Time Please (2013)

A bubbly girl learns more about her composed, mature husband after their wedding.

Keep Talking (2017)

Four Alaska Native women fight to save Kodiak Alutiiq, an endangered language now spoken by less than 40 remaining fluent elders.

Devrai (2004)

A brilliant, eccentric man becomes obsessed with a small grove near his home.

Hridaynath (2012)

A schoolteacher who has become known for his good deeds and benevolence takes a walk on the dark side after undergoing a heart transplant.

Mobile Homes (2017)

A young mother drifts from one motel to the next with her dangerously intoxicating boyfriend and her 8-year-old son. When a crisis tears them apart, the mother finds a mobile home community that provides the possibility of a better life.

Aajcha Divas Majha (2013)

A principled man fights for justice against a corrupt bureaucracy.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: The Road Less Traveled (2018)

The Postables try to track down a boy who they fear may have been kidnapped. The discovery of unusual photographs sends the team across Colorado, and when they finally locate the boy and his despondent mother, they help them learn about forgiveness.

Oh Lucy! (2017)

From executive producers Will Ferrell & Adam McKay.

Very, Very Valentine (2018)

When Helen, a kind hearted and shy florist, meets the perfect man at a Valentine's masquerade ball, she enlists the help of her best friend Henry to track him down, only to find that her perfect man may already be right in front of her.

Gema (2016)

A woman struggles with the pressure of meeting her fiance's parents for the first time.

Plaquemines (2016)

A father and son navigate life in the fishing culture of Plaquemines Parish, La.

Aata Pita (2010)

A bureaucrat with literary aspirations searches for the perfect protagonist.

The Last Goldfish (2017)

A daughter's search for her lost family stretches from Australia to Trinidad and World War II Germany.

Razzia (2017)

Five Moroccans are pushed to the fringes in Casablanca by an extremist government.

Cross My Heart (1987)

Having just lost his job, David (Martin Short) considers canceling his date with Kathy (Annette O'Toole) until his friend Bruce (Paul Reiser) offers a pep talk. Bruce, who has a nice apartment, believes Kathy will be impressed if David takes her there and says it's his place. Kathy, meanwhile, tells her friend Nancy (Joanna Kerns) that she's worried how David will react when he finds out she has a daughter. But they proceed with the date, charming one another with their honesty.

Max Magician and the Legend of the Rings (2002)

A shy, bullied boy receives an ancient tome with the power to transport him to an enchanted forest realm. There, he battles an evil underworld king to save the forest and its inhabitants.

Je m'appelle Élisabeth (2006)

In post World War II France, a 10-year-old girl befriends a stranger hiding in the barn.

Murder on the Cape (2017)

A fisherman has an affair with a fashion writer, who later has his child. When she turns up dead, he becomes the prime suspect.

Residenté (2017)

After taking a DNA test, Latin America's most decorated artist, Rene Perez, embarks on a global adventure to trace the footsteps of his ancestors and record his latest album.

Las malas lenguas (2015)

Manuela, a young Columbian woman born into her country's small, wealthy elite class, wrestles with weighty decisions upon learning that she is pregnant.

Paris Prestige (2017)

Two brothers passionately disagree about how to run their family-owned bar.

Word Is Bond (2017)

Sacha Jenkins explores lyricism and the artists that practice the art form in hip-hop music.

Bholi Bhali Ladki (2001)

A vacationing man falls in love while spending time in the hills.

Hide and Seek (2017)

Inept kidnappers try to stay one step ahead of the determined cop who is hot on their trail.

Halcyon (2015)

Two men become trapped inside a deep sea research station after a seismic event cripples the station.

Birdland (2015)

Sheila, an ex-cop, hides cameras in her house to watch her husband cheating. When her husband is murdered, along with his lover, Sheila's cameras connect her to the crime.

Walkie Talkie (2012)

A battered man awakens in an unfamiliar desert environment beside the dead body of an unknown woman.

Unna and Nuuk (2006)

A drum allows a girl to travel in time.

The Tip of the Iceberg (2016)

A director in a large multinational company conducts an internal investigation into the suicide of three of its employees.

Pancho Villa Takes Zacatecas (2014)

A battle has changed the fate of Mexico and the ability of a country's army to bring down a dictatorship.

Siba: Playing Through the Storm (2012)

Poet and composer Siba goes through the painful process of redefining his artistic expression.

American Aristocracy (1916)

An entomologist fights to be accepted by high society, thinking he might get the opportunity to win the heart of a rich man's daughter.

Aap Aye Bahaar Ayee (1971)

Kumar and Rohit, who are childhood friends, soon turn enemies when Kumar molests Rohit's fiance out of jealousy. She feels unworthy of Rohit and calls off the wedding.

Historia de un beso (2002)

Blas Otamendi's nephew Julio works as a teacher and translator in Paris. After his uncle's death, Julio recalls his childhood days and his beloved uncle's teachings.

Heart of a Dog (1988)

A professor and his colleague transplant human organs into a dog.

Jesus Meets the Gay Man (2016)

Filmmakers wonder how Jesus would have behaved if he met a gay person.

Deep Water (2016)

While in the process of divorcing, 30-year-old Mia moves into a studio flat in a social housing complex. As a former swimming champion, she gives swimming classes to the building's residents, but she doesn't use a pool.

Calling Mr. Joe B Carvalho (2014)

A small-time detective is hired to bring back the daughter of a businessman after she runs away from home with the house chef.

Kim Dotcom: Caught in the Web (2017)

Kim Dotcom, the "most wanted man online," battles the U.S. government and entertainment industry over issues of ownership, privacy and piracy in the digital age.

Walk With Me (2017)

A cinematic journey into the world of a monastic community that practices the art of mindfulness with Zen Buddhist master Thich Nhat Hanh.

Sisters of the Groom (2016)

Things don't go according to plan when a woman tries to help her friend cater a wedding.

Secret Millionaire (2017)

An industrialist's heir conceals his identity after falling for a woman protesting against his father's company. Their relationship is threatened when the charade begins to give way and the truth is revealed.

Woman of the House (2017)

A woman who is feeling nostalgic about her college days takes a job as house mother to her former college chapter only to find that it is in shambles.

Mercy Christmas (2017)

Michael Briskett meets the perfect woman and his ideal Christmas dream comes true when she invites him to her family's holiday celebration. Michael's dream shatters when he realizes that he will be the Christmas dinner.

Drinksgiving (2016)

Sarah Douglas attempts to throw her first grown-up party on the night before Thanksgiving. When her best friend shows up with a new beau and some surprising revelations, Sarah discovers that growing up is not the same for everyone.

Kenke (2015)

A successful young professional accepts the challenge of keeping his cousin away from marijuana.

The Revival (2017)

A Baptist preacher stays in a secret affair with a young drifter.

Bickford Park (2017)

A woman secretly takes skateboarding lessons from a handsome teenager to avoid facing the problems in her own marriage.

She Sings to the Stars (2016)

A Native American woman tends to her drought-ravaged corn in the desert. Her grandson arrives, hoping to collect a doll collection he can sell.

Aar Ya Paar (1997)

Shekhar is having an affair with Anu, his wife's secretary. When the wealthy wife finds out and threatens him of dire consequences, Shekar and Anu kill her. The police then find evidence against him, and he learns that Anu is likely to betray him.

Halal Daddy (2017)

A young Muslim receives an unexpected and unwelcome birthday gift, which is a rundown meat factory, from his stern father.

Esteban (2016)

In Cuba, while helping his single mother sell black market beauty products, a 9-year-old boy dreams of becoming a pianist.

Filibus (1915)

An elegant baroness leads a double life as a burglar.

Planet Earth: One Amazing Day (2017)

From exotic jungles, high mountains and remote islands, filmmakers Richard Dale, Peter Webber and Fan Lixin capture the awesome beauty of nature over the course of one day.

Western (2017)

When some German construction workers begin a challenging new job in the Bulgarian countryside, their sense of adventure is awakened, but so, too, are their prejudices.

Corporate (2017)

After the suicide of one of her staff, a demanding HR manager's life becomes intensely complicated, and she realizes the effect that her devotion to work has had on her employees.

Mother Krampus (2017)

A witch steals children at night before Christmas.

Dark River (2017)

Following the death of her father, Alice returns home to Yorkshire for the first time in 15 years to claim the tenancy of the family farm she believes is rightfully hers. Once there, she encounters older brother Joe, a man she barely recognizes. Joe is thrown by Alice's sudden arrival, angered by her claim and finds her presence increasingly impossible to deal with. Battling to regain control in a fragile situation, Alice must confront traumatic memories to find a way to restore the farm.

Scott and Sid (2017)

Scott and Sid become embroiled in an adventure that leads them through doubts, deprivation and demon-black days.

The China Hustle (2017)

Investors seeking new alternatives for high returns find a gold mine in China -- until the discovery of a massive web of fraud calls everything else into question.

Love Everlasting (1914)

A woman lays dying on a stage.

West of the Jordan River (2017)

Interviews with Israelis and Palestinians who make efforts to try to overcome the consequences of the ongoing occupation.

Forbidden (2017)

Moises Serrano, an activist and undocumented gay man, fights for the American dream.

By the Dike Sluice (1962)

The story of a small Northern German seaside village.

Solo se muere dos veces (1996)

An amateur actor is determined to seize his last chance to succeed, even if it comes after his own death.

Shut Up and Drive (2015)

An unlikely friendship forms when two women drive to New Orleans to visit the only thing they thought they had in common, a boy.

Lost Cat Corona (2017)

When a play-it-safe guy must search for his wife's missing cat, he comes face to face with the colorful, wacky and dangerous elements of his neighborhood, forcing him to confront his fears and rethink how he lives his life.

Brats (1930)

Laurel and Hardy try to relax but are constantly interrupted by their bratty children.

The Signal (2007)

Mya (Anessa Ramsey) and Ben (Justin Welborn) are very much in love, but she cannot quite find the courage to leave her awful husband, Lewis (A.J. Bowen). However, when a mysterious transmission starts turning people, including Lewis, into murderous maniacs, the lovers must go on the run.

Weekend (2011)

A gay man's (Tom Cullen) weekend-long encounter with an artist (Chris New) changes his life in unexpected ways.

The Last Will (2014)

Jakob tries to get into a psychiatric hospital to visit his father to fulfill his dying mother's final wish. Before he can meet him, Jakob speaks to the doctor in charge and learns of the vents that landed his father in the care of the facility.

Darling (2015)

A lonely young woman (Lauren Ashley Carter) descends into madness when she becomes the caretaker of a mysterious New York mansion that has a troubled past.

Broken (2016)

Desperate to escape her broken past, a woman (Morjana Alaoui) settles in England and becomes the caregiver of a tetraplegic patient (Mel Raido).

Duck Soup (1927)

Oliver and Stanley hide from forest rangers in a big game hunter's house.

Creed (2016)

Although a thief grows tired of being a crook and using women, his life spirals out of control when his decisions backfire.

Captive (1998)

Desperate for cash, an artist (Richard Grieco) for ad agency joins a ruthless co-worker's (Michele Greene) kidnapping scheme.

The Whispering Star (2015)

An android travels through the galaxy and delivers years-in-wait packages to the last remaining humans.

Storm Rider: Clash of the Evils (2008)

When some of the world's greatest swordsmen are cut down, a group of warriors bands together to seek vengeance.

Stelvio: Crossroads of Peace (2014)

The Stelvio Pass in the Italian Alps offers a breathtaking landscape and summer skiing, but just 100 years ago, it was the highest and coldest battlefield of World War I.

Invasion Earth (2016)

The lives of addicts are thrown into chaos when aliens invade.

Making a Killing: Guns, Greed, and the NRA (2016)

This documentary tells the stories of how guns, and the billions of dollars made off from them, affect the lives of everyday Americans. It features personal stories from people across the country who have been affected by gun violence, including survivors and victims' families and exposes how the powerful gun companies and the NRA are resisting responsible legislation for the sake of profit -- and thereby putting people in danger.

Holiday Breakup (2016)

An impulsive woman and a steady man fall in love, break up, and pretend to still be a couple so their holidays do not turn into a pity party.

The Lorelei (2016)

A private detective investigates a missing man and discovers a serial killer in Oxford.

River of Exploding Durians (2014)

The construction of a rare plant leaves the inhabitants of a coastal town changed forever.

Broken Leg (2014)

A perennial student needs to take care of her sister's husband, who is dealing with a broken leg, for a weekend to prove she's responsible enough for yet another student loan.

Kills on Wheels (2016)

A film by Attila Till.

The Man Who Was Thursday (2016)

After an incident at his parish, Father Smith is recalled to Rome for a spiritual reconciliation. When he arrives in the holy city, Father Smith is tasked by his superiors to infiltrate a band of renegades to earn his redemption.

Malicious Intent II (2016)

Christina takes over her father's firm after his murder. When an illegitimate heir arrives seeking a piece of the family fortune, tensions start running high.

Best-Selling Murder (2017)

A celebrated novelist creates a new pulp crime serial after she's dropped from her publisher. When a real-life murder mimics her most recently released chapter, everyone wonders if it's merely a coincidence.

Trezoros: The Lost Jews of Kastoria (2016)

The Sephardic community in Kastoria, Greece, is doomed after Nazis take control of the town.

Almost Anything (2015)

Friends test the limits of monogamy, friendship, betrayal, and freedom.

Samyy luchshiy den! (2015)

After cheating on his fiancée with a drunken celebrity he caught behind the wheel of her car, a traffic officer accidentally becomes a pop star.

Divertimento (2000)

An insecure actor (Federico Luppi) seeks mentoring advice from a legendary performer (Francisco Rabal) who is unwilling to part with it.

Toz Bezi (2015)

Two Kurdish cleaning women living in Istanbul try to survive. Nesrin tries to make ends meet with her daughter and understand why her husband left her, and Hatun dreams of buying a house someday.

The Voice Thief (2013)

When an opera singer loses her voice, her husband embarks on a dark journey to recover it through supernatural means.

Chasing Pavement (2015)

A young porn actor prepares to leave the industry and begin a new life as a chef.

Jack's Apocalypse (2015)

Jack's cycle of addiction is broken when his brother Shane calls to tell him the water supply has been contaminated and there's going to be an attack on the electrical grid in strategic locations throughout the United States. Shane asks Jack to take his wife and daughter to the family lake house, forcing Jack to return to the town from which he was disgraced to protect a family other than his own while battling addiction, starvation and looters.

Therapy (2016)

Two police officers recover footage of five tourists being hunted in an abandoned building. Knowing there's little time to act, the police rush into action, using the footage to guide their investigation.

Nice 2 Meet U (2014)

A young interracial couple in London.

First Winter (1982)

When their father goes away, an Irish immigrant family struggles to survive the winter in Canada.