Trailer Park Boys: Live at the North Pole (2014)

Swathi Kiranam (1992)

Swati Kiranam is a 1992 Telugu musical drama film directed by K. Viswanath. Produced by V. Madhusudhan Rao, the film starred Mammootty, Master Manjunath and Raadhika. The film is about an egotistical music teacher envious of the extraordinary talent of his prodigious young disciple. The film was showcased among the Indian panorama section, at the 1992 International Film Festival of India, the Asia Pacific Film Festival, the Moscow Film Festival and the AISFM Film Festival. The film has garnered the Filmfare Award for Best Music Direction and the National Film Award for Best Female Playback Singer. The film was dubbed into Malayalam as Pranavam.

Robot Contest (2003)

Super Kamen Rider Den-O & Decade Neo Generations: The Onigashima Battleship (2009)

Cho Kamen Rider Den-O & Decade Neo Generations the Movie: The Onigashima Warship is the fourth tokusatsu superhero film adaptation of the popular Kamen Rider Series Kamen Rider Den-O, following Kamen Rider Den-O: I'm Born!, Kamen Rider Den-O & Kiva: Climax Deka, and Saraba Kamen Rider Den-O: Final Countdown. The Onigashima Warship is the first of the films to be part of the Cho-Den-O Series, a new multimedia franchise featuring the characters of Den-O and many new characters. It opened in theaters on May 1, 2009. In its first week in theaters, it opened at #4, after GOEMON at #3, Red Cliff Part II at #2, and Detective Conan: The Raven Chaser at #1. Like its previous film Kamen Rider Den-O & Kiva: Climax Deka, its plot focuses more on Cho Den-O, although the characters of Decade give support to them.

Let's Go Get Small (2013)

The Prom (1992)

A Menina Índigo (2017)

Cat Sick Blues (2015)

A devastated man believes that the only way to resurrect his dead cat is to take the lives of nine humans. He dons a vicious claw and mask to begin his work.

Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip (1940)

Mickey Mouse and Pluto are taking a trip on the train, but Conductor Pete won't allow Pluto aboard. After sneaking Pluto onto the train in his luggage, Mickey must do some quick thinking and don a few disguises to keep from getting kicked off. This program is presented as originally created. It may contain outdated cultural depictions.

Callous (2011)

A failed corporate investment scheme leads to a violent game of cat and mouse for an assistant D.A. and his friends.

6 Models in Hell (2017)

Six models meet at a Philadelphia warehouse to audition for a fashion show. To their horror, they realize that they've actually walked into a sadist's trap, and he intends to torture each of them.

Too Fat Too Furious (2005)

Too Fat Too Furious is a 2005 Dutch action comedy film. It is a remake of the Danish film Old Men in New Cars and received a Golden Film for 100,000 visitors.

Father's Kingdom (2017)

The untold story of the remarkable civil rights pioneer Father Divine – who had over a million followers worldwide and is considered the link between Marcus Garvey and Martin Luther King – but is neglected by historians because he claimed that he was God incarnate.

A Guidebook to Killing Your Ex (2017)

A lonely man documents his efforts to kill his ex-girlfriend only to realize it's not as easy as he had previously imagined.

Troopers Three (1930)

Troopers Three (1930) is an American Pre-Code silent comedy film, produced and distributed by Tiffany Studios.

Vesham (2004)

Vesham is a 2004 Malayalam film directed by V. M. Vinu in which Mammootty plays the lead role Appu, a businessman,owner of Leela Group. Innocent won the Asianet Film Award for Best Supporting Actor - Male for this film while Gopika won the Asianet Film Award for Best Supporting Actor - Female.

The Racer (2020)

Seasoned ‘Super-domestique’, Dom Chabol, experiences the most dramatic three days of his life as he faces the end of his time with his team, the end of his career, and even the end of his life, at the opening Irish stages of the notorious 1998 Tour de France, known as the ‘Tour Du Dopage’. Hope comes in the form of dynamic young Irish medical graduate, Lynn Brennan - or does it?

A Reindeer's Journey (2018)

Meet Ailo, a newborn reindeer who embarks on an incredible odyssey with the help of his mother. Narrated by Donald Southerland and set against the frozen majesty of northern Finland, their journey is an uplifting story for the whole family. Directed by Guillaume Maidatchevsky

Der Tod aus dem Computer (1985)

I Am a King (2012)

I Am a King (Hangul: 나는 왕이로소이다; Hanja: 나는 王이로소이다; RR: Naneun Wangirosoida; MR: Nanŭn wangirosoida, also known as I Am the King) is a 2012 South Korean historical comedy film, starring Ju Ji-hoon, Park Yeong-gyu, Baek Yoon-sik, Byun Hee-bong and Kim Su-ro. The film is inspired by The Prince and the Pauper and is set in the Joseon Dynasty, with Joo playing the dual roles of king and beggar. It was released on August 8, 2012 and ran for 120 minutes.

A Chorus of Angels (2012)

Uomini uomini uomini (1995)

Four middle-aged homosexuals (Christian De Sica, Massimo Ghini, Leo Gullotta) deal with problems while pondering their futures.

Les filles du roy (1974)

The Prado Museum. A Collection of Wonders (2019)

Terrence Howard's Fright Club (2018)

When Howard’s super-fans are invited to New Orleans to meet the star at his remote estate, they believe they’ve won an online competition to take part in a filmed VIP experience. What they don’t know is that they are about to be pranked by Howard, and that everyone they meet is an actor who’s in on the joke.

Dhaakad (2020)

365 Nights in Hollywood (1934)

365 Nights in Hollywood is a 1934 American drama film starring Alice Faye and James Dunn. The film was directed by George Marshall.

Eagle Hunter's Son (2009)

A boy follows his father's lost eagle after it flies away.

Circus Rosaire (2007)

A family of circus performers try to keep traditional values while adapting to modern entertainment.

Hooligan (2012)

Donal MacIntyre takes a look at fan violence at football games.

House of Ghosts (2012)

Trapped in a mansion by a massive snowstorm, party guests experience a host of frightening events after a medium opens a portal to the spirit realm.

Love Crime (2010)

Love Crime (French: Crime d'amour) is a 2010 French psychological suspense thriller starring Ludivine Sagnier and Kristin Scott Thomas. It is the last film directed by Alain Corneau, and was released posthumously after the director's death from cancer.

Pegasus Vs. Chimera (2012)

A father hunts with his son, slays a monstrous dragon and is confronted by a corrupt tyrant who forces them into battle.

Aanch (2003)

Aanch is a 2003 Hindi movie directed by Rajesh Kumar Singh. Nana Patekar, Paresh Rawal, Suchindra and Sharbani Mukherjee played the lead roles. It's an epic love story set against the background of a crime ridden area of rural Uttar Pradesh. Sanjeev-Darshan scored the music for the movie.

Piya Ka Ghar (1972)

Piya Ka Ghar is a 1972 Hindi comedy set (mainly) in Mumbai in the 1970s. It is a remake of Raja Thakur's Marathi film Mumbaicha Jawai. It portrays the difficulties of life in India's biggest city during the 1970s in the form of a comic family drama.

Christmas With A Capital C (2011)

Christmas with a Capital C is a 2010 Christian drama direct-to-DVD film directed by Helmut Schleppi. The film's plot was based on a song of the same name by Christian band Go Fish, whose name was inspired by one of actor Brad Stine's stand-up comedy routines. It centers on what, in recent years, has been dubbed the "War on Christmas" in the United States.

Applause (2009)

Applause is a 2009 Danish film starring Paprika Steen from director/co-writer Martin Peter Zandvliet and Koncern Film. The story relates actress Thea Barfoed’s (Paprika Steen) journey to reclaim her life and her family from the ravages of alcoholism and divorce.

Haunted Changi (2010)

Young filmmakers investigate a reportedly haunted hospital in Singapore.

Ghost of the Brotherhood (2006)

Ghost hunters investigate a reportedly haunted site in England.

Tapasya (1976)

Tapasya is a 1976 Indian Hindi-language romantic drama film produced by Tarachand Barjatya for Rajshree Productions. The film is directed by Anil Ganguly, based on story by veteran Bengali novelist Ashapurna Devi. The film stars Raakhee, Parikshat Sahni, Lalita Pawar, Nazir Hussain, A. K. Hangal, and Asrani. The film's music is by Ravindra Jain. It won the National Film Award for Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment for the year. It was remade in Telugu as Sandhya in 1980 starring Sujatha in the title role.

Where Is Parsifal? (1985)

Where Is Parsifal? is a 1983 British comedy film directed by Henri Helman. It was released in France on 13 April 1983. The cast includes Tony Curtis, Donald Pleasence, Erik Estrada, and Orson Welles. Terence Young has an executive producer credit. It was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 1984 Cannes Film Festival. This was Peter Lawford's final film role before his death the following year.

The Return (2003)

A recovering alcoholic (Julie Walters) struggles to put her life back together after serving time for the murder of her husband.

The Speak (2011)

We follow a young film crew as they attempt to create a paranormal web series in the most haunted hotel in the U.S. After performing a ritual called THE SPEAK, the crew unleashes spirits that they are simply not prepared for.

Fright Flick (2011)

A merciless killer stalks the cast and crew of a low-budget horror movie.

Mia moglie è una strega (1980)

Mia moglie è una strega (My Wife is a Witch) is a 1980 Italian comedy film directed by Castellano & Pipolo. It is a remake of I Married a Witch.

Dead Air (2009)

Dead Air is a 2009 American science fiction-horror film directed by Corbin Bernsen and starring Bill Moseley and Patricia Tallman. The story focuses on a radio station that warns its listeners after an explosion unleashes zombies into Los Angeles. Screenwriter Kenny Yakkel explained before the film's release that the "undead" presented are not actual zombies: "It's like a PCP zombie movie, that's my take on it 'cause they're not really dead."

Syncopation (1942)

A jazz trumpeter tries to woo a fellow musician in mourning for her dead lover, and sets up a band in an attempt to bring them closer together. Covering a quarter-century of American “syncopated” music (ragtime, jazz, swing, blues, and boogie boogie), Syncopation features music from the turn of the 20th century through prohibition, the Great Depression, and the outbreak of WWII. Featuring jazz greats Benny Goodman, Charlie Barnet, Gene Krupa, Harry James, and more.Presented from a stunning 2K restoration and available for the first time in the UK on home video, Eureka Classics presents William Dieterle’s Syncopation in a special Dual-Format edition.

Jonah and the Great Fish (2011)

Chloe uses her imagination to bring the Bible story of Jonah to life.

The Mysteries of a Hairdresser's Shop (1923)

Mysteries of a Barbershop is a comic, slapstick German film of 33 minutes, created by Bertolt Brecht, directed by Erich Engel, and starring the Munich cabaret clown Karl Valentin and leading stage actor Erwin Faber. Brecht reportedly did not write a complete shooting script, but rather produced "notes" and "parts of a manuscript" for this short, silent film and intended the actors to improvise the action. Although the film was not considered a success by any of its creative team, and consequently never released as a profit making film to the public, it has been recognized and acknowledged—since its re-discovery in a Moscow archive in the 1970s—as a considerably important German film.

Bad Meat (2004)

Bumbling crooks (Billie Worley, Lance Barber) kidnap a congressman's (Chevy Chase) corpse and hold it for ransom.

Montevideo: Taste of a Dream (2010)

Montevideo, God Bless You! is a 2010 Serbian film directed by Dragan Bjelogrlić about the events leading to the participation of the Yugoslavia national football team at the first FIFA World Cup in Montevideo, Uruguay in July 1930. The film gained considerable media attention throughout 2010 and achieved significant box office success in Serbia since its release on December 21, 2010. The entire project has been hugely successful regionally thus far. More than 520,000 people in Serbia saw the first film, which won numerous awards.

Well Kept Secrets - Athanassia (2008)

While searching for her father Angela discovers her mother.

Like There's No Tomorrow (2011)

Strap on your skis and come along on an epic adventure that will take you to the highest peaks and corners of the planet with skiers and riders like Julia Mancuso, Daron Rahlves, and Seth Wescott.

The Paris Express (1952)

The Man Who Watched Trains Go By (1952) is a crime drama film, based on the 1938 novel by Georges Simenon and released in the United Kingdom with an all-European cast, including Claude Rains in the lead role of Kees Popinga, who is infatuated with Michele Rozier (Märta Torén). The film was released in the United States in 1953 under the title The Paris Express. It was directed by Harold French. This was Rains' seventh film in color, his first being Gold Is Where You Find It (1938).

Die Mauer (1991)

Film clips show the destruction of the Berlin Wall.

The Wife of Monte Cristo (1946)

The Wife of Monte Cristo is a 1946 American adventure film directed by Edgar G. Ulmer starring John Loder and Lenore Aubert. It was successful at the box office.

...More Than 1000 Words (2006)

...More Than 1000 Words is a documentary film written, directed, shot, and edited by Solo Avital.

Palabras encadenadas (2003)

Killing Words (Palabras encadenadas) is a Spanish psychological thriller co-written and directed by Laura Mañá.

Crime Without Passion (1934)

Crime Without Passion is a 1934 American drama film directed by Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur, starring Claude Rains. It is the first of four pictures written, produced and directed by Hecht and MacArthur for Paramount Pictures. Sixty to seventy percent of the film was directed by cinematographer Lee Garmes. The plot centers around a clever and suave but unscrupulous and dishonest lawyer, Lee Gentry (Rains) who boasts that he "lives by lies". His attempts to finish his affair with a clinging, besotted cabaret artist do not go according to plan.

Havana Widows (1933)

Havana Widows is a 1933 American pre-Code comedy film directed by Ray Enright, starring Joan Blondell and Glenda Farrell. It was released by Warner Bros. on November 18, 1933. Two chorus girls travel to Havana in search of rich husbands. Their target is Deacon Jones, a self-appointed moralist who can't drink without getting drunk. The film is the first of a series of five movies by Warner Bros. where Blondell and Farrell were paired as blonde bombshell comedy team, throughout the early 1930s. The other films in the series include Kansas City Princess (1934), Traveling Saleslady (1935), We're in the Money (1935) and Miss Pacific Fleet (1935). Four of the five films were directed by Ray Enright. Farrell and Blondell also co-starred in other Warner Bros. movies: Three on a Match (1932), I've Got Your Number (1934) and Gold Diggers of 1937 (1936).

Missä on missä? (2009)

Two Arab boys kill their French friend in the late 1950s.

I.R.A.: King of Nothing (2006)

An angry member of the Irish Republican Army threatens a delicate peace process.

The Sickhouse (2007)

The Sickhouse is a 2008 horror film, directed by Curtis Radclyffe, produced by Charlotte Wontner and starring Gina Philips, Kellie Shirley and Alex Hassell.

The Return Of Peter Grimm (1935)

The Return of Peter Grimm is a 1935 American drama film directed George Nicholls, Jr. from a screenplay by Francis Edwards Faragoh based upon the 1911 Broadway play of the same name by David Belasco. Produced by Kenneth Macgowan and released by RKO Radio Pictures on September 13, 1935, it stars Lionel Barrymore, Helen Mack, Edward Ellis, and Donald Meek. Previously filmed by Fox Film Corporation in 1926 as a silent film, The Return of Peter Grimm.

The Carter (2009)

The Carter is a 2009 documentary film about American hip hop recording artist Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr., better known as Lil Wayne. The film was directed by Adam Bhala Lough and produced by Joshua Krause and Quincy Delight Jones III. The Carter documents Carter in the period before and shortly after the release of his studio album, Tha Carter III, which achieved platinum status, critical acclaim, and was notable for selling one million copies in one week. After being shown at the Sundance Film Festival, it was subjected to a lawsuit by Carter to block distribution but eventually was released direct to DVD and iTunes where it topped the charts. Currently it has been yet again banned from legal sale but is widely bootlegged on the internet.

He Did and He Didn't (1916)

He Did and He Didn't is a 1916 American short comedy film starring Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle and Mabel Normand.

The Waiters' Ball (1916)

The Waiters' Ball is a 1916 American silent short comedy film directed by and starring Fatty Arbuckle. Arbuckle's nephew Al St. John has a memorable role as Roscoe's rival.

Storm (2005)

Storm is a 2005 Swedish fantasy-thriller film directed by Måns Mårlind and Björn Stein. The film stars Eric Ericson, Eva Röse and Jonas Karlsson. The official opening of Storm was on 20 January 2006, but the actual opening was at a preview of the film on 18 November 2005 during the Stockholm Film Festival, where it also was awarded. Before 2006, Storm had already been sold to 18 other countries.

Silver Case (2012)

Silver Case is a multi-awarded independent feature film, produced and directed by Christian Filippella, starring Oscar Nominees actors Eric Roberts and Seymour Cassel, Brian Keith Gamble, Chris Facey, Vincent De Paul, Shalim Ortiz, Claire Falconer, Kelvin Han Yee, Brad Light, Art Hsu, Stanely B. Herman, and Fernanda Romero. Silver Case premiered at the Rome Film Festival and has received many awards worldwide. The film also won 5 Indie Awards at the Indie Fest, best feature and best director at the LA Film & TV Festival and the Spirit of Independent Award at the 26th Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival. The film was shot at various locations in California and Italy.

Muthu (1995)

Muthu is a 1995 Indian Tamil-language romantic comedy-drama film directed by K. S. Ravikumar. It is a remake of the Malayalam film Thenmavin Kombath (1994). The film stars Rajinikanth and Meena in lead roles. The film's score and soundtrack is composed by A. R. Rahman.

Bright Eyes (1921)

A 1922 short film.

Galloping Bungalows (1924)

A 1924 short film.

Another Man (2009)

A young film reviewer falls for an older co-worker.

Room 514 (2012)

A female Israeli soldier is ordered to interrogate an officer accused of abusing an Arab family. The haughty officer does not take her seriously due to her gender and lower rank and she refuses to give up.

The Adventures of Chris Fable (2010)

A traveling preacher inspires a runaway (Solomon Ray) to leave a band of thieves and set out to find his father.

Madagascar, a Journey Diary (2010)

Madagascar, a Journey Diary is a 2009 11-minute French animated film. It was nominated for an Academy Award in 2011.

Klitschko (2011)

Though Ukrainian brothers Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko sport different fighting styles in the ring, both are at the forefront of the international heavyweight boxing world.

Road of No Return (2008)

An orphaned girl changes the lives of four hit men who work together to fight drug trafficking.

Children of the Hunt (2009)

In the year 2052, a group called the Brotherhood of Mars hunts humans for sport. Morgan, a Brotherhood guard, protests against the violence, and he is put into the hunt.

Hissatsu!: Sure Death! (1984)

Hissatsu: Sure Death is a 1984 film based on the television jidaigeki Hissatsu Shigotonin sereis. The film is an occasionally whimsical Japanese drama about assassins.

North on Evers (1992)

Filmmaker James Benning takes a road trip across the United States.

The Judgment (2014)

The Judgment (Bulgarian: Съдилището) is a 2014 Bulgarian drama film directed by Stephan Komandarev. It was selected as the Bulgarian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 88th Academy Awards but it was not nominated.

Anjaam (1994)

Anjaam is a 1994 Indian Hindi psychological thriller film directed by Rahul Rawail, it stars Madhuri Dixit, Shah Rukh Khan, Deepak Tijori, Himani Shivpuri, Tinnu Anand, Kalpana Iyer and Kiran Kumar. The film's music was composed by Anand-Milind, with lyrics written by Sameer. The film is about the consequences (Anjaam) of the slightest mistake and how it can ruin your whole life. It also focuses on the atrocities committed against women.

Goliad Uprising (2012)

A woman (Shannon Lark) leads a band of rebels on a mission to thwart a corporation's plans to use a brainwashing device to seize control of America's government.

Pani Thuli (2012)

Panithuli is a 2012 Tamil-language action film directed by Natty Kumar and Dr. Jay, starring Ganesh Venkatraman, Kalpana Pandit and Shobana. The film was released on 10 August 2012. It received a lot of negative reviews. The film was shot in Hindi as Tum Ho Yaara which was released in 2014.

Feisbum (2009)

The Facebook phenomenon changes the lives of numerous Europeans.

Curtain Call (1940)

Curtain Call is a 1940 comedy, directed by Frank Woodruff and starring Alan Mowbray and Donald MacBride. The film was followed by a sequel, Footlight Fever, released in 1941.

Battle B-Boy (2014)

Battle B-Boy is a 2012 American dance/martial arts film written and directed by Frank Lin and starring Jonathan Phan, Alison Dahlstrom, Richie Greenfield, Ricky Cole, and Ingel Catindig as five best friends who form a B-Boy dance fighting team who enter competitions to help raise funds for Pham's character's father's medical procedure. The film was released by Cinema Epoch in 2014.

The Red Shadows (2009)

The Red Shadows (Italian: Le ombre rosse) is a 2009 Italian drama film written and directed by Francesco Maselli. It was screened out of competition at the 66th Venice International Film Festival.

Fatty's New Role (1915)

Fatty's New Role is a 1915 American short comedy film directed by and starring Fatty Arbuckle.

The Star (2003)

A lonely man, whose only companion is a puppy, discovers love with a veterinarian.

Misbehaviour (2008)

A student (Cindel Chartrand) learns that she must face the consequences of her actions.

Fish Hawk (1980)

Fish Hawk is a 1979 Canadian drama film directed by Donald Shebib. The screenplay was written by Blanche Hanalis, based on the novel Old Fish Hawk by Mitchell Jayne. The film was nominated for several Genie Awards including for direction, editing and best performance by a foreign actor. It was also entered into the 11th Moscow International Film Festival.

La tranchée (2010)

A pictorial account of an attack on Canadian soldiers during World War I.

The Devil's Business (2011)

Veteran hitman Pinner (Billy Clarke) and his young, inexperienced ward Cully (Jack Gordon) break into a house at night, awaiting the return of owner Kist (Jonathan Hansler) whom their gangland boss Bruno (Harry Miller) wants dead, with no questions asked. As midnight approaches, Pinner keeps the nervous Cully entertained with an eerie story about a previous hit he had carried out on a beautiful striptease dancer. Before he can finish his tale, a sound from outside the house draws them into the night, and to a horrifying discovery that plunges them into the shadowy darkness of their own tortured souls. The Devil hasn’t finished with them yet…

Break Out (2002)

Break Out is a 2002 South Korean film.

Portland (1996)

Portland is a 1996 Danish drama film written and directed by Niels Arden Oplev, in his feature film debut. It stars Anders W. Berthelsen, Ulrich Thomsen, and Iben Hjejle. The film, whose title is a reference to a Danish brand of cement, was selected for competition at the 46th Berlin International Film Festival.

When Heaven Falls (2009)

Sara grew up in foster care and, when she turns 28, she receives word that her biological mother has died. She is hesitant to dig into her past, but she attends the funeral to see her older brother.

Life Hits (2006)

Life Hits (Danish: Råzone) is a 2006 Danish drama film directed by Christian E. Christiansen.

The Decomposition of the Soul (2007)

Two former prisoners of the East German Secret Police recount the horrific techniques used on them and others when they were prisoners.