Cigarette Ki Tarah (2012)

A guy lands in deep trouble after falling in love but does not give up.

Torrente, the Wrong Arm of the Law (1998)

A former policeman (Santiago Segura) enlists his nerdy friend (Javier Cmara) to help bust drug traffickers moving heroin through a Chinese restaurant.

Shin Godzilla (2016)

A mysterious monster emerges from Tokyo Bay and wreaks havoc upon Japan.

Gunsmoke Mesa (1944)

The Texas Rangers (Jim Newill, Dave "Tex" O'Brien, Guy Wilkerson) chase outlaws away from the Gold Star mine.

Buried Secrets (2015)

A former policewoman (Sarah Carter) lands in hot water when she writes a novel that seems to describe an actual murder.

Under Wraps (2014)

When Danny activates an ancient curse and turns his parents into mummies, he and his cell phone-addicted sister have to find a way to work together to avoid an ancient pharaoh and save their parents.

Case of the Bloody Iris (1973)

The case concerns a killer who decorates his victims with flowers from a perennial plant.

Family of Cops (1995)

Clearing a daughter (Angela Featherstone) of a murder charge involves a Milwaukee police chief's (Charles Bronson) entire family.

The Maltese Murder Mystery (2008)

People go to extraordinary lengths to avoid and conceal the truth.

Touched (2014)

A young nurse inspires a famous writer to reconnect with her estranged son.

The Mystic (1925)

An American crook persuades a fake medium and her crew to set up shop in New York.

September (2007)

In 1968, the friendship between two teenage boys, one black and one white, falls apart as the world changes.

Dressed to Wed (2014)

Fernando causes confusion on his wedding day.

Halloween Night (2006)

A horribly burned man (Scot Nery) escapes from a mental institution and terrorizes teenagers at a party.

Emulsion (2014)

A man becomes obsessed with finding his missing wife and does the same thing every day.

The Enemy (2000)

After a German chemist, a defector, disappears, his son (Luke Perry) and a CIA agent (Olivia d'Abo) fight a rogue British agent (Roger Moore) for custody of a biotoxin.

Soul Mates (1925)

A woman refuses an arranged marriage to a nobleman because she loves another man.

Creature (1985)

An alien-thing stalks corporate rivals from U.S. and German spaceships on one of Saturn's moons.

The Goodbye Bird (1993)

A veterinarian (Wayne Rogers) comes to the rescue of a student (Christopher Pettiet) accused of stealing his principal's (Concetta Tomei) talking parrot.

Maigret and the St. Fiacre Case (1959)

The inspector (Jean Gabin) returns to his hometown and investigates the death of a countess (Valentine Tessier).

Day of the Gun (2013)

A widowed rancher promises payback when a prominent Montana rancher puts up a barbed wire fence between their properties.

All of Me (2014)

Mexican women give food and water to migrants.

Remember Me (1995)

In an old seaside house, ghosts haunt young parents (Kelly McGillis, Cotter Smith) who recently lost a child.

Leaving Circadia (2014)

Tom (Evan Mathew Weinstein), superintendent of a Brooklyn brownstone, is a slacker with friends only slightly more responsible. They find their 30s swiftly approaching with harsh realities in tow.

The Devil's Circus (1926)

A man (Charles Emmett Mack) falls in love with a former trapezist (Norma Shearer) victimized by a jealous woman (Carmel Myers).

Dying of Laughter (1999)

After 20 years of personality clashes, a successful comedic duo's (Santiago Segura, El Gran Wyoming) hatred turns violent.

The Road to Mandalay (1926)

A man opposes his daughter's romance with his shady associate.

A Girl in Black (1956)

While on holiday, a man (Dimitris Horn) falls in love with an island woman (Ellie Lambeti) who is the constant victim of harassment.

1916: The Irish Rebellion (2016)

The events that took place in Dublin during Easter week of 1916.

Scrap (2010)

A Colorado man builds his own castle by hand, while a former industrial wrecker uses salvaged metal to create unusual sculptures.

Below the Deadline (1936)

An officer (Russell Hopton) in disguise hunts nightclub punks for a theft in New York's diamond district.

Quarantine (1989)

A scientist and a colleague's daughter (Beatrice Boepple) join forces to overthrow a tyrant condemning the masses to concentration camps.

Vigil in the Night (1940)

Nurse Anne Lee (Carole Lombard) loses her job after taking the blame for a mistake made by her sister and fellow nurse. The move forces Anne to accept a position at a hospital in disrepair. At her new job, Anne falls for the young Dr. Prescott (Brian Aherne). Trouble surfaces in the form of hospital administrator Mr. Bowly, who challenges Prescott and makes advances toward Anne. Dealing with another difficult work climate, Anne gets the chance to prove herself when an epidemic breaks out.

Mere Khwabon Mein Jo Aaye (2008)

Sometimes fantasies are better than the real thing. That's what `Mere Khwabon Mein Jo Aaye' is based on, with the male lead being a figment of the heroine's imagination.

Beyond Suspicion (1993)

The wife (Markie Post) of a small-town dentist (Corbin Bernsen) helps a federal agent (Kelsey Grammer) nab him for seven murders committed over 22 years.

Street Gun (1996)

A crime magnate's son is threatened by an ambitious hood's (Justin Pagel) rise to power in his father's organization.

Mr. Doodle Kicks Off (1938)

College officials engineer on-field stunts to ensure that their wealthy benefactor's son becomes a football star.

Taking Care of Business (1990)

After winning tickets to the World Series, Jimmy Dworski (James Belushi) walks out of his minimum security prison and starts hitchhiking to the big game. While in an airport, he discovers a leather datebook that belongs to Spencer Barnes (Charles Grodin), a wealthy corporate businessman who's just been dumped by his wife. At first, Jimmy wants to return it for a reward, but, when he realizes it's filled with credit cards, he decides to hold on to it for just a little longer.

Forest of Bliss (1986)

Filmmaker Robert Gardner documents daily life in the city of Benares, India, one of the most religious areas of the country.

Knights (1993)

A cyborg (Kris Kristofferson) and a young warrior (Kathy Long) join forces against rebel cyborgs looking for fuel in a barren future.

The Living Legend (1978)

Two commanders reluctantly join forces for a surprise attack on their enemies. From the "Battlestar Galactica" series.

Dillinger and Capone (1995)

Dillinger's (Martin Sheen) reported 1934 death gives him a new life, but Chicago mobster Capone (F. Murray Abraham) wants him to pull one more heist.

La Beaute du Diable (1949)

Scientist and professor Henri Faust (Michel Simon) is set to retire after decades of study, but he feels there is still much to discover. Enter Mephistopheles (Grard Philipe), a minion of Lucifer, who offers to turn Faust into a young man. The scholar agrees, but now that he is young again, he finds himself distracted by women. Mephistopheles starts tempting him with more and more -- money, acclaim, even a princess (Simone Valere) -- in order to make Faust yield his eternal soul.

Control (2003)

Bulcs (Sndor Csnyi) is a subway enforcement officer working in the oppressively gray underground transit system in Hungary, whose job consists of ensuring commuters have paid to ride the train. A quirky young woman (Eszter Balla) catches his eye, and their relationship suggests that Bulcs might escape from the drudgery of his subterranean life and finally see sunlight again. But first he needs to find out why passengers are jumping -- or being pushed -- to their deaths onto the tracks.

Their Big Moment (1934)

Assistants (ZaSu Pitts, Slim Summerville) to a mindreader (William Gaxton) help him stage a seance and solve a murder.

The Beehive (1982)

In 1943 Madrid, an old cafe serves as a base for poets, the impoverished, game players and black marketeers.

Hotel Sorrento (1995)

Sisters Meg (Caroline Goodall), Pippa (Tara Morice) and Hilary (Caroline Gillmer) gather in their family home for their father's funeral. In the 10 years since they saw each other last, they have taken different paths. While Hilary still lives at home, Pippa resides in New York City but wants to start an Australian sandwich franchise -- and Meg has written a book that her sisters know isn't fictional, as she claims. Their family reunion brings up past resentments that aren't so easily forgiven.

Bulletproof Salesman (2008)

From a high-tech workshop in Germany to battle-torn regions of Iraq and Afghanistan, this documentary follows the adventures of Fidelis Cloer, a man who sells armored vehicles to political leaders and well-connected businessmen. Cloer's business thrives when his clients feel at their most vulnerable, and he seems resigned to the fact that he makes most of his money during wartime. His latest challenge is devising a vehicle that can withstand roadside explosives that begin to dot Iraqi highways.

An Italian Name (2015)

A dinner conversation on baby names turns into an explosive subject.

Hot Resort (1985)

Snooty girls and a preppie crew team clash with regular guys (Tom Parsekian, Bronson Pinchot) working at a Caribbean hotel.

B-Boyz (2013)

A rising star in the B-Boy dance world must put everything on the line to defeat his rival and save the woman he loves.

The Ultimate Accessory (2013)

A successful and trendy couple seem to have everything, except a child. Everything changes when Aleksei, a Russian 7-year-old boy, turns up in their lives.

Train Ride to Hollywood (1975)

Members of the 1970s musical group Bloodstone imagine a train ride to a Hollywood audition with Humphrey Bogart, W.C. Fields and others.

Return of the Living Dead III (1993)

A teen (J. Trevor Edmond) uses an Army chemical to revive his dead girlfriend (Mindy Clarke) after a motorcycle accident.

The Broken Star (1956)

Deputy Marshal Frank Smeed (Howard Duff) guns down an innocent Mexican who was about to deliver a huge sum of gold to a land tycoon, then makes off with the loot and covers his tracks by claiming that the man he shot was a dangerous criminal. Deputy Marshal Bill Gantry (Bill Williams) is charged with investigating the matter to ensure that his close friend Smeed was in the right. When he gets too close to discovering the truth, the crooked deputy tries to make Gantry his next victim.

20q (2007)

Competitors in a question competition strive to win.

Pasanga 2 (2015)

After changing schools several times, Naina and Kavin learn they have attention deficit disorder.

Rainy Dog (1997)

An assassin stranded in Taiwan must take work from a local crime boss to make ends meet when a woman from his past reveals his son.

Ciudad del Sol (2003)

Citizens must cleanse their souls in the search for personal advancement.

Easton's Article (2012)

Easton is forced to confront his troubled past to prevent his predicted death when he receives his future obituary in a cryptic Internet file.

Hit List (1989)

A family man (Jan-Michael Vincent) and a mob witness (Leo Rossi) hunt a mob hit man (Lance Henriksen) who has mistakenly kidnapped the family man's son.

The Devil's Lair (2013)

A South African meth dealer and gang leader contemplates how his life choices have affected his wife and children.

The Dawn Rider (1935)

John Mason (John Wayne) suffers a cruel homecoming when he witnesses his father's murder as he rides into town. Incensed, he chases after the killers, but he suffers a gunshot wound that cuts his pursuit short. Alice Gordon (Marion Burns) sees to his injury, and Mason is taken by her kindness and beauty. But things turn sour when her beau, Ben (Reed Howes), becomes jealous. After Mason discovers the men who killed his father, his plan for a duel is sabotaged by Ben, who has been manipulated.

Voodoo Black Exorcist (1974)

A long-dead mummy is revived on a luxury liner and terrorizes the passengers.

Jimmy Goes to Nollywood (2015)

Actor Jimmy Jean-Louis visits filmmakers and fellow actors in Nigeria and Ghana and takes a look at Africa's prolific movie industry.

Mansfield Path (2008)

In the 13th century, a master violinist defends his family from vicious prayer leaders blaming him for the outbreak of a disease.

Treasure of the Golden Condor (1953)

Swindled out of his inheritance by his evil uncle, Jean-Paul (Cornel Wilde) absconds to Guatemala to find his fortune. Joining the Frenchman on his adventure is Scottish treasure-hunter MacDougal and his beautiful daughter, Clara (Constance Smith). Cutting a path through dense, sweltering jungle, the trio seeks out the fabled golden condor. Finding the riches will help Jean-Paul reclaim his birthright, but doing so will mean braving the untold dangers of Maya Land.

Hands (2007)

Two friends struggle with a terrible secret that might break them apart.

Binges (2011)

Alice is a teenager admired by all her peers, an excellent student and a good friend, but her self-image is less flattering, and she sees herself as fat.

Ten Little Indians (1975)

A killer lurks among dinner-party guests (Oliver Reed, Elke Sommer, Richard Attenborough) at a desert hotel in Iran.

Kubrick's Odyssey II: Secrets Hidden in the Films of Stanley Kubrick (2011)

Filmmaker and researcher Jay Weidner exams Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Waiting in the Wings: The Musical (2014)

A theater actor is miscast as a stripper, and a stripper is hired to tap dance.

Lucky (2004)

Lucky, a South African AIDS orphan, learns about life by forming an unlikely bond with a racist Indian woman.

Cardboard Cavalier (1949)

A British peasant (Sid Field) becomes party to a plot to overthrow Cromwell and return Charles II to the throne.

This Way Please (1937)

An ex-chorus girl takes a job as an usher in a movie theater to attract the attention of a band leader.

A Matter of Dignity (1957)

Chloe (Ellie Lambeti) must charm rich Niko (Minas Christidis) and try to hide the family's financial troubles, but she falls for Galanos (Michalis Nikolinakos), who tries to talk her out of the marriage.

Sheriff of Cimarron (1945)

An ex-convict cowboy (Sunset Carson) becomes sheriff and clears his name.

Only Two Can Play (1962)

With an unsatisfying home life and career, librarian John Lewis (Peter Sellers) spends most of his time daydreaming of illicit affairs with attractive women. On one such day, gorgeous Elizabeth Gruffydd-Williams (Mai Zetterling), the wife of prominent community figure Vernon Williams, walks into his life. Soon the two are plotting a passionate love affair, but somehow never seem to make it work. Meanwhile, Lewis' wife, Jean (Virginia Maskell), waits for him to come around.

The Summer of Ben Tyler (1996)

At the onset of World War II, a Southern, white, small-town couple -- attorney Temple Rayburn (James Woods) and his loving wife, Celia (Elizabeth McGovern) -- decide to take in Ben Tyler (Charles Mattocks), the mentally challenged African-American son of their deceased housekeeper. This act of kindness is extremely controversial in their heavily segregated community, and before long the Rayburns find themselves caught in a whirlwind of political and moral issues.

The Killer That Stalked New York (1950)

In New York, Sheila Bennet (Evelyn Keyes) and her spouse, Matt Krane (Charles Korvin), are trying to unload a trove of rare jewels they smuggled into America from Cuba, but the police are hot on the couple's trail. Meanwhile, government officials begin a desperate search for an unknown individual who is infecting the city with smallpox. When the cops discover that Sheila has the virus, they team up to find and quarantine her as she continues to unwittingly pass her sickness on to others.

Perry Mason: The Case of the Musical Murder (1989)

Lawyer Mason (Raymond Burr) hires an ex-client to help defend a stage manager accused of killing a director.

Kitten With a Whip (1964)

Straitlaced senatorial hopeful David Stratton (John Forsythe) has no idea what he's in for when he arrives home from a trip to find sexy teen Jody (Ann-Margret) curled up asleep in his daughter's bed. Soon, delinquent Jody is holding David -- and his plush suburban home -- hostage while she hides out from the cops and throws wild parties with her beatnik pals. David, terrified of scandal, agrees to drive Jody and her friends to Mexico, a decision he regrets when the ride gets out of control.

The Howling VI: The Freaks (1991)

A villainous carnival owner traps a young werewolf to include in his growing menagerie of inhuman exhibits.

Fire Maidens of Outer Space (1956)

An astronaut (Anthony Dexter) and crew land on Jupiter's 13th moon and find a monster and women from Atlantis.

Sam & Me (1991)

Nikhil Parikh (Ranjit Chowdhry) is a young man living in India, but he's not interested in the life his mom's planned for him. So he takes a trip to Toronto, where he starts working for a hospital supply company, and eventually forms an unlikely bond with old Jewish man Sam Cohen (Peter Boretski). Nikhil even calls Sam "Zayda," or father. But while their friendship grows, the relatives of both men become unnerved by the closeness that exists between Sam and Nikhil, and decide to intervene.

Trancers II (1991)

Future trooper Jack Deth (Tim Thomerson) returns again to save a Los Angeles commodities broker from zombies.

A Day for Thanks on Walton's Mountain (1982)

John (Ralph Waite), Jason (Jon Walmsley), John-Boy, Jim-Bob, Mary Ellen (Judy Norton-Taylor) and their clan reunite for Thanksgiving in 1947.

Shut Up (2003)

Chaos ensues after a talkative simpleton (Grard Depardieu) and a quiet killer (Jean Reno) escape from jail.

Psyche '59 (1964)

Following a serious fall, Allison (Patricia Neal) loses her sight. Though doctors insist that her blindness is psychologically induced, Allison has no memory of the events leading up to the incident, so her condition persists. When her attractive younger sister, Robin (Samantha Eggar), comes to visit, Allison senses a tension between her husband, Eric (Curt Jurgens), and Robin. As a long-buried memory of Eric's infidelity emerges, Allison's vision returns -- a fact that she keeps to herself.

Borderland (1937)

Hopalong Cassidy (William Boyd) fools even his partner (James Ellison) by acting like a badman to catch a gang of badmen.

Time Walker (1982)

A mummified alien unearthed at King Tut's tomb runs amok when a university professor exposes it to radiation.

Fear (1946)

Poverty drives a medical student (Peter Cookson) to murder; a police captain (Warren William) drives him to confess.

Confidentially Connie (1953)

Connie Bedloe (Janet Leigh) knows what she wants: red meat. The expectant mother is positively insatiable when it comes to steaks, chops and roasts. Unfortunately, her culinary cravings have little chance of being satisfied because her husband, Joe (Van Johnson), collects a very small paycheck as a poetry teacher. With red meat clearly outside the family budget, a chance visit from Joe's cattle rancher father, Opie (Louis Calhern), just might save Connie from her gastronomical purgatory.

The Hound of the Baskervilles (1978)

Sherlock Holmes (Peter Cook) and Dr. Watson (Dudley Moore) try to break a noble family's killer-dog curse.

Pershing's Last Patriot (2013)

Frank Buckles, a World War I veteran, world sailor, prisoner of war and farmer, fights to honor his fellow soldiers until his death.

The Man Who Fell to Earth (1987)

A stranded alien (Lewis Smith) hopes to reach his dying planet in a rocket funded by a New York businessman (James Laurenson).

Ricochet River (1998)

In the 1960s three teenagers want to escape from their small-town Oregon lives.

Running Wild (1973)

A magazine photographer teams up with two youngsters and an Indian chief to preserve the freedom of wild horses.

Sabaho Kedb (2006)

A blind music teacher lives with his stepfather.

The Two Lives of Daniel Shore (2009)

Haunted by the memory of a boy who was killed and the knowledge that he may have been an accessory to the death, a German man returning from Morocco begins to unravel.