Chaalbaaz (1989)

Separated twins Anju and Manju are poles apart in nature. While the gentle Anju is bullied by all, Manju is a street-smart girl. By a twist of fate, they end up switching places and cause an upheaval.

Voodoo Dolls (1990)

A dark history of the supernatural rises up to embrace the newest student at an exclusive girls school.

Baln Cann (1976)

Some witches condemn a woman to a fierce, cruel fate because of the things she did to keep her farm.

City Limits (1934)

A journalist poses as a doctor's assistant to infiltrate a railroad magnate's inner council.

City of Chance (1940)

An overzealous female reporter stops at nothing to get her story on a private gambling club.

The Cow and I (1959)

In Germany, a French POW (Fernandel) hopes to escape and return home by pretending he's leading a cow someplace.

7 Man Army (1976)

In 1933, seven Chinese soldiers fight valiantly during the Sino-Japanese war.

The Sound of Mumbai: A Musical (2010)

India's Bombay Chamber Orchestra recruits children from the slums to perform a choral version of "The Sound of Music."

Smuggler's Gold (1951)

Fishing boat captain "Pop" Hodges (Carl Benton Reid) finds a way to make a little extra money smuggling gold across the border, but the profits quickly come between Hodges and his crew. Meanwhile, diver Mike Sloan (Cameron Mitchell), engaged to Hodges' niece, Susan (Amanda Blake), comes to him looking for work. The captain tries to keep the smuggling ring secret from his new recruit, but soon the the police are on to Hodges, and the whole scheme begins to fall apart.


An evil witch tries to take possession of a crystal ball from the hands of a young and benevolent witch.

Bird of Paradise (1951)

Polynesians must quiet a volcano after their princess (Debra Paget) marries a Frenchman (Louis Jourdan) visiting her brother (Jeff Chandler).

Sure Fire (1990)

Wes (Tom Blair) is determined to purchase land in his hometown of Circlesville, Utah, then sell it to Californians eager to get away from urban sprawl. When bank manager Dick (Rick Blackwell) declines to go into a partnership with him, Wes tries to get his best friend, Larry (Robert Ernst), to help him with the business. Meanwhile at home, Wes is an overbearing father to his resentful son, Phillip (Phillip R. Brown), who is preparing for his first hunting trip.

The Beginning or the End (1947)

Gen. Leslie R. Groves (Brian Donlevy) oversees scientists on the Manhattan Project, the first atomic bomb.

Lady Yakuza (2008)

The daughter of a Yakuza boss has to overcome a drug addiction and domestic violence.

City of Shadows (2010)

A doctor on his way home from North Africa tries to save a city from the plague.

Deadly Friend (1986)

A teenage whiz kid (Matthew Laborteaux) puts his robot's brain in the head of a nearly dead girl (Kristy Swanson).

Murder on Line One (1990)

An English newswoman (Emma Jacobs) takes a call from someone who claims to have killed a family and videotaped it.

Code of the Rangers (1938)

A Texas Ranger is faced with the task of bringing his outlaw brother to justice.

Too Much, Too Soon (1958)

Based on the autobiography of Diana Barrymore (Dorothy Malone), the troubled daughter of actor John Barrymore (Errol Flynn).

Coisa de Mulher (2005)

Women's magazine writer Cassandra has great stories for her column; after all, she lives in a building with five other women whose lives are full of problems: Catarina is tired of her marriage; Monica dreams of marrying but is still a virgin.

Dangerous Female (1931)

In San Francisco, wealthy Ruth Wonderly (Bebe Daniels) hires amorous gumshoe Sam Spade (Ricardo Cortez) and his partner, Miles Archer, to trail her sister's kidnapper, Floyd Thursby. Wonderly's story is revealed as a ruse when both Archer and Thursby are later found murdered. Soon, Spade discovers that Wonderly and three other criminal oddballs -- including rotund Casper Gutman (Dudley Digges) -- are in search of an elusive jewel-covered statuette known as "the Maltese Falcon."

Percy's Progress (1974)

A man who had an unusual transplant returns from a cruise to find he is the only male in the world who is not impotent.

Cabin Pressure (2001)

Fired for incompetence, a deranged technician seeks revenge against a business tycoon who designed a new airplane.

Code of the Streets (1939)

When a man is charged with murder, his son is joined by the arresting officer's son to clear his name of guilt.

Everybody in Our Family (2012)

When Marius arrives at his ex-wife's house to take their 5-year-old daughter, Sofia, on vacation, he is told that she is ill. He doesn't believe it and insists that she go with him on the trip.

Jackie Goldberg Private Dick (2011)

Jackie (Jackie Mason) is at the end of his career until he helps a 16 year-old (Antony Del Rio) prove his mother's innocence.

Ankur (1974)

A married man seduces his servant but is unable to accept the responsibilities of her resulting pregnancy.

Süskind (2012)

A member of the Jewish Council of Amsterdam finds a way to keep children from being deported to Nazi death camps.

Tranceformer: A Portrait of Lars von Trier (1997)

Danish screenwriter and director Lars von Trier rose to prominence in the 1980s and 1990s with a series of acclaimed experimental films, including his 1996 masterpiece, "Breaking the Waves." Von Trier is regarded as one of the most controversial and enigmatic filmmakers of his or any generation, and this documentary provides rare insight into his creativity. But there's also a lot of darkness in von Trier's story, including a string of crippling phobias and social anxieties.

Bringing Up Father (1940)

A socialite's romantic involvement with a restaurateur's son complicates another's plans to shut down the eatery.

Jalwa (1987)

A young man dies of a drug overdose, evoking a rage in his brother, who vows to put an end to the drug trade and traffickers.

Noah's Ark and the Genesis Flood (1977)

Researcher Jack Dabner reveals evidence of the existence of Noah's Ark.

La chica del alacrán de oro (1988)

Enemies are looking for the girl with a golden scorpion tattoo.

D.I.Y. or Die: How to Survive as an Independent Artist (2002)

Documentary filmmaker Michael W. Dean talks to a generation of artists of various types who have gained critical -- and in several cases financial -- success by staying true to their own visions and refusing to be co-opted by the mass media. In long, detailed interviews with figures including 1980s underground shock filmmaker Richard Kern, author and spoken-word performer Beth Lisick and post-punk music icons Lydia Lunch and Ian Mackaye, Dean explores the necessity of self-reliance.

Broadway Big Shot (1942)

A newspaper reporter poses as a prison convict to get some inside information for a crime story.

Invincible Kung Fu Legs (1980)

A young man (Kang Peng) seeks revenge after a martial artist (Tao-liang Tan) kills his brother during a duel.

Johnny Doughboy (1943)

A teenage actress hopes that a romance with an older man will help her break out of the "kiddie picture" mold.

Forbidden Valley (1938)

The son (Noah Beery Jr.) of a fugitive mountain man meets a rich girl (Frances Robinson) and goes to town.

Onmyoji II (2004)

A man (Mansai Nomura) must save nobility from demons searching for body parts.

Cold Fish (2000)

A couple (Conrad Asquith, Nadia Strahan) lures an ambitious intern (Jon-Paul Gates) at a television station into a world of deception and violence.

The First Division (1941)

Pilots serving on a Polish air force base face danger in the air.

Trans (2012)

Filmmaker Chris Arnold provides a glimpse into the lives of transgendered people.

Door Ki Awaaz (1964)

Prakash lives in Chandan Nagar along with his sister Mala his and widowed mom. During a train ride, Mala has an accident and is brought to hospital.

Alfie, The Little Werewolf (2011)

When Alfie turns seven, he suddenly changes into a white fluffy werewolf. He struggles with understanding why this is happening to him, because the wolf at night is capable of doing things that the shy boy would not during the day.

Trader Horn (1931)

Famous African explorer Trader Horn (Harry Carey) sails to a small village with Peru (Duncan Renaldo), his best friend's son. That night, their camp is disrupted by the arrival of Trader's friend Edith Trent (Olive Carey), a missionary searching for her missing daughter, Nina (Edwina Booth). Shortly afterwards, Trader and Peru come across Edith's dead body. Continuing the expedition, they discover Nina is now the evil leader of a nearby tribe, and plans to sacrifice them.

Never Too Young to Dream (2001)

A soccer star (Plutarco Haza) returns to his hometown and helps a janitor (Hctor Surez) coach a children's team.

Soledad (1947)

An Argentinian maid secretly marries her employer, but he leaves her soon after to marry a rich woman.

Waste: The Nuclear Nightmare (2010)

Researchers discuss the science and politics of nuclear power and disposal of the waste generated.

Terror Trail (1946)

The Durango Kid (Charles Starrett) heads off a range war over cattle and sheep.

City in Darkness (1939)

Detective Charlie Chan (Sidney Toler) goes to Paris and solves the murder of a munitions magnate.

Money Buys Happiness (1999)

Married Money (Jeff Weatherford) and Georgia (Megan Murphy) begin to part when he seeks a spiritual quest, and she, an old suitor.

Baby Genius 3: Baby Squad Investigators (2012)

An evil genius baby steals the Crown Jewels from the Tower of London, and the Baby Squad uses its secret baby language to solve the mystery.

Here and There (2009)

Robert tries to make money by marrying someone who needs U.S. immigration papers, and a young Serbian emigrant tries to earn money in New York City to pay for his girlfriend's passport.

Without a Fight (2012)

Soccer brings social change in Kibera, Kenya, where one of Africa's largest slums exists.

Butch Minds the Baby (1942)

A dimwitted ex-con is reformed by the child of a woman he saved from a suicide attempt. Based on a Damon Runyon story.

Before My Heart Falls (2012)

A teenager has a key moment in her life before she commits an act she will always regret.

The Amulet of Ogum (1974)

A blind guitar player entertains thieves with a story of a criminal living in Rio de Janeiro who could not be harmed by weapons after a blessing from Ogum.

U.S. Seals II (2001)

A former soldier (Michael Worth) tries to rescue a kidnapped nuclear physicist from a terrorist (Damian Chapa) who wants her to create warheads.

Dos caras tiene el destino (1952)

A doctor whose wife left goes far away, during the journey someone similar dies and he adopts the identity of the deceased.

El Sátiro (1981)

When a painter agrees to take care of a friend's daughter, the girl is kidnapped at the airport and tries to escape.

Graceland (2012)

The life of a chauffeur (Arnold Reyes) takes a terrifying turn when -- by mistake -- his own young daughter is kidnapped instead of the child of the corrupt politician for whom he works.

The Straw Man (1953)

An insurance company hires a private detective to investigate the murder of a wealthy client's mistress.

Once a Thief (1965)

All ex-convict Eddie Pedak (Alain Delon) wants is a fresh start with his wife, Kristine (Ann-Margret), and daughter, Kathy (Tammy Locke), as he tries to rebuild his life in San Francisco, but a few obstacles stand in his way. One is Inspector Mike Vido (Van Heflin) of the SFPD, who believes Pedak is the man who shot him several years back, and wants revenge. The other is Pedak's brother, Walter (Jack Palance), a lifetime criminal who persistently tries to recruit him to pull one last job.

The Paleface (1922)

Evil oil barons try to kick Indians off their land, and Buster joins the tribe to help them fight.

King of the Gamblers (1948)

A district attorney (William Wright) links racketeers to a pro-football murder/frame-up.

Cadets on Parade (1942)

A young cadet accused of cowardice sets out to prove his valor with the help of a friend.

The Myth of the American Sleepover (2010)

Four young people search for love and adventure on the last weekend of the summer.

La Venganza de Huracán Ramírez (1967)

Some men are subjected to experiments that transform them into wild beasts and they face a pair of wrestlers.

Test of Faith (1987)

A college student risks losing a scholarship when he defends his beliefs.

Sonny Boy (1990)

Small-time crook Slue (Paul L. Smith) sends his lackey, Weasel (Brad Dourif), to steal a car, and they're surprised to find a baby in the backseat. Slue and his transvestite lover, Pearl (David Carradine), decide to keep the child, naming him Sonny Boy. But the sadistic couple torture the boy and cut him off from the outside world, and years later, the teenage Sonny Boy (Michael Griffin) is incapable of functioning in society and is forced to submit to the criminal whims of his "parents."

Cold Light of Day (1990)

A dismemberer (Bob Flag) cites cases of his homosexual necrophilia for a London police inspector (Geoffrey Greenhill).

Born Champion (2000)

Despite his mother's protest, a young man wants to become a motocross racer like his father.

Andy Colby's Incredibly Awesome Adventure (1989)

A boy (Randy Josselyn) searches the TV world for his little sister who's been pulled by a wizard into a video.

Calypso Joe (1957)

A pretty airline stewardess turns a deaf ear to her lover's pleas when she decides to wed a wealthy Latino instead.

Buffalo Girls (2012)

In Thailand, two 8-year-old girls undergo months of rigorous training and a brutal schedule as they prepare to fight each other for a championship title.

Entre Compadres Te Veas (1989)

Family bonds are broken when a man (Lalo Gonzlez) and his two sons (Vicente Fernndez, Andrs Garca) fall for a seductive bank robber who has designs on their poker winnings.

Capricious Summer (1968)

Antonin (Rudolf Hrusnsk) and his aging buddies, one a former military man and the other a priest, are trying to unwind during their summer vacation at a resort. Those plans are jettisoned, however, when a circus performer arrives at the retreat, along with his young and attractive assistant, and sets up shop by entertaining the guests with magic and big-top events. What first seems a bother to Antonin and his friends soon starts awakening memories of their own youth.

The Cheat (1931)

With no concern for her husband's finances, an unrestrained woman racks up a number of large gambling debts.

Ransom Baby (1976)

Revolutionaries pull off a spectacular heist and kidnap the son of a lawman to keep him at bay.

The Flying Saucer (1950)

Russian spies rival a U.S. agent (Mikel Conrad) and his girl Friday (Pat Garrison) for a UFO in Alaska.

You Got to Move (1985)

In 1932 the Highlander Folk School was founded in rural Tennessee to provide a focal point for the burgeoning Appalachian labor movement. Years later, in the 1950s, the center would play a pivotal role in the American Civil Rights Movement, training a number of famous and lesser-known advocates for social change. Using interviews and footage from the era, documentarians Lucy Massie Phenix and Veronica Selver chronicle the lives of people who have benefited as a result of efforts by the school.

Detroit 9000 (1973)

Biracial detectives (Alex Rocco, Hari Rhodes) track loot from a fundraiser for the first black governor of Michigan.

Half Human (1955)

Japanese and American scientists face a monster whose other half is beast.

Frontier Blues (2009)

Four intertwined stories all set in Iran's northern frontier with Turkmenistan.

Cheating Blondes (1933)

A journalist uses the woman he allegedly loves as the subject for a frame.

Violent Stranger (1957)

The wife (Faith Domergue) of a condemned man tries to save him in England by finding the real killer (Zachary Scott).

Taking Chances (2011)

Nine-year-old Kiek worries when her father, who is a doctor, leaves for a war zone.

Hercules Against Karate (1973)

Two martial artists go to Hong Kong to rescue a restaurateur's son from the clutches of an evil kung fu master.

Fiesta (1947)

Handsome young man Mario Morales (Ricardo Montalban) feels great pressure to become a bullfighter, since his father, Antonio (Fortunio Bonanova), was a famous toreador. However, Mario really aspires to be a composer, and his beautiful sister, Maria (Esther Williams), is the one who wants to enter the bullring. Eventually, the clever Maria disguises herself as Mario to pursue her dream of being a bullfighter, but, despite her talent, the ruse can't last forever.

Delivered (2011)

Shane rescues a young woman and has to shoot a gangster's son in self-defense.

The Sheik and I (2012)

An American filmmaker is hired to make a film for a Middle East Biennial celebration and his movie is banned for blasphemy.

Terror on a Train (1953)

An expert (Glenn Ford) tries to defuse a time bomb found on a British freight train full of explosives.

Monsoon (1943)

In a South Seas bar and brothel called the Isle of Forgotten Sins, rough-and-tumble sailors Mike Clancy (John Carradine) and Jack Burke (Frank Fenton) meet old Capt. Krogan (Sidney Toler), who talks them into recovering $3 million in gold from a sunken ship. Mike and Clancy become rivals for the bar's lovely owner, Marge (Gale Sondergaard), as well as for the riches, not knowing Krogan plans to betray them both. But everyone's schemes are threatened by the onslaught of a devastating monsoon.

The River Fuefuki (1960)

When the eldest son (Somegoro Ichikawa) of a medieval Japanese farmer decides to become a warlord's retainer, his brothers soon follow in his footsteps.

Chicago Calling (1951)

A disconnected telephone line turns nightmarish for a father awaiting word of his injured family's condition.

Cattle Thief (1936)

Cattlemen send a cowboy (Ken Maynard) undercover to catch a rustler (Ward Bond).

Ragin' Cajun (1990)

Before a kickboxer (David Heavener) can go into show business he must rescue his girlfriend (Charlene Tilton) and fight Dr. Death.

Tierra de Violencia (1965)

The son of a murdered sheriff finds himself in trouble when he discovers that the town has been scammed.

Code of the Fearless (1939)

A Texas Ranger pretends he has been discharged from service to trick outlaws into accepting him into their gang.

Teenage Monster (1957)

A desert community becomes a hunting ground for a student who has been changed into a monster by the rays of a meteor.