Camino, een feature-length selfie (2019)

Benjamin the Elephant (2020) (2019)

And We Go Green (2020)

Queen of the Night (2013)

Queen of the Night (Hangul: 밤의 여왕; RR: Bamui Yeowang) is a 2013 South Korean romantic comedy film starring Kim Min-jung and Chun Jung-myung. It was written and directed by Kim Je-yeong.

Dressed to Marry (2014)

Tjorven och Skrållan (1965)

Cine Holliúdy 2: A Chibata Sideral (2019)

O Diário de Tati (2012)

The Three Musketeers (1942)

Cantinflas sneaks into a cabaret where an actress is in the audience. He persuades her to dance with him, but, at the same time, thieves steal her valuable necklace. The actress is grateful when Cantinflas retrieves the necklace. When she invites him to the studio where she is filming The Three Musketeers, he is mistaken for an extra.

¿En dónde están los ladrones? (2017)

George Carlin: 40 Years of Comedy (1997)

George Carlin: 40 Years of Comedy (1997) is comedian George Carlin's tenth HBO special. It was broadcast live from the Wheeler Theater in Aspen, Colorado, as part of the US Comedy Arts Festival. Unlike Carlin's other stand-up specials, this contains only 27 minutes of stand-up performance. The rest is a retrospective celebrating Carlin's 40th anniversary in entertainment with clips of his television appearances and an interview with the host Jon Stewart. Some of Carlin's material was repeated in his next special, You Are All Diseased.

Adventures of Petey and Friends (2016)

Housekeeping (2015)

Lucy, a young med student in need of quick cash to help her troubled brother, reluctantly accepts the too-good-to-be-true position as a housekeeper offered to her through a friend of a friend. But things quickly take a disturbing turn. Her never-seen employer seems to have a dark side, and the job reveals itself to be anything but normal.

Matt Braunger: Big Dumb Animal (2015)

Snow Canon (2011)

Bakit dilaw ang gitna ng bahag-hari? (1994)

Why Is Yellow the Middle of the Rainbow? is a 1994 Filipino collage film edited, shot, co-written, and directed by Kidlat Tahimik.

What it Takes: film en douze tableaux (2019)

The Man Who Killed Richard III (2015)

Jolly Old St. Nicholas (1994)

Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins (2020)

Snake Eyes is an upcoming action film directed by Robert Schwentke, and is slated to be the third installment of the G.I. Joe franchise, as well as the first installment since G.I. Joe: Retaliation in 2013. It is due for release on October 16, 2020.

Piazzolla, the Years of the Shark (2018)

An intimate portrait of the famous Argentine bandoneon player and composer Astor Piazzolla, who revolutionized the tango.

Marcel Duchamp: Art of the Possible (2019)

Marcel Duchamp: Art of the Possible explores the life, philosophy and impact of one of the most influential early 20th century modernists, Marcel Duchamp. The film breaks down Duchamp’s ideas and applies them to both historical events and the modernist explosion that blanketed the early 20th century. Art of the Possible isn’t simply a biopic; rather, the film shows how Duchamp’s ideas changed the public consciousness, and our understanding of aesthetics, art, and culture. The film highlights the singular impact of Duchamp’s philosophy on art, and, more importantly, examines how Duchamp’s revolutionary ideas from the early 20th century have shaped the 21st century and modern day. Ultimately, Marcel Duchamp: Art of the Possible is a guide to exploring the possibilities in every art endeavor and showcasing how Duchamp’s ideas gave generations of artists the intellectual backing to pursue new ideas.

The Weasel's Tale (2019)

The Pit (2009)

Step Up China (2019)

I babysitter (2016)

Our Planet: Behind the Scenes (2019)

Years spent recording footage of creatures from every corner of the globe is bound to produce a bit of drama. Here's a behind-the-scenes look.

The Ones Who Stay (2018)

School Life (2019)

In one of the poorest areas of Paris, a school counselor devotes herself to working with disadvantaged students, while facing challenges of her own.

Die in a Gunfight (2020)

Cuilli & Macuilli, los hijos del Jaguar. (2019)

A ti te quería encontrar (2018)

A ti te quería encontrar is an upcoming Mexican drama film directed by Javier Colinas and written by Tamara Argamasilla. The film stars Eréndira Ibarra, Erick Elias, Luis Arrieta, and Paulette Hernández, and will be presented on 9 June 2018 on the 10th anniversary of the HOLA Mexico Film Festival in Los Angeles.

Le mystère de la matière noire (2012)

Escape Route (2016)

Shivu Paru (2018)

Prim, el asesinato de la calle del Turco (2014)

Incantato (2003)

Incantato (Italian: Il cuore altrove, also known as The Heart Is Elsewhere or The Heart Is Everywhere) is a 2003 Italian drama film directed by Pupi Avati. It was entered into the 2003 Cannes Film Festival.

Makinavaja, el último choriso (1992)

Stories from the Kronen (1995)

Stories from the Kronen (Spanish: Historias del Kronen) is a 1995 Spanish drama film directed by Montxo Armendáriz. Starring Juan Diego Botto and Jordi Mollà, the film is an adaptation of José Angel Mañas eponymous novel. It was entered into the 1995 Cannes Film Festival.

Qui? (1970)

U47 - Kapitänleutnant Prien (1958)

U 47 – Kapitänleutnant Prien is a 1958 black-and-white German war film portraying the World War II career of the U-boat captain Günther Prien. It stars Dieter Eppler and Sabine Sesselmann and was directed by Harald Reinl.

Der schwarze Freitag (1966)

Infidus (2015)

Favela Frontlines (2019)

Mujeres, de Coque Malla (2019)

A dunai hajós (1974)

Cup-Tie Honeymoon (1948)

Cup-Tie Honeymoon was the first motion picture to be filmed at the Dickenson Road Studios by the Mancunian Film Corporation in 1948, themed around football.

Danbé, la tête haute (2015)

Bread, Bus and the Second First Love (2018)

The School on Magic Mountain (2019)

O Barão Otelo no Barato dos Bilhões (1971)

Neil Armstrong: First Man on the Moon (2012)

La Niña de Maracaibo (2012)

Wayuu: La niña de Maracaibo (English: Wayuu: The Girl from Maracaibo) is a 2012 Venezuelan crime film directed by Miguel Curiel and starring Daniel Alvarado, Karina Velázquez and Asier Hernández. The film premiered in New York City in August 2005, and it opened in other countries, including Venezuela later that year.

Four Sided Triangle (1953)

Ten years after leaving her childhood friends, Bill (Stephen Murray) and Robin (John Van Eyssen), Lena (Barbara Payton) returns to her home town. She learns that they are working together on a scientific experiment a reproducing machine which faithfully duplicates any object.

Let's Make a Dream (1936)

Sonic Christmas Blast (1996)

Saving Zoë (2019)

It's been a year since her older sister's murder, and Echo is still far from being completely alright. Echo has been trying her hardest to be the strong one, while her mother takes too many antidepressants and her father works too much. Now, at the start of her freshmen year of high school, Echo receives an unlikely gift from Zoe's old boyfriend: her diary. Echo is hesitant to read it but can't put it down after she gets caught up in Zoe's secret life

Blood 13 (2018)

A Monsterous Holiday (2013)

Bang Rajan 2 (2010)

Packed stylized action and underdog badassery, the Bang Rajan sequels follows a small village as it fights back against the onslaught of war during the Ayatthuya period. Armed with the inspiration of other village’s victories, a band of warriors defies the odds and launches a guerrilla attack against the Burmese invaders.

The Care They've Earned (2018)

Sides Of A Horn (2018)

From Executive Producer Sir Richard Branson, Sides of a Horn is the first film to tell the story of Africa’s poaching war from both sides of the fence. Based on actual events, and filmed in a township directly impacted by wildlife crime, this dramatic short film follows the journey of two brothers-in-law fighting on opposite sides of a war that is driving a prehistoric species to the verge of extinction.

Right Before Your Eyes (2019)

Lovefucked (2019)

A couple’s caustic, increasingly jarring interactions over a Mumbai evening strain their relationship until it threatens to break at its fraying seams.

To the Four Winds (2018)

Bitter Sweet (2016)

Nigakute Amai is a 2016 Japanese romantic comedy film directed by Shōgo Kusano, written by Tomohiro Ōtoshi, starring Haruna Kawaguchi and Kento Hayashi and based on the webmanga series of the same name by Yumiwo Kobayashi. It was released in Japan on September 10, 2016.

Fernando Sanjiao: Hombre (2018)

One Piece: Chopper's Kingdom in the Strange Animal Island (2002)

Seven Days Sunday (2007)

Traumfrauen (2015)

Traumfrauen is a 2015 German comedy film directed by Anika Decker. It sold 1.7 million tickets making it one of the most successful films of 2015

Shirts Up Knickers Down (1972)

Gorilla Gang (1968)

The Gorilla of Soho (German: Der Gorilla von Soho) is 1968 West German crime film directed by Alfred Vohrer and starring Horst Tappert, Uschi Glas and Uwe Friedrichsen. It was part of Rialto Film's long-running series of Edgar Wallace adaptations. It was shot on location around London and at the CCC Studios in Berlin. The film's sets were designed by the art directors Walter Kutz and Wilhelm Vorwerg.

A Haunting in Georgia (2001)

Take Peace! A Corgi Cottage Christmas with Tasha Tudor (1998)

Take Joy! The Magical World of Tasha Tudor (1996)

Die Huberbuam - Close Call with Mount Asgard (2014)

True Fiction (2018)

Sextape (2018)

Sextape is a 2018 French comedy film directed by Antoine Desrosières. It was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival. Film critic Lisa Nesselson writing for Screen Daily found the film was "an invaluable and frank conversation-starter in the arena of what constitutes sexual harassment and what can be done about reducing it", while Todd McCarthy writing for The Hollywood Reporter called it "a nugget of truth wrapped in a gross and vulgar package." Its had a theatrical release in France on 6 June 2018.

Cosmic Scrat-tastrophe (2015)

Cosmic Scrat-tastrophe is a 2015 computer-animated short film from Blue Sky Studios, starring Scrat of Ice Age. It is the fourth in the series of Ice Age short films. Directed by Michael Thurmeier and Galen Chu, the short premiered on November 6, 2015, along with the film The Peanuts Movie. The majority of the film's footage, minus the closing scene, was included in the feature film Ice Age: Collision Course.

Conlanging: The Art of Crafting Tongues (2017)

Conlanging: The Art of Crafting Tongues is a 2017 documentary film about conlanging - the hobby of constructing artificial languages and the people who make them. The film features conlangers David J. Peterson (Dothraki and High Valyrian from Game of Thrones); Marc Okrand (Klingon from Star Trek) and David Salo (consultant on Tolkien's languages, particularly Sindarin for Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies), as well as Paul Frommer, linguistics professor and creator of Na'vi, and Christine Schreyer, (Kryptonian from Man of Steel) anthropologist at the University of British Columbia, who hopes to be able to apply conlanging methods to endangered languages. The film also looks at the history of the hobby and modern-day conlangers. While the film was made available for online purchase in 24 August, a premiere was held on 22 July at the University of Calgary's Plaza Theatre.. Production began in 2015, and received funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, but the film's future was secured through an Indiegogo campaign that raised $25,000 during August 2016. The Language Creation Society provided $3,000 worth of funds towards the film and held an interview with Watkins.

Quarter Bin (2015)

Friends find romance in a comic book store.

Secondhand Hearts (2017)

A photographer discovers that the woman he fell in love with while on a trip to Japan is his girlfriend's older sister.

The Miracle of the Little Prince (2018)

The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s celebrated philosophical children’s book about friendship, love and respect, is one of the world’s most widely translated literary works. In The Miracle of the Little Prince, Marjoleine Boonstra visits the people who have translated this little masterpiece from French into Tibetan, Tamazight (North Africa), Sámi (northern Finland and Scandinavia) and Nawat (El Salvador). All of these languages are under threat. Passionately enthusiastic language researchers, teachers and translators talk about how the observations of an alien prince on earth are interpreted in their own culture. They also recall the first time they read the book, and, naturally enough, discuss the linguistic challenges they faced—how do you translate “water faucet” if there's no such term in your world? This original approach and the exquisite, calm cinematography allow for the telling of personal stories that are as bizarre, human and painful as the experiences of the titular prince. It’s a film that inspires wonder—a testimony to the imagination and the solace and liberation it offers.

Carnival in Paris (1937)

A museum janitor helps a girl hide from the police.

Facing Mecca (2017)

A man hopes to bury his wife in accordance with Muslim rites, but bureaucracy gets in his way.

Genesis (2018)

Genesis (French: Genèse) is a Canadian drama film, directed by Philippe Lesage and released in 2018. The film stars Théodore Pellerin and Noée Abita as Guillaume and Charlotte, teenage half-siblings simultaneously struggling with romance; Charlotte is in a relationship with Maxime (Pier-Luc Funk), but is reeling from his proposal that they change to an open relationship, while Guillaume is a student at an all-boys boarding school who is developing a romantic and sexual attraction to his classmate Nicolas (Jules Roy Sicotte).The cast also includes Paul Ahmarani and Mylène Mackay. The film also includes a segment which shifts to focus on the story of Félix (Édouard Tremblay-Grenier), the lead character of Lesage's 2015 film The Demons (Les Démons).In December 2018, the Toronto International Film Festival named the film to its annual year-end Canada's Top Ten list.

Robbers' Roost (1933)

Robbers' Roost is a 1932 American Western film directed by David Howard and Louis King and written by Dudley Nichols. The film stars George O'Brien and Maureen O'Sullivan. It is based on the novel Robbers' Roost by Zane Grey. The film premiered in September 13 to early November or December 30, 1932, and was released on January 1, 1933, by Fox Film Corporation.

Dora Heldt: Tante Inge haut ab (2011)

Der Hund begraben (2017)

Ihr seid natürlich eingeladen (2018)

Dear Courtney (2014)

Neues aus dem Reihenhaus (2016)

Kidnap - Bo's Most Exciting Holiday Ever (2015)

Das Gesicht auf der Wand (1983)

Venus im vierten Haus (2018)

Spaghetti a Mezzanotte (1981)

Spaghetti a mezzanotte a.k.a. Spaghetti at Midnight is a 1981 Italian sex comedy, directed by Sergio Martino.

Baggerführer Bob (2014)

Der Mann aus Kanada (1967)

The White Snake (2015)

Kafkas Der Bau (2015)