GV13 Roller Gurl:A Complicated Game-Time Love Affair (2012)

Rainbow's Children (1975)

Undead Video (2017)

Breeder (2015)

A Distant Episode (2015)

Las Gitanas (2015)

Simorgh (2014)

Queen + Paul Rodgers: Return of the Champions (2005)

Just the Beginning (2000)

Malcom and Melvin (1997)

Wellstone! (2004)

The Jack Rider (1921)

The Visions of Stanley Kubrick (2007)

Freeloading Feline (1960)

Ain't She Tweet (1952)

Ain't She Tweet is a "Looney Tunes" (reissued as a Blue Ribbon Merrie Melodies in 1961) cartoon animated short starring Tweety and Sylvester. Released June 21, 1952, the cartoon is directed by Friz Freleng. The voices were performed by Mel Blanc and Bea Benaderet. The title is a play on the song "Ain't She Sweet."

Trans (1978)

The Underpass (2015)

Jesus, the Total Douchebag (2011)

Febbre da Cavallo (1976)

Febbre da cavallo is a 1976 Italian comedy film directed by Steno and starring Gigi Proietti. It was shown as part of a retrospective on Italian comedy at the 67th Venice International Film Festival. Initially conceived as a safe product destined to be forgotten quickly after its passage in movie theaters, numerous television appearances have raised over time to cult-classic status for fans of light Italian comedy.

Last Train to Freo (2006)

Last Train to Freo is a 2006 Australian film based on Reg Cribb's play The Return, and directed by Jeremy Sims.

Wet Job (1981)

Spandau Ballet: The Reformation Tour 2009 - Live at the O2 (2009)

Get Out of the Car (2010)

Confession Under Four Eyes (1954)

Trop c'est trop (1975)

Trop c'est trop (Too Much Is Too Much) is a French comedy film directed by Didier Kaminka in 1975 Didier (Kaminka), Philippe (Ogouz) and Georges (Beller) were born the same day at the same hour in the same room as the war was ending. A few years later, in school, the three boys are courting, each in his way, the beautiful Edina (Claudia Wells), also born at the same time, such affection leave quite indifferent, so that it does not hesitate to denounce them when are too urgent. In the age of thirty, the three friends yet still have not reached their goal and they are desperate to do this one day, Edina has indeed disappeared. Abandoning the idea to live without her, the three men set off in his research and eventually find her exposed to the advances of a fashion photographer they get rid laboriously after escaping three babes enamored, Patricia (Claude Jade), Carole (Chantal Goya) and Nicole (Nicole Jamet). Only in Hell, after the accidental death of Edina, the triple suicide and a short passage to Paradise Didier Georges and Philippe will finally realize their dream! ...

Surviving the Terror (2005)

Rhys Darby Live: Imagine That! (2008)

Cerni baroni (1992)

Černí baroni (film) is a Czech comedy film. It was released in 1992. In this movie starring Václav Vydra, Jan Kraus, Miroslav Donutil, Jiří Schmitzer and Ondřej Vetchý. The film is based on 1969 novel Black Barons by Miloslav Švandrlík.

Through Fire, Water and... Brass Pipes (1968)

Fire, Water, and Brass Pipes (Russian: Огонь, вода и… медные трубы, Ogon', voda i... mednye truby) is a 1968 Soviet fantasy film directed by Aleksandr Rou. Its story and characters are derived from Slavic folklore.

Faces of Death III (1985)

Faces of Death III is the second sequel to the 1978 mondo film Faces of Death. Once again, John Alan Schwartz directed (again as "Conan le Cilaire") and co wrote (as "Alan Black") along with co writer Veronica Lakewood. Michael Carr again portrays Dr. Francis B. Gröss. This third installment focuses largely on serial killers, with lengthy re-enactments of police investigations of bodies being found in a dumpster, and a staged courtroom sequence with Schwartz again making a cameo appearance as the serial killer on trial for raping and murdering a girl, allegedly captured on video. Schwartz has identified the girl allegedly killed in the video as his then girlfriend, who he claims was a willing participant. Also featured are a man in Los Angeles high on PCP, several accidents on the West German Autobahn, and a parachuter who accidentally falls into an alligator farm pond in Florida. A suicide jumper, also in Los Angeles, is shown partway into the film was portrayed by James B. Schwartz, John Alan Schwartz's brother. James B. Schwartz would later take over duties as narrator in the following films in this series.

The 'Alien' Saga (2002)

Parenti serpenti (1992)

Parenti serpenti (also known as Dearest Relatives, Poisonous Relations) is a 1992 Italian black comedy film written and directed by Mario Monicelli. It won the Italian film critics Silver Ribbon for Best Costumes.

CIA: America's Secret Warriors (1997)

B-Movie: The Shooting of 'Farmhouse Massacre' (2002)

The Living Dead (1932)

Unheimliche Geschichten (Uncanny Stories) is a 1932 German horror/comedy film directed by the prolific Austrian film director Richard Oswald, starring Paul Wegener, and produced by Gabriel Pascal. The story is a merging of three separate short stories, Edgar Allan Poe's The Black Cat, The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether and Robert Louis Stevenson's The Suicide Club, set within a story frame of a reporter's hunt for a crazy scientist. It is a black comedy revisiting many of the classic themes of the horror genre. It was Paul Wegener's first talking movie.

Peculiarities of the National Fishing (1997)

Peculiarities of the National Fishing (Russian: Особенности национальной рыбалки, translit. Osobennosti natsionalnoy rybalki) is a 1998 Russian comedy directed by Alexander Rogozhkin and Inna Gorlova.

Love Me Like I Do (1970)

Raiders of the Golden Triangle (1985)

A Trip to Paris (1938)

A Trip to Paris is a 1938 American comedy film directed by Malcolm St. Clair and starring Jed Prouty, Shirley Deane and Spring Byington. It was part of the Jones Family series of films. The family take a vacation to Paris. The film's sets were designed by the art directors Haldane Douglas and Bernard Herzbrun.

Kerikil-Kerikil tajam (1984)

The Danube Exodus (1998)

CAPiTA: Defenders of Awesome 2: Stay Bad Ass (2014)

Zoo (2006)

Dear Miss Gloria (1946)

The Congress (1989)

The Congress is a 1988 documentary film directed by the Emmy Award-winning director Ken Burns. The Florentine Films production, which focuses on the United States Congress, aired on PBS in 1989. Narrated by David McCullough, the documentary features use of photographs, paintings, and film from sessions of Congress, in its implementation of the Ken Burns Effect. Scenes from the Academy Award-winning Frank Capra film Mr. Smith Goes to Washington are also used. The work features numerous interviews from writers and historians including Charles McDowell, David McCullough, Cokie Roberts, George Tames, David Broder, James MacGregor Burns, Barbara Fields, and Alistair Cooke. Many congressmen are specifically referred to, including Henry Clay, John C. Calhoun, Jefferson Davis, Thomas Brackett Reed, Joseph Gurney Cannon, George William Norris, Jeannette Rankin, and Everett Dirksen. The film also includes focus on the Congress' work during pivotal periods in United States history, including the Civil War, African-American Civil Rights Movement, and Women's suffrage. The documentary was released by PBS, on DVD in 2004. Footage of the Capitol from the film was later incorporated into Ken Burn's later masterpiece work, The Civil War.

New Wave (2015)

Nutcracker: The Story of Clara (2008)

The High (2014)

Stream of Doubts (2015)

Solo per il weekend (2016)

Bionic Eye (2012)

The Protectors (2017)

Trailer Trauma 2: Drive-In Monsterama (2016)

Lady Gaga: G.U.Y. (2014)

Hennessy X.O: Odyssey (2016)

Hung Jury (1994)

Devil May Hare (1954)

Devil May Hare is a 1954 Warner Bros. Looney Tunes cartoon was released on June 19, 1954. This theatrical cartoon was directed by Robert McKimson and starred Mel Blanc playing the voices of Bugs Bunny, the Tasmanian Devil, and the turtle. This short is featured on the Looney Tunes: Spotlight Collection DVD box set, as well as the Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume 1 DVD box set. It also appeared in the Looney Tunes Platinum Collection: Volume 1 Blu-ray box set alongside Bedevilled Rabbit, Ducking the Devil, Bill of Hare, and Dr. Devil and Mr. Hare. This is the only Taz cartoon in the Spotlight Collection, the Golden Collection series, and the Looney Tunes series.

What's Up Doc? A Salute to Bugs Bunny (1990)

Too Many Winners (1947)

Too Many Winners is a 1947 American crime film directed by William Beaudine and starring Hugh Beaumont, Trudy Marshall and Ralph Dunn.

Afro Promo (1997)

De Stedeling (1984)

Protection (2015)

Knutzy Knights (1954)

Knutzy Knights is the 156th short subject released by Columbia Pictures in 1954 starring American slapstick comedy team The Three Stooges (Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Shemp Howard). The comedians released 190 short films for the studio between 1934 and 1959.

The Adventures of Mutilator, Hero of the Wasteland (1991)

Fuck Buddies (2015)

Alice Rose (2006)

Mineral (2014)

Zombie Atrocity: The Italian Zombie Movie - Part 2 (2010)

One Year in a Life of Crime (1989)

Where God Likes to Be (2014)

Anticipating Sarah (1997)

The National Dog Show 2010 (2010)

The Power of Ninjitsu (1988)

Chronicle of Amorous Accidents (1986)

A Chronicle of Amorous Accidents (Polish: Kronika wypadków miłosnych) is a 1986 Polish drama film directed by Andrzej Wajda, starring Paulina Młynarska and Piotr Wawrzyńczak. It tells the story of two Polish adolescents who fall in love on the eve of World War II. The film is based on the novel of the same title by Tadeusz Konwicki. It premiered in Poland on 24 November 1986.

Shawn Mendes: The Journey (2015)

Hub City (1997)

Show Off! How to Be Cool at Parties (1986)

Dusha (1981)

Dusha (Russian: Душа, English translation: Soul) is a 1981 Soviet musical drama film written by Alexander Borodyansky and directed by Alexander Stefanovich, starring Sofia Rotaru and Mikhail Boyarsky. The movie features songs performed by Sofia Rotaru, Mikhail Boyarsky and the Russian rock band Mashina Vremeni (Time Machine). The movie has substantial philosophical dialogue about the self-criticism of an artist and the existential approach to the golden mean between artistic creation and respect for human dignity. The movie featured a musical video, with Rotaru and Boyarsky jumping on a trampoline in gold stretch fabric. Stefanovich claimed it was watched by more than 57 million cinema-goers in the Soviet Union, while the KinoExpert.ru site lists 33.3 million. During production of the film, Rotaru's son was threatened to be taken hostage and was hidden in a villa in the Crimea. The scenario and the role of Viktoria Slobodina were specially written for Rotaru. The main plot in the movie deals with the singer's health problems (inflammation of the vocal cords), and Rotaru had similar health issues. The story is set by the sea at Rotaru's house in Yalta and in Germany (where Rotaru at that time recorded many of her albums), as well as at international song festivals, where Rotaru participated as well. Initially, producer and director Stefanovich cast his wife Alla Pugacheva to star in the film. After their relationship breakup, he invited Rotaru.

Quicksand at Deadman's Creek (1998)

CHIKARA: Wrestling Equality (2016)

Seine's Breath (2016)

We Still Are! (1985)

The Why (2009)

Ricky Nelson Sings (2005)

Water Song (2013)

Francis. The Pope of Change (2014)

Pornstar Pets (2005)

Pornstar Pets is a 2005 documentary film directed by Margie Schnibbe. The 52 minute film includes 25 pornographic actors and their sometimes exotic pets in a vein similar to Celebrity Pets.

Where Is It (2017)

Submission (2006)

The Cure Show (1993)

Racetrack (1933)

Racetrack is a 1933 American Pre-Code drama. Horse racing bookmaker Joe Tomasso (Leo Carrillo) becomes involved with homeless waif Jackie Curtis (Junior Coughlan) whose mother abandoned him some years before. Tomasso acts as the young boy's unofficial guardian and agrees to allow him to become a jockey with the stipulation that all his races must be honest ones. Jackie's mother Myra shows up and wants them to be a family again. She becomes upset over her son's involvement in the sport of racing. Tomasso deliberately creates a situation to drive a wedge between himself and Jackie so that the youth will return to his mother.

The King of Texas (2008)

Mickey's Fun Songs: Beach Party at Walt Disney World (1995)

Sapporo Winter Olympics (1972)

Laughing Dead (1998)

Work of Art (2008)

Melville (2015)

Sticky (2014)

Dance Team (1932)

Dance Team is a 1932 American Pre-Code comedy film directed by Sidney Lanfield and written by Edwin J. Burke. The film stars James Dunn, Sally Eilers, Ralph Morgan, Minna Gombell, Edward Crandall and Nora Lane. The film was released on January 17, 1932, by Fox Film Corporation.

Matt Grant PSA for Spaying and Neutering Pets (2008)