Affordable Luxuries (2013)

Up to 60 percent off of stylish jewelry featuring Kutamani Tanzanite.

Pillow Talk (2010)

A mysterious couple confronts their emotional and physical connection; their violent past collides and they come face to face with a dangerous future.

Tea Party Activism (2014)

Panelists discuss the Tea Party movement.

Haskell vs. Harris Oral Arguments (2014)

The constitutionality of California's mandatory collection of DNA samples.

Enfusion: The Hague (2013)

Hafid El Boustati vs. Robbie Hageman. From Rijswijk, Netherlands.

Rhodolite Garnet Showcase (2013)

We are very excited to bring you brand new Rhodolite Garnet from a new deposit in Tanzania: make sure you secure a piece before it's too late!

Enfusion Live: Groningen (2013)

From Nov. 16, 2013. Featuring Rachida Bouhout vs. Laetitia Bakissy for the Enfusion women's -64kg championship. From Groningen, Netherlands.

Methods of Take (2013)

Host Juan Gonzalez explores unconventional methods of catching various fish and game.

Prince William's Passion: New Father, New Hope (2013)

Prince William speaks about preserving endangered species and his dreams for his new son.

FOX News Reporting: Charles Krauthammer -- A Life That Matters (2013)

Bret Baier hosts a profile of the Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and political commentator; guests include columnist George Will, The New Republic Editor-at-Large Michael Kinsley, and ESPN analyst Tim Kurkjian.

The Art of Nature I (2013)

A library of nature imagery.

Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (2013)

A five-day motorsports event in the United Arab Emirates features motorcycle, quad bike, four-wheel and truck competitions.

McDonald's Thanksgiving Parade (2013)

The Gospel Truth With Gwendolyn Green (2013)

La Tete Dans Les Etoiles (2005)

A young man having trouble seeing the stars from his window in the city takes his car up a hill where he settles his tent and watches.

Greatest Mysteries: Buckingham Palace (2014)

The beloved monarch's forbidden romance; a brazen intruder.

Virginia Governor Debate (2013)

Candidates for Virginia Governor face off.

Legacy Legwear & Shapewear (2013)

Stylish legwear and shapewear.

Recopa Sul-Americana (2014)

Outside Source (2013)

Timely news from around the world.

Lakers Top 10 Lakers vs. Celtics Moments (2014)

Countdown of the 10 greatest Lakers vs. Celtics moments.

Vilanculos Downwind (2013)

Kitesurf racing from the mainland to Bazaruto Island.

Wait for Rain (2011)

Water is scarce; food a rarity; James becomes obsessed with nurturing his plants in order to obtain the respect of his peers.

The Communicators: GordonPresident of National Association of Broadcasters (2013)

Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championship (2013)

The thrills and spills from the latest round.

Hanna Schygulla: Whatever the Dream is (2013)

Marked by the Mob (2013)

The Making of Heartbeat of Home: A Dream Voyage (2013)

The journey of the stage production featuring traditional Irish, Latin and Afro-Cuban music and dance.

American Ski Classic 2013 (2013)

Olympic medalists showcase their talents on the slopes in Vail, Colo.

Car Fix: High Performance Road Trip (2014)

Cast members from "Car Fix" and "All Girls Garage" team up for a build project at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

Handbag & Shoe Shopping with Jane (2013)

Nautical Adventure in a Landlocked Country (2013)

Host Lucia Metzbauer highlights adventure sports from extreme wakeboarding to kanu polo.

Origins of U.S Military Academy (2014)

Historian Major Andrew Forney discusses the origins of the Military Academy.

Black Politics in Civil War Washington (2014)

Kate Masur discusses the film "Lincoln" and how it portrays African-Americans.

Senate Commerce Committee (2013)

Paranormal Ghost Hauntings at the Turn of the Century (2013)

A prostitute, a suicide victim, TB casualties and others are investigated by a team of psychics.

RHEMA (2014)

Ken Haggin, Jr.

Government Seizure of AP Phone Records (2013)

With Associated Press CEO Gary Pruitt.

Tosh.0 Dirty Half Dozen (2013)

A compilation of "Tosh.0" episodes better suited for late-night viewing.

Final Fight Championship 10 (2013)

Ghost Adventures: Transylvania (2013)

The truth behind the legend of Vlad The Impaler, the inspiration for Bram Stoker's "Dracula"; haunted castles in the Romanian province.

Shoot To Kill: The Ohio Animal Massacre (2013)

The wild day in 2011, when about 50 exotic and dangerous animals in Zanesville, Ohio, were released from their farm, sending the town into chaos and danger.

MTV Presents: Being Positive (2013)

Men and women discuss living with HIV in the 21st century.

The Politics of Power With Chris Hayes (2013)

Chris Hayes discusses a call to action on the subject of climate change.

Suicide Man (2014)

A man is drawn to suicide after his wife's death.

Circuito FOX Sports (2013)

UFC 20th Anniversary Special (2013)

Highlights the past 20 years of the UFC.

Best of UFC 2013 (2014)

Reviewing all the thrilling action from 2013 and breaking down the top contenders, rising stars and the warriors dominating the sport.

Beyond Blue and Gold Traverse City (2013)

Virginia Cavaliers: Chasing Uncompromised Excellence (2013)

Highlighting the athletics department at the University of Virginia.

Tiny Tonight! ATL- Ladies Night Special (2013)

Tiny, Tami Roman, Claudia Jordan, Trina and Shekinah talk about Atlanta.

A Home for the Holidays With Celine Dion (2013)

Celebrities present inspirational stories of adoption; musical performers include Ne-Yo and Chris Young.

AM Court With Judge Ross (2013)

American Latino Presents: Dreams (2014)

Profiles of Latinos who overcame obstacles to fulfill their dreams include Perez Hilton, Danny Avila, Steven Bauer, Eve Torres, Joyce Giraud and Manny Montana; host Valery Ortiz.

America's Amazon: The Mobile-Tensaw Delta (2014)

Efforts to restore and preserve the Mobile-Tensaw Delta in Alabama.

Open Secret (2011)

Filmmaker Steve Lickteig learns a shocking secret about his identity, a secret an entire community kept from him.

The Armenian Genocide (2013)

Peter Balakian discusses "The Burning Tigris: The Armenian Genocide and America's Response."

Legends of Magdalen (2013)

Three generations of a family have pieced together evidence of hundreds of sunken ship disasters and diver Mario Cyr explores these depths, in search of lost artifacts.

Woodwalkers (2013)

BCS Countdown (2013)

Aging Japan (2013)

Japan looks to a robotic solution for an alarming drop in birth rates and an elderly population explosion.

Greg Howlett Concert Series (2013)

Youth Rally and Mass for Life (2014)

Youth from around the nation attend the Youth Rally and Mass for Life in conjunction with the Annual National March for Life. From the Verizon Center in Washington, DC.

Boston Underdogs (2013)

Stacia will stop at nothing when it comes to saving dogs.

Affordable Jewelry Luxuries (2014)

Live luxuriously! Shop for trendsetting jewelry that?s exceptionally well-priced; no crowds, no long lines, and no hassles.

Tempting Fear (2013)

Extreme skier Andreas Fransson, explores a place where fear overwhelms all emotions.

The Outdoor Shopper (2013)

The Britannia Awards 2013 (2013)

From Los Angeles; honorees include George Clooney, Kathryn Bigelow, Sacha Baron Cohen, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Ben Kingsley.

Book Discussion on Backstage at the Lincoln Assassination (2013)

Thomas Bogar discusses "Backstage at the Lincoln Assassination: The Untold Story of the Actors and Stagehands at Ford's Theatre."

Ever After High: Legacy Day: A Tale of Two Tales (2013)

The students wonder if Raven will pledge her destiny on Legacy Day.

Dead Happy (2010)

The Grim Reaper is fed up with her job and tries to deal with unrequited love.

DOGTV - Television for Dogs (2013)

DOGTV is the ideal babysitter for "home alone dogs." Research shows that dogs feel better in the company of television, especially when the right content is on.

The Agony of Life (2013)

Well-known Aussies discuss various life changes.

Os Nossos Dias (2013)

Marta Brito is a single and humble mother that tries hard to provide a dignified life to her two daughters. When she discovers that her younger daughter, Beatriz, has a serious health problem, everything changes in the life of this family.

The Calling (2013)

Young Catholics in England and Wales reflect on their vocation.

Slavery in West Africa (2014)

With roughly 20 to 30 million people currently being held in bondage right now, five of the top 10 countries with the worst slavery problems are in West Africa alone; Vladimir Duthiers retraces the historical pathways in which many were enslaved.

Ekspedisjon Grand Canyon (2014)

Dan Snow and his team take on the rapids of the Grand Canyon in antique wooden boats.

Mustang: Kingdom on the Edge (2013)

Tibetans fight to preserve their ancient culture as the modern world seeps into their once forbidden kingdom high in the Nepalese Himalayas.

Looking Back at Gary Payton (2013)

Gary Payton discusses his Hall of Fame career.

The Wiggles: Pumpkin Face

The Wiggles have fun on Halloween with games and songs for all the children to enjoy.

North American Fishermen (2014)

SportsCenter Featured Year End Special (2013)

Mater Eucharistiae (2013)

The Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist sing ancient chants in both English and Latin.

Final Fight Championship 7 (2013)

Dzevad Poturak vs. Stefan Leko. From Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The New England Traveler (2014)

Nobel Minds Debate (2013)

This year's Nobel Laureates in the fields of physics, chemistry, medicine and economics converse in Stockholm.

Out of the Shadows (2013)

The origins of Roman Christianity is traced from its house-church beginnings.

MTV Video Music Awards 2013 (2013)

The MTV Video Music Awards is going to be huge.

Flower Boys Next Door (2013)

Don't Try This at Home: That's Gotta Hurt (2013)

Comedian Michael Kosta comments on a number of viral video fails.

The Coral Triangle (2014)

Real and raw look at the world's richest underwater wilderness, largely unknown and unexplored.

Morning Stimulation (2013)

Stimulating Programs to start your dog's day in a happy, playful mood.

A Second Chance: The Janelle Morrison Story

The story of Janelle Morrison, a professional long distance triathlete who suffered a near-fatal car crash, and her battle to race again.

Short On Time; My Fare Lady (2010)

Edith becomes friends with a disenchanted orderly that is taking care of her during her last days of life.

The Frozen Tomb of Mongolia (2013)

Book Discussion on Blinking Red (2014)

Michael Allen discusses "Blinking Red: Crisis and Compromise in American Intelligence After 9/11."

Internet Privacy (2014)

Analysts, authors and advocates speak about digital privacy and open source intelligence.

Book Discussion on November 22, 1963 and Kennedy and Reagan (2014)

Dean Owen discusses his books.

Living With Lockerbie (2013)

Glenn Campbell explores the impact of the deadliest act of terrorism in British history to mark the 25th anniversary.

Erie Maritime Museum (2013)

Discussion on Erie's role in the Great Lakes history.