The Wee Men (1947)

Cream Lemon (2004)

The Dead Of Night (2004)

Don't Expect Praises (2012)

Excursion to the Moon (1908)

Excursion to the Moon (French: Excursion dans la lune) is a 1908 French silent film directed by Segundo de Chomón. The production was supervised by Ferdinand Zecca, designed by V. Lorant-Heilbronn, and released by Pathé Frères. The film is an unauthorized remake, and an almost shot-by-shot copy, of Georges Méliès's 1902 film A Trip to the Moon. The film follows Méliès's scenario closely and includes many of its features, with some variations: for example, the Selenites are not vulnerable to umbrellas, but rather appear and disappear at will; the capsule lands inside the Man in the Moon's open mouth rather than hitting its eye; and the Selenite who returns to Earth is a "dancing moon-maiden" who is betrothed at the end of the film to one of the astronomers. This film has occasionally been misidentified as a work by Méliès. Of the film's 180 meters, 72 were colorized using a Pathé stencil process.

20,000 Employees Entering Lord Armstrong's Elswick Works, Newcastle-upon-Tyne (1900)

Acı (2009)

The Pain is a 2009 Turkish drama film written, produced and directed by Cemal Şan, which looks at generation gaps through the story of an old man and his granddaughter. The film, which went on nationwide general release across Turkey on October 9, 2009, has been screened at numerous international film festivals. It is dedicated to Engin Çeber who died while he was in custody.

Secondo Ponzio Pilato (1988)

Secondo Ponzio Pilato is a 1987 Italian historical comedy-drama film written and directed by Luigi Magni. The film continues the Magni's path of ironic reinterpretation of the history. It was filmed between Syracuse, Algeria and Tunisia. For her performance in this film Stefania Sandrelli was nominated to the Silver Ribbon for Best Actress.

Tommy Tucker's Tooth (1922)

Tommy Tucker's Tooth is an animated short film by Walt Disney at his short-lived Laugh-O-Grams studio in Kansas City from 1922. The format was black and white, and without sound. The film was one of two commissioned by Kansas City Dentist Thomas B. McCrumb. It earned the Laugh-O-Gram studio $500. It extols the virtue of regular tooth brushing through the story of two boys: Tommy Tucker and Jimmie Jones. Tommy cares for his teeth, while Jimmie does not. The film ends with advice on proper tooth-brushing technique. In 1926 Disney made the follow up short Clara Cleans Her Teeth, starring Walt’s niece Marjorie Sewell Davis, after being contacted by McCromb again, who asked for a sequel.

Daisogen no wataridori (1960)

Jean Cocteau: Autobiography of an Unknown (1983)

Liberté I (1962)

Liberté I is a 1962 French-Senegalese film directed by Yves Ciampi. It was entered into the 1962 Cannes Film Festival.

Musical: Robin Hood (2012)

A Legacy of Filmmakers: The Early Years of American Zoetrope (2004)

The 2nd Best Secret Agent in the Whole Wide World (1965)

Licensed to Kill is an Eastmancolor 1965 superspy imitation James Bond film starring Tom Adams as British secret agent Charles Vine. It was directed and co-written by Lindsay Shonteff. Producer Joseph E. Levine picked it up for American and worldwide distribution and reedited it under the title The Second Best Secret Agent in the Whole Wide World. The theme song for the American version, composed by Sammy Cahn and Jimmy Van Heusen and performed by Sammy Davis, Jr., is used in the 2011 film drama Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

Kitamura Toukoku: Waga fuyu no uta (1977)

Egyptian Fakir with Dancing Monkey (1903)

Preston North End v. Wolverhampton Wanderers (1904)

Pesky Pelican (1963)

Gendai shofu-ko: seifuku no shita no uzuki (1974)

Fragmentos de Uma Observação Participativa (2013)

Dry and Thirsty (1920)

Dry and Thirsty is a 1920 American silent comedy film, directed by Craig Hutchinson. It is a satire of the Prohibition era in the United States. The film spoofs former Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan, who campaigned for Prohibition; the character is dubbed "William Allways Tryan."

Working Surface: A Short Study (with Actors) in the 'Ways' of a Bourgeois Writer (1979)

Cardillac (1970)

Cardillac is a 1969 West German drama film directed by Edgar Reitz, starring Hans-Christian Blech and Catana Cayetano. It tells the story of a goldsmith who is so obsessed with his own craft that he murders his customers. The film is a modern adaptation of E. T. A. Hoffmann's novella Mademoiselle de Scuderi. (Composer Paul Hindemith also used the novella as the basis of his 1926 opera Cardillac.)

The Braineater (2001)

Kyôretsu na... Aoi ana (1967)

Wild and Woolly Hare (1959)

Wild and Woolly Hare is a 1959 animated short starring Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam. It features Bugs in a Western setting, again saving a town from Yosemite Sam.

The Twisker Pitcher (1937)

The Regina Pierce Affair (2001)

La cigüeña metálica (2013)

The Semester We Loved Kim Novak (1980)

The Wall (1962)

The Wall is a 1962 American propaganda film directed by Walter de Hoog about the erection of the Berlin Wall.

Semi-dokyumento Nippon chikan go-jû-nen-shi (1975)

Tian guan ci fu (1985)

Love Under the Elms (1975)

The First Time on the Grass (Italian: La prima volta sull'erba, and known in the United States as Love Under the Elms) is a 1974 Italian drama film directed by Gianluigi Calderone. It was entered into the 25th Berlin International Film Festival.

The Daring Nun (1968)

A ridosso dei ruderi, i Trionfi (1997)

Kunoichi ninpô-chô II: Sei-shôjo no hihô (1992)

Checkin' in with Goofy (2011)

Allison (2012)

My Favorite Duck (1942)

My Favorite Duck is a 1942 color Looney Tunes cartoon featuring Porky Pig and Daffy Duck (both voiced by Mel Blanc). It was the second color entry in the Looney Tunes series, and the first pairing of Porky and Daffy produced in Technicolor. It was directed by Chuck Jones, in his first collaboration with writer Michael Maltese. The title was presumably inspired by a film of that era, either 1940's My Favorite Wife or 1942's My Favorite Blonde. In this case the title is used ironically. This is one of several entries in a series where Daffy (during his "screwball" period) torments Porky in a variety of ways.

Love Will Tear Us Apart (2013)

Sing nou (1992)

The Pierre Woodman Story (2009)

Sylvia Kristel - Paris (2003)

The Shiinomi School (1955)

Smashing Pumpkins: 666 (1995)

Internationally Speaking (2005)

Liquirizia (1979)

Liquirizia (Italian for "Liquorice") is a 1979 Italian teen comedy film written and directed by Salvatore Samperi and starring Christian De Sica , Barbara Bouchet, Jenny Tamburi, Teo Teocoli and Tino Schirinzi.

Second Wind (2012)

Bowlive: Soulive Live at The Brooklyn Bowl (2010)

Happy Birthday, Garfield (1988)

Happy Birthday, Garfield is an hour-long television special dedicated to the tenth anniversary of the Garfield comic strip, hosted by its creator Jim Davis. The special was first broadcast May 17, 1988 on CBS. It has only been released on VHS home video.

Fallin' Floyd (2013)

Chasing Louis Schnekowitz (2009)

Rush Hour (1941)

Rush Hour is a 1941 British Public Information short film made by the wartime Ministry of Information, and designed to pass on an important message to cinemagoers in a humorous manner. The film was directed by Anthony Asquith and produced by Edward Black. Rush Hour was filmed as a series of short comedy sequences, illustrating the various degrees of chaos and confusion arising from public transport being overwhelmed with passengers at peak times. Its twin targets were employers, to whom the desirability of staggered working hours was stressed, and casual leisure travellers, who were exhorted: "Shopping? Visiting? Then get home early at your ease – leave rush-hour seats for workers, please!"

She Done Him Right (1933)

She Done Him Right is a 1933 short animated cartoon by Walter Lantz Productions. It is the 13th and final short of the Pooch the Pup series.

Guests of the Ayatollah (2005)

Tunnel Under the World (1969)

The Tunnel Under the World (original Italian title Il Tunnel Sotto il Mondo) is a 1969 low-budget Italian science-fiction film directed and edited by Luigi Cozzi inspired by Frederik Pohl's novel of the same name. The screenplay was written by Alfredo Castelli and Tito Monego. It was the directorial debut of a 21-year-old Luigi Cozzi. It began as a film school project and eventually wound up becoming a full-length feature film. Cozzi's work on this film brought him to the attention of famed horror film director Dario Argento and jump-started his career.

Exley (2011)

Thriller Zone (1995)

The World Turns Backward (1947)

Bruce Lee in G.O.D.: Shibôteki yûgi (2001)

Cindy Crawford: The Next Challenge Workout (1993)

Miss April (1958)

Miss April (Swedish: Fröken April) is a 1958 Swedish comedy film directed by Göran Gentele. It was entered into the 1959 Cannes Film Festival.

Treason (1964)

Treason (Greek: Προδοσία, translit. Prodosia) is a 1964 Greek drama film directed by Kostas Manoussakis. It was entered into the 1965 Cannes Film Festival. The film was also selected as the Greek entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 37th Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.

The First Miss (1961)

The First Mass (Portuguese: A Primeira Missa) is a 1961 Brazilian drama film directed by Lima Barreto, based on Nair Lacerda's short story "Nhá Colaquinha Cheia de Graça". It was entered into the 1961 Cannes Film Festival.

Escape from Coral Cove (1986)

Mongrel (1982)

Mongrel is a 1982 American horror film written and directed by Robert A. Burns. This is the only feature film Burns directed.

Felix the Cat in Forty Winks (1930)

Forty Winks is an animated short film made by the Pat Sullivan Studio, and is among the Felix the Cat shorts.

Todespolka (2010)

Betty Boop and Little Jimmy (1936)

Betty Boop and Little Jimmy is a 1936 Fleischer Studio animated short film, starring Betty Boop and featuring newspaper comic strip character Little Jimmy.

Beneath the Cogon (2005)

Oz: The Tin Woodman's Dream (1967)

Mountain Vigil (1964)

Buddy's Lost World (1935)

Buddy's Lost World is an American animated short film released May 18, 1935. It is a Looney Tunes cartoon, featuring Buddy, the second star of the series. It was directed by Jack King; musical direction was by Norman Spencer. The title is likely a reference to the 1925 silent film The Lost World, itself based upon the novel of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The music playing throughout much of the cartoon is " Lullaby of Broadway", played in a minor key.

Time for Love (1935)

Time for Love is a Fleischer Studios film directed by Dave Fleischer and distributed by Paramount Pictures. It was released in September 6, 1935.

Emergency Ward (1952)

Emergency Ward (Spanish: Sala de guardia) is a 1952 Argentine film directed by Tulio Demicheli. It was entered into the 1953 Cannes Film Festival.

A Little Soap and Water (1935)

A Little Soap and Water is a 1935 Fleischer Studios animated short film starring Betty Boop.

The Dare (1965)

Iron Maiden: Behind the Iron Curtain (1984)

Rosa, zusje van Anna (2012)

Hapuslah Air Matamu (1976)

Love in the Fast Lane (1987)

The Neo-Impressionist Painter (1910)

Wo maba maha sanuk (2008)

Amalia (1914)

Amalia is a 1914 Argentine silent film directed by Enrique García Velloso and written by Eugenio Py. It was based on the novel by José Mármol. The film starred Dora Huergo and Lola Marcó del Pont. It is the first full-length film ever produced in Argentine cinema history.

Adamt (2013)

Saphai breu... aw aw (2008)

Jerk (1969)

Ketamine (2014)

Sürgün (2013)

The Hummingbird Wars (2014)

New Jack: Hardcore (2007)

Good Eating Habits (1951)

Un conseil d'ami (1916)

Lick Salt: A Grandson's Tale (2007)

The All-American Woman (1976)

The Elvis Files (2008)

Bikini Ramen (2013)

Tone Death (2017)