Love Live! Sunshine!! The School Idol Movie: Over The Rainbow (2019)

Bamse and the Thief City (2014)

Teddy Bear and the City of Thieves (Swedish: Bamse och Tjuvstaden, officially Bamse and the Thief City in English) is a 2014 animated feature film featuring Bamse.

Kit & Co. (1974)

Oru Oorla (2014)

Oru Oorla is a 2014 Tamil-language Indian feature film directed by K. S. Vasanthakumar for producer P.Velusamy, starring Venkatesh, Neha Patil and Indrajit.

Abbai class ammayi mass (2013)

CeeLo Green is Loberace (2013)

Every Day is a Saturday: Poor Boyz (2009)

Every day begins with a process, even on a Saturday. This season Poor Boyz brings you a candid account of what it takes to get from point A to point B. “Everyday Is A Saturday” will bring the entirety of the sport into light.

Alien Contact: NASA Exposed 2 (2017)

A former astronaut recently went on record to allege that there is abundant evidence that we are being contacted by Alien races and that these civilizations have been visiting us for a very long time. These claims also state that the Alien creatures' appearance is bizarre compared to any type of traditional western point of view and that these visitors use the technologies of consciousness and that they use "toroids," co-rotating magnetic disks for their propulsion systems. In addition, the recent discovery of 1,300 exoplanets that could sustain life has rocked the scientific world. Now more and more people, from world leaders to former astronauts, are testifying that UFOs not only exist, but that Aliens are here and have been monitoring the human race for centuries.

Le chien (1962)

Exit (2013)

Horses of Gettysburg (2006)

The Christmas Carol (1949)

The Christmas Carol is a 1949 low-budget, black and white television special narrated by Vincent Price. Compressing the Charles Dickens classic story into a half-hour, it is stated to be "the oldest extant straight adaptation of the story" for television. It was originally produced as a syndicated production for airing on 22 stations across the United States on Christmas Day in 1949. It was sponsored by Magnavox and represented that company's first use of television advertising. In 1952 the show was acquired by Consolidated Television Sales for further syndication.

La Notte non Fa più Paura (2016)

You & I (2015)

Oh My Pyo! (2014)

Oh My Pyo is a 2014 romantic comedy Punjabi film co-directed and co-produced by Rai Yuvraj Bains and Niharika Sahni. The film stars Binnu Dhillon, Jaswinder Bhalla, Sardar Sohi, Bubble Rai, Bhanu Sri Mehra and debutante Dakshita Kumaria.

What Happened on the Moon? - An Investigation Into Apollo (2000)

Female Prisoner Scorpion: #701's Grudge Song (1973)

Female Prisoner Scorpion: #701's Grudge Song is a women in prison film made by Toei Company in 1973. The fourth, and last in the first Female Prisoner Scorpion series, Meiko Kaji returned to play the title role, but director Shunya Itō was replaced by Yasuharu Hasebe.

The Return of Rusty (1946)

The Return of Rusty is a 1946 American drama film directed by William Castle and starring Ted Donaldson, John Litel and Mark Dennis. It was the second in the eight part Rusty film series produced by Columbia Pictures.

The Strange Case of Dr. Meade (1938)

The Strange Case of Dr. Meade is a 1938 American drama film directed by Lewis D. Collins and starring Jack Holt, Beverly Roberts and Noah Beery Jr.

Iliza Shlesinger: Elder Millennial (2018)

Newly engaged comic Iliza Shlesinger dives into undeniable truths about life at age 35, the insanity of the road traveled and what's to come.

¡Viva Madrid, que es mi pueblo! (1928)

Shorebreak, the Evolution of Skimboarding (2018)

La lapidation de Saint Étienne (2013)

Gad Elmaleh: L'autre c'est moi (2005)

Cerca de las estrellas (1963)

Bruno Motoneta (2018)

Bikini Frankenstein (2010)

Bikini Frankenstein is a 2010 American made for cable erotic film directed by Fred Olen Ray. It is based on the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.

The Malay Chronicles: Bloodlines (2011)

The Malay Chronicles: Bloodlines is a 2011 Malaysian epic action film loosely based on the 16th century document Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa, which is also its title as released in Malaysia. The film is directed, co-written, and co-produced by Yusry Abdul Halim. Narrating the early history of the state of Kedah, it stars Stephen Rahman Hughes as Merong Mahawangsa, who escorts Prince Marcus Carprenius of the Roman Empire to Langkasuka to marry Princess Meng Li Hua from the Han Dynasty of China, thus uniting the two powers of East and West. The film was produced and distributed by KRU Studios.

Super Juice Me! (2014)

Dolcezza Extrema (2015)

Sick Sock Monsters from Outer Space (original title: Dolcezza Extrema) is a 2015 Italian science fiction-horror film directed by Alberto Genovese. Its one live-action actor is Marco Antonio Andolfi; the remaining characters are represented by sock puppets. It was acquired for distribution in the United States by Troma Entertainment.

Vnuk Gagarina (2007)

Drop the Curtain (1955)

Soccer Shoot-Out (1991)

Ee Cinema Superhit Guarantee (2015)

Team 5 (2017)

Whistle Blower (2014)

Whistle Blower is a 2014 South Korean film directed by Yim Soon-rye.

Lullaby: A Zombie Musical (2015)

After learning that she is dying, a woman sets out to reunite her estranged husband with their 6-year-old son.

Slavemen (2017)

A bullied youth happens upon a mask that gives him superpowers and allows him to change his past but revising history brings unforeseen consequences.

The Dolemite Explosion (2002)

Dolemite is back from Africa with an all-girl kung-fu army.

Lucero (2019)

Eva has a date who does not arrive, but that's just the beginning of her problems.

Phaedra (2019)

In 1975 a peculiar young woman becomes swept up in a psychological nightmare of cocaine, delusion and disco.

Living Space (2018)

A romantic holiday takes a sinister turn when Brad & Ashley’s car breaks down in the German countryside. Forced to take refuge in an isolated farmhouse they thought to be abandoned, the couple quickly learn that the house holds a dark past. Thrust into a supernatural nightmare, the pair must battle malevolent forces lead by an undead Nazi general if they wish to survive the night.

Purdah (2018)

The independent-minded young women of the Mirza family have ambitious dreams for their lives and careers. Despite their earnestness, they face an uphill battle coming from a conservative Muslim family in Mumbai, India. Kaikasha Mirza became enamored with cricket as a young woman, yet she was forbidden to play and forced to be a spectator in her burka. After months of persistence, Kaikasha eventually persuaded her father to allow her to remove her burka for the first time to become one of only a few Muslim women cricketers in all of Mumbai. Now Kaikasha is chasing her dream of playing for the prestigious Mumbai Senior Women’s Cricket Team. In the days leading up to the tryouts, Kaikasha’s parents give her the ultimatum that she will have two years to become a professional cricketer or they will arrange her marriage. Once married, her husband would likely not allow her to play, thus pinning all of Kaikasha’s hopes on the upcoming tryouts for the Mumbai team. Kaikasha’s eldest sister, Saba, also has her own dreams for her career and yearns to become a model, yet she endures harsh criticism for wearing a niqab to interviews. Heena, the youngest sister, desires to become a fashion designer or a singer, but poverty may impede her pursuits. All three girls must contend with the wishes of their father who does not believe women should work, in addition to the whispered judgment of those in their community. Purdah is a feature length documentary that follows each of the Mirza women as they battle through unexpected family crises, poverty, and intense societal pressure to pursue their dreams.

Commanding Cue (2019)

Cue's a murderer who doesn't want to be one. He can't control what is happening to him, and something is commanding him to kill people.

I Am Truly a Drop of Sun on Earth (2017)

A prostitute and an alienated immigrant help each other survive on the fringes of society.

Grace and Grit (2021)

Kings for a Day (1997)

Kings for a Day is a 1997 French comedy film directed by François Velle. It was entered into the 20th Moscow International Film Festival.

Apatride (2018)

Strictly Confidential (1959)

Strictly Confidential is a 1959 British comedy film directed by Charles Saunders and starring Richard Murdoch, William Kendall, Maya Koumani and Neil Hallett. Two con-men, recently released from prison, are enlisted by a widow to help her recover control of her late husband's business which has been taken from her.

Undermined - Tales from the Kimberley (2018)

Framing Mom (2016)

Home Guards (2015)

Home Guards (Veszettek) is a 2015 Hungarian drama film.

Archimède, le clochard (1959)

Archimède le clochard is a 1959 French drama film directed by Gilles Grangier. It is also known as The Magnificent Tramp. The film was entered into the 9th Berlin International Film Festival, where Jean Gabin won the Silver Bear for Best Actor.

Das tapfere Schneiderlein (1941)

Die Anfängerin (2018)

I'm Just F*cking With You (2019)

Forever Christmas (2018)

The Last Guest (2017)

The Man from the Sea (2018)

Super Furball (2018)

Egg (2019)

Öndög is a 2019 Mongolian drama film directed by Wang Quan'an. It was selected to compete for the Golden Bear at the 69th Berlin International Film Festival.

Mr. Know-It-All (2018)

Golden Twenties (2019)

Foxtrot Six (2019)

A former marine and his friends struggle to save their country from a ruthless party leader.

A Voz do Silêncio (2018)

Black Tulip (1988)

Welcome to the Quiet Room (2007)

Welcome to the Quiet Room is a Japanese movie released in 2007 in Japan, directed by Suzuki Matsuo. It is set in a psychiatric hospital. The movie stars Yuki Uchida in the main role, and features two famous movie and anime directors in secondary roles: Hideaki Anno and Shinya Tsukamoto.

Detektiv Downs (2013)

Sous le même toit (2017)

Yvan and Louise are getting divorced. The separation unfolds pretty calmly - for both them and their kids... Until the two exes realize that they can't afford to get their own places. So after years of living as husband and wife, they have no choice but to become roommates!

The Masseuses (1962)

Twilight Dinner (1998)

Parchim International (2016)

Nils Holgerssons wunderbare Reise (2011)

Des Lebens Überfluss (1950)

Abundance of Life (German: Des Lebens Überfluss) is a 1950 West German romantic comedy film directed by Wolfgang Liebeneiner and starring Erika Müller, Ingeborg Körner and Gunnar Moller. It was one of the last of the Rubble films made in the immediate post-war years. It updates a story by Ludwig Tieck to modern-day Hamburg, addressing the shortage of housing in the heavily bombed city. It was made at the Wandsbek Studios in Hamburg and also shot on location in the city. The film's sets were designed by the art director Mathias Matthies.

Beyond Punishment (2015)

Bud's Best - Die Welt des Bud Spencer (2012)

Tunnel of Bones (2011)

Die Eisläuferin (2015)

Mother Holly (1961)

Rebecca Uthup Kizhakemala (2013)

Bao biao (1976)

2 Jacks (2012)

Two Jacks is a 2012 comedy-drama film directed by Bernard Rose and starring Sienna Miller and Danny Huston. It is an adaptation of Leo Tolstoy's short story "Two Hussars" and is Rose's fifth Tolstoy adaptation, which include Anna Karenina (1997), Ivans XTC (2002), The Kreutzer Sonata (2008) and Boxing Day (2012). The film premiered in competition at the Montreal World Film Festival (August 23 to September 3, 2012).

The Outlaw Michael Howe (2013)

The Outlaw Michael Howe is a 2013 Australian historical drama film written and directed by Brendan Cowell. Set in the early 19th century, the film is based on the exploits of Michael Howe, an Englishman who was transported as a convict to the Australian penal colony of Van Diemen's Land (modern-day Tasmania), where he achieved infamy as a bushranger and outlaw.

Herman van Veen: Kersvers in Carré (2015)

Familien Jul (2014)

Prinsesse for en dag (1962)

Karsten og Petra på safari (2015)

Ventoux (2015)

22 minuty (2014)

Marie Antoinette (2005)

47 To 84 (2014)

Ten Little Indians (1974)

A group of ten people, strangers to one another, have all travelled to a hotel deep in the deserts of Iran. Upon arrival they discover that their host is mysteriously absent. Soon, they find themselves accused by a tape recording of having committed various crimes in the past which went unpunished by the law. Then one guest dies of poisoning...

The Voice of the City (1929)

Voice of the City is a 1929 American Pre-Code film by Willard Mack modeled on a stage play. It is not related to the story of the same name by O. Henry. This film became available on DVD on January 31, 2012 from the Warner Archive collection.

How to Be a SexStar (2010)

The Formula (2014)

Denial (2016)

Fuera de juego (2017)

Schweigeminute (2016)

La fierecilla domada (1956)

El guardián del paraíso (1955)