The Circular Triangle (1964)

A ruthless business power play results in a trio of heinous murders.

Flor de Mayo (1957)

While her husband is in jail, a woman bears her lover's child and informs her husband that it is his.

The Little Match Makers (2011)

A girl (Hannah Frantz) from New York and a boy (Julian Ortiz) from Mexico scheme to start a romance between their divorced parents.

The Perfumed Nightmare (1980)

A Filipino jitney driver (Kidlat Tahimik) who idolizes America's space program comes to reject the rapid encroachment of technology.

Man Without a Cell Phone (2010)

Jawdat weaves his way through politics and traditional values while avoiding his father, Salem, who thinks a cell tower is poisoning the village with radiation.

Blackmailer (1936)

Dinner party guests become murder suspects when an extortionist they all hated turns up dead.

Alley Pat: The Music Is Recorded (2009)

Filmmakers profile the man who helped start classic rhythm & blues radio.

Night of the Ghouls (1959)

A TV psychic (Criswell) tells the tale of Dr. Acula (Kenne Duncan), seance con man.

Divorcing God (2011)

The effects modern day life has on biblical ideals.

Dónde Quedó la Bolita (1992)

A group of ambitious singers travel to Ixtapa, but are rejected when they ask to be given an audition.

Hospitalité (2010)

The lives of a Japanese print-shop owner (Kenji Yamauchi) and his family are thrown into disarray by an increasing number of uninvited houseguests.

Time After Time (1986)

The aging Swift siblings, who share a dilapidated manor, have an eccentric relationship -- the meek Jasper (John Gielgud), who lives with his three sisters, is forced to manage the entire household while trying to keep his family from bickering. However, despite their squabbling, the Swifts enjoy their odd domestic life. Things change when their cousin Leda (Googie Withers) drops in for an unexpected visit, though, as she begins to dig up unpleasant matters from the Swift family's past.

The Black Widow (1951)

An amnesiac's recovery is complicated by the knowledge that his wife and her lover are plotting his demise.

Stella Dallas (1925)

Out of love and concern, a woman gives up her daughter to a wealthy couple.

Torch (1982)

A journalist (Dilip Kumar) changes the lives of a group of hoodlums after his newspaper speaks out against injustice.

Full of Life (1956)

Nick Rocco (Richard Conte) and his wife, Emily (Judy Holliday), are a happily married couple expecting their first child. But their home in Los Angeles is full of problems that Nick, who is a struggling writer, is too poor to fix. Emily convinces him to ask his father (Salvatore Baccaloni), an Italian immigrant and stonemason, to help with repairs in the house. However, father and son have longstanding grudges over Nick's refusal to attend church, and the men must confront their differences.

Blonde Ransom (1946)

A woman engineers a daring scheme to raise phony ransom payments and save her boyfriend's nightclub from criminals.

Blood of the Condor (1969)

Ignacio (Marcelino Yanahuaya), the proud chief of a tribe of Quechua natives in remote Andean Bolivia, discovers that his wife cannot bear children. Like the other women of their village, she has been secretly sterilized against her will at an obstetric clinic operated by a purportedly beneficial aid group from the United States, with the covert help of the Bolivian government. Ignacio gathers the men of his tribe to exact revenge and bring justice to his people.

The Experiment: Who's Watching You? (2012)

Desperate for money, Mary is hired to test a series of home-based drugs. The experiment goes horribly wrong, and she enters a world of drug-induced madness and surreal sensuality.

The Doctor Takes a Wife (1940)

A writer (Loretta Young) and a neurologist (Ray Milland) accept rumors of their marriage when each stands to gain from the mistake.

Vice Academy 2 (1990)

Rookie policewomen (Ginger Lynn Allen, Linnea Quigley) thwart a villainess out to spike the city's water with an aphrodisiac.

From Nomad to Nobody (2011)

Many Tibetan nomads -- sustainably yak farming for thousands of years -- have been forced from their ancient grasslands into desolate concrete ghettos by Chinese officials.

Science Crazed (1990)

A bandaged fiend (Tony Dellaventura) walks the halls of an institute, looking for women to kill.

11/25: The Day Mishima Chose His Own Fate (2012)

In 1970, famed Japanese writer Yukio Mishima (Arata Iura) commits suicide after leading a failed coup.

The Greatest (1977)

Boxer Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) trains with Angelo Dundee (Ernest Borgnine), becomes heavyweight champion and converts to Islam.

Hollywood Boulevard II (1989)

An ingenue (Ginger Lynn Allen) lands in a Hollywood director's (Kelly Monteith) cheapie, "Space Goddesses of the Universe."

Kick 'n Rush (2003)

A teenage soccer player (Jacob Oliver Krarup) strikes up a new romance, while talent scouts scrutinize his teammate.

Primal Rage (1991)

A baboon escapes from a Florida campus lab and starts spreading something bad with a bite.

Air of Paris (1954)

An aging boxer (Jean Gabin) trains a young railroad worker (Roland Lesaffre) to become a fighter.

Zita (1968)

While taking care of her dying aunt Zita (Katina Paxinou), Annie (Joanna Shimkus) decides to make an evening of it and experience the nightlife of Paris. During her nocturnal wanderings, the teenage girl falls in with some of the city's grungier residents; this is not always to her benefit, as Annie learns when her aunt's physician, Dr. Bernard (Paul Crauchet), has to bail her out of jail. But when she meets Simon (Josep Maria Flotats), a young jazz musician, her life changes drastically.

Lonesome Cowboys (1968)

Two women (Viva, Taylor Mead) hang out with five homosexual cowboys.

The Mine (1958)

A fisherman faces hostile locals and rough waters after a storm strands him in a seaside village.

The Lion's Den (1936)

Hired to impersonate a gunslinger, a man (Tim McCoy) flushes out a gang of rustlers and helps his ladylove (Joan Woodbury) with her ranch.

Counting Backwards (2007)

Joe is close to death and wants to find a way to experience a lifetime of passion in a short time after meeting the girl of his dreams.

Eep! (2010)

A girl born with wings instead of arms flies south with other birds.

Counterfeit Constable (1966)

A fib is the first premarital problem created by a hapless Frenchman fated to commit several more before his wedding.

Sky High (1922)

Immigration officer Grant Newbury (Tom Mix) is sent to investigate the smuggling of Chinese immigrants over the Mexican border. Tipped off to Grant's arrival, the smugglers' leader, Bullet Bates (Sid Jordan), ambushes Grant -- who is then unexpectedly freed by Estelle Halloway (Eva Novak), a young, lost girl he had aided earlier. As Grant flees Bates' camp to summon assistance, Bates takes Estelle hostage, unaware that she is the daughter of his boss, Jim (John Farrell MacDonald).

Magritte: Day & Night (2009)

An actor researches the life and career of the artist and uncovers the meaning to his paintings.

Slaughter in San Francisco (1974)

A former policeman (Don Wong) avenges his partner, killed by a gang whose leader (Chuck Norris) he fights.

Santo vs. the Evil Brain (1960)

Santo and El Incognito (Fernando Oss) foil a mad scientist's plot to create an army of zombies by zapping people with electric shocks.

A Simple Story (1960)

The leader of a collective farm in Soviet Russia finds that love makes her life happy but difficult.

Country Teachers (1993)

A teacher in a small Chinese village tries to attract more faculty by seeking national financing for his school.

Manhattan Parade (1931)

Producer brothers hire a European director who goes on to ruin their Broadway show.

The Mommy Returns (2012)

A ghost tries to break up her still-living husband's new romance.

The Gleiwitz Affair (1961)

Nazis stage an attack on a Polish radio station in the summer of 1939.

Love (1919)

A man (Fatty Arbuckle) tries to stop the wedding of the woman that he loves.

Death Weekend (1977)

A warped man (Don Stroud) and his buddies terrorize a woman (Brenda Vaccaro) and her doctor boyfriend (Chuck Shamata) at a lake house.

Dreamworld (2011)

Oliver Hayes, an aspiring animator, meets the impulsive Lily Blush who convinces him to drop everything and go with her to Northern California to get a job with Pixar Animation.

Bowery at Midnight (1942)

Criminology Professor Brenner (Bela Lugosi) uses his soup kitchen as a front for a gang committing robberies and murders.

They Dare Not Love (1941)

A young Austrian couple encounters wartime difficulties.

The Wogboy (2000)

A jobless Australian loafer (Nick Giannopoulos) inadvertently becomes a spokesman for the unemployed.

Daylight (2010)

Things die. New things are born.

Monster From Bikini Beach (2008)

A crooked cop and a man battle a primordial fiend from the depths with an insatiable appetite for bikini-clad beauties.

La Loca de la Casa (1950)

A nun reevaluates her life and decides to give up her vows to marry and help his father.

Cotton Queen (1937)

A mill owner's (Mary Lawson) daughter gets tangled in romance while working under cover at a rival operation.

Leaves From Satan's Book (1921)

The devil influences history throughout the ages.

Saaya (2003)

After his wife (Tara Sharma) dies, a doctor (John Abraham) keeps seeing her image and refuses to believe she is dead.

Courage for Every Day (1964)

A young factory worker (Jan Kacer) jeopardizes his relationship with his lover by constantly spouting socialist dogma.

Sleep (2012)

Rashad (Gregory Barnes) manipulates his younger brother into leaving for school early on the day their lives are changed forever.

The Live Wire (1934)

Two professors (James Aubrey, Ben Hall) hire a sailor (Richard Talmadge) to lead them on a treasure hunt.

Men, Men, Men (1995)

Four middle-aged homosexuals (Christian De Sica, Massimo Ghini, Leo Gullotta) deal with problems while pondering their futures.

Flaming Frontier (1965)

Frontiersman Old Surehand (Stewart Granger) searches for the desperado who killed his brother and caused escalating tensions between settlers and the Comanches.

Zeram (1991)

A futuristic bounty hunter brings out the big guns to bring down her quarry, a giant space alien threatening Earth.

Song of My Heart (1947)

The portrait of Russian composer Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky (Frank Sundström) focuses on his failed love affair.

The Saint's Girl Friday (1954)

When his girlfriend becomes victimized by a ruthless gang, the Saint becomes her protector.

For the Love of Pete (1936)

Boxer Joe Palooka (Robert Norton) steps into the ring after a friend's dog gets kicked.

Ride, Vaquero (1953)

After the Civil War, King Cameron (Howard Keel) moves to Texas, purchases a cattle ranch and settles down with his wife, Cordelia (Ava Gardner). They find themselves at the mercy of Jose Esqueda (Anthony Quinn), a local bandit who has terrorized the town with his adoptive brother, Rio (Robert Taylor). Rio is kidnapped when he tries to mount an attack on the ranch and agrees to work for Cameron so he can be close to Cordelia. Though he's incensed at Rio's betrayal, Jose vows to get him back.

Forbidden Desert (1957)

Swiss traveler John Lewis Burckhardt disguises himself as a Muslim and explores the remnants of ancient Damascus in the early 1800s.

New Wine (1941)

Austrian composer Franz Schubert's (Alan Curtis) beloved Anna (Ilona Massey) gives him the freedom he needs to succeed.

Perro Callejero II (1988)

The love in the life of Perro Callejero has another price, and to achieve it he must steal and face jail.

Jackson Horn (2011)

Jackson's seemingly perfect life is turned upside down when his sister passes away. He returns to his hometown and confronts broken relationships and forgotten friendships while the love of his life battles cancer.

Paradox (2010)

In a parallel world ruled by magic, a homicide detective (Kevin Sorbo) uses science to investigate a series of murders.

Ship of Zombies (1974)

An ancient vessel manned by the walking dead sails in search of human cargo.

Pueblito (1961)

An engineer from the capital helps a teacher to battle an evil chief who raises pigs.

Ram Aur Shyam (1967)

A rich man (Dilip Kumar) suffers beatings from his brother-in-law to spare other family members.

Contacto Chicano (1980)

A detective and his voluptuous companion try to discover the international mafia diamond in California.

The Scarlet Spear (1954)

An African tribe is admonished for the bloodletting rituals it practices to establish maturity and leadership.

Charisma (1999)

A burned-out negotiator (Koji Yakusho) bungles a tense situation, resulting in the deaths of the kidnapper and the businessman hostage.

Summer Holiday (1948)

A publisher's (Walter Huston) son (Mickey Rooney) courts a girl (Gloria De Haven) in circa-1900 Connecticut.

The Scavengers (1959)

A former smuggler (Vince Edwards) finds his missing wife (Carol Ohmart) in Hong Kong.

Gribiche (1926)

A boy (Jean Forest) from a working-class family has a change of fortune when a wealthy woman (Franoise Rosay) decides to adopt him.

T-Stuckey: The Documentary (2012)

The life and legal battles of record producer T. Stuckey.

Sealed Lips (1941)

A detective tries to ascertain the true story behind a man's imprisonment.

Rescue (2011)

Military and civilian teams practice to be able to respond to disasters efficiently.

Fighting for Justice (1932)

Property taxes, murder charges and outlaws trouble the son of a dead rancher.

The Single Standard (1929)

Arden Stuart (Greta Garbo) is a feminist ahead of her time, believing that a "single standard" should be applied to both sexes. Instead of marrying and settling down, she juggles numerous suitors. She moves from the lovelorn Tommy (Johnny Mack Brown) to a playboy prizefighter with artistic intentions, Packy (Nils Asther). Arden and Packy sail the South Seas together, but after a falling-out she returns home, marries Tommy and has a child. But are Arden's old ways really behind her?

Last Call (2001)

To get out of debt with the Mafia, petty crooks Jonas (Junior Williams) and Frank (Phil Morrison) plan to up their game by robbing a nightclub. They case the joint and figure it will be their big score. The daughter of a mob kingpin runs the club, however, and everything goes wrong during the heist. Next thing Jonas and Frank know, the cops and the Mafia both descend on the club, and the bumbling crooks' options for survival grow fewer with every tick of the clock.

The Frankenstein Syndrome (2010)

Horror strikes when a stem-cell researcher (Tiffany Shepis) develops a serum that brings the dead back to life.

Sammy 2 (2013)

Turtle pals Sammy and Ray are captured and whisked away to an aquarium in Dubai. Later, Big D the seahorse enlists them in his plans for a breakout.

La Coyota (1983)

The owners of a hacienda exploit a young woman who lives there.

Solo Voyage (1985)

Soviet fighters set out to prevent World War III after the failure of a CIA mission.

Washington Merry-Go-Round (1932)

Button Gwinett Brown (Lee Tracy) has just been elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. He refuses bribes and vows to fight government corruption, but he must deal with powerful businessman Edward Norton (Alan Dinehart). Already, Norton wants to enlist Brown's aid to help Prohibition bootleggers. Norton is also manipulating hapless Senator Wylie (Walter Connolly) and chasing after his daughter, Alice (Constance Cummings). But Alice and Brown may have more in common.

So This Is College (1929)

An argument over a girl roommate distracts two Stanford football players (Elliott Nugent, Robert Armstrong) during a big game.

The Phantom Rider (1946)

A doctor (Robert Kent) assumes the identity of a legendary American Indian god and sets out after the band of outlaws terrorizing his reservation.

Gilding the Lily (1937)

Tracing the history of feminine makeup, from the past to the current day.

Lucky Punch (2010)

Sent by a loan shark to collect a debt, an ex-boxer instead helps a woman renovate a guest house so she can earn the money she needs to pay back her loan.

Diana, Queen of Hearts (1998)

Close friends, family and world leaders profile the life of the princess. Narrated by Sir Richard Attenborough.

Secret Agent (1974)

A French writer's (Jean-Paul Belmondo) neighbor (Jacqueline Bisset) becomes his lover in a spy-novel fantasy.

The Virginian (1914)

The Virginian (Dustin Farnum) is a fun-loving cowboy who, along with best friend, Steve (J.W. Johnston), settles in Bear Creek, Wyoming. There he meets and falls in love with newly arrived schoolteacher Molly (Winifred Kingston). Steve, meanwhile, joins the gang of local cattle rustler Trampas (Billy Elmer), and when some livestock is stolen, the Virginian suspects his friend is in on it. A posse is formed and, at the request of the townsfolk, the Virginian reluctantly takes the lead.

If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle (2010)

A teen (George Pistereanu) falls for a trainee (Ada Condeescu) while waiting to be released from a detention center.