Death Kappa (2010)

Scientists create amphibious supersoldiers and detonate a nuclear bomb. In the midst of the fallout, a monster arrives, leaving Japan defenseless. Mankind's only hope is an irradiated water goblin with death on its mind.

Jam Session (1944)

Terry Baxter (Ann Miller) is a young dancer who has recently moved to Hollywood, Calif., where she looks to break into movies. But, try as she may, she cannot seem to meet anyone important. Then she befriends George (Jess Barker), a new screenwriter who has also recently moved to the area. Terry pretends to be George's secretary in order to try to see studio mogul Raymond Stuart (Charles D. Brown). However, her bad luck continues when she gets George fired, and she winds up in prison.

The Red Lanterns (1963)

Five girls make a living in a Greek brothel until prostitution is banned by the government.

Maclovia (1948)

Jose Maria and beautiful Maclovia fall in love but cannot marry until Jose earns enough money.

Murder at Glen Athol (1936)

A detective (John Miljan) investigates suspects after a murder at a mansion.

Climbing High (1938)

A millionaire (Michael Redgrave) engaged to a gold digger pretends to be poor so he can woo a penniless model (Jessie Matthews).

Sailor's Lady (1940)

A young girl tests the real intentions of her sailor-boy fiance by sneaking a borrowed infant aboard his ship.

Car of Dreams (1935)

The son (John Mills) of a factory owner falls in love with one of his father's (Mark Lester) workers.

Fury River (1962)

Rogers' Rangers fight the French and Indians in Canada while searching for a waterway which will lead to the ocean.

Gilda Live (1980)

Comedian Gilda Radner does her Broadway show of "Saturday Night Live" characters, with Don Novello as Father Guido Sarducci.

Humayun (1945)

Two men form an unlikely friendship after they fight on opposite sides of a battle.

Bhai Thakur (2000)

A dacoit wants to kill a villager, Gajendra, because she believes he killed her father. Meanwhile, a reporter with a secret agenda arrives to interview Gajendra.

Bound & Gagged: A Love Story (1993)

An impulsive woman enlists a best friend (Chris Denton) to help her kidnap her lover (Ginger Lynn Allen) from an abusive husband.

Chitkabrey (2011)

An emotionally scarred woman confronts the men who attacked her 15 years earlier.

Desierto Asesino (2003)

Day after day, hundreds of immigrants are victims of the Coyotes, who extort and abandon them in the desert.

Arctic Manhunt (1949)

Insurance agents head to the icy wilderness to collect an ex-con in possession of $250,000 in stolen funds.

Are Parents People? (1925)

A young girl tries to bring peace to the lives of her bickering parents.

Overexposed (1990)

A soap-opera star (Catherine Oxenberg) thinks someone's trying to kill her, but cannot figure out which someone.

A Step Into the Darkness (2009)

Smugglers help a young Turkmen (Suzan Gen) trek to Turkey to find her injured brother (zgr Kartal).

Dawn of the Dragonslayer (2011)

After a dragon kills his father, a young man (Richard McWilliams) uses a mysterious family connection to become a former knight's squire so that he can learn how to slay the creature and avenge his father's death.

Punk Vacation (1987)

Townsfolk unite against a rough woman (Roxanne Rogers) and her mixed gang of motorcycle punks.

Treachery Rides the Range (1936)

A singing Army captain (Dick Foran) takes a colonel's daughter (Paula Stone) through buffalo and Indian country.

Echoes of a Storyteller (2010)

A Kyrgyzstani elder instructs a teenage student in the tradition of oral storytelling.

Texas Manhunt (1942)

Saboteurs try to silence prairie-radio columnists (Bill Boyd, Art Davis) who know too much.

Arizona Cyclone (1941)

A crooked banker sets out to steal a man's wagon freight business.

Magic Silver 2 (2011)

Queen Bluerose searches for a mystical blue horn to stop a glacier from destroying a red gnome community.

My Girl (2003)

Jeab learns his childhood sweetheart is getting married. He travels to his home town and memories from his childhood come flooding back.

Army Bound (1952)

When a race-car driver is drafted into the Army he discovers his immediate superior is one of his archrivals.

9.79 (2012)

Filmmaker Daniel Gordon interviews the men who raced against Ben Johnson in the 100 meter final at the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

Desert Hearts (1985)

A New York professor (Helen Shaver) divorces her husband and has an affair with another woman (Patricia Charbonneau) in 1959 Reno.

Our Wife (1931)

Oliver tries to elope with his large bride.

Cielo Rojo (1962)

In Acapulco, a young man loses his best friend who is murdered by the father and brother of his girlfriend.

Idol of Evil: Hell Is Forever (2009)

The Vatican hires mythologist David Hilton (Richard Cambridge) to rescue Dr. Karen Kixley (Tracey Sheldon) from deranged Satanists.

On the Block (1990)

A Baltimore stripper (Marilyn Jones) attracts a crazed admirer in a sleazy district marked for urban renewal.

There Was No War in '72 (1996)

A young man (Adam Abulafia) seeks refuge after his family learns he has been expelled from school for failing.

Wagon Train (1940)

A frontier freighter (Tim Holt) finds a girlfriend (Martha O'Driscoll) and the guy who ambushed his father.

Career Woman (1936)

A young attorney puts her reputation and well-being on the line when she agrees to take on a controversial murder case.

Sins of the Sisters (1994)

A soldier from the Crusades is reborn as a modern-day woman who is haunted by memories of a past life.

Our Betters (1933)

Soon after being wed, American heiress Lady Pearl Grayston (Constance Bennett) realizes her husband has married her for her money and is keeping a mistress. The two maintain a loveless marriage, a trade-off Pearl accepts in order to gain admittance to her husband's aristocratic social circle. While Pearl pursues her own affair with gigolo Pepi D'Costa (Gilbert Roland), her visiting sister, Bessie (Anita Louise), arrives and is appalled when Pearl's arrangement is revealed.

Carib Gold (1955)

A shrimping expedition off Key West sets its sights on sunken treasure.

Forgiven (2011)

Jake (Alan Autry) seeks vengeance on the people who wrongfully sent him to prison for stealing gold, but he finds love is more powerful than hate when he meets a special woman (Kimberlee Autry).

Carthage in Flames (1961)

In 200 B.C., two warriors return to war-torn Carthage to rescue their women from invading Roman troops.

The Last Ten Days of Adolf Hitler (1956)

Hitler (Albin Skoda) holes up in his Berlin bunker with Eva Braun (Lotte Tobisch), his generals and hangers-on.

Godforsaken (2009)

A fallen angel seeks redemption.

Amazing Stories: The Movie III (1990)

Culled from Steven Spielberg's Emmy-winning series are four wacky tales full of adventure and laughter. In one, an actor (Tom Harrison) in a mummy's costume mistakenly wreaks havoc as he races to the hospital for the birth of his child. Another centers on the zany antics of a family dog, while a third follows Walter Poindexter (Sydney Lassick) a man with a magical remote control. Lastly, the embodiment of Guilt (Dom DeLuise) goes on vacation, and falls for Love (Loni Anderson).

The Love Test (1935)

Research-lab men try to slow down a colleague (Judy Gunn) by finding her a boyfriend (Louis Hayward).

Case of the Red Monkey (1955)

The U.S. State Department sets out to thwart Russia's plans to murder a top Soviet scientist who defected to the West.

Entrega Inmediata (1963)

A humble postman (Cantinflas) is seduced by the leader of a spy ring, and then decides to impersonate secret agent XU 777.

Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny (1972)

Children and a bunny try to help Santa get his sleigh out of Florida sand.

Who Slew Auntie Roo? (1972)

Mrs. Forrest (Shelley Winters), who's known as "Auntie Roo," has a holiday tradition of inviting orphans to her mansion for a party. But Roo isn't completely sane; she lost her husband and is obsessed with her deceased daughter, whose corpse she still keeps in the house. So when Katy Coombs (Chloe Franks) sneaks into the party with her brother, Christopher (Mark Lester), the deranged lady abducts the young girl with the hopes of replacing her daughter. Christopher must then try to save Katy.

From the Edge of the City (1999)

A 17-year old boy and his family immigrate from the Pontian area of the former Soviet Union to seek their fortune in Greece, only to find themselves despised as "Albanian." Because of this he and his fellow immigrant buddies resort to a lifestyle of petty crime, tomfoolery and prostitution.

Caught in the Act (1941)

An honest construction foreman finds out that he is a much-wanted man. His boss wants him to be the head salesman; a blonde wants him for a playmate; the police want him for murder and extortion; and some gangsters want him dead.

Without You I'm Nothing (2008)

A father and son meet at a cabin to make a new start after an eight-year separation.

Chance Meeting (1959)

An innocent painter accused of his lover's murder is saved by a chance encounter with the real killer.

Tornado Warning (2002)

A renowned scientist (Gerald McRaney) and his former protg (Steve Braun) alert small-town residents about an impending tornado.

Chasing Trouble (1940)

A handwriting analyst (Frankie Darro) tries to foil an international spy ring.

This Is Who I Am (2010)

Nick (Nino Cimino) and Carlo (Marco Arras), two smalltime hoods, hustle to make a living while trying to figure out their place in life.

Old Chisholm Trail (1943)

A spokesman (Johnny Mack Brown) for cattlemen needs a wily woman's fenced-off water.

Orps: The Movie (2009)

Five band members (August Ekanger, Moin Deljou, Oriana Brut-Christensen) must overcome a scheming conductor to win a musical competition.

The Chosen (2005)

When brutal and mysterious murders lead investigators to Uppsala University, a student becomes involved in the investigation.

Swirl (2003)

A white woman falls in love with her lifelong friend, a black man who resists the idea of an interracial romance.

Silent Witness (1985)

A young woman (Valerie Bertinelli) opposes her husband (John Savage) and his family after seeing her brother-in-law (Chris Nash) commit rape.

The White Viking (1991)

In order to save his bride, a pagan makes a deal with a king to convert the people in Iceland to Roman Catholicism.

A Little Closer (2011)

A single mother (Sayra Player) grapples with loneliness and harsh economic realities, while her sons (Parker Lutz, Eric Baskerville) cope with their awakening sexuality.

SoulMaid (2007)

A goddess threatens the relationship between two gay men (Joe Schenck, Tom Bailey).

The Bad Intentions (2011)

An imaginative Peruvian child (Fatima Buntinx) believes that her life will come to an end when her pregnant mother (Katerina D'Onofrio) gives birth.

Murder Capital of the World (2012)

Charlie Minn investigates the forces behind the violence in Ciudad Juarez.

Dazzle (2000)

A fairy takes the form of a human and visits a widowed father and his daughter.

Bridge of Sighs (1936)

A woman (Dorothy Tree) confesses to murder to save her brother from the charge.

Buenas Noches Año Nuevo (1964)

A marriage dedicated to entertainment implements a fantasy in which they are secret lovers.

Rollercoaster (1999)

In a desperate hour, five teenagers choose a bankrupt amusement park to let loose and pursue a fantasy. Darrin, his girlfriend Chloe, his best friend Stick, the group clown Sanj and Darrin's tag-along kid brother Justin "borrow" their group home counselor's car for a day of escape at Wonder World.

The First 7th Night (2009)

A taxi driver (Gordon Lam) guides a trucker (Julian Cheung) to a remote village that supposedly is haunted.

YellowBrickRoad (2010)

An expedition sets out to explore a mysterious forest where the residents of a town all died.

The Suitors (1988)

A widow (Pouran Esrafily) must fend off her Iranian husband's friends after his accidental death.

Waited For (2011)

Three South African lesbians adopt across racial lines.

Yellowstone Cubs (1963)

Separated from their mother, two young bears roam through Yellowstone National Park.

Endgame (1984)

A telepathic mutant (Moira Chen) recruits a post-World War III TV game-show warrior (Al Cliver) to lead her band of mutants to safety.

Ringo's Big Night (1966)

A man (William Berger) breaks out of jail to prove his innocence in a stagecoach robbery and bring the real thieves to justice.

Earthworm Tractors (1936)

A salesman pulls out all the stops in a last-ditch effort to sell his latest tractor to an old-fashioned lumberman.

Oso Blanco (2009)

The history of the most-notorious prison in the Caribbean.

Speechless (2012)

In southern China, a man is found naked on a riverbank. Doctors cannot get the man to talk, and a nurse's aide sneaks him to his uncle's home in order to keep him out of a mental institution.

Demon Wind (1990)

A man's investigation into his long-dead parents' demise leads to the haunted family mansion and a date with a demon.

Mrs. Carey's Concert (2011)

A high-school musical director puts on a concert every five years at the Sydney Opera House and insists that all 1,200 girls participate in the performances.

What's in a Name (2012)

Vincent tells his childhood friends that he plans to name his child Adolf, and it causes unpleasant memories to surface for some of them.

Marie From the Bay of Angels (1998)

A seductive teen (Vahina Bronchain) working at a 1960s U.S. naval base in the Mediterranean is drawn to a ferocious outsider (Frdric Malgras).

Mercenaries of the Rio Grande (1965)

While in Mexico to obtain financial support for Benito Juarez, a German doctor (Lex Barker) becomes involved in the hunt for hidden Aztec gold.

Taken by Storm: The Art of Storm Thorgerson and Hipgnosis (2011)

Artist Storm Thorgerson has designed some of rock music's most iconic album covers, including Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon."

Search and Destroy (1988)

A commando (J. Christian Ingvordsen) and his team trap foreign terrorists in a top-secret virus plant, which leaks.

The Fire Engine That Disappeared (1993)

Stockholm policemen (Gsta Ekman, Rolf Lassgrd) track a narcotics syndicate, culminating in a violent airport showdown.

La blonde aux seins nus (2010)

Julien and Louis are brothers who decide to steal a painting, but a museum security guard, Rosalie, catches them and keeps them locked up.

Return (1985)

An Arkansan (Karlene Crockett) meets a young man (John Walcutt) possessed by the spirit of her slain grandfather.

Heart of the West (1936)

Hopalong Cassidy comes to the aid of a family interested in building an enclosure to protect their cattle and property.

Confession of a Gangster (2010)

Hoping for a better life, two women hatch a plan to steal money from a drug dealer (David Fernandez).

Valley of the Bees (1968)

A newly married man sends his young son off to join an order of religious knights.

Little House: The Last Farewell (1984)

Charles and Caroline Ingalls (Michael Landon, Karen Grassle) return to Walnut Grove and lead opposition to a land-grabber.

Pandora's Beauty (2000)

A man's (Jean-Francois Casabonne) fling with a stranger (Pascale Bussires) ends his marriage, and her dark secret brings grief and danger.

Yana's Friends (1999)

As Iraqi scud missiles fly overhead and an entire country locks itself into airtight rooms, Yana (Evelyn Kaplun) and her fellow Russians wrestle with the challenges facing them in their new life in Israel during the Gulf War. Yana's husband has left her and she shares an apartment with Eli (Nir Levy), a photographer with a passion for casual sex. While in threat of poisonous gas their stories merge and love blossoms.

Night Wind (1999)

A lonely housewife (Catherine Deneuve) depends too heavily on her young lover (Xavier Beauvois), while he spends his time trying to get a job as an architect's (Daniel Duval) assistant.

Borrowing Trouble (1937)

A long-delayed wedding finally occurs under less-than-sentimental circumstances.

Fetih 1453 (2012)

After the death of his father, Sultan Mehmet II takes the Ottoman throne and gathers his forces to lay siege to Constantinople.