Flood (1976)

Flood! is a 1976 American made-for-television adventure film directed by Earl Bellamy.

The Desert Song (1943)

The Desert Song is a 1943 American musical film. It was directed by Robert Florey and starred Dennis Morgan, Irene Manning and Bruce Cabot. It is based on the 1926 operetta with music by Sigmund Romberg. It was nominated an Academy Award for Best Art Direction (Charles Novi, Jack McConaghy). This film version of the operetta was, like the 1929 film version, almost never seen after its original release. Copies were hard to come by. In 2014, it was released on DVD by Warner Brothers Technically the film is more sophisticated than the earlier film due to its large budget and advances in both sound and color. It tries to make the operetta topical in terms of World War II, by having the outlaw hero with a dual identity fight the Nazis as well as Arabs. As in the 1953 film, the hero's name is changed to El Khobar, rather than the Red Shadow. The 1943 Desert Song is perhaps the only instance in which a stage operetta of the 1920s has been updated to reflect topical concerns of the 1940s. In fact, the U.S. United States Office of War Information held up release of the film for a year due to the shifting political position of France. It did well at the box office nonetheless. This is the first film version of The Desert Song to be made in full three-strip Technicolor.

The Promised Land: A Swamp Pop Journey (2009)

The lives, the music and the culture surrounding Swamp Pop band Lil' Band O' Gold.

Chang: A Drama of the Wilderness (1927)

Chang: A Drama of the Wilderness (1927) is a silent film about a poor farmer in Nan Province (Northern Thailand) and his daily struggle for survival in the jungle, the film was directed by Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack. It was released by Famous Players-Lasky, a division of Paramount Pictures.

Wakaranai: Where Are You? (2009)

After giving his late mother a makeshift funeral, a teen (Yuto Kobayashi) goes in search of his absentee father (Masahiro Kobayashi).

The Human Shield (1991)

The Human Shield is a 1991 American film directed by Ted Post and written by Mann Rubin. It stars Michael Dudikoff and Tommy Hinkley. It is about a former government agent who must save his diabetic brother from Iraqi abductors.

Floating in Memory (2009)

A shop girl hangs out at the local dance hall and draws the attention of a predatory pimp.

Irene (1940)

Irene (1940) is an American musical film produced and directed by Herbert Wilcox. The screenplay by Alice Duer Miller is based on the book of the 1919 stage musical of the same name by James Montgomery, who had adapted it from his play Irene O'Dare. The score features songs with music by Harry Tierney and lyrics by Joseph McCarthy.

Day One (2015)

Day One is a short film directed and co-written by Henry Hughes with Dawn DeVoe. A woman who is on her first day of working as an interpreter for the United States Army is forced to deliver a baby for the wife of an enemy bomb maker. It was made as a thesis film at the AFI Conservatory.

Trail of Kit Carson (1945)

Trail of Kit Carson is a 1945 American Western film directed by Lesley Selander and written by Jack Natteford and Albert DeMond. The film stars Allan Lane, Helen Talbot, Tom London, Twinkle Watts, Roy Barcroft and Kenne Duncan. The film was released on July 11, 1945, by Republic Pictures.

Loving You (1995)

A Hong Kong detective (Ching Wan Lau) has a change of heart after taking a bullet in the head.

What Every Woman Knows (1934)

What Every Woman Knows (1934) is an American romantic comedy film directed by Gregory La Cava and starring Helen Hayes, Brian Aherne and Madge Evans. The film was produced and distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and is based on the play What Every Woman Knows (1908) by J. M. Barrie. It was filmed by Paramount back in the silent era in 1921 and starred Lois Wilson. An even earlier British silent version was filmed in 1917. Hayes was familiar with the material as she had starred in a 1926 Broadway revival opposite Kenneth MacKenna.

Practically Yours (1944)

Practically Yours is a 1944 comedic film made by Paramount Pictures, directed by Mitchell Leisen, written by Norman Krasna, and starring Claudette Colbert and Fred MacMurray.

I Loved a Woman (1933)

I Loved a Woman is a 1933 American Pre-Code drama directed by Alfred E. Green, starring Kay Francis, Edward G. Robinson, and Genevieve Tobin.

Jungle Holocaust (1977)

Ultimo mondo cannibale (1977; English: Last Cannibal World, UK theatrical title: Cannibal, also known as Jungle Holocaust) is a cannibal exploitation film directed by Ruggero Deodato, which stars Massimo Foschi, Me Me Lai and Ivan Rassimov. The screenplay was written by Tito Carpi, Gianfranco Clerici and Renzo Genta, and tells the story of a man trying to escape from a jungle island inhabited by a native cannibal tribe. The film was distributed under a confusing number of different titles, such as Cannibal! (UK title) and The Last Survivor (US title), and edits, and is available uncut on DVD from the company Media Blasters, under their "Shriek Show" label. It is the precursor to Deodato's controversial 1980 film Cannibal Holocaust, but was originally slated to be directed by Umberto Lenzi as a follow-up to his prototypical 1972 cannibal film Il paese del sesso selvaggio (Man from Deep River). While not prosecuted for obscenity, the film was seized and confiscated in the UK under Section 3 of the Obscene Publications Act 1959 during the video nasty panic.

Hat Trick (2004)

The 2007 Cricket World Cup serves as the backdrop for a collection of stories.

The Abduction of Saint Anne (1975)

A detective (Robert Wagner) helps a Vatican bishop (E.G. Marshall) sent to certify miracles performed by a mobster's daughter (Kathleen Quinlan).

Manhattan Merengue! (1995)

A down-on-his-luck Latino dancer (George Perez) pursues Broadway stardom while trying to elude INS agents.

What a Blonde (1945)

What a Blonde is a 1945 American screwball comedy film directed by Leslie Goodwins from a screenplay by Charles Roberts based on a story by Oscar Brodney. Released by RKO Radio Pictures on January 27, 1945, the film stars Leon Errol, Richard Lane, Michael St. Angel, and Elaine Riley.

The Great Man (1956)

The Great Man is a 1956 drama film directed by and starring José Ferrer, based on a novel by Al Morgan. It was loosely based on the controversial career of Arthur Godfrey, a beloved TV and radio host whose image had been tarnished by a number of cast firings and Godfrey's contentious battles with the press.

When the light comes (1998)

When the Light Comes (Belgium: Licht, Netherlands: Waar blijft het licht, Germany: Die Stunde des Lichts) is a 1998 German-Dutch /Belgian romantic adventure film drama directed by Stijn Coninx, and starring Francesca Vanthielen, Joachim Król and Rick Engelkes. The film is based on an autobiography of the then 19-year-old student in Amsterdam Heleen van der Laan who spent the winter in Svalbard living with a fur trapper. It was adapted for the screen with the aid of Jean van de Velde. Essentially a love story set in northern Scandinavia, the film has "themes of isolation, forced cohabitation and relationship building between two totally different people in extremely harsh living conditions". The score was composed by Dirk Brossé and the film was produced by Favourite Films and distributed by Concorde Film.

Dream Man (1995)

A detective (Patsy Kensit) who solves crimes using telepathy falls into an affair with a murder suspect (Andrew McCarthy) she is investigating.

Won't Back Down (2014)

From his humble beginnings in his hometown of Sheffield, England, Steve Peat has established himself as one of the worlds most iconic cyclists.

Los actores del conflicto (2008)

Three mimes pretend to be guerrilla fighters to be sent to Spain in exile.

One Desire (1955)

One Desire is a 1955 Technicolor drama romance film directed by Jerry Hopper and starring Anne Baxter, Julie Adams and Rock Hudson. Described as a "rugged story of oil-boom Oklahoma in the early 1900s", it was adapted from Conrad Richter's best-selling 1942 novel Tacey Cromwell. Baxter portrays a gambling house owner, Hudson a card dealer turned bank president and Adams the woman who comes between them. A young Natalie Wood is also in a featured role. Although the music is generally by Frank Skinner, the film features a Henry Mancini song sung by Gene Boyd and backed by the Glenn Miller Orchestra which was uncredited to Mancini.

Vengeance: The Story of Tony Cimo (1986)

A South Carolina bricklayer (Brad Davis) goes beyond the law to punish the convicted killer of his parents.

All Night Long (1981)

All Night Long is a 1981 American romantic comedy film starring Barbra Streisand, Gene Hackman, Diane Ladd, Dennis Quaid, Kevin Dobson, and William Daniels, written by W. D. Richter and directed by Jean-Claude Tramont.

Sounds of Sand (2007)

Sounds of Sand (original title Si le vent soulève les sables, literally "If the Wind Raises the Sands") is a drama film directed by Marion Hänsel about a family in the Horn of Africa making a trek to find sufficient water during a drought. The film is a Belgium-France coproduction, released in 2006. It is based on the novel Chamelle (ISBN 2709623889) by Marc Durin-Valois.

The Mirage (2008)

An exploration of the pop-culture consumption.

Body Melt (1994)

Body Melt is a 1993 satirical Australian horror film directed by Philip Brophy and written by Brophy and Rod Bishop (both ex-→ ↑ →), influenced by "splatstick" Peter Jackson films like Bad Taste and Braindead.

Ann Vickers (1933)

Ann Vickers is a 1933 American Pre-Code romantic drama, starring Irene Dunne and Walter Huston. It is based on the novel of the same name by Sinclair Lewis.

All Wifed Out (2013)

A guy spends a wild night in New York City as he tries to decide whether or not he should remain with his current girlfriend.

Bájecná léta pod psa (1997)

Báječná léta pod psa is a 1997 movie, adapted from the book of the same title by Michal Viewegh. The film is directed by Petr Nikolaev.

Strange Illusion (1945)

Strange Illusion is a 1945 American film noir directed by Edgar G. Ulmer. According to noir historian Spencer Selby the film is, "A stylish cheapie by the recognized master of stylish cheapies."

Private Number (2014)

Private Number is a 2014 American psychological thriller-horror film written and directed by LazRael Lison. An alcoholic novelist who suffers from writer's block (Hal Ozsan) and his wife (Nicholle Tom) receive repeated, inexplicable crank phone calls that push them to the edge. It premiered in July 2014 and received a limited release in May 2015. The DVD was released a month later.

Perfect: Android Rising (2013)

Rebels against a totalitarian society capture a computerized killing machine (Samantha Talbott) and reprogram it to think and feel.

Time Simply Passes (2016)

Time Simply Passes is a 2015 US documentary film chronicling the life and wrongful conviction of James Joseph Richardson. It details the circumstances leading to his 1967 arrest for the poisoning deaths of his seven children in Arcadia, Florida, his twenty-one years spent in prison, his miraculous release in 1989 upon the discovery of hidden evidence, and the twenty-five years he spent following his release attempting to obtain compensation from the State of Florida. It features exclusive interviews with Barry Scheck, Don Horn, Peter Gallagher, Geraldine Thompson, Tim Edman, and James Joseph Richardson. The film is directed and produced by Ty Flowers, who worked with his father, Charles Flowers, a journalist who helped free James through his work on the case in the 1980s. It was acquired by Indie Rights and released on digital platforms in January 2018

Dulcy (1940)

Dulcy is a 1940 American comedy film, directed by S. Sylvan Simon for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. It stars Ann Sothern, Ian Hunter, and Roland Young .

Strawman (1987)

The last days of Japanese rule in a Taiwanese village.

Reclaiming Friendship Park (2015)

Businessman Chip Panoptic shows up at a former employee's home with a strange plan. After losing his job, losing his best friend, and moving from Detroit to California, Chip wants to help a group of antisocial apartment-dwellers rediscover their sense of community and the value of old-school friendship. The problem is that Chip himself has little experience in either category.

The White Planet (2006)

The White Planet or in French, La Planète Blanche, is a 2006 documentary about the wildlife of the Arctic. It shows interactions between marine animals, birds and land animals, especially the polar bear, over a one-year period. The fragility of the Arctic is hinted at as a reason to prevent climate change. It was nominated for the Documentary category in the 27th Genie Awards in 2007.

D' Lucky Ones! (2006)

D' Lucky Ones! is a 2006 Filpino romantic comedy film starring Sandara Park, Joseph Bitangcol, Eugene Domingo, and Pokwang.

The Thin Pink Line (1998)

The Thin Pink Line is a 1998 mockumentary directed by Joe Dietl and Michael Irpino. The title is a parody of Errol Morris' documentary The Thin Blue Line, which raised questions about the conviction of a prison inmate on death row.

Found (2012)

Brotherly love is put to the ultimate test when a 10-year-old boy discovers his older brother is a serial killer.

Party (1996)

Party is a 1996 Portuguese-French comedy-drama film directed by Manoel de Oliveira. It was screened in competition at the 1996 Venice Film Festival.

Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble (1944)

Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble is a 1944 romantic comedy, the fourteenth starring Mickey Rooney as Andy Hardy. In the film, Andy goes to college, but soon gets in trouble with some pretty co-eds.

The Power of the Past (2002)

The Power of the Past is a 2002 Italian drama film directed by Piergiorgio Gay. It is based on the novel with the same name written by Sandro Veronesi. It entered the main competition at the 59th Venice International Film Festival.

The Dark Angel: Psycho Kickboxer (1998)

World kickboxing champion Curtis Bush stars as an average guy-turned-kickboxing crime fighter who sets out to avenge the murders of his father and loving fiance.

Jeong Seung Pil Mystery (2009)

A fund manager's seductive fiancee is the prime suspect in his disappearance.

Cruise Into Terror (1978)

Cruise Into Terror is a 1978 American made-for-television horror film starring Dirk Benedict, John Forsythe, Frank Converse, Ray Milland and Stella Stevens. Directed by Bruce Kessler, it originally premiered February 3, 1978 on ABC.

The Last Weekend (2012)

The Last Weekend is a three-part psychological thriller television series produced by Carnival Films in 2012 for ITV, based on the Blake Morrison novel of the same name. Set over a long weekend in East Anglia, the story centers on a rival friendship that spirals out of control as personal revelations force each character to reassess their views of one another.

The Residuals (2014)

Those Half Hidden (2009)

The story of "The Half Hidden" is like a tapestry, in which the threads run obliquely between four different families in two different decades. Weaving recurrent patterns, the story unfolds upon the loom of our vulnerability in lives that are as brittle as the morning ice. This is the story of those who survived, and this is the story of those who did not survive.The half-hidden, Jonas Gardell engaging depiction of a number of people in the two eras. The script, brilliant acting and strong efforts directed by Simon Kaijser da Silva quickly made the half-hidden to a cult series - one of the most unpredictable, most poignant and breathtakingly exciting ever shown on Swedish television.

Varuhuset (1987)

Varuhuset is a Swedish drama series that aired on SVT in 60 episodes between 19 March 1987 and 8 April 1989. Amongst the actors that appeared in the series were Görel Crona, Lena Endre, Sharon Dyall and Christina Schollin. The series was created by Peter Emanuel Falck.

Warrior Queen (1978)

Warrior Queen is a British television series made by Thames Television for ITV that was broadcast from 20 February to 27 March 1978.

Lost L.A. (2016)

Much of L.A.'s past is lost to history -- but we can rediscover it in the region's archives. This new series, a co-production of KCETLink and the USC Libraries, in collaboration with L.A. as Subject, brings Southern California history to life by marrying archival materials with innovative forms of documentary storytelling. Hosted by L.A. historian Nathan Masters, this original series of three episodes showcases nine emerging filmmakers. From rotoscoping to cinema verité, the range of the filmmakers' techniques mirrors the diversity of their backgrounds. But a common thread runs through their films: each brings the primary sources of L.A. history to the screen in surprising new ways. What previously hidden stories will the next generation of filmmakers unearth in the collections of L.A. As Subject members? Tune in to find out.

First Kiss (2007)

First Kiss is a Japanese television drama series that aired on Fuji TV in 2007. Mao Inoue played the lead role for the first time in getsuku drama. The first episode received a viewership rating of 19.7%.

Walking Distance (2015)

When a morbidly obese man becomes friends with two people, his life changes.

Springtime (2004)

Springtime is a 2004 South Korean film starring Choi Min-sik as a struggling musician who takes a job as a music teacher in a rural mining town outside of Seoul.

Stealth (2006)

A man (Lionel Baier) leaves his gay lover (Stphane Rentznik) to travel to Poland to trace his ancestry.

To See the Sea (2014)

Two 12-year-old boys use cameras to document their worlds.

The Fleet's In (1928)

The Fleet's In is a 1928 American silent comedy film directed by Malcolm St. Clair and written by Monte Brice, George Marion Jr., and J. Walter Ruben. The film stars Clara Bow, James Hall, Jack Oakie, Bodil Rosing, Eddie Dunn, and Jean Laverty. The film was released on September 15, 1928, by Paramount Pictures.

Minugurulu (2014)

Minugurulu is a 2012 Telugu social problem film co-written and directed by Ayodhya Kumar Krishnamsetty. The film was selected as Best Indian Film at the 9th India International Children's Film Festival, held at Bangalore. the film is the “First Telugu script to be preserved in Oscar Library‘s permanent core collection” and First ever Telugu film that is contended for OSCAR best feature 2014 Along with 323 Features. The film has also garnered the Akkineni Vamsee International Award. The film has received seven state Nandi Awards including Best Film (Silver), and Best First Film of a director for the year 2012.

Kissi Se Na Kehna (1983)

Kissi Se Na Kehna 1983 Hindi-language Indian romantic comedy feature film directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee. It stars Farooq Shaikh, Deepti Naval and Utpal Dutt. The movie is loosely based on the 1976 Bengali movie Mohunbaganer Meye.

Venus and Fleur (2004)

While on vacation, a timid Parisian (Isabelle Pirs) befriends an extroverted Russian (Veroushka Knoge) who shares her quest in finding a soul mate.

Before Born (2006)

Before Born is a 2006 Chinese film directed by Zhang Ming. Only Zhang's third film in a decade, Before Born is a surreal mystery about modern Chinese life that has garnered comparisons to L'avventura, Michelangelo Antonioni's classic 1960 film. The film tells the story of a private detective, Huang Guangliang, hired to gather evidence of an affair by a man named Li Chonggao. When he arrives in the coastal city of Beihai in search of his target, he discovers that he has disappeared and instead meets an enigmatic young woman who is also looking for Li.

Pride (2009)

Pride is a manga series by Yukari Ichijo serialized in Chorus magazine. In 2007 it won the Excellence Prize for manga at the 11th Japan Media Arts Festival. It was adapted into a 2009 Japanese live-action film starring Stephanie as the protagonist, aspiring opera singer Shio Asami.

No Witness (2004)

A corrupt senator (Jeff Fahey) employs a hit man (Steve Barnes) to protect his interests.

Baober in Love (2004)

Baober in Love, also known as Baobei in Love, is a 2004 Chinese romantic film directed by Li Shaohong, and starring Zhou Xun, Chen Kun, and Huang Jue.

Nightmare (1981)

Nightmare (also released as Nightmares in a Damaged Brain) is a 1981 slasher film directed by Romano Scavolini. Nightmare gained instant notoriety among horror fans when it was banned in the UK as a video nasty and its distributor was sentenced to 18 months in prison for refusing to edit one second of violent footage. The film also garnered controversy for claiming in its press material that Tom Savini had provided the film's special effects, which Savini vehemently denied.

Love Life (2006)

Love Life is a 2006 gay-themed film directed by Damion Dietz. Its plot concerns a marriage of convenience between a gay man and a bisexual woman and how complicated it can get with arrival of other suiters. The film premiered at the Frameline Film Festival in San Francisco and was selected as the benefit film for the Human Rights Campaign.

We the People: From Crispus Attucks to President Barack Obama (2010)

The progression of America is evident from its beginnings, through slavery, to the election of the first black president.

Black Brush (2005)

Four slackers in Budapest look for creative ways to avoid doing any real work.

Mean Streets of Kung-Fu (1973)

Two men and a woman become embroiled in a bitter feud between rival Chinese warlords.

The Eleventh Commandment (1924)

The Eleventh Commandment is a 1924 British crime film directed by George A. Cooper and starring Fay Compton, Stewart Rome and Lillian Hall-Davis. It is based on the play The Pillory by Brandon Fleming.

By the Ways: A Journey with William Eggleston (2006)

The life and art of photography pioneer William Eggleston.

The Silences of the Palace (1994)

The Silences of the Palace is a 1994 Tunisian film co-written and directed by Moufida Tlatli. The film investigates issues of gender, class and sexuality in the Arab world through the lives of two generations of women at a prince's palace. Seen through the eyes of an attractive young wedding singer, it exposes the sexual and social servitude of a group of women in an elaborate palace during the French Protectorate in Tunisia. Tlatli wrote the film in response to her own mother's sudden severe illness and her subsequent realization of how little she knew about her life.

A Long Walk (2006)

A Long Walk is a 2006 film directed by Japanese director Eiji Okuda.

Theodore (2006)

Every day, 80-year-old Theodore sets off on his bicycle on a seven-kilometer journey to a bus stop in a Latvian village. He spends the rest of the day on a bench watching the world go by with several other men.

Return of the Kickfighter (1987)

Vietnam ets urned ercenaries eturn o heir ld leeding rounds o unt or idden old. ut omeone n heir anks s murderer. s t he ickfighter? r ill he ickfighter olve he ystery?

Web of Violence (1966)

A journalist's ex-girlfriend is kidnapped and he sets out to find out why and by whom. The girl turns up dead and his investigation leads him to the head of a drug smuggling ring.

One Song a Day Takes Mischief Away (1970)

One Song a Day Takes Mischief Away is a 1970 Croatian comedy/drama film. Its original title is Tko pjeva zlo ne misli, which means "He Who Sings Means No Harm". Directed by Krešo Golik and based on a novella by Vjekoslav Majer, the film achieved considerable critical and commercial success at the time of its release. In 1999, a poll of Croatian film critics found it to be the best Croatian film ever made.

Asparagus! Stalking the American Life (2008)

Residents of Oceana County take on the U.S. war on drugs, free trade and a fast food nation to save their livelihood.

Beauty Investigator (1992)

Two Hong Kong policewomen find plenty of action when they go under cover as taxi dancers.

Sensation (1994)

An art student (Kari Wuhrer) with ESP helps a professor (Eric Roberts) with an experiment that's not what it seems.

Twice Upon a Time (1968)

Deux fois is a 1968 experimental film by Jackie Raynal. Raynal stars in the film, her first as a director; she had previously worked for several years as a film editor, most notably for films in Éric Rohmer's "Six Moral Tales" series. The film's title, which literally translates as Twice and is sometimes translated into English as Twice Upon a Time, refers to the occasional repetition of scenes or actions.

Bayan ko: Kapit sa patalim (1984)

This Is My Country is a 1984 Filipino drama film that is directed by Lino Brocka. The film was entered into the 1984 Cannes Film Festival. It was selected as the Philippine entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 58th Academy Awards, but was not nominated.

Peter Pan (1988)

Peter Pan is an Australian 50-minute direct-to-video animated film from Burbank Films Australia. It was originally released in 1988. The film is based on J. M. Barrie's play, Peter Pan, or the Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up, first produced in 1904, and was adapted by Paul Leadon. The film was produced by Roz Phillips and featured music composed by John Stuart. The copyright in this film is now owned by Pulse Distribution and Entertainment and administered by digital rights management firm NuTech Digital.

Pianist (2014)

An orphan becomes a passionate composer.

The Road To Tophet (2015)

A drug trafficker from Ontario tries to leave his life of crime, but his boss has other plans.

The Generator (2017)

Two people get trapped in a virtual reality game of mind control, cyber fantasies and murder.

Serial Rabbit V: The Epic Hunt (2017)

After more than a decade of slaughter, the Serial Rabbit finally meets his match when a crime lord hires an army of thugs to hunt him down and kill him.

Zombie Bite (2017)

During a zombie pandemic, a man is bitten by a zombie and spends three days holed up in his home waiting to see if he will turn into a zombie.

Night Job (2017)

A young man working as a doorman tries to have a smooth shift to impress his boss. Despite his best efforts, he is forced to deal with one ridiculous situation after another over the course of a night.

001 Trolling (2017)

Internet anarchists wreak havoc on the world and on each other.

Gharana (1961)

Gharana (Family) is a 1961 Hindi film that stars Rajendra Kumar, Raaj Kumar, and Asha Parekh. It is directed by S. S. Vasan. The film became a box office hit. The film was a remake of the 1960 Telugu film Shanthi Nivasam and remade in 1988 as Ghar Ghar Ki Kahani.

World Without End (No Reported Incidents) (2017)

British working-class town Southend-on-Sea.

Sinner City (2017)

A credit card company executive decides to tank the company after she's passed over for promotion.

Malarazza: una storia di periferia (2017)

A woman must marry into a violent Mafia family after she becomes pregnant.

Adventures in Odyssey: In Harm's Way (1997)

When the new kid in town isn't exactly cool, what's a guy to do? Being nice is one thing, but letting him hang around with you . . . well, that's another thing entirely. Can Dylan see past Elliot's "nerdy" actions to his inner value? A critical choice and a powerful lesson await in this exciting tale of friendship and love.