The Metropolitan Opera Live: Die Walküre (2019)

In what is expected to be a Wagnerian event for the ages, soprano Christine Goerke plays Brünnhilde, Wotan’s willful warrior daughter, who loses her immortality in opera’s most famous act of filial defiance. Tenor Stuart Skelton and soprano Eva-Maria Westbroek play the incestuous twins Siegmund and Sieglinde. Greer Grimsley sings Wotan. Philippe Jordan conducts.

Mensch 2.0 - Die Evolution in unserer Hand (2012)

Final Cut (1993)

Dionne Warwick (2005)

Rocky Marciano: A Life Story (2006)

Plymptoons (1991)

Menage A Trois (2005)

Master Of The World (1976)

L'Estate d'Inverno (2008)

After Newtown: Guns In America (2013)

Bella Maddo (2010)

The Metropolitan Opera Live: La Fille du Régiment (2019)

Bel canto stars Pretty Yende and Javier Camarena team up for a feast of vocal fireworks on the Met stage. Maurizio Muraro is Sergeant Sulplice, with Stephanie Blythe as the outlandish Marquise of Berkenfield. Enrique Mazzola conducts.

Shadow of the Colossus (2018)

The Metropolitan Opera: Adriana Lecouvreur (2019)

For the first time at the Met, Anna Netrebko sings the title role of Adriana Lecouvreur, the great 18th-century actress in love with the military hero Maurizio, sung by Piotr Beczata. Gianandrea Noseda conducts Cilea’s tragedy, directed by Sir David McVicar, with the action partially set in a working replica of a Baroque theater. The cast also features Anita Rachvelishvili as the Princess of Bouillon, Adriana’s rival for Maurizio’s affections, and Ambrogio Maestri as Michonnet.

Half Way to Heaven (2009)

Artificial Beauty (2013)

Angelina Jolie: Bad Girl Gone Good (2012)

André Rieu's 2015 Maastricht Concert (2015)

Amy Winehouse: Revving 4500 Rps - Justified Unauthorized (2009)

Alien Signs: Undeniable Evidence - The Message (2003)

Alien Agenda Planet Earth: Rulers of Time and Space (2014)

American Southern (1995)

Tiempos de Dictadura Tiempos de Marcos Pérez Jiménez (2012)

To stravoxylo (1969)

Viaje del Doctor Campos Salles a Buenos Aires (1900)

Leviathan (2006)

Caudillo (1977)

Caudillo is a documentary film by Spanish film director Basilio Martín Patino. It follows the military and political career of Francisco Franco and the most important moments of the Spanish Civil War. It uses footage from both sides of the war, music from the period and voice-over testimonies of various people.

The Silver Streak (1945)

Goofs and Saddles (1937)

Goofs and Saddles is the 24th short film released by Columbia Pictures in 1937 starring American slapstick comedy team The Three Stooges (Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Curly Howard). The comedians released 190 short films for the studio between 1934 and 1959.

BaadAsssss Cinema (2002)

BaadAsssss Cinema is a 2002 documentary film, directed by Isaac Julien. Julien looks at the Blaxploitation era of the 1970s in this hour-long documentary.

Burn (2011)

Billy Connolly: Billy Bites Yer Bum Live (1981)

The Gallopin' Gaucho (1928)

The Gallopin' Gaucho is the second short film featuring Mickey Mouse to be produced, following Plane Crazy and preceding Steamboat Willie. The Disney studios completed the silent version in August 1928, but did not release it in order to work on Steamboat Willie. It was released, with sound, after Steamboat Willie. Both Mickey and Minnie Mouse had already made their debuts with the release of Plane Crazy on May 15, 1928. However that film had also failed to catch the attention of distributors when first produced as a silent film. The Gallopin' Gaucho was a second attempt at success by co-directors Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks. The latter also served as the sole animator for it. This is the last time that Disney performed the voice of Minnie. As the title implies, the short was intended as a parody of Douglas Fairbanks's The Gaucho, a film first released on November 21, 1927. Following the original film, the events of the short take place in the Pampas of Argentina with Mickey cast as the gaucho of the title.

Wood (2000)

Humanoids From Atlantis (1992)

The Audition (2012)

A Laugh or Two (1928)

Meteorango Kid: Herói Intergalático (1969)

The Freshest Kids (2002)

Musty Musketeers (1954)

Musty Musketeers is the 154th short film released by Columbia Pictures in 1954 starring American slapstick comedy team The Three Stooges (Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Shemp Howard). The comedians released 190 short films for the studio between 1934 and 1959.

Ever Since Eve (1934)

Ever Since Eve is a 1934 American drama film directed by George Marshall and written by Stuart Anthony and Henry Johnson. The film stars George O'Brien, Mary Brian, Herbert Mundin, Betty Blythe, Roger Imhof and Russell Simpson. The film was released on March 25, 1934, by Fox Film Corporation.

The Tenth Symphony (1918)

The Tenth Symphony (French: La Dixième Symphonie) is a 1918 silent French drama film directed by Abel Gance.

Soldiers in Hiding (1984)

Soldiers in Hiding is a 1985 documentary film directed by Malcolm Clarke. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

Lassie: A New Beginning (1978)

Discovering Ardi (2009)

Son of Bambi Meets Godzilla (1999)

Octopus (2015)

A Hot Dog Program (1999)

Vsyo v poryadke, mama! (2010)

Osvobozhdeniye (1940)

Boys' School (1938)

Boys' School (Les Disparus de Saint-Agil in French) is a 1938 French drama film by Christian-Jaque based on the novel of the same title by Pierre Véry.

Festive Land: Carnaval in Bahia (2001)

VistaVision Visits Sun Trails (1955)

Savage Man Savage Beast (1975)

Ultime grida dalla savana (1975) (English: Final Cry of the Savanna), also known as La Grande caccia and by its English title Savage Man Savage Beast, is a Mondo documentary directed by Antonio Climati and Mario Morra. Filmed all around the world, its central theme focuses on hunting and the interaction between man and animal. More specifically, the film documents various forms of hunting that can be found in the world and how humans and animals can both become the hunter or prey. Like many Mondo films, the filmmakers claim to document real, bizarre and violent behavior and customs, although some scenes were actually staged. It is narrated by the Italian actor and popular dubber Giuseppe Rinaldi and the text was written by Italian novelist Alberto Moravia. This was the first film of Climati's and Morra's Savage Trilogy, which also includes Savana violenta (This Violent World) and Dolce e selvaggio (Sweet and Savage). The best known film of the trilogy, Ultime grida dalla savana became influential in exploitation cinema by use of cinematographic techniques that were repeated in numerous subsequent Mondo films. Two scenes in particular, a lion attack on a tourist in Namibia and the murder of an indigenous man by a group of mercenaries in South America, have gained notoriety as genuine footage of human death. The film also sparked a rivalry between the team of Climati and Morra and the brothers Alfredo and Angelo Castiglioni. These two teams became the forerunners of the second generation of Mondo cinema.

The Red Hot Interview (2016)

Mysterious Planet (1982)

Vincent Van Gogh: A New Way of Seeing (2015)

Uma Dose Violenta de Qualquer Coisa (2014)

The Froze Nose Knows (1970)

The House of the Sleeping Virgins (1968)

Alyson Stoner: Who Do You Love? (2018)

Boxing Day: A Day After Christmas (2017)

Smuggler (2014)

Secret Rites (1971)

Part Mondo movie, part countercultural artefact, this strange mid-length 'documentary' by sex film director Derek Ford lifts the lid on witchcraft in 1970s Notting Hill. Mystery band The Spindle provide the groovy, psychedelic sounds while tentative occult enthusiast Penny and a serious-sounding narrator introduce the viewer to three ritual acts.

W.I.S.O.R. (2001)

The Happy Cricket (2006)

Talk About a Lady (1946)

Talk About a Lady is a 1946 American musical film.

Three Wars of the Battleship Missouri (2005)

Justine: Exotic Liaisons (1995)

24 Frames Per Second (1977)

Paying the Price: Killing the Children of Iraq (2000)

Paying the Price: Killing the Children of Iraq is a 2000 Carlton Television documentary written and presented by John Pilger which was directed by Alan Lowery. In this documentary Pilger argues that UN sanctions had a devastating effect on the children of Iraq during the 1990s.

Big Top (2006)

The Question (2012)

The Moneytree (1992)

The Moneytree is an independent film that had a theatrical release in 1992 in the United States. It received reviews in several publications such as the Los Angeles Times and the San Francisco Chronicle. "The Moneytree" is a film about one of life's most basic choices - do you work for a bank for thirty years to get the money you want, or do you just rob the bank? David, the protagonist in this action comedy, is a clandestine cultivator of the notorious Weed De Mal; in other words he grows pot for a living. His best friend tells him he's stupid; "it's a small-time suckers game". His girlfriend thinks he's crazy, but David likes what he's doing and can't see the harm in it; "did you ever see anyone lying in the gutter with a joint in his hand?" Come to think of it, I haven't still things start to come apart when a good buddy is busted in L.A.X., while another meets something far more nasty than the police. David knows he should pull out, but some how this seems"dishonorable"; and he goes on with the play hoping to pull it off in the last few frames. We're all heroes in our own movie. "The Moneytree" offers a surprising look at the other side of the headlines. There is no writer credited because, although the actors were given a story line, all the dialogue is improvised. The film's ending leaves one wondering if the film is more of a documentary than is implied. Black Sheep Films worked on the re-release of The Moneytree on April 20, 2012 with a new soundtrack and edit. It is believed that the film-maker really was a grower and the film is essentially a true story.

Who Stole the Soul? (2009)

Revolutions (2011)

The Kiss of Her Flesh (1968)

Prime Suspects (1997)

Every Sunday (1936)

Every Sunday (sometimes incorrectly listed as Every Sunday Afternoon or Opera vs. Jazz) is a 1936 American short musical film. It tells the story of two young girls and their efforts to save a public concert series, which was being threatened by poor attendance. Directed by Felix E. Feist, the film served as a screen test for, and is the first significant screen appearance of, two young actresses who later became major stars, Judy Garland and Deanna Durbin. Although only lightly reviewed at the time of its release, the film has garnered a generally positive reputation among Garland biographers.

The Commoners (2009)

A Fight to the Finish (1947)

Spielberg On Spielberg (2007)

Zach & Avery of Fergus (2004)

Iceman: Hunt for a Killer (2003)

Sagar Balaka (1983)

The Tight Rein (1916)

Blondinka za uglom (1983)

The Blonde Around the Corner (Russian: Блондинка за углом, translit. Blondinka za uglom) is a 1984 Soviet romantic comedy directed by Vladimir Bortko. It tells the story of an astrophysicist who begins to work at a grocery store where he falls in love with a saleswoman. The film became Bortko's breakthrough.

Bastoni: The Stick Handlers (2002)

Prometheus' Garden (2008)

I Should See (1990)

The Gamble (2012)

Felicia (1965)

Outlaw Motorcycles (1966)

The Big Game Haunt (1937)

A Navajo Weaver (1966)

Juan and Juanita (1912)

À la recherche du lieu de ma naissance (1990)

The Voices (1953)

Bleached (2015)

Wots All th' Shootin' fer (1940)