Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable (2017)

The story behind Damien Hirst's art exhibition in Venice: the excavation of an ancient shipwreck.

Strangled (2016)

Strangled is a 2016 Hungarian neo-noir crime film directed by Árpád Sopsits. It stars Zsolt Anger, Mónika Balsai, and Zsófia Szamosi. The film was adapted from a serial murder in 1960s of Hungary, under the rule of the communist party.

Downhill (2016)

Downhill is a 2016 Chilean thriller film directed by Patricio Valladares and written by Barry Keating and Valladares.

Secret Millionaire (2018)

An industrialist's heir conceals his identity after falling for a woman protesting against his father's company. Their relationship is threatened when the charade begins to give way and the truth is revealed.

Dawning of the Dead (2017)

While a virus that causes the dead to reanimate brings the world to its knees, the scientist responsible entrusts his cataclysmic findings to Katya Nevin, a troubled ex-war correspondent turned anchor-woman at W.W News. While she and the rest of her crew witness the collapse of society via video feeds from around the globe, a deadly special agent climbs the building floor by floor, his only goal to ensure her silence. Armed only with information and an indomitable will to live, Katya must overcome her crippling anxiety and learn to lead in order to make it out of the studio and into a terrifying new world where only the dead survive.

Pulling Push Doors (2018)

After losing her parents and being left by her boyfriend, Bubblegum Teddybear moves from Kansas to New Mexico. She rejects the dating life and attempts to find her own type of happiness.

September (2017)

A man raises his deaf daughter alone after his wife is killed in a terrorist attack.

California City (2015)

A man journeys through the post apocalyptic environment of the housing crisis in the Mojave Desert.

Sea Sorrow (2017)

Sea Sorrow is a 2017 British documentary film about child refugees in the European migrant crisis, directed by Vanessa Redgrave. It was shown in the Special Screenings section at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival.

Blessed Benefit (2017)

On a blazing hot day, Ahmad, a 45 year old construction worker, is arrested for using a clients down-payment to help his cousin, Abu Wafa in a deal of 10 brand new laptops hoping to make a small profit from it in a matter of three days. Due to custom procedures the imported laptops are not released in time. Unable to do the job neither pay the money back, Ahmad is sentenced to four months in prison for fraud. On his way into the police station, Ahmad meets Ibrahim, a professional fraudster, who is on his way out of prison after a two-year sentence. While in prison, Ahmad becomes worried about his family and is desperate to find a way out as soon as possible. When Abu Wafa tells him that the laptops will be cleared from customs and his debt repaid soon, Ahmad is convinced he will get out and spend Eid at home with his family. When the laptops are finally released, Abu Wafa places an advertisement them in the newspapers for a quick sale. Ibrahim sees no better catch than this ad and manages to take the laptops. When Ahmad hears the news, he realizes that his last hope to be released is shattered. Meanwhile, his family's financial situation is only getting worse. Where food and drink is not a worry, new friendships struck, no cell phones ringing, far away from any obligation of the outside world, day by day Ahmad feels something that hes never felt before - liberty. Half way through his sentence his biggest worry becomes losing this liberty after his release and above all, having to deal with a bigger debt. But Abu Wafa has good news, at last Ahmad will get his money back as the police arrest Ibrahim and found one laptop left from the ten. After Abu Wafa tries to recover the laptop, he discovers that Policeman Salem is temporarily holding the laptop for his personal use. While Ahmad is transported home in a police car, Policeman Salem receives a call from his wife informing him that their house has been robbed including the laptop.

Accident (2017)

When a foursome “borrows” a car for one night of fun, what starts as a wild joy ride turns into a nightmare. After a violent crash, they discover that being stuck at the bottom of a ravine in an overturned car is the least of their problems. The psychotic owner of the car that they stole has them in his crosshairs and will stop at nothing to get both the car and its contents back.

Yesterday Was Everything (2017)

Members of a band struggle to reunite for a tour a decade after they broke up.

Living Full Out (1956)

A man gets out of prison and decides to protect a young thief from the police. As a favor, the boy takes him to his hideout.

Arma Letal 5 (1999)

When the strongest man on Earth gets into trouble, he must call for help and be saved by seven beautiful women.

40 Years of Silence: An Indonesian Tragedy (2009)

40 Years of Silence: An Indonesian Tragedy is a documentary by anthropologist Robert Lemelson about the personal effects of Indonesian killings of 1965-66. The film was shot on the islands of Bali and Java from 2002–2006. The score is a collaboration between the British composer Malcolm Cross and the Balinese musician Nyoman Wenten, and combines Western tonalities and chordal structures with Balinese and Javanese scalar progressions and melodies. The film was released in the United States in 2009, and has had limited screenings throughout Indonesia.

Sea, No Sex & Sun (2012)

The tribulations of three men of different generations who are wrestling with their amorous desires and the difficulties of sating them.

Almost Paris (2016)

In the wake of the mortgage-lending crisis, a former banker (Marzano-Lesnevich) returns to his hometown. Faced with those he left behind and the impact of his actions, our hero learns to show up and give back to those he loves in ways that are priceless.

Punk Fu Zombie (2017)

After Quebec gains independence, demonic creatures attack the populace.

Dogged (2017)

Dogged is the debut feature film from director Richard Rowntree, a disturbing folk horror film which taps into our primal fear of what lurks in the woods. When ten-year-old Megan Lancaster meets a grizzly and untimely end, Sam is forced to return to the remote tidal island where he grew up to attend the funeral. A testing relationship with his disconnected parents, a reunion with his estranged girlfriend Rachel, and a cryptic message from the island’s doctor force Sam to investigate the events leading up to Megan’s tragic death. The truth is far more shocking and unbelievable than Sam wants to acknowledge, and his life begins to spiral out of control in a macabre descent of paranoia. Sam must race against tide and time to expose the seedy underbelly of the island, and to save the lives of those he loves.

Uncertain Glory (2017)

A married young republican officer falls in love with a widow with authoritarian ambition. He must make a difficult choice when his best friend uncovers the romance and threatens to expose him.

Amar (2017)

A young couple experience the intensity and fragility of first love as life events tarnish their idealized notions of romance.

Royal New Year's Eve (2017)

Aspiring fashion designer Caitlyn meets Jeff on the day she is hired to design a gown for socialite Isabelle's New Year's Eve party. Caitlyn learns that Jeff is really Prince Jeffrey, Isabelle's prospective fiance.

The Condo (2015)

A real estate agent in an unhappy marriage and three of his friends lease a house from one of his clients. Their plan is to use the house as a place to bring their girlfriends so the wives will not find out about the cheating husbands.

Aadama Jaichomada (2014)

Aadama Jaichomada is a 2014 Tamil language comedy film directed by Badri and produced by B&C films that deals with corruption in cricket. The film stars Karunakaran, Bobby Simha, and Vijayalakshmi. The film takes its name from a phrase in "Machi Open The Bottle", a song from the film Mankatha. Aadama Jaichomada released on 19 September 2014 to positive reviews from critics. The film declared Hit at the box office.

Cockpit (2012)

Cockpit is a 2012 Swedish film directed by Mårten Klingberg.

Evita (2008)

Eva Pern, advocate for women's rights and supporter of social justice, was considered the most powerful woman of her time, and she and her husband, Domingo Pern, president of Argentina, were a legendary couple.

Invasion Earth (2016)

Three captured girls escape the pain of their situation by praying that a prince will rescue them.

People Get Eaten (2015)

A good-hearted mechanic gets lost while test-driving a car and has to ask for directions. After that, while he's at a party, he forgets the words to his favorite song and disappears.

The Summit (2017)

The Summit (Spanish: La cordillera) is a 2017 Argentine political drama film directed by Santiago Mitre and written by Mitre and Mariano Llinás. The film stars Ricardo Darín, Dolores Fonzi, Érica Rivas, Elena Anaya, Daniel Giménez Cacho, Alfredo Castro, Gerardo Romano, Leonardo Franco, Paulina García, and Christian Slater. It was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. It was released on 17 August 2017 in Argentina.

In the Beginning was Water and Sky (2017)

Two Native American children struggle to find their way back to a home that may be lost forever.

Traffic Stop (2017)

Directed by Kate Davis, Traffic Stop tells the story of Breaion King, a 26 year-old African-American school teacher from Austin, Texas who is stopped for a routine traffic violation that escalates into a dramatic arrest.

The Anderssons Rock the Mountains (2014)

The Anderssons Rock the Mountains (Swedish: Sune i fjällen) is a Swedish comedy, children's and family film, which opened at cinemas in Sweden on 19 December 2014. The film, partly recorded in Åre, is the final in a trilogy of Sune films.

Palace of Fun (2016)

A mysterious drifter comes between a brother and sister.

Jackal of Nahueltoro (1969)

Jackal of Nahueltoro (Spanish: El Chacal de Nahueltoro) is a 1969 Chilean drama film directed by Miguel Littín. It is based on a real life event about an alcoholic peasant who killed a woman and her five children in 1960. He was sentenced to death and executed by firing squad in 1963. It was entered into the 20th Berlin International Film Festival.

Dummie the Mummy and the Sphinx of Shakaba (2015)

A mummy who realizes that he may never be as famous as his father seeks to boost his confidence by taking part in a contest, with the help of his best friend.

Three Sickxty (1998)

A schizophrenic becomes obsessed with a one-night stand.

Summer in the Vineyard (2017)

When Frankie and Nate agree to host an annual celebration, they must make a big splash to ensure the viability of their winery going forward. The paramours will find out if business can be mixed with pleasure.

Strings (1991)

Strings is a 1991 Canadian paint-on-glass animation short film by Wendy Tilby, produced by the National Film Board of Canada.

Expedition Happiness (2017)

A filmmaker and a singer, a Bernese sennenhund and a school bus, the two have converted to a "Loft on Wheels". These are the ingredients of a journey across the American continent, from Alaska to Mexico. They see wild wolves, elks and a grizzly. They travel to glaciers and cross deserts and jungles. Dog Rudi is operated on and the Mexican army surrounds her at night. They are in front of the highest peak and the lowest point in North America. Symbolic of the roller coaster ride of feelings, in which they let the spectator participate. In addition, the wonderful soundtrack of Mogli lends sensitivity. Close, deep, unfiltered and very personal. This is an adventure and a search for happiness beyond all abandoned paths. "Expedition Happiness" is the new generation cinema.

The Truth About Bebe Donge (1952)

La Vérité sur Bébé Donge (aka The Truth About Bebe Donge or UK title: The Truth of Our Marriage) is a 1952 French film directed by Henri Decoin, and starring Danielle Darrieux and Jean Gabin. The plot is essentially the analysis of a couple's marriage that has broken down; the film is based on the novel by Georges Simenon.

Blurred Lines: Inside the Art World (2017)

Filmmaker Barry Avrich examines the value of contemporary art.

Shahanpan Dega Deva (2011)

Shahanpan Dega Deva is a Marathi movie released on January 21, 2011. The movie was produced by Mirah Entertainment Pvt. Ltd and directed by Sudesh Manjrekar. The main plot of the movie revolves around a comedy in which the safety of a city rests on the shoulders of 5 lunatics from a mental asylum.

Time Please (2013)

Time Please is a Marathi film released on 26 July 2013. This film is directed by Sameer Vidwans and produced by Pratisaad Productions & 24 Carat Entertainment.

Yanda Kartavya Aahe (2006)

Yanda Kartavya Aahe is Marathi Indian rom-com film about two people thrown into matrimony and discovering each other. This is third directorial venture of Kedar Shinde, the first two being Aga Bai Arrecha! and Jatra. The story and dialogue are written by Rasika Joshi and the movie is produced by Ashwani Chawla and directed by Kedar Shinde. The movie is based on a newlywed couple's honeymoon, and the psychological and physical union of a married couple.

Amelia's Closet (2016)

An 11-year-old girl steals from her bullies and hides their things in her closet.

Aata Pita (2010)

Aata Pita is a Marathi film, released on 10 December 2010. The film has been produced by Twenty First Century Entertainment and directed by Uttung Shelar. The plot of the film revolves around the centric character "Ashu" who embarks on a journey to pursue his dream of becoming a writer. The film unravels a tale that questions the dominance of destiny or karma on our lives, a story that portrays through very real and amusing characters, a very subtle narration of the reliance we human beings have on our own fate and on our own actions. The film is inspired by Will Ferrell starrer Stranger than Fiction.


The fury, paranoia and heartbreak that defined the last days of the gunslinger's existence.

Galaxy (1986)

A spy hijacks a space shuttle and sees aliens attacking Earth before he flies away. Years later, he returns and sees the planet is controlled by the aliens.

Tale of a Lake (2016)

An adventure deep into the crystal-clear springs and thousands of lakes found throughout Finland.

Relentless (2018)

A mother goes on a business trip to El Salvador with her daughter to settle her company's labor dispute. Her daughter is kidnapped by traffickers. The woman enlists the help of a reluctant local and together they turn El Salvador upside down in a relentless search for her daughter.

Jailbreak (2017)

Jailbreak is a 2017 Cambodian action film directed by Jimmy Henderson. It was released in its home country in January 2017 and made available on Netflix in May 2018.

Albert (2015)

Cheeky and clumsy Albert lives in the small town of Kellyville where he is always up to no good. One day he accidentally knocks over and breaks the towns prized statue. The townspeople are not happy with Alberts latest accident, so with his best friend Egon, Albert sets out on an adventure to prove himself and become a hot air balloon captain, but things dont exactly go to plan.

Seventy-Nine (2016)

Seventy-Nine, also known as 79th Patient and The Asylum, is an American direct-to-video science-fiction film written and directed by Filip Maciejewicz. The film stars an ensemble cast that includes Adrian Voo, Jonathan Rosenthal and Bo Linton.

Aakhari Decision (2010)

Aakhari Decision is a Bollywood action film directed by Deepak Bandhu. The film stars Amar Sidhu and Sumona Chakravarti in the lead roles with Anant Jog and Nagesh Bhonsle playing important roles. It was filmed in India and the United States.

The Merciless (2017)

The Merciless is a 2017 South Korean crime-action film directed by Byun Sung-hyun, and starring Sol Kyung-gu and Im Si-wan. The film was released in South Korea on May 17, 2017. It was shown out of competition in the Midnight Screenings section at the 70th Cannes Film Festival on May 24, 2017.

Mercy Christmas (2018)

Mercy Christmas is a 2017 American comedy-horror film, written by Ryan Nelson and Beth Levy Nelson and directed by Ryan Nelson. The film was acquired by Gravitas Ventures in 2017 and was released on November 28, 2017.

Rendel: Dark Vengeance (2017)

In the city corruption, death and violence prevail. The incalculable Rotikka leads a violent clan, holding the reins firmly in his hands. The thriving criminal activities are disrupted when a masked loner turns up in the city and incapacitates Rotikka's henchmen one by one. The fighter, who calls himself Rendel, it is very brutal and to the point. Can the team of international killers, mandated by Rotikka, track Rendel down and find out his motives?

Filibus (1915)

Filibus is a 1915 Italian silent adventure film directed by Mario Roncoroni and written by the future science fiction author Giovanni Bertinetti. The film features Valeria Creti as the title character, a mysterious sky pirate who makes daring heists with her technologically advanced airship. When an esteemed detective sets out on her trail, she begins an elaborate game of cat and mouse with him, slipping between various male and female identities to romance the detective's sister and stage a midnight theft of a pair of valuable diamonds.

Calling Bell (2016)

Four friends rent a villa and face mysterious incidents.

House of Z (2016)

The life and career of fashion designer Zac Posen.

Supervention 2 (2016)

From the young and ambitious to the legends of back then, meet the athletes who choose to risk it all. Supervention 2 takes you through all walks of life to experience what it’s like to leave behind normality for the thrill of a lifetime.

Malcriados (2016)

A widower teaches his spoiled, lazy child a lesson.

The Bridge Partner (2015)

A timid housewife is jolted into a fight for her survival when her new partner at a weekly bridge game whispers a shocking threat.

1921 (2018)

1921 is a 2018 Indian horror film, produced and directed by Vikram Bhatt, under his LoneRanger Productions banner. It stars Zareen Khan and Karan Kundra in lead roles and was released on 12 January 2018. It is the first installment in the 1921 and also a spin-off from the 1920 film series. The film was declared an average grosser at box office.

South of Heaven (2008)

When Roy Coop finished his stint in the Navy, he only had two things on his mind: seeing his brother Dale, and writing the great American novel. What he gets, however, is the homecoming from Hell! A pair of violent vaudevillians (NAPOLEON DYNAMITE's Jon Gries, and Thomas Jay Ryan) mistake him for his brother, looking to collect on a debt he didn't know he owed. Eight fingers later, Roy is burnt to a crisp, forged by fire into a new man. Roy is dead. Nobody is born. Now it's Nobody's turn to have his wicked revenge, and to save his brother before it's too late. Wrapped in bandages and ready for blood, Nobody is determined to kill those that gets in his way, even the murdering masochist named Mad Dog Mantee (Shea Whigham, MACHETE and HBO's BOARDWALK EMPIRE). Dodging bullets and dodging dames, Nobody meets the nasty ne'er-do-wells Lily (Diora Baird, THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: THE BEGINNING) and Veronica (Elina Lowensohn, SCHINDLER'S LIST). In this wonderful neo-film-noir, violence and vengeance are sure to meet in a little town they call South of Heaven.

Female Prisoner Scorpion: Beast Stable (1973)

Female Convict Scorpion: Beast Stable is a film made by Toei Company in 1973. It is the third in the Female Convict Scorpion series, following Female Convict 701: Scorpion and Female Convict Scorpion: Jailhouse 41. The star and director were paired in all three.

Game On (2018)

Friends Regina, Mac and Warren run a game store together. When the owner of the building decides to sell it, the three friends must overcome their slacker instincts and start a fundraising campaign to buy the building.

Boost (2017)

Boost is a Canadian drama film, directed by Darren Curtis and released in 2017.

Miracle Maker (2015)

Everyone in the village is excited when a renowned man of wonder comes to their village, but the humble traveler who appears isn't what they expected.

Con Man (2018)

16-year-old Barry Minkow starts a carpet cleaning business called ZZZZ Best out of his garage. By his 21st birthday, he successfully takes the company public and boasts a net worth of over 100 million dollars, on paper. But in truth, Barry is running a Ponzi scheme and a fraudulent, non-existent business. Eventually, his never-ending cons catch up with him, and the youngest person ever to defraud Wall Street, is sentenced to 25 years in prison. There, Barry finds God with the help of fellow prisoner “Peanut” (Ving Rhames) and commits to a life of righteousness. FBI Agent Gamble (James Caan), who had a hand in the con man’s conviction, takes note and arranges for a shortened sentence, in exchange for Barry working with the FBI. Once released, Barry doubles as a pastor and an FBI-sponsored crime buster. However, it doesn’t take long for the con man to go back to his old ways, while appearing to do good. Once a con, always a con.

You Can't Escape Lithuania (2016)

After a star actress murders her mother, rich-kid filmmaker Romas plans her escape from Lithuania. Using his smartphone while on the road, Romas begins shooting an improvised experimental film.

Sukhi Sansarachi 12 Sutre (1995)

A mother gives her daughter advice on maintaining a happy marriage.

Ladies First (2017)

Born amid poverty and limited women's rights in the village of Ratu, India, Deepika Kumari rose to become the No.1 female archer in the world at 18.

The Body Tree (2017)

When a group of Americans travel to Russian Siberia to honor the memory of their murdered friend, they uncover a plot that threatens all their lives.

Extraordinary (2017)

Based on a true marriage journey, Extraordinary tells the amazing story of ultra-marathon runner and college professor David Horton, his wife, Nancy, and their attempt to finish their marriage race well. Although proud of his incredible athletic accomplishments and the impact he has on his students, David’s family continuously pays a high price for his years of competitive running. Following his open-heart surgery and irreparable damage to his knees, Nancy is ready for Dave to hang up his racing shoes for good and focus his boundless energy on their family. Instead, feeling called by God to “inspire people one last time,” Dave sets off for a 2,900-mile race across America.

Revisions (2017)

Two friends visit a reclusive writer to help him with his next project.

Shame to Shame (1991)

Three sets of twins must navigate the unpredictable waters of ambition, friendship and love.

A Few Days with Me (1988)

A Few Days with Me (original title: Quelques jours avec moi) is a 1988 French film directed by Claude Sautet. It received three César Award nominations at the 1989 César Awards.

Sexennial Plan (2014)

Juan and Mercedes invite a handful of friends to a house party. As their friends leave, Juan discovers a stranger prowling around the house.

American Jedi (2017)

AMERICAN JEDI is a documentary film about three Star Wars fans who become candidates for knighthood and must confront the darkest issues from their past in order to be accepted into a real-life Jedi community.

Functional Fitness (2016)

This documentary takes a raw and introspective look into the world of Functional Fitness, illustrating what this growing trend is all about. An inspiring film that explores how this fitness phenomenon has enhanced the lives of so many people.

Murder on the Cape (2017)

After losing his job, fisherman Mike Luna (Josh Walther, Eugene O’Neill, Art As Life) is forced to take odd jobs in the close-knit community of Cape Cod. He meets fashion writer Elizabeth Baldwin (Jade Harlow, The Bay) while she is spending a winter holiday there and sparks fly. They have a passionate affair, but gossip spreads and his wife Nancy (Heather Egeli, Ghost Forest) soon grows suspicious of his constant disappearances. Mike calls off the affair, but Elizabeth surprises him with the news that she is pregnant and intends to keep the baby upon returning to the city. Two years later, Mike panics when Elizabeth returns with his son. She tries to rekindle their affair, but he wants nothing to do with her. Soon after he tells his wife about the affair, Elizabeth is found murdered. Who murdered Elizabeth? Was her murder an unfortunate casualty of a drug deal gone wrong between Carlos and Sammy (Chris Lazzaro, Jersey Shore Massacre)? Was it Nancy in a jealous rage, or Elizabeth’s obsessive neighbor Peter (Tim Misuradze, The Young and the Restless), who was hopelessly in love with her? Or could it have been Mike himself? Based on the true story of New York fashion writer Christa Worthington, Murder on the Cape is a mystery that intrigued the movie’s director and is still baffling the state's highest courts.

Mustang Island (2017)

After he gets dumped on New Year's Eve, Bill and his friends drive to a beach town to win her back.

Chelsea (2017)

A woman struggles to find her place in life after her roommate moves out.

American Aristocracy (1916)

American Aristocracy is a 1916 American silent adventure/comedy-drama film directed by Lloyd Ingraham and starring Douglas Fairbanks. A 35mm print of the film is preserved at the George Eastman House and is currently in the public domain.

All the Man I Need (2017)

All The Man I Need is about a 39 year old Financial Planner and Investment Strategist named Erica, who has a successful career in finding the right investments for her clients, but has been unsuccessful in finding love and the "right man" for herself. Following the advice of her best friend Yolanda, Erica uses her knowledge of finance, and the profiles of prospective clients to "analyze" potential "soul mates" following a work-related gathering, including Donald, a 45 year old real estate developer; William, a 42 year old stock broker and Elijah, a 40 year old "renaissance man" who enjoys cooking, painting and writing.

Step by Step (2017)

Stuck in the routine of his city life, a blind man gains confidence after he learns to open up to the unknown.

Blueprint (2017)

A young black man searches for his identity in the aftermath of a fatal shooting in South Side, Chicago. Inspired by a true story, this timely film tackles racial injustice and what it takes to overcome grief under difficult circumstances.

Like Mother, Like Daughter (2017)

April (Camille Cottin) and her mother Mado (Juliette Binoche) can not be more different. April, 30, is married, salaried and organized just the opposite of her mother, eternally carefree who lives with her daughter's since her divorce. But when the two women find themselves pregnant at the same time, and under the same roof, a clash is inevitable. Because if Mado, in the middle of a crisis of youth, is not ready to be a grandmother, April, for her part, has a hard time imagining her mother ... a mother!

Mankiller (2017)

Mankiller is a 2017 documentary film directed by Valerie Red-Horse Mohl and executive produced by Gale Anne Hurd, concerning the life of Wilma Mankiller. The film had its US premiere on June 19, 2017 at the Los Angeles Film Festival. It was produced by Red-Horse Native Productions and Valhalla Entertainment and is a presentation of Vision Maker Media for PBS.

Love Struck Café (2017)

An aspiring architect gets the opportunity of a lifetime when she's chosen to develop her home town's lake into an entertainment complex. Unfortunately, to complete the project, she must convince a lifelong friend to leave her family's home.

Aliens: Zone of Silence (2017)

After her brother vanishes from the Mexican desert, a young woman sets out to uncover the truth about his disappearance. But when she discovers an extraterrestrial presence, she must risk her life to expose the desert’s otherworldly secret.

Chef (2017)

Chef is a 2017 Indian comedy-drama film directed by Raja Krishna Menon, featuring Saif Ali Khan and Padmapriya Janakiraman in the lead roles. It is an official remake of an American film with the same name.

It Came from the Desert (2017)

A pulpy monster movie inspired by the cult classic 1980s video game "It Came from the Desert," featuring rival motocross heroes and heroines, kegger parties in the desert, secret underground military bases...and of course giant ants!

Familyhood (2016)

Familyhood is a 2016 South Korean comedy-drama film directed by Kim Tae-gon, starring Kim Hye-soo.

The Cliff (2016)

A woman travels to the Canary Islands to find her sister after a cult commits mass suicide.

Guest iin London (2017)

A young couple in London struggle to live with their estranged aunt and uncle, who overstay their welcome.

Marry Me at Christmas (2017)

Organizing a Christmas wedding is a true treat for bridal boutique owner Madeline Krug. She loves the challenge of finding the perfect dress for the bride and orchestrating an exquisite event. What Madeline didn’t expect was to be swept off her feet by the bride’s gorgeous brother, movie star Jonny Blaze. Jonny came to the quirky town of Fool’s Gold to support his sister — not to fall in love. Yet Madeline is the most extraordinary woman he’s ever met. Planning the perfect wedding leads to candlelit dinners and strolls through snow-covered streets. Madeline finds the real Jonny even more captivating than her celebrity crush. Will the action star be brave enough to take on the role of a lifetime? Starring Rachel Skarsten and Trevor Donovan.