Ich war noch niemals in New York (2019)

The Lone Rider in Texas Justice (1942)

A cowboy (George Houston) tries to protect an old friend from a power-hungry rancher.

The Visual Bible: Matthew (1993)

The Visual Bible: Matthew is a 1993 film portraying the life of Jesus as it is found in the Gospel of Matthew. The complete Gospel is presented word-for-word based on the New International Version of the Bible. It was directed by South African film maker Regardt van den Bergh and stars veteran actor Richard Kiley in the role of St. Matthew (who narrates the movie), newcomer Bruce Marchiano as Jesus, and Gerrit Schoonhoven as Peter. Marchiano portrays Jesus as a joyous, earthy, personal man with a sense of humour. The film has been dubbed into various foreign languages including Spanish, Cantonese and Mandarin.

Berserker (2015)

A novelist who's run out of ideas investigates a local murder, hoping for inspiration.

A Christmas Accident (1912)

A Christmas Accident is a 1911 American Christmas film.

The Secret of Mulan (1998)

The Secret of Mulan is the 1998 entry in the series of "Secret of..." films released direct to video by UAV/Sterling Entertainment Group, which generally were adaptations of popular theatrical animated films released in a given year, such as The Secret of Anastasia and The Secret of the Hunchback. This film, written by Katherine Lawrence and Christy Marx, is based on the poem about Hua Mulan, which had been made as a film by Walt Disney Pictures the same year as Mulan, and combined with elements from another popular 1998 animated film, A Bug's Life. The film is one of the early collaborations of the composer-lyricist team of Megan Cavallari and David Goldsmith, and some copies were released with a CD soundtrack attached to the back cover.

Du ba tian xia (1978)

A fierce female warrior vows to overthrow the bandits of the Black Wind Fortress.

The 13 Cold-Blooded Eagles (1993)

The 13 Cold-Blooded Eagles is a 1993 Hong Kong wuxia film produced and directed by Chui Fat and starring Waise Lee and Cynthia Khan. The film is a remake of the 1978 film, The Avenging Eagle.

Three Graves for a Winchester (1966)

3 colpi di Winchester per Ringo a.k.a. Three Graves for a Winchester/Three Bullets for Ringo is a 1966 Italian Spaghetti Western film directed by Emimmo Salvi and shot in Totalscope. It is the first and only film collaboration between Mickey Hargitay and Gordon Mitchell. The two friends appeared together in Mae West's 1950s Las Vegas stage show, then traveled to Italy where they made sword and sandal films. It was the first Western for Gordon Mitchell. Told that the Italians preferred their Western heroes lean, Mitchell dropped his weight from 220 lbs (99.79 kg) to 170 lbs (77.11 kg).

LuTo (2013)

A couple reflect on the past two years of their now broken relationship.

Cabás (2012)

Xabi (Xabi Tolosa) and Sarah (Lorena Iglesias) suffer a breakup just before a planned holiday trip. At first Xabi is fine, but he begins to feel very sick after a little time passes.

Heaven Burns (2010)

A young man (Clayton Myers) trying to save money for college becomes caught up in the dangerous prescription drug scene.

Ferocious Pal (1934)

Ferocious Pal is a 1934 American adventure film directed by Spencer Gordon Bennet and written by Joseph Anthony Roach. The film stars Kazan the Wonder Dog, Ruth Sullivan, Gene Toler, Robert Seiter, Tom London and Harry Dunkinson. The film was released on February 2, 1934, by Principal Distributing.

They Go Boom! (1929)

They Go Boom is a 1929 short comedy film directed by James Parrott and starring Laurel and Hardy.

Back to Awesome (2015)

An awkward, motormouthed college sophomore struggles to fit in with his roommates until he realizes that they're works in progress as well.

Bounty Hunter in Trinity (1972)

Townsfolk hire a bounty hunter to protect them from a band of Mexican outlaws.

Buzzin' Around (1933)

Buzzin' Around is a 1933 American Pre-Code comedy film starring Fatty Arbuckle.

Stellaluna (2004)

The charming story of a lost baby fruitbat in search of her mother, Stellaluna's tale will warm any heart.

Within These Walls (2015)

When a woman moves into the house where her mother died, she is taunted by an evil spirit.

Okinawa: The Afterburn (2015)

A comprehensive look at the Battle of Okinawa, which claimed some 240,000 lives, and America's ensuing 70-year occupation of the island.

We Are Pregnant (2016)

A couple approaching their 40s decide they want to have a child, but first they have a variety of complications to overcome.

Good Morning, Eve! (1934)

Good Morning, Eve! (1934) is a Vitaphone short comedy film released by Warner Brothers on August 5, 1934 in the three-strip Technicolor process ("Process No. 4"). The release of this film and Service With a Smile (released July 28, 1934) predated the RKO Radio Pictures release La Cucaracha, also produced in three-strip Technicolor, by a few weeks.

27 Down (2009)

A detective becomes embroiled in a tense hit-and-run investigation.

Gus Arnheim and His Ambassadors (1928)

The Ambassadors perform in a lavish nightclub.

Rocca verändert die Welt (2019)

MeloDylan (2019)

Mio on the Shore (2019)

Kuessipan (2019)

Palmer's Pick-Up (1999)

Where Are You, João Gilberto? (2018)

Un Dia Con el Diablo (1945)

A Day with the Devil (Spanish: Un día con el Diablo) is a 1945 Mexican comedy film directed by Miguel M. Delgado and starring Cantinflas, Andrés Soler and Miguel Arenas.

Dios sabe (2012)

Vengo Volviendo (2015)

Sherlock Holmes and the Sign of Four (1983)

47 To 84 (2014)

The Queen of Spades (1999)

Queen of Spades is a 2016 Russian thriller film directed by Pavel Lungin. The picture is about opera singers preparing for a performance in the Queen of Spades.

Deranged (2001)

Deranged is a 2012 South Korean science fiction thriller film starring Kim Myung-min, Kim Dong-wan, Moon Jung-hee and Lee Ha-nui. It is Korea's first medical thriller on an infectious disease epidemic. The film was directed by Park Jung-woo and produced by Lim Ji-young and Oz One Film. Distributed by CJ E&M, the film was released on July 5, 2012 and runs at 109 minutes.

Adventure Planet (2012)

Echo Planet is a 2012 Thai 3D animation film distributed by Kantana Group directed by Kompin Keamkumned. It is the story of the adventures of three young men from two of the world's metropolis, New State Trinity Capital and Karen village in Northern Thailand. To help save the world from disaster recovery due to global warming.

Fourteen (2007)

Curious Alice (1968)

Voglia di guardare (1986)

Voglia di guardare , is a 1986 Italian erotic film directed by Joe D'Amato.

One Piece: Clockwork Island Adventure (2001)

Men Vs Women (2010)

Seven Blood-Stained Orchids (1972)

Seven Blood-Stained Orchids (Italian: Sette orchidee macchiate di rosso) is a 1972 Italian giallo film directed by Umberto Lenzi, who also co-wrote the screenplay. Lenzi said in interviews that this film was his favorite giallo, next to Orgasmo (1969). This film was also released in Germany as Puzzle of the Silver Half-Moons, and in France as Farewell, Killer. The script of the film is loosely based on 2 novels (one by Edgar Wallace and one by Cornell Woolrich), and it was the last film based on Wallace's works until a series of TV-movies produced in Germany in the mid-1990s. The German version of the film had a different opening credits sequence that emphasized its Edgar Wallace origins. The film's Riz Ortolani theme song "Why?" was recycled from the soundtrack of Lenzi's earlier film,So Sweet... So Perverse.

Silverhide (2015)

The Wilding (2012)

The Wilding is a 2012 Australian gay drama film written and directed by Grant Scicluna and funded through Springboard, an initiative of Screen Australia. The film features Reef Ireland, Shannon Glowacki, Luke Mullins and Frank Sweet and had its world premiere in competition at the Berlin International Film Festival on 9 February 2012 and was nominated for the Teddy Award. The film competed at number of film festivals including Sydney Film Festival, Show Me Shorts, Melbourne Queer Film Festival, Palm Springs International Film Festival and St Kilda Film Festival and earned good reviews before winning the prestigious Iris Prize in 2012.

One Minute Before Death (1972)

The Gangster's Daughter (2017)

Take Peace! A Corgi Cottage Christmas with Tasha Tudor (1998)

Happy New Year Tijuana (2018)

Adventure, romance, and the resplendent cultural flavor of Tijuana permeate the air in this spirited, high-energy and imaginative film. When Alejandro, a Chicano Studies professor from Los Angeles finds himself stranded in the unpredictable border town on New Year's Eve, a surprise encounter with a former student unleashes a roller coaster of emotions in Alejandro that brings his inner conflicts of love, belief, and identity bubbling to the surface.

Die Huberbuam - Close Call with Mount Asgard (2014)

Marona's Fantastic Tale (2019)

Marona is a mixed-breed Labrador whose life leaves deep traces among the humans she encounters. After an accident, she reflects on all the homes and different experiences she's had. As Marona's memory journeys into the past, her unfailing empathy and love brings lightness and innocence into each of her owners' lives, in this beautiful and deeply emotional story of an average dog and her extraordinary life.

Basic Sanitation, the Movie (2007)

Saneamento Básico (Portuguese for "basic sanitation") is a 2007 Brazilian comedy film written and directed by Jorge Furtado. It stars Fernanda Torres, Wagner Moura, Camila Pitanga, Bruno Garcia, Lázaro Ramos, Tonico Pereira and Paulo José.

We Just Have to Laugh (2019)

La brunante (2007)

The School on Magic Mountain (2019)

Fair Play (2006)

Back to Your Arms (2010)

Back to Your Arms is a 2010 Lithuanian drama film directed by Kristijonas Vildžiūnas. The film was selected as the Lithuanian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 84th Academy Awards, but it did not make the final shortlist.

Muddy Waters and the Rolling Stones: Live at the Checkerboard Lounge 1981 (2012)

Unfinished Plan: El camino de Alain Johannes (2017)

Slugi wojny (2019)

ReMastered: The Lion's Share (2018)

After discovering the family of Solomon Linda, the writer of 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight,' a reporter tries to help them fight for fair compensation.

Step Up Love Story: Triple Love and Love Forever (2012)

Werewolf Game: Mad Land (2017)

Sherlock Holmes and a Study in Scarlet (1983)

Mr. Toilet: The World's #2 Man (2019)

To strangers, Jack Sim might come across as an eccentric entrepreneur who is obsessed with toilets, but to those who know him he’s “Mr. Toilet,” a crusader for global sanitation. Born in the Singapore slums, Sim knows first-hand the agonies of not having a proper loo. Now he’s dedicating his life to a crisis no one dares talk about. Not having a place “to go” isn’t just an inconvenience, it’s a problem that impacts 2.4 billion people worldwide. In India alone, 200,000 children die each year from lack of safe sanitation, while women are regularly raped because they have to defecate in public spaces. Jack’s kids describe him as a 12-year old trapped in a 60-year old’s body. He’s full of jokes and it can be hard to take him seriously. But, he uses humor as his weapon to fight an uphill battle against bathroom taboos. He founded the World Toilet Organization and spent the last 13 years lobbying 193 countries to raise awareness for proper sanitation. He even successfully lobbied the United Nations to create World Toilet Day (November 19) – the first International day of celebration for the toilet. Now he is plunged into his biggest challenge yet when asked to secure 6 million toilets for the “Clean India” initiative. But with few resources and no help from the government, his epic project and reputation are in jeopardy. Jack’s once supportive staff begins to doubt him; and when his family bonds start to fray over his obsessive dedication, Mr. Toilet realizes there is a price to pay for being the world's #2 man. But as a "su-poo-hero”, he can't quit.

Ah Boys to Men (2012)

Ah Boys to Men (simplified Chinese: 新兵正传; traditional Chinese: 新兵正傳; pinyin: xīnbīng zhèngzhuàn; Wade–Giles: Hsin1 Ping1 Cheng4 Chuan4; literally: "Recruits' True Biography") is a 2012 Singaporean-Chinese three-part comedy film produced and directed by Jack Neo, written by Neo and Link Sng and starring Joshua Tan, Maxi Lim, Wang Weiliang, Noah Yap, Ridhwan Azman and Aizuddin Nasser. The main plot revolves around a group of army recruits in National Service in Singapore. Neo had wanted to shoot an army-themed film since his army days, but could not find a suitable chance to do so. Ah Boys to Men is the first local film to be released in two parts and the first to film in Pulau Tekong, as well as the first South-East Asian film to feature Dolby Atmos surround sound. The film's theme song, "Recruits' Anthem" was written and composed by one of the cast, Tosh Zhang. The film was released on November 8, 2012. It is the highest-grossing Singaporean film of all time, and has grossed over four times of its S$3 million budget. Buoyed by audience demand, a third installment titled Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen was released on February 19, 2015. It features the same cast but is however not a sequel to the second film.

Immortal (2015)

Immortal (translit. Mamiro) is a 2015 Iranian film directed by Seyed Hadi Mohaghegh. The second feature film by Mohaghegh, it tells the story of an old man who tries to end his life repeatedly from guilt over the loss of his family in a tragic accident. World premiered at the 20th Busan International Film Festival in 2015 and described by the jury Sylvia Chang as "an extraordinary feat of visual storytelling, filled with emotion," it won the top prize for the New Currents competition section, as well as the FIPRESCI award.

Le Italiane E l'amore (1961)

Grüner wird's nicht, sagte der Gärtner und flog davon (2018)

The Wild Years (2013)

CeeLo Green is Loberace (2013)

Estamos Juntos (2011)

The Olsen Gang in Jutland (1971)

The Olsen Gang in Jutland (Danish: Olsen-banden i Jylland) is a 1971 Danish comedy film directed by Erik Balling and starring Ove Sprogøe. The film was the third instalment in the Olsen Gang-series.

Les Veinards (1963)

Les Veinards English: The Lucky, is a French comedy film from 1963, directed by Philippe de Broca and Jean Girault, written by Jacques Vilfrid and Jean Girault, starring France Anglade and Louis de Funès (uncredited). The film is known under the titles: "People in Luck" or "The Lucky" (English titles), "Die Glückspilze" or "Fünf Glückspilze" (West Germany), "I fortunati" (Italy).

Rita Cadillac: The Lady of the People (2007)

Leviathan: The Story of Hellraiser and Hellbound: Hellraiser II (2015)

Ladies Night (2005)

Swearnet Live (2014)

Blue Spring (2001)

Blue Spring (青い春, Aoi haru) is a 2002 Japanese youth drama film, written and directed by Toshiaki Toyoda and based on Taiyō Matsumoto's manga of same title. It tells a tale of apathetic school students at a run-down Tokyo high school for boys. It was released on June 29, 2002. The film title can be understood as "inexperienced years" or teenage years, but it also can be understood as "fresh start". According to manga artist Taiyō Matsumoto, the title is intended as a play on irony.

A Young Patriot (2015)

The Sandlot Journey (2015)

Zedd (2014)

Carrie Underwood: The Blown Away Tour Live (2013)

Filmed March 2013 in Ontario, CA, The Blown Away Tour: LIVE features 20+ songs, with performances of Carrie’s #1 singles, including “Jesus, Take the Wheel,” “Two Black Cadillacs,” and the album title track that inspired her tour name, “Blown Away.”

Fascination Coral Reef 3D: Hunters & the Hunted (2012)

Blood Relative (2012)

Hostage of an Illusion (2012)

Lover (1992)

Marilyn Manson: Guns, God and Government World Tour (2002)

Shakira: Live and Off the Record (2004)

How to Meet Girls from a Distance (2012)

Dia de Festa (2006)

The Ages of Love (2011)

The Ages of Love (Italian: Manuale d'amore 3, also known as Manual of Love 3) is a 2011 Italian romantic comedy film consisting of three segments. It was directed by Giovanni Veronesi, and it is a sequel of Manuale d'amore (2005) and Manuale d'amore 2 – Capitoli successivi (2007).

Psalm 21 (2009)

This Is How You Haunt Your House (2014)

Asteroide (2014)

Monty Python Live (Mostly) (2014)

Monty Python Live (Mostly) (also billed as Monty Python Live (Mostly): One Down, Five to Go) was a stage show by the Monty Python comedy group in The O₂ in London in July 2014.

Slipping: Skate's Impact on Egypt (2012)

In 2005 Omar and Cherif Herrawi started Egypt’s first and only skateboard shop, SkateImpact. Six years later, while Egypt is still in a state of unrest, they passionately share their story with documentarian, Brett Wiese Saunders.

Signatures (2009)

From the orange and gold of fall to the pink blossoms of spring, Signatures follows an entire winter in the hardwoods of Hokkaido, Japan. Deep January blower to April corn, we bring you a film about expression and the art of riding on snow.

The Storming (2010)

Warning: active till the end of time. Pro snowboarders have reported the current riding progression on all fronts is advancing forward at unimaginable rates.