Fighting Thoroughbreds (1939)

A simple stableboy works long and hard to become a very wealthy man.

Between Kings And Queens (2010)

A young African prince travels to America to flee his responsibilities.

Hellacious Acres: The Case Of John Glass (2011)

After global war and an alien invasion devastate the planet, a man encounters crazy survivors, aliens and plain bad luck during a military mission to re-establish a livable atmosphere.

Gonger (2008)

The ghost (Dario Stankewitz) of a boy seeks revenge for drowning 20 years earlier.

Blind Fist Of Bruce (1979)

An idle young man and his master defend a village with kung fu.

The Seduction of Mimi (1972)

Mimi (Giancarlo Giannini) is a Sicilian dockworker who inadvertently becomes embroiled in an increasingly complicated array of personal conflicts. When he loses his job after voting against a Mafia kingpin in an allegedly secret election, Mimi leaves his wife to find new work. He moves to Turin, where he engages in an affair with a Communist organizer. Soon Mimi finds himself juggling two demanding relationships while plotting to take revenge against the corrupt forces that ruined his life.

Finding Lenny (2009)

A down-and-out soccer coach (Barry Hilton) helps a chief and his tribe prepare for a fateful match.

Gun Crazy: Requiem for a Bodyguard (2003)

A woman jumps into action to save her childhood friend from kidnappers.

Gun Crazy: Traitor's Rhapsody (2003)

A policewoman (Kasumi Nakane) seeks revenge against the terrorists who killed her partner.

Easy Money II (2012)

After serving time in prison, former business student-turned-drug smuggler JW (Joel Kinnaman) gets pulled back into a life of crime.

Thirst (1949)

On a train after a vacation in Italy, a man (Birger Malmsten) and his wife (Eva Henning) express their dislike for each other.

Dream Stalker (1991)

A fashion model (Valerie Williams) has nightmares of her rotting dead lover, who wants her all to himself.

Hard Revenge, Milly (2008)

A grieving woman (Miki Mizuno) uses a sword to dispatch the vicious gangsters who killed her family.

Wrong Move (1975)

A young German man who decides to become a writer, Wilhelm Meister (Rudiger Vogler) sets off on a journey of self-discovery. During his travels, he encounters various fascinating characters, including the beautiful Therese (Hanna Schygulla), the intriguing young Mignon (Nastassja Nakszynski) and a poet named Landau (Peter Kern). When the group accompanies Landau on a visit to his uncle, they mistakenly end up at the home of a wealthy but forlorn stranger (Ivan Desny).

Frozen Heart: A Film About Roald Amundsen (1999)

Director Stig Andersen chronicles the Norwegian adventurer and his efforts to reach the North and South poles for his country.

Four Dollars of Revenge (1966)

A military officer in charge of transporting a gold shipment is accused of theft.

I Drink Your Blood (1970)

A group of satanic hippies becomes rabid and cannibalistic after being fed meat pies injected with dog blood.

Se Alquila Marido (1961)

A young woman pays a man to pretend to be her husband and start a business, she signs a contract and they both fall in love.

491 (1964)

As part of a social experiment, two teenage friends (Lars Lind, Leif Nymark) move into an apartment in Sweden with a group of other delinquents. There, under constant surveillance, they are forced to engage in bad behavior. For a while, the teenagers enjoy having sex with each other, hiring prostitutes and abusing animals. But, when the relationship between the two friends becomes sexually abusive, the social experiment begins to feel like torture.

The Outlaw Emmett Deemus Movie (2008)

A 70-year-old man decides to become an outlaw biker and steals a deputies badge.

Dragnet Patrol (1931)

A World War I naval hero faces a bootlegging rap after taking a job with an unsavory shipping outfit.

Chicogrande (2010)

Followers (Damin Alczar, Ivan Rafael Gonzlez) of Pancho Villa must try to evade a sadistic American commander (Daniel Martinez) as they seek medical aid for their stricken leader (Alejandro Calva).

Entre nos mains (2010)

The employees of a bankrupt lingerie factory form a cooperative to take over the business.

You Can't Beat the Law (1943)

Framed for a robbery, a man (Edward Norris) befriends a fellow prisoner who hatches a plan to escape.

Hungry Hills (2009)

Based on the novel by George Ryga.

Cold Spring (2013)

Roy (Sean Patrick Flanery) and Sara's (Natasha Henstridge) marriage is heading for divorce due to Sara's infertility and Roy's secret affair with Diane (Jennifer Gibson).

What a Whopper (1961)

An aspiring young author (Adam Faith) of a Loch Ness monster book fabricates photos of the creature to drum up sales.

Frisco Sal (1945)

With an old letter as her only clue, a woman arrives in turn-of-the-century San Francisco to search for her brother.

Beauty and the Bus (1933)

Two women win a new car in a movie theater raffle, but their good luck disappears when they drive the vehicle home.

Behind the Great Wall (1959)

Fishing cormorants, a tiger hunt, a ritualistic marriage, a holiday parade and other colorful events reveal touches of modern China.

Benjamin Franklin, Jr. (1943)

Buckwheat, Mickey and the other "Our Gang" kids stage a play to extol the virtues of wartime sacrifice.

Mitsuko Delivers (2011)

Mitsuko is in the ninth month of her pregnancy and broke, so she moves back to the dilapidated neighborhood where she grew up. To make ends meet, she helps other residents -- one by one -- with their problems until she goes into labor.

The Buttercup Chain (1970)

Curiosity and passion link two cousins (Hywel Bennett, Jane Asher) and another couple in a dangerous way in Europe.

Girls' School (1938)

When private school administrators learn that student Linda Simpson (Nan Grey) has been sneaking around with her fianc, Edgar (Kenneth Howell), they set up a meeting with her parents. The elder Simpsons smooth things over and, with a big dance approaching, they send flowers to Linda and class officer Natalie Freeman (Anne Shirley). Natalie and Linda argue after a mix-up over the flowers, but Linda soon realizes her error and ultimately makes an important decision about her life.

Soft Beds, Hard Battles (1974)

A British Intelligence agent (Peter Sellers) uses an anti-Nazi bordello in Paris to hunt dangerous patrons.

Border Buckaroos (1943)

Texas Rangers (Dave "Tex" O'Brien, Jim Newill) pose as gunman and ranch heir to stop a land-grab.

Bombal (2012)

The life of Maria Luisa Bombal, one of the most important women in Latin American literature.

The Block (1964)

A wealthy playboy becomes involved in the lives of two nightclub dancers who provide other forms of entertainment as well.

Get Going (1943)

A woman finds the Washington social life a bit dull, so she decides to pose as a "public enemy" to attract attention.

The Abominable Snowman (1957)

British scientist John Rollason (Peter Cushing) is studying plants in the Himalayas with his wife (Maureen Connell) while he waits for his American associate, Tom Friend (Forrest Tucker). When Friend arrives, Rollason accompanies him on a trip to find the mysterious creature Yeti, along with Friend's partner (Robert Brown) and a guide (Michael Brill) who claims he can find the beast. The group proceeds despite warnings. However, the trip quickly becomes more dangerous than they had anticipated.

Mr. Photographer (1953)

A photographer is captured by gangsters while stealing flowers for his girlfriend, and they think he is a scientist with plans for a new atomic bomb.

Blue Skies Again (1983)

The owner (Harry Hamlin) of a baseball team will not let a woman (Robyn Barto) play, until he starts to fall for her manager (Mimi Rogers).

Night Life in Reno (1931)

A man leaves his wife, she meets a fun guy, and the fun guy's wife finds out.

Exile: A Myth Unearthed (2011)

Leading historians and archaeologists rethink the Jewish exile.

The Monolith Monsters (1957)

A geologist (Grant Williams) and a schoolteacher (Lola Albright) evacuate a desert town attacked by thirsty giant crystals.

Movie Star, American Style or; LSD, I Hate You (1966)

A Hollywood big-shot (Robert Strauss) puts a suicidal sex symbol (Paula Lane) in a doctor's (Del Moore) psychedelic group, seen in color.

Gallant Lady (1942)

A country doctor offers refuge to a woman doctor convicted and jailed for participating in mercy killings.

Gibraltar (1938)

British and Nazi agents tangle in Tangier during World War II.

The Outlaw (1943)

The life of legendary outlaw Billy the Kid, including his partnership with Doc Holliday and his clashes with lawman Pat Garrett. The film was notorious in its day because of producer/director Howard Hughes concentration on newcomer Jane Russell's cleavage, and national release in America was delayed by some years.

Adopting Terror (2012)

A man (Sean Astin) and wife (Samaire Armstrong) learn that the biological father of their adopted baby daughter will stop at nothing to get her back.

Strange Birds in Paradise: A West Papuan Story (2009)

Three friends travel to Melbourne to record outlawed Indonesian folk songs.

G.I. Honeymoon (1945)

A new wife discovers the pitfalls of having an Army husband after their attempts at romance are constantly interrupted.

The Snowman (2009)

A daughter tries to uncover a 30-year-old mystery.

The Devil Diamond (1937)

A gang of thieves tries to steal a cursed gem from a jeweler before he can cut it into smaller pieces.

The Gentle Trap (1960)

A young woman helps a gangster flee from police and a crime boss.

Take a Leap of Faith (2008)

Rose (Yvette Saunders) places her love life in the hands of God and is rewarded with a man who loves her completely.

Meri Adalat (2001)

A loving brother gets his twin sister married to the man of her choice; he tries to expose the evil nature of her in-laws.

The Queen Boxer (1973)

An avenger (Judy Lei) of murder destroys a crime ring with her kung fu.

Girl in the Case (1944)

An attorney's lock-picking skills land him in the middle of a scheme involving international espionage.

The Adults in the Room (2010)

A filmmaker reflects on his relationship with an older man during his teen years.

Guilty Trails (1938)

A lawman helps a young woman when a corrupt banker makes a play for her ranch.

Masters of the Martial Arts (1985)

A showcase of martial arts fight sequences features Sonny Chiba, Bruce Li and Carter Wong.

Streets of Ghost Town (1950)

The Durango Kid (Charles Starrett) and his sidekick (Smiley Burnette) look for stolen gold with a history.

Killjoy (2000)

A clown doll (Angel Vargas) brought to life by black magic tries to kill those responsible for murdering its owner.

Gun Justice (1933)

Desperadoes hire a look-alike to impersonate a murdered rancher's heir to gain control of a vast spread.

Gun Law (1933)

An outlaw hellion rides rampant through Arizona, leaving a trail of violence in his wake.

Field of Vision (2011)

A high-school football player (Tony Oller) must make a difficult decision regarding bullies.

A Date with the Falcon (1942)

Private detective Gay Lawrence (George Sanders) is one of the sharpest sleuths around -- that's why they call him "the Falcon." But, in light of his impending marriage to Helen Reed (Wendy Barrie), he's taking a much-needed break from crime solving. At least that's the plan before scientist Waldo Sampson (Alec Craig) goes missing -- and before the goons involved also kidnap Lawrence. Although the gumshoe makes a clever escape, he soon finds himself ensnared in a murder charge.

Dismal (2008)

Bill (William Gregory Lee) and Matt (Scott Miles) go on a fishing trip in Virginia's Great Dismal Swamp and cross paths with a reclusive survivalist, Croaker Norge (Richard Riehle), who takes offense to the duo's presence.

Patthar Ke Sanam (1967)

A prank backfires when two best friends learn they both love the same man.

Housewarming (2005)

Chantal (Carole Bouquet), a liberal lawyer and single mom, hires Colombian immigrants to rehab her home so her new lover cannot move in.

Gharwali Baharwali (1998)

Married to a woman (Raveena Tandon) who cannot conceive, a man (Anil Kapoor) takes a second wife (Rambha) to father a child.

Bar-B-Q (2000)

After a football-pro-turned-actor (John West) returns home to Atlanta for relaxation, he throws a barbecue for his friends that gets out of control.

My Movie Girl (2009)

Adam (Adam Bronstein) uses his movie knowledge to create the perfect movie scene with Kate (Desiree Matthews), the woman of his dreams, but he re-casts her after they fail to make a connection and finally finds the perfect woman.

The Gunman (1952)

Terrorized citizens send for a Texas lawman to rid their town of bandits.

Gunman's Code (1946)

A pair of Wells Fargo agents becomes involved in the hunt for a gang of stagecoach robbers.

Prisoner of Japan (1942)

An astronomer (Alan Baxter) and his sweetheart (Gertrude Michael) silence a Japanese spy's (Ernest Dorian) secret radio.

Electronic Awakening (2011)

Filmmaker Andrew Johner offers insight into the inner workings of the brain and its metaphysical connection to the repetitive beats that people feel on the dance floor.

The Secrets of Wu Sin (1932)

A rookie San Francisco newswoman (Lois Wilson) tracks Chinatown smugglers for her editor (Grant Withers).

The Door (2009)

A man (Mads Mikkelsen) travels back in time to the day that his daughter (Valeria Eisenbart) drowned in a pool.

A Man From the East (1974)

A Boston greenhorn puts aside the contrivances of Eastern living when he becomes a cowpoke at his father's dude ranch.

A Very Curious Girl (1969)

A free-spirited country girl uses her sexuality against the hypocritical townspeople who have ostracized her.

Forgotten Women (1931)

Roommates Fern (Beryl Mercer) and Patricia (Marion Shilling) are a pair of stage actresses consigned to work as extras in the competitive world of movies in Hollywood, Calif. They meet young reporter Jimmy (Rex Bell) when Fern gives him a tip on mob ties in Hollywood. Jimmy woos Patricia, but, as his career picks up steam -- thanks to Fern's insider info -- he seems to become more interested in the daughter of his publisher. Will the struggling Fern and Patricia be left behind by Jimmy, too?

A Touch of Zen (1971)

Ku Shen Chai (Chun Shih), an unmotivated artist in his early 30s, still lives with his mother, but he is shaken from his comfortable rut by the arrival of beautiful and mysterious Yang Hui-ching (Feng Hsu), a princess on the run from Gen. Ou-Yang Nin (Tien Peng), who murdered her entire family. Yang brings Ku into her circle of protectors, including Nin's rival, Gen. Shih Wen-Chiao (Pai Ying), and the nameless monk (Roy Chiao) whose spiritual guidance transforms Ku into a valiant fighter.

Un día con el diablo (1945)

Cantinflas is mistaken for a soldier, sent to war, and there thousands of adventures await him.

Neon Maniacs (1986)

San Francisco police and teens (Alan Hayes, Leilani Sarelle, Donna Locke) fight water-soluble monsters with the only weapon that works.

Gunsmoke Trail (1938)

An honest cowboy sees through a conniving killer's plot to steal a woman's property.

¡A volar joven! (1947)

Cantinflas is a worker in a ranch and is forced to marry the ugliest daughter of his employer.

College Boarding House (1948)

A young man's father sends him to college to study law. He stays at an inn called the House of Troy.

Super Hero (1979)

A kung-fu fighter (Bruce Le) avenges his father, slain by the Black Dragon Society.

Cleaning House (1938)

The first entry in the MGM animated series "The Captain and the Kids" finds the Captain faking illness and rambunctious children Hans and Fritz pretending to be doctors.

Summer I Love You (2002)

A depressed and lonely woman (Candy Lo) falls for a disabled man (Richie Ren) whose condition is deteriorating.

Death Magic (1992)

Sorcery in the 1990s brings forth an angry major convicted of mass murder in the 1870s.

Gun Talk (1947)

A gun-toting cowboy proves that actions speak louder than words.

La Mujer Ajena (1954)

A villain wants the wife of another man who is already the lover of a player.

Girl In The News (1940)

A nurse with a dark past finds herself being held responsible for the death of her employer.

Romeos (2011)

Lucas, a transgendered woman becoming a man, is stuck in a female residential hall.

Girl Loves Boy (1937)

A young playboy ignores the affections of a widow's daughter, only to marry a gold-digger.

Four More Years (2010)

David, a married politician, falls in love with Martin, the Secretary of State for the rival party.

The Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins (1971)

Graham Chapman, Marty Feldman and Spike Milligan are among the contributors to this collection of comic sketches.