The Night Before Christmas (1994)

A young orphan boy and his cat discover the true spirit of Christmas.

The Making of The Sound of Music Live! (2013)

Behind the scenes with cast members, including Carrie Underwood and Stephen Moyer; casting and rehearsals.

LHN Stories (2013)

A compilation of unforgettable stories about Longhorns.

Wie Immer (2014)

An elderly woman has a weekly appointment with her hairdresser.

Book Discussion on Maxed Out (2013)

Katrina Alcorn discusses "Maxed Out: American Moms on the Brink."

The Fairies: Christmas Wishes in Fairyland (2013)

A Fairyland Christmas special.

Dear Mr. Starr (2013)

Klaus wants to invite Ringo Starr to the opening of his salon.

Justin Bieber Live (2013)

Justin Bieber performs at Montparnasse Tower in Paris.

A Hollywood Christmas Celebration (2013)

Mario Lopez hosts holiday festivities at the Grove in Los Angeles that include the lighting of 15,000 lights on a 100-foot Christmas tree as fireworks light up the sky.


Kitty Half Time Show Dress Rehearsal (2014)

Dirty Business: How Mining Made Australia (2013)

Mining made Australia rich.

The 12 Best: Football Games of the Year (2014)

A look back at Pac-12 football, counting down calls, shootouts and encounters in 2013.

Blood and Bias (2013)

Al Jazeera reveals failure of justice; brutal retaliation and ongoing discrimination three years after deadly ethnic clashes in south Kyrgyzstan.

Help Wanted (2013)

A depressed mechanic finds hope in a new employee.

Say Yes to the Cure: Lori's Fight Updated (2013)

Lori updates the personal chronicle of her fight with breast cancer one year after receiving the diagnosis.

Cycle City (2013)

Copenhagen lays claim as the busiest bicycle rush hour city in the West as it presses to minimize urban pollution.

Wide Open: Hook, Line and Studdard (2013)

Fishing with Kasey Studdard.

Alien Creatures from Beyond: Monsters, Ghosts, and Vampires (2013)

Are there creatures still unknown to Science lurking in the remotest areas of our planet? Hundreds of eye witnesses say unquestionably YES. Banshees, Lake Monsters, Vampires, Ghosts and more will be encountered in this special.

Invisible Threat (2013)

Al Jazeera investigates the threat of bioterrorism; from tangible attacks to recent evidence that countries are building biological weapons.

Lobos (2013)

A teacher and a boy get stranded in the forest.

Britney Spears: Unbreakable (2013)

A look at the glamorous and tumultuous life of pop sensation Britney Spears. From her incredible skyrocketing ascent into stardom to her personal troubles and downfalls, see the inside of the star's life with exclusive interviews.

Book Discussion on The American Health Care Paradox (2013)

Elizabeth Bradley and Lauren Taylor discuss "The American Health Care Paradox: Why Spending More Is Getting Us Less."

Pop on the Rocks (2013)

Man mter karaktrerna bakom musiken p en musikscen.

The Top Ten Show (2011)

Book Discussion on The Imperial Season (2013)

William Seale discusses "The Imperial Season."

Just married (2014)

Colors of Topaz Jewelry (2014)

GLORY 14: Zagreb (2014)

Glory Kickboxing is live from Zagreb, Croatia with kickboxing legend, Mirko Cro cop Filipovic's return to SPIKE TV with his Glory kickboxing debut vs The Flying Gentleman Remy Bonjasky.

Series Estelares (2014)

Myq Kaplan: Small, Dork and Handsome

Comic Myq Kaplan puts his skewed spin on the oddities of life in this show from his 2013-14 tour.

Gem Report: Orchid (2014)

Laff Mobb Presents: Comedy Mix Part 3 (2014)

Kevin Simpson and Alex Scott perform.

Jewelry Celebration Featuring Once Onlys (2014)

Jewelry Celebration Featuring Once Onlys.

Detroit Observatory (2013)

Karen Wight talks about how the observatory changed the University of Michigan.

Laff Mobb Presents: Roz G (2014)

The New Jersey comedian and former counselor performs stand-up.

Brilliant Moon: Glimpses of Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

A look at the life of spiritual writer and meditation teacher Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, a Tibetan Buddhist who has helped teach the practice of meditation to the Dalai Lama, the royal family of Bhutan, and others.

History of Willow Run Bomber Plant (2013)

Dennis Norton and Randy Hotton talks about the history of the Willow Run Bomber Plant.

Ultimate Warrior: The Ultimate Collection Vol. 1 (2014)

Experience the power of the Ultimate Warrior like never before.

The Express Kick-Off (2014)

Coverage of all live soccer action before the match, including special reports and analyses.

Book Discussion on Young Mr. Roosevelt (2013)

Stanley Weintraub discusses "Young Mr. Roosevelt."

The Lost Secret of Immortality

This new-age documentary attempts to deconstruct techniques that have survived through the ages in order to help the viewer gain a greater peace with and understanding of their lives.

UFC: Sanchez vs. Ellenberger (2014)

Trata de Mujeres: De Tenancingo a Nueva York (2014)

Gaza: Tunnels to Nowhere (2014)

A trip through the tunnels in which goods are exchanged between Egypt and Gaza.

College Basketball Live: NCAA Women's Special (2014)

We Have a Dream (2013)

Inspirational and motivational black Americans; Harrison Ford and Chadwick Boseman ("42"); artist Phoebe Beasley; Judge Kevin Ross; Alicia Keys performs.

Winnipeg Comedy Festival 2011 (2014)

Burning Desire: The Seduction of Smoking (2014)

Attitudes toward cigarettes and smoking.

Imperfect Live 2013 Collection

Chau Pak Ho performs live.

Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum (2013)

Bill Nickels talks about the Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum.

Shark Tank: Swimming With Sharks (2014)

Updates on the show's most memorable and controversial entrepreneurs; what happens after deals are made.

NHL on TSN: Fantasy Special (2014)

Book Discussion on Revolutionary Medicine (2014)

Jeanne Abrams discusses her book "Revolutionary Medicine: The Founding Fathers and Mothers in Sickness and in Health."

The People of Kattawapiskak River (2014)

The growing housing crisis of the Cree in Northern Ontario.

Book Discussion on William Clark and the Shaping of the West (2014)

Landon Jones discusses his biography "William Clark and the Shaping of the West."

Julia & Romeo, de Mats Ek (2014)

XTERRA World Championship (2014)

The Last Two Days (2013)

President Kennedy's final hours as he traveled to Texas.

Hoping for World Heritage - The Duke of Ratibor (2014)

Duke Viktor and his wife Alexandra are a modern young couple with an historic burden: Corvey Palace near Hxter. Even dukes are dependent on subsidies. With some luck Corvey will soon be included on the UNSECO World Heritage List.

Weekend News (2014)

President John F. Kennedy Funeral Documentary (2013)

Scenes of President John F. Kennedy's funeral.

Otello, Palazzo Ducale di Venezia (2014)

Anniversary Present (2014)

A young married couple faces confusion.

Yuri Mi Tributo al Festival 2 (2013)

Top Photoshoots (2014)

Inside the world's top photo shoots with model and celebrity insights.

The Mighty Uke (2014)

Examining why so many people are turning to the simple ukulele to express their inner music.

Ice Diamonds (2013)

A tour of the mines Canada's diamonds come from.

Sensitive Skin '14 S1: Behind the Scenes (2014)

Kim Cattrall and Don McKellar star in the upcoming series.

Megastructures: Machine City (2014)

What it takes to transform a city.

First Love (2014)

Falstaff, de G. Verdi - Teatro Regio de Parma (2014)


In From the Cold? A Portrait of Richard Burton (2013)

The life of stage and screen actor Richard Burton.

GLORY 13: Tokyo (2013)

Peter Aerts vs. Rico Verhoeven; Daniel Ghita vs. Errol Zimmerman; Dustin Jacoby vs. Makoto Uehara; Joseph Valtellini vs. Raymond Daniels; Nieky Holzken vs. Karapet Karapetyan. From Tokyo.

The Phenomenal Handclap Band: Live At Santo's Party House

The Phenomenal Handclap Band performs.

Sean Collins : Live in Toomler, Amsterdam

Sean Collins gives a live performance in Toomler, Amsterdam.

Judge (2014)

Last Seen Alive: Extras (2014)

Francis: The Pope of Change (2014)

Pope Francis' ascension to the Papacy and the radical changes he has generated.

Pitbull's New Year's Revolution (2014)

Counting down to 2015 in Miami; scheduled performers include Enrique Iglesias, Fall Out Boy, Fifth Harmony, The Band Perry and Becky G.

Sam Smith: Leftfield Lover

The British singer-songwriter's tracks are featured.

Lab 24 (2014)

Jockey - Solutions With Style (2014)

Playing Through with John Weisbarth (2013)

Surprising golfers by whisking them away and treating them to a round of golf as well as a chance to win prizes.

Steve Hughes: Live in Toomler, Amsterdam

Steve Hughes gives a live performance at Amsterdam's Toomler club.

NH Collection Open Highlights (2014)

Pancrase Classics (2014)

Featuring Ken Shamrock, Frank Shamrock, Bas Rutten, Nate Marquardt, Chael Sonnen and more.

GLORY 17: Los Angeles (2014)

Mirko Cro Cop vs. Sergei Kharitonov. From Los Angeles.

Newsbreak (2014)

First Lady Mamie Eisenhower (2013)

The life and influence of First Lady Mamie Eisenhower.

The 36th Annual Kennedy Center Honors (2013)

The annual Kennedy Center Honors recognizes living individuals for a lifetime of contributions to American culture through the performing arts. The honorees accept the thanks of their peers and fans through performances and heartfelt tributes. Seated with President and Mrs. Obama at the Kennedy Center Opera House in Washington, D.C., recipients at the 36th ceremony are operatic soprano Martina Arroyo; pianist, keyboardist, bandleader and composer Herbie Hancock; pianist, singer and songwriter Billy Joel; actress Shirley MacLaine; and musician and songwriter Carlos Santana.

Ammolite Jewelry (2014)

Rare gemstones set in sterling silver.

Shipping up to Boston: Notre Dame Hockey (2014)

Notre Dame's hockey game against Boston College in historic Fenway Park.

Volunteer Jam Live Featuring the Charlie Daniels Band (2014)

The Charlie Daniels Band performs in Fiddler's Green in Denver, Colo.; guests Blackhawk and The Outlaws.

College Football Bowl Game Pre/Post Studio Show (2014)

Pre and post game discussions, highlights and analysis of college football bowl games.

The Acorn Penny (2010)

A girl's dream of the future unfolds into an adventure she never imagined after receiving four magical acorns.

UFC Presents Anderson Silva: Like Water (2013)

The Orchestre de Paris plays Ravel, Stravinsky, Mussorgsky, Shostakovich (2014)

Concert recorded at the Musikverein in Vienna.

YOYO Fun Travel (2014)