It's Not Yet Dark (2016)

Irish filmmaker Simon Fitzmaurice refuses to let a diagnosis of Motor Neuron Disease stop him from directing a feature film using only his eyes to communicate via a computer.

A.K.47 (1999)

Rudra Pratap is against the students indulging in politics at their college. As a result of political pressure, his family is forced to move to some other city.

O.K. ...Laliberté (1973)

Two people strive to find happiness in Quebec.

Incerta glòria (2017)

A married young republican officer falls in love with a widow with authoritarian ambition. He must make a difficult choice when his best friend uncovers the romance and threatens to expose him.

The Secret of the Ant Children (2011)

Traveling in West Africa, a woman crosses paths with a young African mother who deposits a baby in her arms.

J'adore ma vie (2012)

Despite loving children, a nursery school teacher discovers that she's allergic to them.

Karla og Katrine (2009)

Hoping to rekindle their friendship, a teenage girl invites her former best friend to spend the summer with her.

OSS 117 Murder for Sale (1968)

A secret agent seeks to expose an assassination organization by posing as one of their own.

A Woman as a Friend (2014)

The friendship between a man and a woman is strained by her engagement.

Robbi, Tobbi und das Fliewatüüt (2016)

Robbi and Tobbi build a vehicle for their adventure.

The Geneva Convention (2016)

A boy waiting for a bus after school is caught in a vendetta between teenagers.

Our Patriots (2017)

A black soldier goes into hiding and joins the French resistance during the German occupation.

Rattrapage (2017)

Guillaume and his friends plan to celebrate their diplomas with a trip to a huge global music festival, however, Guillaume is still working on completing his coursework.

Ju-On: The Beginning of the End (2014)

A teacher visits the home of a boy who's been absent from school for a long period of time, unaware of the tragedy that occurred in the home many years ago.

Gordon Finn (2014)

Things go very wrong when death row inmate Gordon Finn is examined by a doctor.

Hostage X (2017)

An man who doesn't have a memory has to find out who he is before his kidnappers kill him.

The Zohar Secret (2017)

Max, upon finding himself in possession of an ancient scroll that describes the entire history of humankind -- from beginning to end, seeks to use the information for his own gain and triggers a process that begins influencing his life.

Sales gosses (2017)

Senior citizens go to summer camp.

Je déteste les enfants des autres (2007)

After deciding to share a vacation house, couples discover the difficulties of dealing with other people's children.

Not Everybody's Lucky Enough to Have Communist Parents (1993)

A communist activist fights the adoption of the 1958 Constitution of France.

Le fils à Jo (2010)

Jo Canavaro tries to make his son enjoy rugby.

The Big Scare (1964)

Two police inspectors pursue a dangerous forger who escaped from custody.

Of Shadows and Wings (2015)

When a bird named Moann loses her wings, nihilist Ciobeck braves a hostile land to rescue her.

The Beginning of Time (2014)

The lives of a broke couple in their nineties turn around when their son and grandson reappear.

Land of the Free (2017)

Exploring the psychological impact of a prison system that focuses on punishment rather than prevention and rehabilitation.

In and Out (2017)

Pierre and Penelope, two friends in different relationships, fall in love with each other, but the day after they agree to call off their affair, they wake to find themselves in each other's bodies.

Orgies of Caligula (1984)

Roman emperor Caligula falls for a slave dancer conspiring with his cousin to dethrone him.

The Red Soul (2017)

More than 50 years after Josef Stalin's death, Russians remain deeply divided over how to deal with the memories of their painful past.

No Postage Necessary (2017)

Sam, a convicted computer hacker, makes ends meet by working at the local Twistee Treat and stealing mail while disguised as a postal worker. Then, one stolen letter changes everything. Written by the beautiful Josie to her late husband, a Marine killed in Afghanistan, the heart-wrenching missive wakes something in Sam. Desperate to become worthy of such love, he conspires to meet the heartbroken war widow and become a better man.

Pitter Patter Goes Her Heart (2015)

A young woman who has a heart condition escapes her bleak existence with her canine.

Ek Zabardast Fight Plan (2017)

(2017/Action) Two engineering dropouts stumble upon the activities of a corrupt minister. After the suicide of a student, the duo use technology to seek revenge. It stars Gautham & Shraddha Srinath.

Red Gold (2014)

Desperate to save his family, a poor Indian boy is coerced by a local kingpin to sell his kidney. When he is cheated out of his money, he vows to steal the criminal's bloody business for himself.

Calacán (1987)

Industrialists try to suppress local traditions.

Edward and Caroline (1951)

A poor -- but talented -- pianist is made to play the fool at his wife's boorish, rich relatives' society party.

Elle boit pas, elle fume pas, elle drague pas mais ... elle cause (1970)

A housemaid loves to gossip, which causes problems for the people around her.

Paris Frills (1945)

A narcissistic Parisian dress designer seduces his best friend's fiancee, only to fall deeply in love for the first time in his life.

Love Meet Hope (2016)

A grandfather's love stories enlighten a jaded man about the realities of love.

3 Champions (2011)

Retracing the history of Brazilian Formula 1 drivers from the 1970s to the 1990s from the points of view of drivers and behind-the-scenes crew.

Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten (2009)

A donkey, a dog, a cat and a rooster flee their farms after outliving their usefulness and have adventures while seeking new lives as musicians.

The Peasant's Wise Daugther (2009)

The daughter of a poor farmer must negotiate with a king after he imprisons her father.

Orders are Orders (1972)

A bored housewife leaves her husband after hearing voices in her head.

You I Love (2004)

Vera and Tim are successful young professionals. Everything changes one night when Tim hits a young immigrant with his car. The two men begin a affair while Vera struggles to comprehend their bond.

Kiki of Montparnasse (2012)

A model becomes a celebrated artist.

Spy Pit (1967)

During the Cold War, secret agent Julien Saint-Dominique must stop a deadly plot in Berlin.

Yoko y sus amigos (2015)

Just as Yoko's finally starting to fit in with his new group of friends, his father gets a new job offer in another city.

Vive por mí (2016)

A tale about the fragile lives of four characters during one month of their lives. One of them, Ana, is waiting for a kidney donor.

Hymns (2016)

In the midst of a war, three women who are living together attempt to form a nuclear family, with mixed results.

Love Me Anyway (2014)

Eddie and Esme's marriage is going through a rough patch, and Esme's extramarital affair and the arrival of Eddie's brother, Danny, doesn't help matters.

Hell Mountain (2017)

Terror strikes when a TV reporter sends two of her friends to investigate an abandoned house that has a storied past of cannibalism and séances gone wrong.

Never Alone (2015)

Best friends Jen and Lena share a special bond in childhood but eventually drift apart due to lifestyle choices -- until a sudden, shocking diagnosis makes the two friends re-evaluate why they lost sight of each other.

Mountains & Manhood (2017)

For 35 years, a man leads his sons and others on an annual backpacking trip into the Rocky Mountains as a masculine benchmark.

The Red Green (2016)

Under the shadow of curfews and armed conflicts, Amedspor football club from Diyarbakir qualifies for the quarter final in Turkish Cup.

The Surface (2015)

To save the life of her dying son, Liz must venture to the desolate surface and face the monsters that drove mankind below.

We Need a Vacation (2001)

Two students whose families can't afford to send them away during summer vacation find adventure after sneaking into a neighbor's trailer.

Where Is Madame Catherine? (2003)

A mechanic in a small coastal town on the border between France and Catalonia decides to secretly bury the corpse of an elderly neighbor.

Una Papa Sin Catsup (1995)

Mob leader needs a singer to adopt her personality.

D-Day 6.6.1944 (2004)

Ian Holm narrates a re-creation of the preparation and execution of one of the most important days in history, beginning in January 1944 as the Allies and Germans race to prepare for the long-awaited invasion of Europe.

Verbo (2011)

Inspired by the music and works of a charming graffiti artist, an introverted girl lets her mind blur the line between fantasy and reality.

Une nouvelle vie (2011)

A woman who hopes in vain that her husband will come out of a coma finds a taste for life with an Iraqi wrestler.

Bottom (2004)

When corporate cutbacks leave a man penniless, with a new baby on the way, he fights back with his only available weapon, a thirst for revenge.

Black Really Suits You (2011)

A Middle Eastern immigrant woman's romance with her European boss is discovered by her traditional father's friend.

The Colossal Failure of the Modern Relationship (2015)

A woman's brief encounter with her boyfriend's charming boss leads to an affair. Overwhelmed by guilt, she breaks it off to make a final attempt to save her relationship.

Soul Robbers (2015)

A group of suspected insurgents arrives at an hacienda inhabited only by the owner, his daughters and a servant. Their eagerness not to leave the war empty-handed puts them at odds with the seemingly defenseless women, who have a macabre advantage.

Tout s'accélère (2016)

A teacher documents his students' reflections on the dizzying changes taking place in the world.

Fireworks (2017)

Norimichi and Yusuke are both infatuated with their classmate Nazuna. But when Nazuna decides to run away from home, it's Norimichi she asks to join her. After their plans go awry, Norimichi discovers a magical ball that has the power to manipulate time and give them a second chance, but each reset brings new complications.

Une journée bien remplie (1972)

A man plots to kill nine members of the jury that sentenced his son to death.

Edge of the Empire (2010)

A young warrior tries to stand up to a violent and oppressive empire in 12th-century Thailand.

Too Late to Say Goodbye (2009)

A woman who suspects her brother-in-law of murdering her sister begins a campaign to convince the police that he is a killer.

Gränsen (2011)

A team from neutral Sweden tries to rescue a soldier who has become a prisoner of the Germans after crossing the border into Norway during World War II.

The Walls Talk (2012)

Three stories trace a Mexican couple's love across different centuries.

Eternity (2013)

In the near future, detective Richard Manning must investigate the murder of a wealthy property investor inside a virtual reality computer game.

Munroe Island (2016)

A teenager is sent to his family's ancestral home in the hope that the idyllic surroundings will heal his troubled mind.

Timboektoe (2007)

Two Dutch teenagers are upset when their parents decide to move to France and open a campsite.

C'est beau la vie quand on y pense (2016)

A man searches for the person who received the transplanted heart of his son.

Other People's Heads (2016)

A death panel presides over guillotine executions that have begun to go bizarrely wrong.

Zoo (2018)

A drug dealer starts having doubts about his trade as his brother, his client, and two rappers from the slums battle their own secret addictions.

Cappuccino (2017)

A man falls in love with a woman after his hard drive is accidentally given to her.

Chicken Kokkachi (2017)

A man has to leave his village after his family causes problems.

Ghost Source Zero (2017)

Elite operatives battle androids and cyborgs.

Daffedar (2016)

A retired government service employee continues to serve the people.

84 Days in Asia (2015)

A travel diary of Japan, Singapore and Malaysia.

Hell of a Day (2016)

In a post-apocalyptic world, a lone survivor finds herself trapped in a basement.

Downward (2014)

A bioengineered soldier helps a widow search for her husband's body.

Tintin and the Mystery of the Golden Fleece (1961)

Tintin and Capt. Haddock must uncover what makes their apparently worthless ship so valuable.

Chasing Robert Barker (2015)

A photographer turned paparazzi is caught in the downward spiral of a fabricated tabloid story.

Guard Dog (2015)

A magical sheepdog helps a notoriously mischievous kid stay out of trouble.

Pareeth Pandaari (2017)

As the parents of three unmarried daughters, a humble cook and his wife contend with the challenges of matchmaking and social expectations.

The Skin of the Wolf (2017)

An animal trapper living in an abandoned mountain town in Spain seeks a wife to end his loneliness.

Twenty Years (2017)

Two friends reconnect 20 years after they went their separate ways, but life has other plans.

Tum Milo Toh Sahi (2010)

A retired law clerk defends a café owner against a multinational company that wants to take over her location.

Tyson (2016)

A man becomes a dignified police officer.

Lose-Lose (2014)

A divorce lawyer's clients, a woman and her husband, have settled every asset of their estate, except for one thing - a nude painting of the woman.

Hard Knock Robots (2017)

A down-on-his-luck robot named Steel-Toe tries his hand at a job in Hollywood.

The Vengeance of the Winged Serpent (1984)

A man inherits an apartment building in Paris, not knowing that two charming women who live there work as professional killers.

Françoise Dolto, for the Love of Children (2008)

Friends confront personal demons in the aftermath of World War II.

Final Balance (2011)

A man probes the disappearance of his father, a private detective, and discovers he has a dark side.

Family First (2018)

A man tries to maintain a proper balance between the numerous needs of his family, the job he is doing with his brother, and his involvements in his uncle's drug cartel.

To Have and to Hold (2019)

Alice's dream marriage to the dashing, wealthy and successful Joe Chambers is plagued by his numerous indiscretions.

T: Ghosts in the Machine (2017)

Two men from different backgrounds meet and discover that they are both guided by invisible ghosts.

These Colors Don't Run (2017)

A tattooed woman tells the story of her first ink.