Perfect Love! (1996)

A teenage girl helps investigators reconstruct her mother's (Isabelle Renauld) murder.

The Impatient Alchemist (2002)

Two detectives (Ingrid Rubio, Roberto Enrquez) reopen a murder case upon the discovery that the victim was playing rival companies off each other.

Christina (1974)

A man (Peter Haskell) searches for a mysterious beauty (Barbara Parkins) who has disappeared after paying him to marry her.

The Advocate (1993)

Hoping to escape the complications of 15th-century Paris, young lawyer Richard Courtois (Colin Firth) takes a job as a public defender in a rural area. There he finds himself defending a pig accused of murdering a Jewish boy. Squaring off against a determined prosecutor (Donald Pleasence) and Catholic priest (Ian Holm), Richard defends the animal, which is owned by a beautiful gypsy woman, Samira (Amina Annabi). The medieval justice system and local superstitions mingle as the case plays out.

The Fox Exploits the Tiger's Might (2015)

Two preteen boys from the same sleepy town discover their sexuality.

Mysteries From Beyond Earth (1977)

Narrator Lawrence Dobkin examines unusual paranormal activities and conspiracy theories in several eerie segments. The subjects explored include flying saucers and alien encounters, the disappearance of Atlantis, the Bermuda Triangle and the origins of Bigfoot, telekinesis and witchcraft. The film also explores the unusual notion that human evolution and technology might have been moved forward with assistance from intelligent extraterrestrial beings.

The Messiah (1976)

A look into the life of Jesus' life between the miracles.

Hana to Arisu (2004)

After a boy she likes has a run-in with a wall, a teen convinces him that he has amnesia and that she's his girlfriend. Complications arise when her best friend decides she also fancies him.

Taking Off (2013)

As his 30th birthday approaches, a young man (Pio Marmaï) decides that it is finally time to stand up to his overbearing brother and his ailing father.

The Order of the Black Eagle (1987)

A secret agent (Ian Hunter) and his rude baboon foil a madman (William Hicks) out to wake up Hitler and rule the world.

Pups (2015)

The life of a Spanish boxer and junkyard owner.

Promise Me This (2007)

A 12-year-old (Uros Milovanovic) tries to save a pretty teenager (Marija Petronijevic) from a gangster and his thugs.

I Wish I Was That Bird (2016)

An artist struggles with mental illness and trauma.

Thunder Over Hawaii (1957)

A gang of thieves plotting a giant payroll heist hires a cruiser to make a sweep around the islands of Hawaii.

Ocean Origins (2001)

Filmmaker Gérald Calderon examines how oceanic life evolved from single-celled organisms to diverse, complex creatures.

Undercover Hidden Dragon (2006)

Three policewomen force a gangster (Ronald Cheng) to work under cover to arrest his leader.

Charlie McCarthy, Detective (1939)

A ventriloquist (Edgar Bergen) solves a murder with help from his dummies, Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd.

Then There Was (2014)

An expecting couple, four teenagers and a survival expert deal with a global blackout.

Cry Blood, Apache (1970)

An old man (Joel McCrea) recalls his days as a young man (Jody McCrea) fighting Indians in the Old West.

Lost Everything (2010)

Some people do anything to keep what they have.

Thoroughbreds Don't Cry (1937)

In an attempt to save their home in England, Roger Calverton (Ronald Sinclair) and his uncle (C. Aubrey Smith) enter their racehorse Pookah in a high-stakes American race. While staying at a local boarding house, they meet Cricket (Judy Garland), the owner's niece who dreams of becoming an actress, and Tim (Mickey Rooney), a hotshot jockey whom they persuade to ride Pookah to victory. When Tim makes a fateful decision that could cost them everything, Cricket steps in to save the day.

Safe House (2012)

Forty international artists participate in a 12-dish dinner for the Roca brothers.

Nico the Unicorn (1998)

A boy and his mother purchase a pregnant circus-horse, which gives birth to a unicorn.

No Business Like Show Business (2012)

A documentary about celebrity Swiss yodelers caught between their Alpine traditions and the overwhelming glamor of show business.

Struggle Through Death (1981)

Slaves revolt against their cruel masters in a fight for freedom.

The Groomsmen (2001)

Complications arise when a young man (Christopher Wiehl) tries to have a one-night stand before his friend's wedding.

The Stickup (2001)

A burned-out police officer (James Spader) winds up on the wrong side of the law after becoming involved with a local lawman's (David Keith) ex-wife (Leslie Stefanson).

After... (2006)

A growing breed of thrill seekers thrives on breaking into the planet's most dangerous man-made structures, and members call themselves urban explorers.

Seat 29E (2005)

A very dissatisfied Continental Airline passenger.

Stiletto (1969)

A district attorney tries to nail an aristocratic playboy who is killing thugs on behalf of a gangster friend.

Dick and Jack (2016)

Kennedy and Nixon both struggle with the weight of their fathers' expectations.

Sacrifice: A Vampire Tale (2008)

All is not as it seems as a killer stalks its next victim.

Uncivilized (1994)

The woods of the Pacific Northwest become a battleground as a woman tries to elude a gang of murderous drug runners.

Avalon: Beyond the Abyss (1999)

A researcher (Parker Stevenson) and his team investigate the implosion of a small island off the coast of Mexico.

The Anniversary (2014)

A woman (Deborah Hay) carries on with plans for a dinner party to celebrate her 20th wedding anniversary despite the fact that her husband has yet to from his morning run.

The Phantom Broadcast (1933)

A hunchbacked radio singer (Ralph Forbes) becomes jealous of his front man, over a girl.

Dos (2011)

In two cities two love stories cross paths.

Battles of Chief Pontiac (1953)

A lieutenant's (Lex Barker) treaty with Chief Pontiac (Lon Chaney Jr.) is broken by a Hessian colonel's peace offering of blankets infested with smallpox.

Hotel Oklahoma (1992)

When the girlfriend of a a petty thief (David Keith) lands in prison, he poses as the new warden and joins her.

The Disobedient (2014)

Capturing the rush of youthful rebellion and the euphoria of finding a kindred spirit and creative exploration of the stumbling blocks one encounters while growing up.

Hard Way Out (1996)

A teen (John Patrick White) learns his nerdy math-teacher father (Don "The Dragon" Wilson) is an ex-CIA operative hunted by assassins.

Tom's Midnight Garden (1999)

A teen (Anthony Way) discovers that at midnight his aunt's grandfather clock strikes 13, bringing to life a garden and a girl from the past.

Slaves of the Invisible Monster (1950)

A villain concocts a chemical that will render him invisible so he can carry out his crimes undetected.

Togetherness (1970)

A world-class playboy (George Hamilton) competes with a prince (Peter Lawford) for an Olympic beauty (Olinka Brov) from a communist country.

The Old Grey Mayor (1935)

A politician disapproves of his daughter's fiance (Bob Hope) and tries to break them up.

Pope Joan (1972)

A Midwestern evangelist (Liv Ullmann) thinks she is a reincarnated ninth-century pope and explains why to a psychiatrist (Keir Dullea).

The Servants of Twilight (1991)

A private eye (Bruce Greenwood) helps a woman (Belinda Bauer) whose son has been pegged as the Antichrist by a cult leader (Grace Zabriskie).

Bone Bandit (1948)

Pluto discovers that a gopher has been stealing bones from his hidden stash.

Madhumati (1958)

A man relates the story of a painter (Dilip Kumar) haunted by the ghost of the woman (Vyjayantimala) he loves.

When You Grow Up (1973)

Youths learn about the world of work and how to choose a rewarding career.

Under the Gun (1951)

A convicted racketeer becomes prison trustee when an inmate whom he persuaded to escape is killed.

The Holes (1973)

Trying to escape the rest of humanity, a group moves underground, but the conditions that drove them there start to manifest in their new society.

Palmy Days (1931)

A flunky (Eddie Cantor) for a fake psychic lands in a bakery equipped with pool, gym and bathing beauties.

The Secret Path (1999)

A black couple (Della Reese, Ossie Davis) provide sanctuary for an abused white girl in the pre-civil rights South.

The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan (1979)

Hoping it will help them get over a rough patch in their marriage, Michael and Jennie Logan (Alan Feinstein, Lindsay Wagner) move into a classic Victorian home together. While digging around in the attic, Jennie finds a vintage dress that, when she puts it on, transports her back to the year 1899. There she meets David (Marc Singer), an artist for whom she develops strong feelings. She begins spending more and more time it the past as her husband eventually starts to doubt her sanity.

Les états inventés d'Amérique (2011)

Photographer Pierre Guimond spends 10 years taking photographs of the United States.

The Shift Has Hit the Fan (2014)

Filmmaker Patty Greer examines cutting-edge technology, clean energy and the extraterrestrial influence.

Branca's Pitch (2013)

The life and career of Brooklyn Dodger pitcher Ralph Branca.

Christmas in My Hometown (1996)

Love with a local (Melissa Gilbert) creates a dilemma for an executive (Tim Matheson) sent to lay off workers at a Nebraska tractor plant.

One Special Night (1999)

After a car accident during a blizzard, a doctor (Julie Andrews) and her passenger (James Garner) find refuge in an abandoned cabin.

Summer of '92 (2015)

Following the underdog 1992 Danish Euro Cup team who replaced Yugoslavia, which had been barred due to U.N. sanctions from international football.

The Private Life of Don Juan (1934)

As news spreads through Seville, Spain, that Don Juan (Douglas Fairbanks) is in town, husbands lock up their wives, unaware the famed lover is in poor health. Both Juan's private servant and his doctor urge him to settle down with his own wife, Dolores (Benita Hume), but he is determined to maintain his reputation. When an impostor posing as Juan is killed, he takes the opportunity to retire. However, after six months, a bored Juan wishes to return -- but finds no one believes his identity.

Nicht alle waren Mörder (2006)

A Jewish woman and her son (Aaron Altaras) struggle to survive in Nazi Germany.

Tiger & Bunny: The Movie - The Beginning (2013)

The heroes track down a body-swapping thief after he steals a statue.

The Masquerader (1933)

Politician Sir John Chilcote (Ronald Colman) is buckling under the strains of daily life, which include a troubled relationship with his oft-neglected wife, Eve (Elissa Landi) ; a high-pressure position in Parliament; and a secret drug dependency. Desperate to ease his tensions, Chilcote hires his jobless, doppelgnger cousin, John Loder (also Colman), to take over his public responsibilities. But trouble comes when Eve grows infatuated with Loder, who she thinks is her "reformed" husband.

Rich Girl (1991)

A spoiled Los Angeles teen (Jill Schoelen) turns nightclub waitress and falls for the lead singer (Don Michael Paul) of a band.

The Mangler (1995)

A laundry owner's (Robert Englund) employee falls victim to an ironing machine with a mind of its own.

The Spearman of Death (1980)

A murder leads to a war between clans and 10 killers of the underworld.

Crooked Hearts (1991)

An upper-middle class family in Washington state deals with failures, infidelities and troubling secrets. Charley (Vincent D'Onofrio) is 26 and still lives at home, despite his simmering anger at his father, Edward (Peter Coyote). Charley's younger brother, Tom (Pete Berg), just dropped out of college and returned home to live. Tom's unstable new girlfriend, Marriet (Jennifer Jason Leigh), has designs on joining the family, but she's hardly a calming influence on the crumbling home.

America 3000 (1986)

One man (Chuck Wagner) leads others enslaved by a warrior (Laurene Landon) and her desert clan 900 years after a nuclear war.

Life on Liberty Street (2004)

A single divorced mother and dedicated ER nurse (Annabeth Gish) takes on a new position at Liberty Street, a hospital for patients suffering severe brain trauma.

Warlock Moon (1973)

Witches find a young couple (Laurie Walters, Joe Spano) wandering around.

Broadway to Hollywood (1933)

A vaudeville couple (Alice Brady, Frank Morgan) quit to raise a son, then come back with their grandson in the act.

Who Killed Doc Robbin? (1948)

Neighborhood kids prowl the haunted mansion of a supposedly slain mad scientist (George Zucco).

Toni (1935)

Toni (Charles Blavette) is an Italian immigrant trying to make it in the melting pot of 1920s Provence, France. He moves in with his landlady, Marie (Jenny Helia), and gets a job as a laborer at a quarry. Any stability he has is threatened when he falls for the Spanish Josefa (Celia Montalvan), a young woman who marries the brutish quarry foreman, Albert (Max Dalban), after he rapes her. When Toni tries to save Josefa from her miserable existence, he must face the tragic consequences.

Shakedown (1988)

A legal-aid lawyer (Peter Weller) and an undercover officer (Sam Elliott) check a drug dealer's story of police corruption.

The Middle of the World (2003)

An unemployed truck driver (Wagner Moura) and his family bicycle nearly 2,000 miles across Brazil to find a job that pays a decent salary.

Coming of Age (1972)

Ma (Mercedes McCambridge) and Pa Irtley (Ford Rainey) are simple Southerners leading an idyllic life with their children -- but that is all overturned by the building of a highway through their land, for which they are paid $8,000. Now rootless, they are persuaded by their progeny to take them to a nearby carnival so they might experience the outside world. However, son Bruvver (John Lozier) and daughter Naomi (Simone Griffeth) soon fall prey to greedy strangers and the pleasures of the flesh.

Manuscripts Don't Burn (2013)

Two Iranian agents go to extreme lengths to find a banned manuscript that details their government's failed attempt to murder 21 writers.

Dance of the Dwarfs (1983)

A helicopter pilot (Peter Fonda) takes an anthropologist (Deborah Raffin) into the jungle, where they find winged pygmies.

Who Gets The Dog? (2016)

A couple (Kevin Whately, Alison Steadman) head for divorce court after 27 years of marriage.

I'll Be Seeing You (2004)

A woman (Alison Eastwood) who must identify the body of her exact double ends up delving into the details of her father's death.

A Row of Crows (1991)

An Arizona lawman (John Beck) clashes with an efficiency expert (Steven Bauer) dogging him on the case of a headless corpse.

The Heroic Ones (1970)

As the Tang Dynasty wanes, brothers duel to the death for China's fate.

UFO's Are Real (1979)

An examination of sightings, research and theories on the possibility that Earth is frequently visited by aliens.

Panama Lady (1939)

A stranded cabaret girl (Lucille Ball) becomes an oil prospector's (Allan Lane) tropical housekeeper.

The Last Vampyre (1993)

An English vicar alerts Sherlock Holmes (Jeremy Brett) and Dr. Watson (Edward Hardwicke) to a newcomer who frequents the local graveyard.

A Place to Stand (2014)

Jimmy Santiago Baca transformed himself from a functionally illiterate convict to an award-winning poet, novelist and screenwriter.

Sunday Dinner for a Soldier (1944)

Tessa (Anne Baxter), Michael (Billy Cummings) and Mary Osborne (Connie Marshall) are three young orphans living with their grandfather, Dudley (Charles Winninger) after their parents' death. They've arranged to invite a visiting soldier to a lavish Sunday dinner they'll be hosting for homefront support. When Sgt. Eric Moore (John Hodiak) arrives in town, he's whisked off to the Osbornes' home, where he's especially taken with the kindness of Tessa, but he's not the only one with eyes for her.

The Bushwhackers (1951)

After four years of bloodshed, the Civil War finally ends. Discarding his weapons, Southern soldier Jefferson Waring (John Ireland) dedicates himself to the cause of pacifism. Waring relocates to a quiet frontier town in Missouri, where he hears news of profiteer Artemus Taylor (Lon Chaney) and a campaign of intimidation against local property holders. When several of his neighbors are killed by Taylor's gang, the newly nonviolent Waring struggles to determine the right thing to do.

Nickel and Dime (2003)

After spending five years in jail, a man (Grard Lanvin) returns to a cafe to reunite with his hoodlum friends (Jacques Gamblin, Clovis Cornillac).

Monk3ys (2011)

Three men (Jonnie Hurn, Ian Virgo, Rob Oldfield) are locked in an isolated room as part of a psychological experiment.

Thanks a Million (1935)

Singer Eric Land (Dick Powell) and the dancers and orchestra he travels with are stuck for work -- until their manager, Ned (Fred Allen), has the band play before a speech given by a dull gubernatorial candidate. When Eric's singing impresses the crowds, Ned convinces the politician to have the group perform before each event. Soon the crowd demands that Eric run for office, and despite the uncertainly of his girlfriend, Sally (Ann Dvorak), Eric agrees when he finds out he can be on the radio.

Mimi and Dona (2014)

Mimi Thornton, a 92-year-old widow, must find a home for her daughter, who needs full-time care.

Virtual Combat (1995)

A border patrolman (Don "The Dragon" Wilson) in Las Vegas of the future pursues a virtual-reality villain who entered the real world.

Unfinished Business (1941)

A small-town girl (Irene Dunne) finds love after marrying for spite.

They Came to Blow Up America (1943)

German-American Carl (George Sanders) is tapped by the U.S. government to infiltrate the Bund, a Nazi propaganda organization. Though Carl is chastised by his own family for joining the group, he refuses to break cover. He later assumes the identity of a Nazi agent and works his way to the Bund headquarters in Hamburg, Germany. There he encounters Frau Reiter (Anna Sten), the wife of the man whose identity he stole, and she tries to expose Carl as a U.S. operative, putting his life in danger.

The Snow Queen (2012)

A young girl must save her brother from an evil witch who cursed the land with an eternal winter.

Planet of Dinosaurs (1978)

A space-shuttle pilot (James Whitworth) and his colleagues bail out on a planet full of prehistoric monsters.

Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (1953)

Policemen Slim (Bud Abbott) and Tubby (Lou Costello) go to London and meet a doctor (Boris Karloff) and his evil alter ego.