My Father from Sirius (2016)

Einari's childhood changes when his father starts communicating with beings from outer space.

Irritable (2017)

A man with severe digestive issues develops feelings for his dietitian.

Dust 2 Glory (2017)

Filmmaker Dana Brown explores the SCORE Baja 1000, the world's toughest, point-to-point desert race.

RocKabul (2017)

Filmmaker Travis Beard examines youth identity and freedom of expression in Afghanistan.

Prodigy (2018)

A father has to protect his son when the boy accurately predicts three end-of-the-world events.

La fuga del penal (2006)

When two drug traffickers are caught by the police on the same day, they join forces to plan their jailbreak.

The Ghosts of Angela Webb (2005)

Paranormal experts investigate a haunted farmhouse.

Haunting Villisca (2009)

A professor seeks his redemption by helping the tormented spirits of murder victims.

All I Want (2011)

A couple's marriage takes a turn when they stop seeing eye to eye.

The Hollywouldn'ts (2017)

On a non-existent budget, a homeless French actor who is living on the streets of Hollywood and a struggling actress make a film.

Shorgul (2016)

Local politician Chaudhary's son Raghu is friends with Zainab and secretly loves her. However, she is engaged to Saleem whose cousin, Mustakeem, is against Zainab's and Raghu's friendship.

Aate di chidi (2018)

An expatriate Punjabi family heads to India after years of being away from its homeland.

Blight (1996)

The demolition of a home.

Milk and Honey: The Movie (2018)

A British cyber criminal knows it's time to settle old scores and play the biggest scam of his life when Islamic extremists come after him.

Christmas Catch (2018)

Detective Mackenzie Bennett is hot on the trail of Carson, a suspected diamond thief, and goes under cover to catch him in the act. While working, Mack not only falls for Carson but begins to suspect that he's been framed.

Making Montgomery Clift (2019)

Classic film star Montgomery Clift's legacy is a story of tragedy and self-destruction, but a more complicated picture emerges when his nephew dives into the family archives.

Begone Dull Care 2015 (2015)

A digital reimagining of a 1949 short film.

Turn Left At The End Of The World (2004)

The Talkar family from Bombay attempts to integrate into a community in Israel on the edge of the Negev Desert.

The Typhoon (1914)

A Japanese diplomat falls in love with a French chorus girl.

Illicit: The Dark Trade (2008)

Demand for counterfeit goods creates vast, multi-billion dollar criminal networks.

Cornell, 1965 (1978)

Footage of artist Joseph Cornell at home.

Doraemon: Great Adventure in the Antarctic Kachi Kochi (2017)

Doraemon and Nobita discover a mysterious golden ring far beneath the ice in Antarctica, leading them to uncover an ancient, ruined city.

102 Punks (2016)

Jamie and Nikki are two street hip young punks who meet and throw themselves into a tumultuous romance replete with sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll.

Going Black (2018)

Matthew gets fed up with his girlfriend, who drives him nuts, so he decides he wants to date someone else.

Hold Back (2015)

When a young introverted skater falls in love with the girlfriend of one of his best friends, he's pushed to his limits by those who are closest to him.

In the Dog House (2016)

Kennel workers go rogue to infiltrate the animal crime underworld.

Long Time Coming (2016)

A man helps his daughter track down the rapist who attacked her classmate.

Slut or Nut: The Diary of a Rape Trial (2018)

Activist Mandi Gray navigates the legal system after a sexual assault.

B. Tech (2018)

Students are put to the test as their lives get murkier.

Aldabra: Once Upon an Island (2015)

Filmmaker Steve Lichtag journeys to a mysterious coral island to witness nature as it was 5,000 years ago and meet the wondrous creatures that inhabit this atoll, create communities, give birth to young, and struggle for their survival.

The Prime Ministers: Soldiers and Peacemakers (2015)

Filmmaker Richard Trank examines six decades of Israel's history.

Hardwood (2005)

Hubert Davis, the son of former Harlem Globetrotter Mel Davis, uses personal interviews, archival footage and home movies to delve into his father's past in the hope of finding a new direction of his own.

Dys- (2014)

A strange disease is plaguing the city. Hoping to escape contamination, Eva and Sam barricade themselves in their apartment.

Death and the Judge (2018)

An Iranian judge issues 4,500 death sentences over the course of his career.

Out of the Shadows (2018)

A supernatural force torments a man and his pregnant wife in their new home. With the help of a renegade demonologist, the family decides to venture into the home's dark history.

Stretch Marks (2018)

Following the death of his father, Lyle Bennett sets out on a physically and emotionally taxing weight-loss journey in the hopes of reaching health and happiness.

We Blew It (2017)

Filmmaker Jean-Baptiste Thoret examines how America went from the dreams of the 1960s and 1970s to the age of Trump.

Hitchhiker Massacre (2017)

A cannibalistic madman stalks a stretch of desert highway, preying on beautiful hitchhikers.

Sleeping Beauty (2017)

In the kingdom of Letonia, the young prince Egon spends his nights playing the drums. During the day, he searches for Sleeping Beauty so that he might free her from her curse.

Mazaaq (1975)

Vinod's search for a job goes in vain, but he sees the light of day when he rescues Dr A Irani from a fire. He steals a certificate that states he is mentally ill, but his plan backfires when he moves to another city and falls in love.

A Doll to Treasure (2015)

A woman rises out of a poverty-stricken childhood to become an actress and a renowned dollmaker whose life-like dolls charm the world.

Black and White Stripes: The Juventus Story (2016)

The story of Italy's Agnelli family and its beloved Juventus football club as the team sets out to capture an elusive gold star to avert annihilation.

La Chute de Sparte (2018)

A shy but intellectual teen takes refuge in reading and music. Until a run-in with a brutish football player forces him out of his self-imposed isolation.

Acéphale (1969)

An experimental journey through the streets of Paris, as seen through the eyes of a young man and a variety of his friends.

Day After Tomorrow (1968)

A man comes to Canyon City and becomes involved with two feuding factions after a bank clerk gets killed during a botched holdup.

Naach Uthe Sansaar (1976)

Somu, falls in love with Karmu, a farmer, and wants to marry him. However, he is in love with Nanki. When Karmu's mother goes to speak to Nanki's father, he humiliates her; furious, Karmu vows to seek revenge.

Divinas Divas (2017)

The first generation of Brazilian transvestite artists, known as the "Divine Divas," share their stories and how they revolutionized the attitudes of the time.

Chadi Jawani Budhe Nu (1976)

A businessman reaches his 40s and is struggling to deal with a midlife crisis. He decides to find himself a mistress to spice up his otherwise boring life.

Pinch Me (2010)

A man who can no longer distinguish between his dreams and reality stumbles from one dreamworld to the next.

Ten Little Indians (1987)

Ten strangers are forced to confront their dark pasts after they are invited to an isolated island.

The Way (2010)

After serving time in prison, a young man (Ademir Velasquez) finds it difficult to get a job and considers rejoining his former gang.

Km 31-2 (2016)

Seven years after having been involved in an investigation into mysterious deaths on a benighted stretch of road, a detective is back on the case.

Capgras (2013)

When Alma retreats to a rural country mansion to do some much needed soul-searching, she meets May, a traumatized woman who only speaks in cryptic threats and warnings. When May unexpectedly dies, Alma is forced to confront a terrifying truth.

Double Crossed: Ar Hudarga (2015)

A successful businessman gets caught up in a woman's complicated troubles, eventually landing him in prison on false charges.

The Face of God (2016)

A Union Army chaplain confronts his ideas of morality and justice after being kidnapped by a Confederate soldier bent on revenge.

AlphaGo (2017)

A journey from the halls of Cambridge to Seoul, where a legendary Go master faces an unproven AI challenger.

Happily Ever After (1990)

Fernanda is content with her life until she meets Miguel, a drug addict and a bisexual male prostitute. She becomes captivated by him and leaves her family behind in favor of a new life filled with sex and debauchery.

Nelson (1926)

Two teenage boys who are looking to lose their virginity decide to visit prostitutes.

Au Pair Girls (1972)

British filmmaker Val Guest made this spoof, better known in the U.S. as "The Young Playmates.".

Good Grief Suicide Hotline (2015)

An idealistic young man volunteers at a crisis counseling center that is staffed by an eclectic group of con artists and misfits.

Locksmiths (2015)

Burglars unwittingly break into the home of a murderer who is in the process of disposing of his latest victim.

Omniscient (2016)

A cult leader kidnaps his estranged daughter, hoping to harness her telepathic abilities.

Monica's Story (2015)

A young trans woman learns to accept herself, despite being rejected by both church and family.

Employee of the Year (2017)

An impulsive and undisciplined young woman is named Employee of the Year at a marketing firm. Unfortunately, she doesn't actually work there.

Oyler (2015)

A Cincinnati school fights to break the cycle of poverty in a make-or-break year.

Morning (2010)

A couple descend into alcoholism and infidelity after the death of their child.

Tears from the Grave (2016)

When a greedy man is ready to go any lengths to get what he wants, he becomes a terror in the community.

The Prime of Life (2015)

Jean and Maria, a retired couple, are living peacefully in the middle of nowhere when three maintenance technicians arrive at their home. Jean is suspicious but lets them in. Are these men who they say they are?

Dying to Kill (2016)

After an onstage meltdown reignites his stagnant comedy career, Schafer starts to make a comeback until he is kidnapped and told he will be killed if he can't make his captor laugh.

Hollow (2011)

Nene's nightmare began the night her parents parted.

Curse of the Seven Jackals (2001)

A girl is cursed by her grandmother due to her mother's disobedience.

2nd Semester (2016)

A straight-laced student feels pressured to join a gang.

Not for Rent! (2017)

People with criminal records combat housing restrictions.

PRND (2017)

A driver becomes possessed by his car, leading to a night of violence and revenge.

Fleas (2016)

An entomologist is enjoying a secluded spot as he researches a new species of insect. Things take a dark turn when he starts being eaten alive by a mass of fleas.

Love, Examined (2017)

Clark's anger problems affect his relationship.

Consequence (2012)

A woman has one day to do whatever she wants to do, and there will be no consequences.

FlySpy (2016)

A deviant genius invents a radio-controlled fly to spy on his ex-girlfriend.

Achoo (2018)

A dragon that can't breathe fire invents fireworks.

Mohanlal (2018)

A woman is born on the same day Mohanlal's first movie premieres.

Sick Day (2018)

Ricks pretends to be sick so he can stay in bed all day.

Desperate Cowboys (2018)

A terminally ill attorney, a relentless bail bondsman and a ruthless cowboy cross paths under dire circumstances.

Kill Them All and Come Back Alone (1968)

In 1864 mercenary Clyde MacKay leads a squad of cutthroats on a mission to steal $1 million in gold from the Union Army.

Kriminal (1966)

A master thief known as Kriminal manages to stay one step ahead of the law with each new daring crime he commits.

Sanjay (1995)

Sanjay's father, a retired constable, has no problems with taking bribes, but his brother is an honest man. Sanjay realizes that something is not right when his family suddenly begins to prosper.

El Duranguense (2009)

The wife of a singer known as "El Duranguense" demands that the police investigate her husband's murder.

Se buscan II (2003)

Some bandits are looking for the money that was stolen from them.

Train to Zakopané (2018)

A Jewish businessman meets a captivating nurse on a train trip to Warsaw. He begins to fall in love with her, but he faces a life-changing decision when he discovers her anti-Semitic beliefs.

The Open Door (2017)

A young special needs man goes to live with his sister.

The End of Fear (2018)

History of an abstract painting and its effect on people.

No Way Out (2008)

A fisherman confronts his homosexuality when his wife demands that they have a child.

Traición con traición se paga (1996)

After spending 22 years in prison, a criminal wants to wreak revenge, but a woman and two police officers try to stop him.

Sí mentirás (2005)

A drug lord recruits young people to work for him, but one of them seduces the criminal's daughter and gets her pregnant.

Naná (1985)

A jealous rancher kills his friend's family, but a little girl escapes and hides in the jungle with a tiger cub.

Resurrección (1943)

During the trial of a woman, a member of the jury realizes she is the woman he seduced and abandoned.

Ola de violencia (1994)

After stealing a diamond, a gang of criminals hires Segismundo to contact a buyer, but things do not go as planned.

El testimonio de un fracaso (2000)

Following his friend's bad advice, Fernando is dragged into a world of drinking and drug abuse, which makes him want to take his own life.

Romance of the Underworld (1928)

A woman tries to keep her sordid past from her husband, until her gangster ex-boyfriend shows up with blackmail on his mind.

Puoi baciare lo sposo (2018)

Antonio brings his fiancé, Paulo, to the old Italian village of his birth to meet his headstrong parents and reveal his sexuality.

Oh Crappy Day (2018)

A film student struggles to control his obsessive-compulsive disorder on a blind date.