Cupid Rides the Range (1939)

Hurrah! I'm a Papa (1939)

Hurrah! I'm a Father or Hurrah! I'm a Papa (German: Hurra, ich bin Papa) is a 1939 German comedy film directed by Kurt Hoffmann and starring Heinz Rühmann, Albert Florath and Walter Schuller. Peter, a dissolute student, ignores his wealthy farmer father's attempts to get him to reform. However, when he finds a small child left in a room with a note attached explaining that he is the child's father he is forced to become a changed man. He hires a young woman to act as the child's nurse not realizing that she is really the child's mother.

Liebesbriefe (1944)

The DC Video (2003)

The Counterpart (2010)

Why They Kill (2017)

Fantozzi 2000 - La clonazione (1999)

Fantozzi 2000 – La clonazione is an Italian comedy film released in 1999. It is the tenth and final film in the saga of the unlucky clerk Ugo Fantozzi, played by its creator, Paolo Villaggio.

April Is My Religion (2001)

Big Bang Big Boom (2010)

Mary of Nazareth (2004)

The Grouch (1939)

The Scoundrel or The Grouch (German:Das Ekel) is a 1939 German comedy film directed by Hans Deppe and starring Hans Moser, Josefine Dora and Herma Relin. It is based on the play The Scoundrel by Hans Reimann and Toni Impekoven, which had previously been made into a 1931 film.

Secrets of the Secret Service (2009)

Sunshine Ahead (2010)

Stranglehold (2009)

Stranglehold is a 1931 British drama film directed by Henry Edwards and starring Isobel Elsom, Garry Marsh and Derrick De Marney. It was made by Warner Brothers at Teddington Studios as a quota quickie. It is now a lost film.

Ein Robinson (1940)

A German Robinson Crusoe (German: Ein Robinson) is a 1940 German drama film directed by Arnold Fanck and starring Herbert A.E. Böhme, Marieluise Claudius, and Claus Clausen. Written by Arnold Fanck and Rolf Meyer, the film is a modern-day Robinson Crusoe story about a man so angry about the post-World War I conditions in Weimar Germany that he voluntarily goes to live on a desert island. The film was shot partly on location in South America.

The Man from Death Valley (1931)

Playthings of Hollywood (1930)

Eine kleine Nachtmusik (1940)

Poochho Mere Dil Se (2004)

Nuits d'alerte (1946)

Night Warning (French title: Nuits d'alerte) is a 1946 French war drama film directed by Léon Mathot and starring Hélène Perdrière, Roger Pigaut and Pierre Dudan. The film's sets were designed by the art director Roland Quignon. A waitress helps an escaped French resistance fighter to evade capture and make it to Britain.

Mar abierto (1946)

Stefanie's Gift (1996)

Bardo Follies (1967)

HogMaul: The Legend of Abrams County (2013)

Harmadik jelenlét (1986)

Rio em Chamas (2014)

White City (1985)

Stranger and the Fog (1976)

To Hear the Birds Singing (1995)

Robyn O. (14) (2012)

The Struggle (1913)

The Earth Rejects Him (2011)

Go Kart Go (1964)

Jimpy (Dennis Waterman) leads a gang of kids as they attempt to beat another gang, no mattter how underhanded their tactics are.

The Acquaintances of a Lonely John (2008)

Shocking Africa (1982)

Nerves (1919)

Nerves (German:Nerven) is a 1919 German silent film directed by Robert Reinert and starring Eduard von Winterstein, Lia Borré and Erna Morena.

The Magnificent Chivalry (1971)

A Prussian Love Story (1938)

A Prussian Love Story (German: Preußische Liebesgeschichte) is a 1938 German historical romance film directed by Paul Martin and starring Karl Günther, Hans Nielsen and Willy Fritsch. The film depicts the love affair between William I and Elisa Radziwill. In the Third Reich the film was banned right after completion because the love affair of Joseph Goebbels and the actress Lída Baarová had become public—it was first shown in 1950.

The Law of the Mounted (1930)

Law of the Mounted is a 1928 American silent western film directed by J.P. McGowan and starring Bob Custer, Cliff Lyons and Mary Mayberry .

The Scarlet Lady (1928)

The Scarlet Lady is a 1928 American silent drama film, written by Bess Meredyth and directed by Alan Crosland. It was produced and distributed by Columbia Pictures.

Boadicea (1927)

Boadicea is a 1927 British historical film directed by Sinclair Hill and starring Phyllis Neilson-Terry, Lillian Hall-Davis and Clifford McLaglen. It depicts the life of the Celtic Queen Boudica (Boadicea) and her rebellion against the Roman Empire.

The Main Event (1938)

The Main Event is a 1938 American comedy-drama film directed by Danny Dare, which stars Robert Paige, Jacqueline Wells, and Arthur Loft.

Prairie Justice (1938)

Prairie Justice is a 1938 "B" movie directed by George Waggner and starring Bob Baker as a singing cowboy.

Tumult in Damascus (1939)

Uproar in Damascus (German: Aufruhr in Damaskus) is a 1939 German thriller film directed by Gustav Ucicky and starring Brigitte Horney, Joachim Gottschalk and Hans Nielsen. It is set during the First World War with German troops battling the Arab Revolt led by Lawrence of Arabia and the British. The film was officially honored as "artistically valuable" (künstlerisch wertvoll) and having "special political value" (staatspolitisch wertvoll).

Bandits and Ballads (1939)

Blue Lies (2008)

Outlaws of Love (1963)

I fuorilegge del matrimonio, internationally released as Outlaws of Love, is a 1963 Italian anthology comedy film. It is the second and last film directed both by Paolo and Vittorio Taviani and Valentino Orsini.It is inspired by the draft law presented by the Socialist Senator Renato Luigi Sansone to the approval of the so-called "small divorce".

Two Sinners (1935)

Two Sinners is a 1935 film directed by Arthur Lubin.

Nortik (2017)

Blowing Up Paradise (2005)

When it Will Be Silent (2010)

You Try Somebody Else (1932)

Hanno ucciso un altro bandito (1976)

What The Cat Sees (2011)

Pisito de solteras (1974)

Boer Boerson Jr. (1974)

Bør Børson Jr. is a 1974 Norwegian musical film directed by Jan Erik Düring, starring Rolv Wesenlund, Britt Langlie and Sølvi Wang. The film is based on a novel by Johan Falkberget. Bør Børson Jr. (Wesenlund) is a peasant son with great ambitions. He starts a grocery store and – after some initial problems – makes a good deal of money. He then leaves for Oslo, where he makes a fortune in the stock trade. Eventually, he returns to his hometown, where he holds a lavish wedding with his childhood sweetheart. The film contained popular songs such as "Å æ kjinne ein kar", "Børs Song" and "Wienerbrød-tango", first introduced at the stage version of the musical in 1972.

The Suburbanite (1904)

The Suburbanite is a 1904 American short comedy silent film directed by Wallace McCutcheion and starring John Troiano. The film was produced and distributed by the American Mutoscope & Biograph Company. Prints exist in the Library of Congress film archive and in the Museum of Modern Art film archive.

The Lark (1964)

The Lark (Russian: Жаворонок, translit. Zhavoronok) is a 1965 Soviet war film directed by Nikita Kurikhin and Leonid Menaker. It was entered into the 1965 Cannes Film Festival.

Our Lands (2012)

One or the Other (1974)

One or the Other of Us (German: Einer von uns beiden) is a 1974 West German film directed by Wolfgang Petersen. It was Petersen's first theatrical feature film, and was based on the novel of the same name by Horst Bosetzky, published anonymously under his pseudonym -ky. The film is a psychological thriller and focuses on the intense conflict between a university professor and a blackmailer. The film features Klaus Schwarzkopf and Jürgen Prochnow as the two main characters and won two Bundesfilmpreise.

Sally Sargent (1968)

Los clarines del miedo (1958)

Miss Chic (1959)

Fröken Chic (English: Miss Chic) is a 1959 Swedish comedy film, directed by Hasse Ekman.

Ghost Shout (2004)

Hide and Seek (1972)

Hide and Seek is a 1972 British drama film directed by David Eady starring Peter Newby, Gary Kemp, Robin Askwith, Liz Fraser and David Lodge.

Satan's Bed (1983)

The Old Grifter (2011)

Orfeo ed Euridice (1982)

Max Plays the Part (1910)

Scary True Stories (1991)

Muralim (2011)

Tony vs. Paul (2007)

O Jogo da Vida (1977)

O Jogo da Vida is a 1977 Brazilian drama film directed by Maurice Capovilla. It is an adaptation of the short story Malagueta, Perus e Bacanaço, by João Antônio . The film has as special guests the professional sinuca (Brazilian snooker game) players Carne Frita, Joaquinzinho (former Brazilian champion) and João Gaúcho . It features soundtrack by João Bosco and Aldir Blanc musical direction by Radamés Gnatalli in his last work for cinema.

Babička je ráda (1978)

San Ferry Ann (1965)

San Ferry Ann is a 1965 British sound effect comedy. Wordlessly, with soundtrack and sound effects, it tells the story of a holiday crossing from Dover to Calais.

Three days till Christmas (2012)

Why the Anderson Children Didn't Come to Dinner (2003)

Tibor vagyok, de hódítani akarok (2006)

N.U. (1948)

N.U. (short for Nettezza urbana, Italian municipal cleansing service) is a short 1948 documentary film directed by Michelangelo Antonioni. The film examines a weekday morning of Italian janitors, captured at work on the streets of post-World War II Rome. Although undoubtedly neorealistic in its style, this documentary does foreshadow some of Antonioni's own future trademarks, such as slow-moving camera that is enamoured with alienated and deserted urban landscapes and inanimate objects of architecture, nature, etc. and seemingly less than concerned with sweepers, washers and cleaners (almost indistinguishable from bums, and sometimes behaving much in the same way). The film's narration consists of barely several phrases; musically soundtrack alternates classical-like piano improvisations with jazzy pieces. In 1948 N.U. won Antonioni Nastro d'Argento Best Documentary award. So did his L'amorosa menzogna next year.

South American George (1941)

South American George is a 1941 British, black-and-white, comedy film, directed by Marcel Varnel and starring George Formby in a dual role, Linden Travers, Enid Stamp-Taylor, Felix Aylmer, Ronald Shiner as Swifty, Mavis Villiers and Herbert Lomas. It was produced by Columbia (British) Productions.

The Escape (2010)

Teacher's Pest (1939)

Stormy Night (2003)

Zone Reptile (2002)

Liang shang jun zi (1983)

Shaun Majumder, Every Word Is Absolutely True (2012)

For Better or for Worse (1993)

For Better or For Worse is a 1993 American documentary film produced by David Collier. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

Betty Boop's Big Boss (1933)

Betty Boop's Big Boss is a 1933 Fleischer Studios animated short film starring Betty Boop. It is now public domain.

The Village Smitty (1931)

Buddha's Lock (1987)

Louis Theroux: Law and Disorder in Philadelphia (2008)

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: High Grass Dogs - Live from the Fillmore (1999)

Battle in Hell (1989)

Dinofish (2013)

DEFCON: The Documentary (2013)

Man and Woman Behind the Fusuma Screen: Enduring Skin (1974)

About Animal And People (2008)

Das Spukhaus (2003)

10.000 Nights Nowhere (2013)

The Adorable Cheat (1928)

The Adorable Cheat is a 1928 silent film starring Lila Lee and distributed by an independent film company, Chesterfield Motion Pictures. It was directed by Burton L. King with a copy being long held by The Library of Congress.