Me Enveneno De Azules (1971)

The Black Sheep (1992)

Le Mouton Noir (in English: The Black Sheep) is a Quebec documentary produced in 1992 by the National Film Board of Canada (NFB). Jacques Godbout directed and starred in the film. Its style belongs to the Quebec cinéma direct school of filmmaking.

Sesso e volentieri (1982)

Sesso e volentieri is a 1982 Italian anthology-comedy film directed by Dino Risi. The film consists in ten segments, all starred by Johnny Dorelli and all having sex and sexual perversions as main theme.

So Funny It Hurt: Buster Keaton & MGM (2004)

The Witches' Sabbath (1988)

The Witches' Sabbath (Italian: La visione del sabba, French: La sorcière, also known as The Sabbath) is a 1988 Italian-French drama film written and directed by Marco Bellocchio. It is a pagan film and shows the rituals of witches.

The Other Kid's Castle (2004)

Pisito de solteras (1974)

Toilet and Women (2012)

Hot Chocolate (2004)

Starting a Skyscraper (1902)

The Noise: Live in Fréjus (1984)

John Leguizamo: Spic-O-Rama (1993)

Visions in Meditation #4: D.H. Lawrence (1990)

La minorenne (1974)

La minorenne (The minor) is a 1974 Italian commedia sexy all'italiana directed by Silvio Amadio. The author Adriano Tentori referred to the film as "a piece of 1970s fashion history, where the sexy body of Gloria Guida performs masterfully".

Catch (2006)

O zi buna de plaja (2008)

Haru: An Unforgettable Day in Korea (2010)

Marbles with Thoreau (2009)

Pigen og vandpytten (1958)

Pigen og vandpytten is a 1958 Danish family film directed by Bent Christensen and starring Lily Broberg.

From 5 p.m. to 5 a.m. (1990)

What's in the Bible? Vol 6: A Nation Divided (2011)

Coronation Durbar at Delhi (1903)

Doll Face (2005)

Elektronnaya babushka (1985)

Fröken Chic (1959)

Fröken Chic (English: Miss Chic) is a 1959 Swedish comedy film, directed by Hasse Ekman.

Avalanche (2001)

Hide and Seek (1972)

Hide and Seek is a 1972 British drama film directed by David Eady starring Peter Newby, Gary Kemp, Robin Askwith, Liz Fraser and David Lodge.

A Trip Thru a Hollywood Studio (1935)

Carousel: Animal Opera (1938)

Western Spaghetti (2008)

On Location: Robert Klein at Yale (1982)

Bellezze italiche: Lagune e paesaggi (1911)

Get Rich Quick (1911)

Him Indoors (2012)

Lieve Céline (2013)

David Blaine: Above the Below (2003)

Lamb: Live at the Paradiso (2011)

Black Sheep of Whitehall (1942)

The Black Sheep of Whitehall is a 1942 British black-and-white comedy war film, directed by Will Hay and Basil Dearden, and starring Will Hay, John Mills and Basil Sydney. It was produced by Michael Balcon and Ealing Studios.

Censuren - En thriller (2011)

Muralim (2011)

Baazi (1951)

Baazi (English: Gamble, Hindi: बाज़ी, Urdu: بازی) is a 1951 Indian Hindi film directed by Guru Dutt. This was the second film of Dev Anand's production house Navketan Films, and as per a commitment given by Dev Anand to Guru Dutt in their days of struggle, the movie was directed by Dutt. It was inspired by the 1946 Hollywood movie Gilda. The movie stars Dev Anand with Geeta Bali and Kalpana Kartik. It is a crime thriller and had very popular music composed by S.D. Burman. The film is a tribute to the Forties' Film Noir Hollywood with the morally ambiguous hero, the transgressing siren, and shadow lighting. It was very successful at the box-office.

A Common Enemy (2012)

The Eraser (1977)

Babička je ráda (1978)

Gamer Age (2013)

The Whiz Kids (2001)

Why the Anderson Children Didn't Come to Dinner (2003)

Videoke King (2002)

Mya's Universe (2011)

It Wasn't Love (1992)

La fuga (2010)

Recorded Live (1975)

Teacher's Pest (1939)

Nuit d'orage (2003)

Cristina (1946)

Cristina is a 1946 Argentine comedy-drama film directed by Francisco Múgica and starring Zully Moreno, Esteban Serrador and Alberto Closas.

Romanze in Venedig (1962)

Romance in Venice (German: Romanze in Venedig) is a 1962 Austrian romance film directed by Eduard von Borsody and starring Ann Smyrner, Walther Reyer and Willy Birgel.It was shot at the Bavaria Studios in Munich and the Rosenhügel Studios in Vienna. The film's sets were designed by the art director Hans Zehetner.

Devotee (2008)

Hassan's Way (2014)

Nic & Jerry Get OFF (2012)

Breathing (1963)

Highway Code - Woodenhead (1949)

Jacinta (2008)

Mille jours à Saigon (2012)

Destinies (1978)

Milady and the Musketeers (1952)

Milady and the Musketeers (Italian: Il boia di Lilla, also known as Vengeance of the Musketeers and La vita avventurosa di Milady) is a 1952 Italian adventure film directed by Vittorio Cottafavi.

Brothers... On Holy Ground (2003)

The Platters with the Crickets & Lenny Welch (2005)

Bardo Follies (1967)

Fightin Pals (1940)

Porky's Pooch (1941)

Porky's Pooch is a 1941 Warner Bros. cartoon directed by Bob Clampett. The short was written by Warren Foster and animated by I. (Izzy) Ellis with additional animation by John Carey, Vive Risto, who are both uncredited.

Honeymoon for Three (1935)

Honeymoon for Three is a 1935 British musical comedy film directed by Leo Mittler and starring Stanley Lupino, Aileen Marson and Jack Melford. It was made at Ealing Studios. The film's sets were designed by J. Elder Wills. It was the first film Lupino made after leaving British International Pictures and trying his luck as an independent producer. When returning home drunk from a night out a young man (Lupino) accidentally finds himself in a woman's (Marson) flat where he passes out. Before he make his escape in the morning they are discovered by their parents and a passing policeman and forced to marry. They go through the ceremony but plan to go to California to get a divorce, and set off on their "honeymoon" along with her real fiancée (Melford). However during the journey she gradually begins to change her loathing of him.

Survive (2013)

Harmadik jelenlét (1986)

Rio em Chamas (2014)

The Witness (2000)

Rallye Paris - Dakar (1984)

The Fit Finlays (2010)

Outlaws of the Orient (1937)

Outlaws of the Orient is a 1937 film directed by Ernest B. Schoedsack.

Insee Thong (1970)

Stranger and the Fog (1976)

Bill & Gloria Gaither Present: Revival with Their Homecoming Friends (1995)

And This Is Free (1965)

Black Memory (1947)

Black Memory is a 1947 British crime film starring Michael Atkinson, Myra O'Connell and Michael Medwin and directed by Oswald Mitchell. It is most notable for the first screen appearance of Sid James, who would later go on to find fame in Ealing Comedies and the Carry on films. Also making her film acting debut in Black Memory was the Welsh-born actor, playwright, screenwriter and film director Jane Arden.

Psiko: Pencuri Hati (Thief of Heart) (2013)

The Biggest Loser: The Workout - Last Chance Workout (2009)

Újratervezés (2013)

By Your Side (2011)

L'Italia s'è rotta (1976)

L'Italia s'è rotta ("Italy is broken") is a 1976 Italian comedy film directed by Steno.

Danse serpentine (1900)

Shabdavedi (2000)

The Wooden Gun (1979)

Temenos (1998)

Louis Theroux: Law and Disorder in Philadelphia (2008)

Alex in Amsterdam (2009)

Achooo Mr. Kerrooschev (1960)

Le Occasioni di Rosa (1981)

The Opportunities of Rosa (Italian: Le occasioni di Rosa, also known as Rosa's Chance) is a 1981 Italian drama film directed by Salvatore Piscicelli. For her performance in this film Marina Suma, here at her film debut, won a David di Donatello for best new actress.

Untitled (1997)

Jokosei 100-nin: Maruhi motel hakusho (1975)

Shoot For The Contents (1991)

Cat-Tails for Two (1953)

Cat-Tails for Two is a 1953 (1961 Blue Ribbon Re-issue) Warner Bros. Merrie Melodies cartoon, directed by Robert McKimson and written by Tedd Pierce starring Bennie the fat cat and George. It was animated in 1952. Voices by Mel Blanc and music by Carl Stalling. It was the first appearance of Speedy Gonzales, in a prototype form. Because this cartoon's rendition of Speedy Gonzales looked rather coarse, they redesigned him for future cartoon releases.