The Dark Room (2000)

In 14th-century France, the King of France grants Alinor the hand of her childhood love, but her new husband deserts her immediately after the ceremony. Undeterred, she sets out after him, traveling to Siena to bring him back.

La manzana de la discordia (2007)

A woman's faithfulness causes a family breakup and triggers hatred and death.

Ay Chihuahua no Te Rajes (1980)

A father and his son fall in love with the same woman and decide the best way to solve the conflict is to fight.

Santo vs. the Zombies (1961)

Criminals' dead bodies are turned into zombies by an evil scientist.

Tibiri: Kuleros pa' servir a usted (2005)

The lives of two youngsters change dramatically after making love in a stolen car that hides a secret.

Paid to Love (1927)

An American banker convinces the crown prince of a small Balkan country that his marriage will bolster his country's weak economy.

Mama Colonel (2017)

Col. Honorine Munyole leads a special police unit in the capital city of the Democratic Republic of Congo to serve and protect the women and children of her country when no one else will.

Bebé (2017)

A young illegal immigrant crosses the border with a box full of cash to find a wealthy family.

Kohalpur Express (2018)

Three women search for romance.

The Place (2017)

An enigmatic, nameless man sits in a bar and grants strangers their most profound wishes.

Turn Around (2017)

Wang Cheng-chung is assigned to teach at a school in a rural area that lacks educational resources. When he leaves at the end of his internship, an earthquake strikes due to which he is stuck. Then, the students request that he return to teach them.

Garden Lovers (2014)

Through glimpses of their daily lives, elderly couples impart wisdom about love and remind people of life's fickle nature.

Birthday Boy (2015)

A young man is unprepared for what he finds in the backseat of a stolen car.

Fatima (2017)

When an undocumented West African home health aid is forced to care for an ailing Trump supporter, pure chaos ensues.

A Darkness Visible: Afghanistan (2011)

Based on 14 trips to Afghanistan between 1994 and 2010, photojournalist Seamus Murphy reports on the people caught in political turmoil as they struggle to find their way.

Diversion (2016)

Troubles arise when an eclectic crew taints a waterway in the Deep South.

John Lennon's Turd (2014)

When John Lennon uses his toilet, uber-fans Ian and Digby hatch a plan to sell their idol's unflushed poo.

Jingle Man (2016)

A musician who sold his soul to become an advertising jingle writer fights to create his next jingle.

New York'd (2018)

Sean, a blue-collar New Yorker, wakes up on a Saturday morning feeling really good about himself and his entire existence. He has no idea that his good day is destined to turn into a nightmare.

She Stoops to Conquer (1914)

A struggling talent-show performer stumbles upon the real-life doppelganger of the character she's created.

Kosmodrome (2014)

Inside a KGB bunker on the day of the moon landing, a psychic woman is being brainwashed to kill the head of NASA.

Sunny et l'éléphant (2007)

A young boy from the city dreams of becoming an elephant driver.

Witness My Journey (2013)

A Jehovah's Witness embarks on an emotional, exciting and erotic voyage, which transforms her from a Sydney housewife into Australia's party queen.

The Reluctant Radical (2018)

Activist Ken Ward confronts his fears as he battles the fossil fuel industry.

Snowblind (2010)

A young man takes over his family's trapping business.

Vamp Bikers Dos (2015)

Witches descend on the vampires' territory.

Old Testatment III, Prince of Egypt (2007)

God unleashes seven plagues when the pharaoh refuses to let Moses and his people go.

Yulia (2009)

Yulia suddenly finds herself in a closed room with five levers fixed to the wall. By setting them in motion, she initiates a series of absurd events that lead her to her soul mate.

Z.A.N. (2017)

A bizarre young man thinks people are out to kill him.

Jaja the Great (2015)

Commissioner Jaja returns to his homeland after a long career in the military. He learns that his fiancee has married his childhood friend.

The Innocents (1987)

A woman becomes trapped in the middle of a feud between two men while attempting to free her younger brother from a life of petty crime.

Vazhakku Enn 18/9 (2012)

Dinesh makes an MMS of his girlfriend, Aarti, and shares it with his friends. When she discovers this, she threatens to go the police, but he tries to kill her.

The Grasshopper (1967)

A would-be kidnapper changes his plans when he meets a beautiful woman.

El incontrolable mundo del azar (2012)

A satire which honors some of the most emblematic comedies in television history is full of dysfunctional characters.

El cheque (2016)

Claudia is the only person who knows Dominga's secret, but when a check appears that is made payable to her, an intense debate starts.

On The Ropes (2018)

Two brothers fight for control of a criminal empire after their father passes away.

Wagon Wheels West (1943)

A marshal tracks the man who killed his father.

Del rancho a la televisión (1953)

When a young man goes to the capital city to participate in a radio show for amateurs, it doesn't take long for him to make his debut as singer.

El tigre de la sierra (2009)

A farmer decides to take the law into his own hands after being attacked by the town's chief.

Love Education (2017)

A dying old lady's daughter wants to move her father's grave, but his first wife won't allow it.

El fistol del diablo (1962)

Three stories with the most unlikely outcome have a tiepin in common.

Sharpe's Peril (2008)

Lt. Col. Richard Sharpe stumbles across an opium trafficking ring while escorting a woman across India to meet her fiance.

Behind the Sky (2017)

Plagued by poverty, a strong, single woman thirsts for knowledge.

El ciclón de Jalisco (1964)

A man leaves his girlfriend and moves to the city but is still in love with her.

Hay lugar para...dos (1949)

A man meets a woman at a party and decides to leave his wife and start a new life with her.

La sombra de Chucho el Roto (1945)

A young attorney, son of a bandit, is accused of murdering a colleague who threatened to reveal his origin.

La ley del Cholo II (2000)

Gangs try to turn good youngsters into criminals who disregard the law.

El exterminador de la mafia (1999)

A Mafia boss takes over a region where violence rules, but a man is determined to stop injustice.

Like Totally Hot Couple Seeking Same (2016)

A French couple travel to Brooklyn to spice things up.

What Happened in Vegas (2017)

Filmmaker Ramsey Denison investigates the Las Vegas Police Department.

El yerberito mafioso (2002)

Choforo loses a relative and all of his neighbors and friends express condolences, but he is also given a bag of marijuana.

One Mother's Family (1939)

A mother hen and her brood encounter obstacles while out for a walk.

Forward (2016)

Two assassins are hired to even up a score. The job leads them to what appears to be an abandoned hotel where they find themselves caught in a world where reality and nightmares merge.

Kande (2018)

A kabaddi champion becomes involved in a feud.

Arrullo de Dios (1967)

A widow sells second-hand clothes in secret to support her three children and transmit high moral values to them.

El primer amor (1974)

A young man falls in love with his father's lover and intends to marry her. However, after she dies, he decides to become a priest.

Ultraje (1977)

A woman is determined to wreak revenge on those who mercilessly raped her.

El regreso del rey (2014)

The king is back, but his people face new problems, and they are not willing to sit back and do nothing.

The Hardest Thing (2016)

Two young couples attempt to survive their awkward transition from adolescence to adulthood.

Mai 68, la belle ouvrage (1969)

Filmmaker Jean-Luc Magneron documents tumultuous events in France in May of 1968.

Les enfants désaccordés (1964)

A young couple skip school to spend time together in a mansion.

According to Ben Adams (2016)

Bored with his usual routine, the devil gets arrested just to see what will happen.

Jinetes de la llanura (1966)

Ramiro and the Menchaca brothers are taken to prison and sentenced to death, but friends are trying to free them.

El Potro y la Zaina (2001)

A young man must deal with several difficulties to marry the woman he has loved since the two of them were children.

Delicate Gravity (2013)

A man receives a message on his phone from an unknown woman who sounds suicidal.

El cartel de la papa (2015)

Young actor Felipe Zipacón returns to Colombia for his father's funeral and learns about the family business: a potato exporter that works as a facade of an international mafia organization.

El Coco (2016)

Some of the best comedians enter a mansion to confront a creature that has terrorized children for many years.

Kikirimiau (2016)

Arturo Torres is sentenced to five years in prison for a fraud he did not commit. There, he meets a man who helps him unmask the true criminal.

María Pistolas (1963)

A miner decides to join Pancho Villa's troops with his young protégé, who is really a girl dressed as a boy.

Boudhi Boudha (2013)

When a girl who has just returned from a journey to Nepal invites a friend to her home to meditate, their relationship changes forever.

Woos Whoopee (1928)

Felix the Cat encounters terrifying apparitions on his way home from the bar.

Paradise For Buster (1952)

A bookkeeper from the big city inherits a rural farm.

What We've Become (2016)

Sisters struggling with the effects of addiction experience challenges when they go home.

Bb (2016)

A rough-edged girl performs online strip shows from her apartment for thousands of strangers every day, never fully knowing the extent of evils that could be watching on the other side of the screen.

Witchcraft XIV: Angel of Death (2016)

A coven of sexy witches helps Satan Rose unleash a curse on a town.

Moonlight in Havana (1942)

A star baseball catcher gets a singing contract.

The Parallel (2007)

A high school football star goes to bed the night after graduation and wakes up in a strange new life. He is now 39 years old, stuck in a crumbling marriage and has no recollection of the past 20 years.

The Lucky Devil (1925)

A man has to win a car race to impress a girl.

We Will All Meet in Paradise (1977)

A man discovers a photograph of his wife with another man. Desperately jealous, he devises a plan to determine the man's identity.

Prudence (1927)

A father is unimpressed with his daughter's suitor.

Les pirogues des hautes terres (2013)

Railway workers in French West Africa strike to protest against their difficult working conditions.

Les compagnons de la marguerite (1967)

A restorer of old manuscripts falsifies marriage certificates after his wife refuses a divorce.

Les Jours Venus (2015)

A man is forced to look back on his past.

Westerplatte Resists (1967)

Germany begins its invasion of Poland, attacking a small ammunition depot.

The Days Before (2013)

The lives of two children are changed by violence in Algiers.

Les bêtises (2015)

An awkward, dreamy young man disguises himself as a waiter and sneaks into a party at his biological mother's home when she refuses to meet him. He finds himself working for a family he knows nothing about: his own family.

Les fées du logis (2014)

Housekeepers Marie-Lou and Françoise become privy to the little and large secrets of their customers' private lives.

Design Canada (2018)

The history of Canadian graphic design.

Sacred Blood (2015)

A circus performer resists the darkness growing within her after she's bitten by a vampire.

A Haunting on Dice Road: The Hell House (2016)

Paranormal investigators examine a decades-old mystery.

A Haunting on Hamilton Street 2: The Stable (2011)

Paranormal experts investigate a haunted mortuary.

Vedanti (2018)

Detective Harsh Vedanti investigates a murder.

A People of Silence (2017)

Three people struggle to survive in a neighborhood riddled with drugs and violence.

Le Quart d'heure américain (1982)

A clumsy person with dreams of adventure has an affair with a radio host.

Les démons de Jésus (1997)

A family of fair workers begin a suburban life.

The Bet (1997)

Brothers challenge each other to quit smoking for 14 days.

Le Siffleur (2010)

A man turns to his dangerous brother to help him stop the mob from closing his favorite place to eat.

Sadsacks In the Boarding School (1978)

In 1978 young conscripts dig a tunnel to get to the all-female boarding school next door.

Les babas cool (1981)

A traditional guy stays in a hippie community for the holidays.

Le silence des églises (2012)

A man enters a school with a weapon to find the priest who abused him as a child.