Approaching the Elephant (2015)

The inaugural year of the Teddy McArdle Free School, where all classes are voluntary and rules are voted on by adults and children.

Vice Academy: Part 4 (1995)

A policewoman (Elizabeth Kaitan) and her partner must stop a green-haired prison escapee (Julia Parton) intent on ruining the commissioner's wedding.

Slices (2008)

Five short films by five filmmakers including: "The Exterminator," "The Range," "Turnout," "Night Scream," and "Dead Letters."

Haque (1991)

A politician's wife comes face to face with the bitter truth of life.

45 R.P.M. (2008)

Luke hears a radio broadcast and discovers love, loss, and the magic of rock and roll.

Hated: GG Allin and the Murder Junkies (1994)

Punk rocker GG Allin indulged in shocking behavior before his death by a drug overdose in 1993.

Trio (1950)

Consisting of three adaptations of W. Somerset Maugham short stories, this film follows the tales of a verger, a jewelry dealer, and the patients of a sanatorium. In the first tale, a verger is ousted from the church by a vicar due to his illiteracy, and seeks to become an entrepreneur. "Mr. Know-All" sees an arrogant jewelry dealer make a bet, with a woman's happiness at stake. The third story, "Sanatorium," explores death, rivalry and love as patients improve their health.

Three's a Crowd (1927)

An oddball loner adopts a young woman on the run from her dissolute boyfriend.

What She Doesn't Know (1992)

Molly Kilcoin (Valerie Bertinelli) is a New York City lawyer who is trying to establish a strong reputation among her peers. A former high school classmate of gangster Joey Martinelli (Peter Dobson), Molly is brought in to work on mob cases. During her investigation, she discovers connections between big-time mobsters and a number of police officers. As she digs deeper, Molly finds that many cops have been receiving bribes, including members of her own family who are in law enforcement.

The Oracle (1953)

A British reporter's job is saved with the help of a disembodied voice in a well that accurately foretells the future.

Feel It Say It ... (2006)

A dedicated dermatologist (Eric Kot) and his workaholic assistant (Candy Lo) suspect their mates are cheating on them.

Till Death Us Do Part (1969)

An adaptation of the hit television series centered around the struggles of Alf Garnett (Warren Mitchell), a conservative dockworker, and his wife, Else (Dandy Nichols). As they adjust to life during the London Blitz, they have daughter Rita (Una Stubbs), who grows up and gets married to Mike (Anthony Booth), a Labor Party supporter whose politics and lifestyle send Alf around the bend. Eventually Alf and his son-in-law make peace long enough to attend the 1966 World Cup together.

Crime Without Passion (1934)

Caddish lawyer Lee Gentry (Claude Rains) is going out with Katy Costello (Whitney Bourne), but carrying on an affair with dancer Carmen Brown (Margo). When he wants to end the dalliance with Carmen, she is so distraught that she becomes suicidal. Seizing the gun from Carmen, he accidentally shoots her, and thinking she's dead, concocts a series of increasingly outlandish alibis to cover his tracks under the guidance of a ghostly apparition that is his alter ego.

Gurov & Anna (2014)

At then end of his marriage to Audrey, Ben begins a torrid affair with Mercedes, a French student in his writing class. As the affair spirals out of control, everyone's emotions and Ben and Audrey's family is left on the edge.

In the Shadow (2011)

A filmmaker (Michelle Keffer) learns that a man's (Jorge Sermini) power to heal also brings with it a great potential for violence.

Walking After Midnight (1988)

Helen Shaver, Martin Sheen, Rae Dawn Chong, Willie Nelson and other celebrities discuss reincarnation.

Stop Train 349 (1963)

An American Army train bound for the West Zone has an East German stowaway aboard seeking to elude the Russians.

Hashar: A Love Story... (2008)

College students rebel against the traditional values of their parents.

Woman With a Past (1992)

Federal marshals arrest a career woman (Pamela Reed) whose husband (Dwight Schultz) and family never knew she was an escaped felon.

The Hunter (1980)

Modern bounty hunter Ralph "Papa" Thorson (Steve McQueen) hunts fugitives for a bail bondsman (Eli Wallach).

Perry Mason: The Case of the Fatal Framing (1992)

In this made-for-TV movie, the unflappable lawyer and sleuth Perry Mason (Raymond Burr) is plunged into the art world. When a painter who supposedly died years ago resurfaces to claim forgeries of his work that are being sold for big money at a gallery, the unlucky artist winds up murdered. Once Perry is called in to solve the case, he finds that his chief suspect is a photographer who may have been looking to cash in on the name of a dead celebrity.

The Lover (1991)

A European (Valérie Kaprisky) becomes a wartime journalist, works for humanist causes and meets Franz Kafka.

Nostalgia for the Countryside (1995)

In rural Vietnam, teenager Nham (Ngoc Bao Ta) works in the fields for his family alongside his sister-in-law, Ngu (Thuy Huong). Working so closely, Nham and Ngu develop an attraction to each other, and a romance develops. Enter Quyen (Le Van), a beautiful girl from the big city, who has returned to Nham's village where she was raised. Enticed by the novelty of the new girl, Nham begins an affair with Quyen -- to the obvious chagrin of Ngu, who grows jealous and depressed.

Fugitive Mind (1999)

A man (Michael Dudikoff) with severe memory loss learns that experimenters programmed him to commit brutal crimes.

Cowboy Canteen (1944)

Entertainers perform on a dude ranch for soldiers.

Final Impact (1992)

An ex-champion kickboxer (Lorenzo Lamas) seeks revenge through a newcomer (Mike Worth) he trains to fight the brutal champion.

Soft Vengeance: Albie Sachs and the New South Africa (2014)

The life of Albie Sachs, a lawyer, writer, and freedom fighter during the overthrow of apartheid in South Africa.

Flatfoot in Hong Kong (1975)

A cop must clear his name and find the person who has infiltrated his police department.

Aap Ke Saath (1986)

Two brothers fall in love with the same mysterious woman at different points in time. The woman has a sinister plan and begins to execute it by becoming the mistress of the younger brother.

Calaboose (1943)

Two cowboys (Jimmy Rogers, Noah Beery Jr.) try to get themselves arrested to meet a woman (Mary Brian) who rehabilitates criminals.

Paradise in Harlem (1939)

Mobsters hound a nightclub performer who has witnessed a slaying.

Lucifer Rising (1972)

Filmed at several `magic' spots, the film depicts a series of ceremonies, movements, and rituals mixed with experimental film editing.

Murder on Lenox Avenue (1941)

A Harlem business leader tries to bring peace and prosperity to his community, while a jealous enemy plots his revenge.

Prairie Chickens (1943)

Two men (Jimmy Rogers, Noah Beery Jr.) deal with a case of mistaken identity and a supposedly haunted ranch house.

Donald and Pluto (1936)

Donald the plumber tries to mend a pipe but breaks it instead. Meanwhile, Pluto eats a magnet.

Dimensions (2011)

Stephen (Henry Lloyd-Hughes), a brilliant young scientist, becomes obsessed with finding a way to go back to the past after a tragic event.

You're Telling Me (1942)

An aspiring young ad man mistakenly hires a bogus big-game hunter for a highly publicized radio event.

Forever (2006)

Pre-Lachaise cemetery in Paris holds the remains of many notable people, such as Chopin, dith Piaf, Yves Montand, Simone Signoret and Jim Morrison. The many people who visit the site to visit graves of loved ones and those who stop there as tourists find that it has mysterious and consoling beauty.

55 & Older (2013)

Disguised as retirees, a young couple hopes to save money on rent by moving into a 55-and-over community.

Frankie (2005)

The pressure of being a top model forces a beautiful woman (Diane Kruger) into a mental institution.

The Cold Room (1984)

A British teen (Amanda Pays) visits East Berlin with her writer father (George Segal) and faces something evil from 40 years before.

Lioness (2008)

Women serve in combat for the first time in U.S. history.

Rêverie (2014)

A bird daydreams about escaping its cage.

Looking for Miracles (1989)

A 1930s teen (Greg Spottiswood) gets a job as summer-camp counselor, but his younger brother (Zachary Bennett) comes with it.

Apollonian Story (2013)

A man spends 40 years carving a home for himself in the side of a limestone cliff near Tel Aviv.

Devta (1998)

A 1998 Hindi film starring Mithun Chakraborty.

Northwest Rangers (1942)

Orphaned by Indians, boyhood buddies meet again as gambler (James Craig) and Mountie (William Lundigan).

Sunset Pass (1946)

A frontier lawman (James Warren) and his sidekick (John Laurenz) face train robbers along the Arizona border.

Hot Wings (2014)

A man discovers that an organ trafficking ring murdered his father for his heart, and he starts tracking down its members.

Hi-Jack Highway (1955)

Jean, a lorry driver, inadvertently runs over the body of a dead gangster and soon finds himself in a race to save his skin and his name.

The Menace (1932)

A man wrongly convicted of murder escapes from prison and exposes the real criminals.

The Middleman (1976)

Recent college graduate Somnath (Pradip Mukherjee) is having a rough time finding a job. In desperation, he sets up shop as a middleman, buying goods at low prices and reselling them to businesses at a profit. Everything's going along fine until Somnath is asked to supply one of his clients with a highly unusual item: a prostitute. If he succeeds, he'll land a huge order. After scouring the brothels of Calcutta, India, he finds the right girl. Unfortunately, she's his best friend's sister.

Skinwalker: Curse of the Shaman (2005)

A mythology student seeking to produce a documentary about six students who were rumored to have fallen victim to a deadly curse finds that she may have underestimated the power of the supernatural in director Steven Stevens' horrific frightener.

Jeeva (2014)

An ambitious young cricketer who dreams of playing for the Indian national team encounters multiple obstacles to realizing his dream.

Red River (1988)

After the Civil War, rancher Thomas Dunson (James Arness) leads a dangerous cattle drive across Texas with a team that includes his adopted son, Matthew (Bruce Boxleitner), and black cowboy Jack Byrd (Stan Shaw), whose presence annoys some of the white cowboys. Fearful of Indians and struggling through the dry terrain, Dunson's men grow increasingly unhappy with his authoritarian ways. Fed up, rebellious Matthew goes to work for another ranch, infuriating his father.

Jithan (2005)

A girl breaks up with her lover after a rich guy proposes marriage to her. The lover gets the power of invisibility due to an accident; he uses this to hurt his rival, play tricks on people and even commit crime.

La feldmarescialla (1967)

A soldier, a woman and an eccentric professor flee from the Nazis toward the Allied lines.

Eating Happiness (2015)

Animal activist Genlin goes to the streets of Vietnam, South Korea, Thailand, and China to expose the dog meat trade.

The Stoolie (1972)

A New Jersey informer (Jackie Mason) runs off to Miami with police money, with an officer (Dan Frazer) on his trail.

Sherpa (2015)

After an ice slide kills 16 Sherpas on Everest, they unite in grief and anger to reclaim the mountain.

A Teacher's Crime (2008)

A former convict blackmails a high-school teacher after she develops a close friendship with his son.

House of Sand (2005)

After their patriarch (Ruy Guerra) dies in an accident, a pregnant woman (Fernanda Torres) and her mother (Fernanda Montenegro) must fend for themselves in a harsh desert in northern Brazil. Befriended by a local man (Luiz Melodia), they establish a modest home, and the younger one, Aurea, dreams of escape, but the older one, Dona Maria, learns to accept her fate.

The Day We Met (1990)

In Israel, a military investigator (Yehuda Barkan) returns to base to catch a rapist and meets a female soldier who is trying to find her father.

Lunacy (2005)

In 19th-century France a young man (Pavel Liska) meets a nobleman (Jan Triska) who invites him to spend the night in his castle, where the former witnesses a bizarre orgy and the latter's apparent death and burial. The next day, the nobleman explains he cured his fear of premature burial by having himself entombed, and he suggests that the young man, who is plagued by nightmares of a madhouse, have himself committed.

Pixels (2010)

Characters from famous video games invade New York.

For Love and Honor (2016)

A by-the-book veteran takes over at a failing military academy and immediately clashes with the beautiful dean of academics. Eventually, sparks fly as they're forced to become close to save their school.

Hera Pheri (1975)

Vijay and Ajay sever their relationship after Vijay learns that his father's killer may be Ajay's long-lost father. Once the friendship is over, a bloody saga of familial revenge is set into motion.

Dandelion Dharma (2009)

Three eccentric ladies and their stories inspire a young woman to come to terms with letting go.

One Last Dance (2006)

A professional hit man ponders another line of business but soon finds that there's a high price to pay for leaving behind a life of crime.

Fireman Save My Child (1954)

Chaos reigns in San Francisco when a fire station manned by nincompoops receives their first gasoline-driven fire engine.

Chip Off the Old Block (1944)

A naval-academy student (Donald O'Connor) woos a girl (Ann Blyth) whose mother and grandmother were wooed by his father and grandfather.

The Housekeeper (2002)

After his wife leaves him and his apartment turns into a pigsty, Jacques (Jean-Pierre Bacri) decides to get a housekeeper. He meets Laura (milie Dequenne), who's young and pretty. She has no experience, but he hires her. As time passes, Laura does more than just mop the floors -- she gradually begins to insinuate herself into his life. Soon their relationship threatens to go beyond that between an employer and his employee. But is that what Jacques really wants?

Les maîtres du suspense (2014)

The women in Quentin's, Dany's and Hubert's lives cause a series of unexpected situations and lead them into a troubling world.

Nobody Loves Alice (2008)

A young girl who has always craved love finally finds what she's been searching for, but it may already be too late.

Most Dangerous Man Alive (1961)

An unjustly imprisoned man gets revenge after a chemical explosion transforms him into a man of steel.

For Love or Money (1963)

Deke Gentry (Kirk Douglas) is the lawyer of wealthy hotel magnate Chloe Brasher (Thelma Ritter), so he's confused when she orders him to marry off her three daughters. There's Kate (Mitzi Gaynor), the reasonable one; Jan (Leslie Parrish), the free-spirited one; and Bonnie (Julie Newmar), the health-obsessed one. To make sure Deke gets the job done, Chloe orders her personal security guard (William Bendix) to follow him. After a while, Deke realizes that there's more to Kate then meets the eye.

Sau Din Saas Ke (1980)

The story of how a tyrannical mother-in-law mends ways and improves her relationships with her sons and daughters-in-law.

Single Fin Yellow (2005)

Singlefin Yellow tells the story of one surfboard's life as it travels the globe shared by a group of friends.

Absences (1987)

Filmmaker Carole Laganière explores the various forms of absence and its impact on people's lives.

Dracula 3D (2012)

Count Dracula (Thomas Kretschmann) wants to sink his fangs into Mina Harker (Marta Gastini), who resembles the vampire's late wife.

Louis Prima: The Wildest! (1999)

This lively documentary looks at the life of renowned pop/jazz performer Louis Prima. Revisiting Prima's Italian-American upbringing in New Orleans, the film follows the singer and trumpeter's musical career, which shifted from jazz and swing to more accessible pop. During each phase of Prima's decades-long artistic run, his music was defined by his boisterous persona, endearing him to a legion of fans. Among those interviewed are family members and a number of his musical peers.

Shout (1991)

A stranger shows up in a Texas town in 1955. His name is Jack Cabe (John Travolta), and he's been hired as the music teacher at the Benedict Boys Home. Before long, he's upsetting the institution's staid atmosphere by giving his students a primer in rock 'n' roll. Cabe's fresh approach captures the interest of local misfit Jesse Tucker (James Walters), but earns him the rancor of school bigwig Eugene Benedict (Richard Jordan). As his profile rises, Cabe risks exposing a secret from his past.

14 Women (2007)

Capitalizing on family relationships with two of the documentary subjects, the filmmakers (Mary Lambert, Nicole Boxer, Sharon Oreck) behind "14 Women" offer an exclusive look into the world of the 14 female senators elected to the 109th U.S. Congress. Conducting interviews with the congresswomen, the film offers insight into the obstacles of gender and the different roles these women have to play, from politician to mother to wife. Annette Benning narrates.

Good Morning Heartache (2008)

A filmmaker (Stefano Fresi) realizes that he is in love with his friend's wife (Alba Rohrwacher), as he and his partner document the end of the friend's marriage.

La Salada (2014)

In a bustling market outside of Buenos Aires, a Bolivian immigrant becomes friends with a Korean immigrant.

Wink des Himmels (2005)

An engaged architect (Elisabeth Lanz) befriends an introverted widower (Helmut Zierl) and his 7-year-old son (Ludwig Zimmeck).

Dans un océan d'images (2013)

Helen Doyle forces people to look deeper at the outside world.

The Chef, The Actor, The Scoundrel (2013)

Four Chinese agents capture a Japanese scientist during the second Sino-Japanese War to retrieve the cure for a cholera outbreak.

Brothers of the Black List (2014)

The longest litigated civil rights case in American history starts after police use a list of black college students to search for a criminal.

Shaolin (2015)

Based on an ancient Shaolin Temple legend, a cast of 20 ordained soldier monks display their tremendous physical skills on stage in the ultimate display of physical prowess.

Cagney & Lacey: Together Again (1995)

The detectives (Tyne Daly, Sharon Gless) probe the murder of a homeless man who terrorized a middle-class neighborhood.

Looking For An Echo (2000)

A former teen idol (Armand Assante) watches his middle child struggle with starting a rock band, while his youngest daughter battles leukemia.

How to Swim (1942)

Goofy's plans to give a swimming lesson and enjoy a day at the beach go awry.

Dream Machine (1991)

An heiress gives a Colorado fraternity pledge (Corey Haim) a Porsche 911, with her husband's corpse in the trunk.

Command Action (2015)

A boy buys vegetables for his family at a market, and three bullies dare him to steal a toy.

Game Of Death (1978)

An actor (Bruce Lee) shot by gangsters fakes his death, has plastic surgery and seeks kung-fu revenge.

The Boneyard (1991)

A policeman (Ed Nelson) and a psychic (Deborah Rose) link cult mayhem to a morgue where ancient ghouls are on the loose.

Blue & Malone, imaginary detectives (2013)

A little girl hires imaginary detectives to find out why her brother won't play with her.

Heartstopper (2006)

Savage serial killer Chambers (James Binkley) is arrested by Sheriff Berger (Robert Englund) and sentenced to death in the electric chair. After his execution, it seems the world is a little safer -- until the body is brought to the hospital morgue, where it's reanimated by a murderous demon. The possessed Chambers sets his sights on Sara (Meredith Henderson), a suicidal teen in the hospital, while Walter (Nathan Stephenson), another young patient from the ward, tries to protect her.

So This Is Washington (1943)

Trying to do his patriotic duty, store owner Abner (Norris Goff) develops a new formula for a rubber compound. He presents his findings to his friend Lum (Chester Lauck), and they decide the discovery must be presented to the nation's leaders. So they leave their little Arkansas town for Washington, D.C. Once they arrive, they find that common sense is in short supply among politicians, though Civilian Aid office head Chester Marshall (Alan Mowbray) does find their invention intriguing.