Jenny, Dan, and Brad enter when interacting with their drug. Focusing on three drugs, Coke, Heroin and Crystal Meth. Each drug has its own landscape in which the addict enters and cannot escape until the drug leaves them. Heroin, being a vast black eternal comb, Coke, a stark, white, fast moving space, and Crystal Meth, a red, steamy dungeon.

Circles (2018)

Candyman (2020)

Camille (2019)

Blue Hour (2019)

Bruno (2019)

Slave (2012)