Fantastic Voyage (1968)

The cartoon version basically picked up where the popular 1966 movie left off. A team of government scientists known as the "Combined Miniature Defense Force" had been voluntarily shrunk to microscopic size in order to gain access to areas too small for normal-sized explorers. Commander Jonathan Kidd led the crew, which traveled aboard a high-tech vehicle called the Voyager. With scientist Busby Birdwell (who built the ship) at the controls, the Voyager could dive underwater like a sub, fly through the air like a plane, or rocket off into space like a UFO. The cartoon version also featured Professor Carter, biologist Erica Lane, and the mystical Guru, who possessed some kind of "mysterious power". Whatever it was, it came in handy—in every episode, the crew faced unknown microscopic creatures, as well as shrunken enemy spies, all out to stop the CMDF. While the animation was simp...

Horse World (1988)

Frog & Friends (2008)

"Frog & Friends" is a animated TV series about Frog and his friends based on the work of Max Velthuijs. Frog is the hero of the show. He lives in a colorful landscape with his friends Pig, Hare, Duck and Rat. Their animated world reflects the same simple joys as Velthuijs' books. The characters deal with elementary feelings such as love, fear, sadness, insecurity, happiness and more. These themes are materialized by simple and clear stories. Frog and his friends try to understand the feelings they encounter in both good and bad times.

Retail Therapy (2011)

The best places to shop, stay, eat and relax in the capitals of the world.

Richard Bangs' Adventures with Purpose: New Zealand, Quest for Kaitiakitanga (2008)

Richard Bangs uncovers New Zealand's natural beauty and mythology.

Richard Bangs' Adventures with Purpose, Norway, Quest for the Viking Spirit (2009)

Richard Bangs seeks a modern Viking spirit in Norway's Arctic north, its mountainous sea coast and its cities.

The Story of English (1986)

The Story of English is the title of an Emmy Award-winning nine-part television series, and a companion book, both produced in 1986, detailing the development of the English language.

180 Days: A Year Inside an American High School (2013)

A yearlong journey follows the lives of teachers and school leaders struggling to keep students on track to graduation at Washington (D.C.) Metropolitan High School, a public school where just 7 percent of students are considered proficient in math and only 19 percent in reading. Principal Tanishia Williams Minor expresses hope that her students can succeed, despite low test scores and a number of other problems. The five students who are profiled give viewers a rare glimpse beyond the test scores and statistics.

Der Cop und der Snob (2012)

24/7 Pacquiao/Bradley (2012)

Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley, Jr. prepare for their upcoming bout.

24/7 Pacquiao/Marquez 4 (2012)

The fighters prepare for their upcoming bout in Las Vegas.

The First Silent Night (2014)

Join renowned actor Simon Callow as he uncovers the moving origins of the song Silent Night that has been two hundred years in the making. A story that begins in humble circumstances, ends with the world's most popular carol. Simon journeys to the Austrian village of Oberndorf as well as the city of Salzburg, where the story of the world's favorite carol had its origins.

Cuba's Secret Side (2013)

Filmmaker Karin Muller hitchhikes around Cuba.

The Millennials (2016)

The young generation that is already taking the world by storm. All this year, Quest Means business has been following the lives of five millennials to find out how they work and live.

Wyoming's Call of the Wild (2012)

Revision3 Remix (2011)

CelebriDate (2011)

Roger Lodge spent 7 years setting up singles around the country for Blind Date. Now he's helping his famous – and infamous – celebrity friends find true love. Each week Roger will introduce one of his pals to 3 attractive and interesting men or women. His friend will choose one of those daters and then we'll follow them on a first class night on the town to see if romance is in the air. But what happens when another dater crashes the party? Will the celebrity stick with the original date – trade them in for another, or finish the date with both??

Wolf Blitzer Reports (2002)

Host: Wolf Blitzer.

Shushybye Baby (2012)

Shushybye Baby encourages children to look forward to bedtime with positive bedtime stories.

Flesh 'n' Blood (1991)

Flesh 'n' Blood is an American sitcom that aired on NBC as part of its 1991 fall lineup. The series was created and executive produced by Michael J. Di Gaetano and Lawrence Gay.

Alive (2013)

Story of a small town dancer pursuing her dreams with Shawn Desman's album Alive as the backdrop.

Lava Chasers (2013)

A reality series that follows the scientists and adventurers who study volcanoes in Hawaii.

Testing Milton Friedman (2012)

A panel debates Milton Friedman's ideas.

Almost Married (2012)

Gospel singing duo Latice Crawford and Jeff Spain's ups and downs in their journey of love.

Wide Open Outdoor Adventures (2012)

#LakeShow (2012)

Lakers daily interactive program where the voice of the fan is heard via social media.

Back in Time for Thanksgiving (2012)

The foods that made up a Thanksgiving dinner in 1621 are caught, prepped, cooked and eaten.

As Written: Melanie Fiona (2012)

Melanie Fiona's personal journey.

The Ghost Speaks (2013)

The ghost of a killer who's determined to kill some more; a ghost who's sexually obsessed with an attractive single mother.

The Bridge on Fuse (2012)

Yasmine Richard counts down the hottest hip-hop videos.

HGTV: On the Set (2012)

Top Secrets (2013)

Investigating the shadowy and hidden world of top-secret programs and off-the-map facilities.

Reclamation (2016)

Reclamation focuses on the community that has been adapting to the challenges facing the health, safety and economic stability of their neighborhood.

Torn (2019)

Two families' lives are turned upside down when a little girl vanishes during a vacation.

The Big Decision (2012)

In the aftermath of the recent recession, Canadian business owners find themselves faced with a high dollar and an unstable economy, and many of them are fighting to keep their companies alive. Successful entrepreneurs and "Dragon's Den" dragons Jim Treliving and Arlene Dickinson are on a mission to help these struggling people get back in the game. In each episode of "The Big Decision," Treliving and Dickinson investigate two of these businesses and decide if either, neither or both of them are worth investing their money into. The investment could be life-changing, but the owners need to be willing to make some changes before they get the cash.

Laurel Avenue (1993)

Laurel Avenue is an American three-hour television miniseries which aired on HBO on July 10 and 11, 1993. It is the story of an eventful weekend in the lives of an extended African American family living in St. Paul, Minnesota. Paul Aaron and actor Charles S. Dutton served as executive producers. The teleplay was written by Michael Henry Brown, based upon a story by Aaron and Brown. The miniseries was directed by Carl Franklin.

America's Best Kept Secrets (2013)

Meg Caswell searches the country for inspiration; quirky shops, funky hotels, weird homes, art and colorful characters.

UFC from All Angles: Miesha Tate (2014)

The Adventurist (2008)

Being: R. Kelly (2012)

Interview with R. Kelly; Kelly Price; Ron Isley; behind the scenes of "When a Woman Loves" video.

Moneywise with Kelvin Boston (2000)

Kelvin Boston hosts a financial show for consumers.

Sex, Lies, and Video Clips (1997)

Videofashion! News (2006)

The latest styles from the world famous designers.

Earth Journeys with Christopher Reeve (1993)

Travel to exotic locations around the globe.

Monster Mania (1988)

Put It on the Map (2009)

Famous American products and the cities they call home.

Against the Grain (2009)

Vietnam (1987)

Vietnam is a (1987) Australian TV mini-series, directed by Chris Noonan and John Duigan. It stars Barry Otto, Nicole Kidman and Nicholas Eadie. The series won the Logie Award for Most Popular Single Telemovie or Miniseries.

The Great Space Coaster (1981)

The Great Space Coaster is a children's television show that was broadcast in first-run syndication from 1981 to 1986.

The Human Language (1995)

The difference between human language and that of other species.

Moccasin Flats (2003)

Moccasin Flats is a Canadian drama series that ran for three full seasons. This series, which has been aired on the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) and Showcase Television since 2004, is a co-produced by Big Soul Productions Inc. (Toronto) and Stephen Onda Productions inc. (Regina). It takes place in Moccasin Flats, Regina, Saskatchewan, an urban reserve where the inhabitants struggle to maintain their cultural identity while overcoming poverty, gangs, violence, and racism. The series features award nominated actor Andrea Menard and original music by Donald Quan.

The Grand View (2003)

Landscape painter Stefan Baumann hikes into the National Parks system across the United States. At each location, Baumann takes note of every aspect of the park -- the plants, the wildlife and the geologic and human history that have impacted the region. Segments have included hiking the back country of Kings Canyon National Park, exploring the botanical landscape of Sequoia National Park, trekking through Grand Canyon National Park's lesser-known North Rim, and visiting some of the tallest trees on Earth in Redwood National Park.

The Hero (1966)

Sam Garret was the star of his own Western TV show: Jed Clayton - U.S. Marshal but in real life he was anything but heroic. His wife, kids and neighbors all knew him as a nice gentle fellow who was afraid of horses, allergic to sagebrush, and lacked any coordination.

Dan Raven (1960)

Dan Raven is an American crime drama starring Skip Homeier which aired on NBC between September 23, 1960, and January 6, 1961. The setting of the series is the famous Sunset Strip of West Hollywood, California. The series focuses on activities of the sheriff's department, including those of the fictitious Lieutenant Dan Raven and his assistant, Sergeant Burke, played by Dan Barton. Quinn K. Redeker appeared as photographer Perry Levitt.

The Board (2006)

A drama explores a person's soul through a board of directors whose members are Mind, Memory, Emotion, Heart, Will and Conscience.

Molly (2016)

Molly is a two-part Australian miniseries about music legend Molly Meldrum. Aired on the Seven Network, the first part premiered on 7 February 2016, with the second and final half screening on 14 February. It is based on Meldrum's biography, The Never, Um ... Ever Ending Story, which was written with journalist Jeff Jenkins.

Moments in Time (2003)

Issues pulled from the headlines.

The Reckoning (2011)

The Reckoning is a British television drama starring Ashley Jensen and Max Beesley. It was broadcast in two parts by ITV on 18 and 19 April 2011.

Home Delivery (2004)

Search for everyday people with compelling stories.

Transplant (2020)

A woman's death provides four people with life-saving organs.

Small Potatoes (2011)

Animated series about a group of potatoes who sing songs in different genres.

Rentaghost (1976)

Children's series.

32 Brinkburn Street (2011)

Drama moving between the lives, loves and lies of two generations of the same family who live at 32 Brinkburn Street in 1931 and 2011.

Fair Exchange (1962)

Fair Exchange is an American television comedy that ran from 1962 to 1963 on CBS. It stars Eddie Foy Jr. and Audrey Christie.

Watership Down (1999)

Following the basic plot of the novel, "Watership Down" follows the lives of a group of rabbits as they leave their endangered warren in search of a safe new home. Travelling across the English countryside, they brave perilous dangers, until they finally find a hill called Watership Down, where they begin a new warren. However, they are endangered by another nearby warren, Efrafra, which is led by the authoritarian General Woundwort, and they are soon forced to defend their home and lives. Although the first season initially concerned itself mostly with elements taken from the original novel, later on and especially in the second and third seasons, the plot deviated almost entirely from the novel, with many episodes focusing solely on new characters and situations.

Destination Diving (2002)

The Best of (2001)

Music program.

We the Jury (2002)

Viewers are taken inside the proceedings of a real courtroom.

Devil's Brigade (2006)

Canadian soldiers became part of a joint Canada-US formation.

The New Adventures of He-Man (1990)

The New Adventures of He-Man is an American-Canadian animated series which ran in syndication in the fall of 1990 while Mattel released the toy line He-Man, an update of their Masters of the Universe line. The cartoon series was intended to be a continuation of Filmation's He-Man and the Masters of the Universe series. Filmation had gone defunct a year earlier and this series was meant to continue on from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, which itself was in syndication at the time.

The New Explorers (1990)

Modern scientists.

The New Loretta Young Show (1962)

The New Loretta Young Show, is an American television series, which aired for twenty-six weekly episodes on CBS television from September 24, 1962, to March 18, 1963, features Loretta Young in a combination drama and situation comedy about a free-lance writer in suburban Connecticut named Christine Massey, the widowed mother of seven children. The program is the only one in which Young starred as a recurring character. Her previous anthology series on NBC (1953–1961) placed her in the role of hostess and occasional star. Young is the first star to garner both Academy and Emmy awards, one of a relatively few to make the transition from motion picture to television.

Mysterious Island (1984)

Escapees from a Confederate prison in a balloon are shot down over a seemingly uninhabited island.

Styleboston (2012)

A look at fashion, design, and intriguing happenings around the Boston area.

The Newlywed Game (1988)

Unsung Heroes of WWII (2002)

Profiling ordinary Americans who served in World War II.

Untamed Africa (1996)

Wildlife survival on the Masai Mara plains of Africa.

Up Close (1978)

Sports issues and interviews.

The Greatest Pharaohs (1997)

The Greatest Pharaohs is a 1997 American educational documentary film about Ancient Egypt distributed by A&E and narrated by Frank Langella with commentary by experts in the field. It is 200 minutes long and split into four parts, with each part explaining the lives of four Egyptian pharaohs.

Trivia Trap (1984)

Trivia Trap is an American game show produced by Mark Goodson Productions. It was created by producer Goodson and originally ran from October 8, 1984 to April 5, 1985 on ABC. The game featured two teams of three contestants each who competed against each other to answer trivia questions in various formats. Bob Eubanks was the host, and Gene Wood announced during the first two weeks. Charlie O'Donnell announced during the third week and was replaced by Bob Hilton for the remainder of the series.

At Home with Arlene Williams (1991)

Simple recipes and cooking hints.

20th Century with Mike Wallace (1994)

20th Century with Mike Wallace was a documentary television program produced by CBS News Productions in association with A&E Network. It aired on The History Channel, a unit of A&E Television Networks, LLC, from approximately 1994-2005. It was hosted by veteran CBS correspondent and anchor Mike Wallace.

Around the World for Free (2009)

A penniless quest around the globe spanning 45,000 miles, 159 days, 16 countries, 4 continents and ZERO dollars. In Around the World for Free, Alex Boylan, winner of The Amazing Race 2, attempts the impossible: he strips himself of all monetary funds, and with only a backpack and the help of the online community, sets off on a mission to circumnavigate the globe.

Mr. Adams and Eve (1957)

Mr. Adams and Eve is an American sitcom that aired on CBS from January 1957 to July 1958. The series stars Howard Duff and his then wife, Ida Lupino. Mr. Adams and Eve was created and executive produced by Lupino's second husband, Collier Young.

To Catch a Killer (2014)

To Catch a Killer is a true crime episodic docudrama produced for OWN Canada (Corus Entertainment) by Ocean Entertainment. The series follows a squad of civilians working under the guidance of Dr. Michael Andrew Arntfield as they seek new evidence in unsolved murder cases. The civilians come from diverse backgrounds, bringing new technology, and fresh eyes to these cases. The civilians are Antonella Magnatta, Danya Dixon, Renee Willmon, Peter Leimbigler and Douglas Montgomery. Each of the 8 hour long episodes features a single case ranging in age from 13 to 45 years. Inspired by the work of Dr. Arntfield's cold case society the team passes their findings onto the relevant police department.

The Devil Inside (2017)

Three troubled victims who turn to exorcism for solace.

Stanley and the Women (1991)

Stanley and the Women is a British television drama miniseries starring John Thaw, Samuel West, Geraldine James, Sheila Gish, Penny Downie and Sian Thomas. This series based on the novel of the same name by Kingsley Amis and adapted for the television by Nigel Kneale and directed by David Tucker, it was produced by Central Independent Television for the ITV network and originally aired in four parts from 28 November to 19 December 1991.

Crime: The Animated Series (2013)

Joyce Meyer (1987)

Joyce Meyer shares encouragement to help others enjoy everyday life.

Stand Up Planet (2013)

Hasan Minhaj travels the world in search of new comic voices from unlikely places.

Beast (2000)

Beast is a BBC One sitcom based in a veterinary surgery. Two series of six episodes each were made, with the first broadcast in early 2000 and the second in early 2001. The main premise of the show is that the main character and practice owner does not like being a vet and has a strong dislike of animals.

Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island (2005)

Series takes place on an island inhabited exclusively by fruit. The residents enjoy their own tropical paradise without a care in the world; they must share their peaceful utopia with the joyfully strange Coconut Fred, a whimsical, blissfully foolish coconut with the special ability to materialize anything he thinks about. The plot revolves around the adventures of Fred and his friends, as his boundless imagination springs to life while his friends struggle to cover up the collateral.

#rampage4real (2013)

Following the life and career of pro wrestler Quinton "Rampage" Jackson.

Michy (2013)

The daily life of the talented chef, mother, wife and businesswoman Michelle Bernstein-Martinez. The fun doesn't end in the kitchen, she shares all aspects of her life.

The Ernie Kovacs Show (1961)

Sketches and blackouts that satirize life in the modern world.

Live Fire (2011)

This series puts the audience through the toughest training of the American military. 3D cameras take you behind-the-scenes and into the field with squads of soldiers and experience the transformation of raw recruits to battle-ready warriors. Marine grunts experience hardcore weapons training at the School of Infantry.US Army soldiers face rioting insurgents in a simulated Iraqi village.Combined-arms training brings in everything from machine guns and tanks, howitzers, and attack helicopters.It's a complete immersion into real warfighting conditions - under brutal conditions, with real guns and real bullets.

Living in TV Land (2004)

Living in TV Land is a TV show about TV shows. Each episodes focuses on an actor who's best known for shows which air in the "TV Land" block of programming. The style is usually kept fairly light in order to appeal to the whole family. An example of the typical subject matter can be seen in an episode which focuses on William Shatner. It shows some of the quirks of his life, and how he relates to the world around him, but all within the framing device of classic TV, in this case with a visit to long time co-star Leonard Nimoy.

Love Addiction (2012)

Interventions for women and men in destructive relationships by their loved ones.

The Message (2014)

The influence of hip-hop around the world and its expansion throughout the U.S.

The Graduates/Los Graduados (2013)

This episode looks at the special challenges faced by many Latina students through the stories of three remarkable young women.