SDU: Sex Duties Unit (2013)

In this comedic spin on SDU (Special Duties Unit), an elite paramilitary unit of the Hong Kong Police Force, Team B plans a weekend of unadulterated debauchery on a trip to Macau, the Las Vegas of Asia. Needless to say, things do not go as planned.

Public Speaking (2010)

Public Speaking is a 2010 HBO documentary film directed by Martin Scorsese, about the American author Fran Lebowitz, containing interviews and clips from speaking engagements. The film was nominated for Best Documentary in the Gotham Independent Film Awards 2010. It received favorable reviews, garnering 90% at Rotten Tomatoes and 75% at Metacritic.

Bollywood Calling (2001)

Bollywood Calling is a 2001 bollywood film written and directed by Nagesh Kukunoor. the film was premiered at Rome Film Festival in 2003.

Carmen Miranda: Bananas Is My Business (1995)

Carmen Miranda: Bananas is My Business is a 1995 documentary filmed and directed by Helena Solberg. This documentary chronicles the life and career of Carmen Miranda, Hollywood's symbol of Latin American spirit in the 1940s. The documentary tells her life story in a series of stages, beginning with her roots and rise to stardom in her home country of Brazil, her transition and development as a performer in the United States, first on Broadway in New York City, then in the film industry after she signed with 20th Century Fox in Los Angeles, and her later years in life, before her death and her return to Brazil. Helena Solberg uses two different film styles, biography and directorial reverie, in which Solberg uses actor Erick Barretos to “resurrect Carmen Miranda in several fantasy sequences. Helena Solberg's attitudes shift throughout the documentary from awe-struck child to empathetic and forgiving Brazilian woman, which she uses to represent the contradictory subplots of Carmen Miranda's life. Alongside the fantasy like resurrection of Miranda, Solberg accompanies her documentary with multiple interviews with Carmen Miranda's friends and family, like her sister, her first boyfriend, the guitarist Laurindo Almeida, samba composer Synval Silva, Cesar Romero, and Alice Faye.

Satan Met a Lady (1936)

Satan Met a Lady is a 1936 American detective film directed by William Dieterle and starring Bette Davis. The screenplay by Brown Holmes is a loose adaptation of the 1930 novel The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett, which was previously filmed five years earlier, Pre-Code, under its original title and would be remade again five years later by director John Huston with Humphrey Bogart as detective Sam Spade.

Law of the Golden West (1949)

Law of the Golden West is a 1949 American Western film directed by Philip Ford and written by Norman S. Hall. The film stars Monte Hale, Paul Hurst, Gail Davis, Roy Barcroft, John Holland and Scott Elliott. The film was released on May 23, 1949, by Republic Pictures.

The Tie That Binds (1995)

The Tie That Binds is a 1995 thriller film, and the directing debut of screenwriter Wesley Strick. The film stars Daryl Hannah, Keith Carradine, Vincent Spano, Moira Kelly and Julia Devin. The film follows the struggles of a couple who have just adopted a 6-year-old girl, only to discover that her biological parents, a murderous couple, are trying to reclaim her. Released in the United States on September 8, 1995, The Tie that Binds grossed over $5 million at the domestic box office. At the 17th annual Young Artist Awards in 1996, Julia Devin was nominated for Best Young Supporting Actress - Feature Film, but lost out to Kristy Young, who was in the movie Gordy.

Crossfire (2008)

An agent of the BRB infiltrates a criminal organization to capture assassins.

Renegade (2011)

Mattie falls in love and marries a man but has no idea that he is a claim jumper. Trouble brews when a fellow miner with a stellar reputation falls in love with her.

The Blazing Sun (1950)

The Blazing Sun is a 1950 American western film directed by John English, which stars Gene Autry, Lynne Roberts, and Anne Gwynne.

Deception (1932)

Deception is a 1932 American Pre-Code sports drama centering on crooked fight promoter Jim Hurley (Leo Carrillo) and naive former football player Bucky O'Neill (Nat Pendleton) whom he dupes into becoming an untrained wrestler in fixed bouts. When Hurley's girlfriend Lola Del Mont (Thelma Todd) becomes romantically attracted to O'Neill, Hurley fixes his next match for wrestler Ivan Stanislaus (Hans Steinke) to win. O'Neill plots his revenge during the next year as he secretly goes through rigorous wrestling training in another location. He returns disguised in a costume stolen from another wrestler, and Hurley orders him killed when he discovers his identity.

The Werewolf (1956)

The Werewolf is a low-budget American 1956 science fiction horror film, produced by Sam Katzman and directed by Fred F. Sears from a script by Robert E. Kent. Like The Vampire (1957), it offers a science fiction view of a traditionally supernatural creature, although the films were by different production companies. The film's music was credited to Mischa Bakaleinikoff.

Olivia (1983)

Years after seeing a woman's (Suzanna Love) husband (Jeff Winchester) thrown from London Bridge, her lover (Robert Walker) finds her in Arizona, with the bridge.

Lipstick & Liquor (2014)

Filmmaker Lori Butterfield confronts the stigma surrounding women who drink.

Mi Angelito Favorito (2013)

An angel is sent to Earth on several occasions and fails to achieve any positive change. Despite its failures, the angel returns to the Dominican Republic and tries to help the people.

The Valiant (1962)

The Valiant is a 1962 British/Italian international co-production film directed by Roy Ward Baker, and starring John Mills, Ettore Manni, Roberto Risso, Robert Shaw, and Liam Redmond. It is based on the Italian manned torpedo attack which seriously damaged the two British battleships Valiant and Queen Elizabeth and the oil tanker Sagona at the port of Alexandria in December 1941. The film had a Royal Gala Premiere on 4 January 1962 at the Odeon Leicester Square in the presence of H.R.H. The Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent.

Look Before You Love (1948)

Look Before You Love is a 1948 British drama film directed by Harold Huth and starring Margaret Lockwood, Griffith Jones and Maurice Denham.

The Blessing (2009)

A new mother (Lrke Winther Andersen) must reach past her post-partum depression to deal with her own overly critical matriarch (Solbjrg Hjfeldt).

Oklahoma Terror (1939)

Oklahoma Terror is a 1939 American film directed by Spencer Gordon Bennet.

Vengeance of Rannah (1936)

Vengeance of Rannah is a 1936 American western directed by Bernard B. Ray and produced by Ray and Harry S. Webb for Reliable Pictures, starring Bob Custer and Rin Tin Tin, Jr.

Variety Time (1948)

Variety Time is a 1948 American variety film directed by Hal Yates. The film is a composite of two film shorts interspersed with routines by future Tonight Show host Jack Paar and musical numbers lifted from various RKO productions. The screenplay was written in parts by several different writers: Hal Law, Hal Yates, Leo Solomon, and Joseph Quillan. Aside from Paar, the film also stars Edgar Kennedy and Leon Errol, each in one of the film shorts.

Cold Fever (1995)

Cold Fever is a 1995 Icelandic film directed by Friðrik Þór Friðriksson. It is a road movie set in Iceland and was the first of Friðrik's films to be made in the English language. The movie depicts the travels of a Japanese man across Iceland. It was jokingly promoted as the best Icelandic-Japanese road movie of 1995.

Western Heritage (1948)

Western Heritage is a 1948 American Western directed by Wallace Grissell. The film is a Tim Holt B Western about land robbers and forgers in the southwest. Although based on an original screenplay the film features Chito Rafferty from RKO's earlier Zane Grey series.

News Is Made at Night (1939)

News Is Made at Night is a 1939 American comedy film directed by Alfred L. Werker and written by John Larkin. The film stars Preston Foster, Lynn Bari, Russell Gleason, George Barbier, Eddie Collins and Minor Watson. The film was released on July 21, 1939, by 20th Century Fox.

Terror Of Mechagodzilla (1975)

In Godzilla’s last gasp of the Showa era, aliens retrieve Mechagodzilla’s remains and rebuild it with the aid of an unhinged biologist (a scenery-chewing Akihiko Hirata), in hopes of defeating Godzilla for possession of planet Earth. This film marked the return of director Ishiro Honda, who had retired years earlier, disheartened by the increasingly kid-friendly approach of the series. For this final entry, Honda steers the King of the Monsters back into grim territory, interweaving an alien-invasion plot with a tale of tragic romance.New cover illustration by Chris Wisnia

The Old Swimmin' Hole (1940)

The Old Swimmin' Hole is a 1940 American drama film directed by Robert F. McGowan.

The Reggae Movie (1995)

Filmmaker Randy Rovins covers a San Francisco concert featuring Shaggy, Ziggy Marley, Steel Pulse and Inner Circle.

El extensionista (1991)

An engineer goes to teach farmers how to improve their crops and discovers the great oppression of the village chief.

Fresh Kill (1996)

Lesbian New York parents (Sarita Choudhury, Erin McMurtry) realize a corporation is peddling toxic cat food.

Thunderbolt (1995)

Chan Foh, a simple, put-upon auto mechanic who runs a repair shop with his family, manages to land outlaw racer Warner Krugman in the slammer. Krugman breaks out of prison and retaliates by busting up Foh's garage and kidnapping his innocent sisters. Now, the only way Foh can get them back is to beat Krugman at his own game: racing.

Five Thousand Dollars on One Ace (1965)

Five Thousand Dollars on One Ace is a 1964 Spanish Spaghetti Western film directed by Alfonso Balcázar, scored by Angelo Francesco Lavagnino and Don Powell, and starring Robert Woods, Fernando Sancho and Helmut Schmid.

Annapolis Salute (1937)

Annapolis Salute is a 1937 film. A few scenes were shot at William Paca House.

The Three Muscatels (1991)

The Three Muscatels is a 1991 comedy film directed by Romell Foster-Owens and written by and starring Flynn Belaine Pryor and the actor and screenwriter Cal Wilson. The film is loosely based on the story of The Three Musketeers. Richard Pryor narrates the film and appears in two supporting roles. He received star billing for the film, making it the last theatrical film for which he received star billing in a dramatic role. It premiered at the African American Film Marketplace in November 1991.

Love on Toast (1937)

Love on Toast is a 1937 American comedy film directed by Ewald André Dupont. It was John Payne's fourth film.

Ding-A-Ling-Less (2004)

Left without a penis after an accident at birth, a man (Kirk Wilson) discovers a doctor who can do a transplant.

Alien From L.A. (1988)

A professor fall into a bottomless pit while digging for the lost subterranean world of Atlantis. His daughter, a plucky and pretty teenage girl, heads after him, and fall into the same pit-- winding up in an upside-down world that thinks he's the alien! Soon the chase is on as the professor and his daughter try to make it back to the surface.

Balls (2010)

Balls (Swedish: Farsan) is a 2010 Swedish comedy film that was directed by Josef Fares.

The Flying Fleet (1929)

The Flying Fleet is a 1929 romantic drama film starring Ramon Navarro, Ralph Graves and Anita Page. Two United States Navy officers are rivals for the love of the same woman. The film is silent, and in black and white, although various scenes have either background music, engine noises or in one case, trumpet sounds, inserted.

The New Women (2001)

A married woman (Mary Woronov), her sister and others must fend for themselves after a storm puts the male population to sleep.

Clash (2009)

Two teenage brothers fight on opposite sides of a gang war.

The Conviction (1991)

The Conviction (Italian: La condanna) is a 1991 Italian drama film directed by Marco Bellocchio. It was entered into the 41st Berlin International Film Festival where it won the Silver Bear - Special Jury Prize.

Birders: The Central Park Effect (2012)

Birders: The Central Park Effect reveals the extraordinary array of wild birds who grace Manhattan’s celebrated patch of green, and the equally colorful New Yorkers who schedule their lives around the rhythms of migration. Author Jonathan Franzen, an idiosyncratic trombone technician, and a septuagenarian bird-tour leader are among the lively cast of characters in this charming, lyrical documentary that transports the viewer to the dazzling, hidden world of America’s most famous park.

Home Sweet Home (2013)

A young married couple comes home from a date night to discover that they are imprisoned in their own house with a methodical killer inside.

Katie: Portrait of A Centerfold (1978)

Katie: Portrait of a Centerfold is a 1978 American television film about a Texas beauty queen, seeking Hollywood stardom, who learns the realities of the business after attending an unethical modeling school.

The Peddler (2010)

Argentine filmmaker Daniel Burmeister travels to small towns around his native land and makes movies starring local residents.

High School Girl (1974)

The Visitor (Italian: Cugini carnali) is a 1974 Italian comedy film directed by Sergio Martino and starring Susan Player, Riccardo Cucciolla and Alfredo Pea. It was partly shot on location around Lecce.

Decision At Sundown (1957)

Decision at Sundown is a 1957 Technicolor western directed by Budd Boetticher and starring Randolph Scott. One of seven Boetticher/Scott western collaborations that also includes Seven Men from Now, The Tall T, Buchanan Rides Alone, Westbound, Ride Lonesome and Comanche Station.

One More River (1934)

One More River is a 1934 American drama film directed by James Whale. It was produced and distributed by Universal Pictures and starred Colin Clive, Diana Wynyard and stage actress Mrs. Patrick Campbell in one of her very few films. The film marked Jane Wyatt's screen debut. It is based on a 1933 novel by John Galsworthy. The novel was the conclusion of a trilogy the Nobel Prize-winner conceived as a supplement to his popular "Forsyte Saga," which told of generations of an upper middle class English family through the period when the stability of the Victorian era gave way to the uncertainties and tensions of modernity. Universal snapped up the film rights to this best seller and gave the prestigious project to its star director, James Whale. Filming from May to July 1934, One More River was one of the first films to be subjected to the exacting censorship of the Production Code Administration under Joseph I. Breen, which took effect in mid-1934. A trailer to the film is preserved in the Library of Congress collection, Packard Campus for Audio-Visual Conservation.

Saadia (1953)

Saadia is a 1953 adventure film directed by Albert Lewin and starring Mel Ferrer and Cornel Wilde. Set in Morocco, and based on a novel by the French writer Francis D'Autheville, it tells of a love triangle.

Rusty Saves a Life (1949)

Rusty Saves a Life is a 1949 American drama film directed by Seymour Friedman and starring Ted Donaldson, Gloria Henry and Ann Doran. It was part of the Rusty series of films produced by Columbia Pictures.

Democrats (2014)

Democrats is a 2014 Danish documentary film directed by Camilla Nielsson about politics in Zimbabwe following the contentious 2008 election and the subsequent coalition effort to rewrite the country's constitution.

Harlem Rides the Range (1939)

Harlem Rides the Range is a 1939 American black cowboy film directed by Richard C. Kahn.

Iron Dragon Strikes Back (1979)

Diving buddies find smuggled gold in the bottom of Hong Kong harbor.

Godzilla vs. Biollante (1989)

Godzilla vs. Biollante (ゴジラvsビオランテ Gojira tai Biorante) is a 1989 Japanese science fiction kaiju film written and directed by Kazuki Ōmori, based on a story by Shinichirō Kobayashi. It is the 17th film in the Godzilla franchise and the second film in the Heisei series. The film was released in Japan on December 16, 1989 and was released direct to video in the United States in November 25, 1992 through HBO Video. The film was selected as the best Godzilla film, based on a vote by fans and judges, in July 19, 2014. The film originated from a public story-writing contest, and set a trend common to all Heisei era movies of Godzilla facing off against opponents capable of metamorphosing into new, progressively more powerful forms. Although it was very positively received and maintained the dark, anti-nuclear atmosphere of its immediate predecessor, The Return of Godzilla, it performed much poorer at the Japanese box-office, thus prompting Toho to make a shift from a realistic science fiction line to a more family-orientated set of films featuring more iconic and familiar monsters.

In Love with Life (1934)

In Love with Life is a 1934 American Pre-Code film directed by Frank R. Strayer.

Dirt (2004)

Dirt is the story of the clashing of cultures and classes in modern day New York City. Dolores Del Rosario is an undocumented Salvadoran immigrant who cleans luxury apartments. Her story takes us from Manhattan's Upper East Side to Corona, Queens to Metapan, El Salvador.

24 Hours to Die (2008)

A shapely Russian upsets the plans of three escaped criminals (Sancho Gracia, Pablo Carbonell, Carlos Fuentes) who have set up a base in a Spanish coastal villa.

The Ace of Hearts (1924)

A romantic rivalry among members of a secret society becomes even tenser when one of the men is assigned to carry out an assassination.

Three Sons (1939)

Three Sons is a 1939 American drama film directed by Jack Hively using a screenplay by John Twist, based on the novel, Sweepings by Lester Cohen. Produced and distributed by RKO Radio Pictures, and released on October 13, 1939, it is a remake of an earlier RKO film, Sweepings (1933). The film stars Edward Ellis, William Gargan, J. Edward Bromberg and Robert Stanton (whose real name was Kirby Grant, which he would use for most of his career). Gargan, who plays the uncle in this film, had played one of the sons in the earlier film.

Hell-Ship Morgan (1936)

Hell-Ship Morgan is a 1936 American drama film directed by D. Ross Lederman.

Fit for a King (1937)

Fit for a King is a 1937 American film starring Joe E. Brown and directed by Edward Sedgwick.

The Omaha Trail (1942)

The Omaha Trail is a 1942 film directed by Edward Buzzell. It stars James Craig and Pamela Blake.

Quiet Please: Murder (1942)

Quiet Please, Murder is a 1942 drama directed by John Larkin, starring George Sanders, Gail Patrick and Richard Denning. Based on the short story Death Walks in Marble Halls by Lawrence G. Blochman that appeared in American Magazine (Sep 1942). The film is also known under the title Death from the Sanskrit.

Deadline (2009)

Deadline is a 2009 direct-to-video psychological horror film directed by Sean McConville and starring Brittany Murphy and Thora Birch.

Rowing Through (1996)

Lost! is a Canadian-Japanese coproduced drama film, directed by Masato Harada and released in 1996. Based on David Halberstam's book The Amateurs, the film centres on American sculler Tiff Wood as he tries to qualify for the 1984 Summer Olympics.

The Son Of Tarzan (1920)

The Son of Tarzan is a 1920 15-chapter American film serial which focuses on the coming of age of Jack Clayton, also known as Korak, the son of Tarzan and Jane. The serial was produced by David P. Howells, written by Roy Somerville (based on the 1915 novel The Son of Tarzan by Edgar Rice Burroughs), and directed by Arthur J. Flaven and Harry Revier. The film was released starting in the summer of 1920, with the final chapter released in January 1921.

Origin Of The Species (1998)

Each facing personal dilemmas, six young-adult friends (Amanda Peet, Jean Louisa Kelly, Michael Kelly) gather for an annual getaway.

Mera Naam Joker (1970)

Mera Naam Joker is a 1970 Indian drama film, directed and produced by Raj Kapoor, and written by Khwaja Ahmad Abbas. The film stars Kapoor as the eponymous character, with Simi Garewal, Kseniya Ryabinkina and Padmini in supporting roles, and was also the debut of Kapoor's son Rishi Kapoor. The plot focuses on a clown who must make his audience laugh at the cost of his own sorrows. Three women who shaped his life view his final performance.

The Christmas Visitor (1959)

An imaginative cartoon, full of the spirit of Christmas. Down the chimney comes Santa Claus and while he settles down to enjoy the feast prepared for him the toys he has brought escape from their packages and join in a fantastic adventure.

Her Jungle Love (1938)

Her Jungle Love is a 1938 American adventure film directed by George Archainbaud and starring Dorothy Lamour. Portions of the film were shot at Palm Springs, California.:168–71

Doomwatch (1972)

Doomwatch (US title: Island of the Ghouls) is a 1972 science fiction/thriller film directed by Peter Sasdy. The film is based on the BBC series Doomwatch. The screenplay was written by Clive Exton.

Aap Ki Kasam (1974)

Aap Ki Kasam is a 1974 Indian Hindi romance film produced by J. Om Prakash, which also marks his directorial debut. The film stars Rajesh Khanna, Mumtaz, Sanjeev Kumar, Rehman, Asrani and A. K. Hangal. The music is by R.D. Burman, who received the only Filmfare nomination for the film. The film was successful and was declared as SuperHit at the box office, and it was also acclaimed by the critics. The songs from the film, including "Jai Jai Shiv Shankar", "Zindagi Ke Safar Mein" and 'Karvate Badalate Rahen", became very popular.

Les deux mondes (2007)

Two Worlds is a 2007 French comedy film directed by Daniel Cohen.

The Wild Rebels (1967)

Wild Rebels is a 1967 film directed by William Grefe. It was featured as an episode of the Comedy Central movie-mocking television series Mystery Science Theater 3000, and was released on the Collection, Volume 9 box set. The tag line for the movie was "They live for kicks... love for kicks... kill for kicks". The film starred Steve Alaimo as Rod Tillman, a stock car driver that goes undercover as the wheel man for a motorcycle gang.

Sweet Justice (1993)

An ex-commando (Finn Carter) enlists help from six deadly women when a small-town sheriff (Marc Singer) ignores her sister's brutal murder.

The Radicals (1990)

In the 16th century, Michael and Margaretha Sattler try to spread the message of the Anabaptist sect of Protestantism.

Roots of Evil (1992)

A police detective (Alex Cord) searches for a slasher who targets prostitutes working the sleazy side of Hollywood.

The Legend Of Tom Dooley (1959)

The Legend of Tom Dooley is a 1959 western film directed by Ted Post. It stars Michael Landon, Jack Hogan, and Jo Morrow. It was based on the 90-year-old folk song Tom Dooley, which had been inspired by the real-life case of convicted murderer Tom Dula. The ballad, as sung by the Kingston Trio, was a big hit in 1958 and is the theme song of the film. The movie's plot is consistent with the lyrics of the song but otherwise bears little resemblance to the actual murder case.

On the Spot (1940)

On the Spot is a 1940 American comedy film directed by Howard Bretherton and written by George Waggner and Dorothy Davenport. The film stars Frankie Darro, Mary Kornman, Mantan Moreland, John St. Polis, Robert Warwick and Maxine Leslie. The film was released on June 11, 1940, by Monogram Pictures.

Those Who Remain (2009)

Families who are left behind feel the impact of immigration when loved ones journey north.

Here Comes Carter (1936)

Here Comes Carter is a 1936 American comedy film directed by William Clemens and written by Roy Chanslor. The film stars Ross Alexander, Glenda Farrell and Anne Nagel. It was released by Warner Bros. as a First National Pictures in October 24, 1936. In Britain the film was released under the title "The Voice of Scandal". A radio commentator avenges an old wrong by blowing the whistle on Hollywood scandals.

The Circuit 2: The Final Punch (2002)

The Circuit 2: The Final Punch is a martial arts film starring Olivier Gruner and is the sequel of The Circuit.

The Chess Player (1927)

The Chess Player (French: Le Joueur d'échecs) is a 1927 French silent film directed by Raymond Bernard and based on a novel by Henry Dupuy-Mazuel. It is a historical drama set in the late 18th century during the Russian domination of Polish Lithuania, and elements of the plot are drawn from the story of the chess-playing automaton known as The Turk.

Killers of the Sea (1937)

A film about Captain Wallace Caswell Jr. who does all in his power to protect game fish from illegal fishing and natural predators such as sharks, octopi and whales.

The Mad Martindales (1942)

The Mad Martindales is a 1942 American comedy film directed by Alfred L. Werker and written by Francis Edward Faragoh. The film stars Jane Withers, Marjorie Weaver, Alan Mowbray, Jimmy Lydon, Gig Young and George Reeves. The film was released on May 15, 1942, by 20th Century Fox.

Time of My Life (2012)

Time of My Life is a 2012 Belgian film written and directed by Nic Balthazar. The story is based upon real life events and contains original news footage.

Sir Arne's Treasure (1919)

Sir Arne's Treasure (Swedish: Herr Arnes pengar) is a 1919 Swedish crime-drama film directed by Mauritz Stiller, starring Richard Lund, Hjalmar Selander, Concordia Selander and Mary Johnson. It is based on the novel The Treasure by Selma Lagerlöf, originally published in 1903. The story takes place on the Swedish west coast during the 16th century, and revolves around a Scottish mercenary who murders a wealthy family for treasure, only to unwittingly begin a relationship with the surviving daughter of the family.

The Legend of the Boy and the Eagle (1967)

The Legend of the Boy and the Eagle is a 1967 American live-action Walt Disney film.

Ma-ma (1976)

Rock'n'Roll Wolf (Romanian: Mama, Russian: Мама) is a musical film from 1976 and is a Romanian-Soviet-French co-production. The storyline is loosely based on the famous plot about the goat and her kids, published as "The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids" in Grimm's Fairy Tales and known to Romanian audience as Ion Creangă's "Capra cu trei iezi" ("The Goat and her Three Kids") and to Russian audience as a folk tale "Волк и семеро козлят" ("The Wolf and the Seven Kids"). In the movie the number of goat kids is five. The script was written by Vasilica Istrate and Yuri Entin, and Elisabeta Bostan directed. The movie was filmed simultaneously in three different languages (Romanian, Russian and English). The cast was formed by dancers from Moscow Circus, Moscow Circus on Ice and Bolshoi Ballet. In 1977, the movie won the Silver Cup at the Children's Film Festival in Venice. The film stars Lyudmila Gurchenko as Rada, the goat, Mikhail Boyarsky as Titi Suru, the Wolf, Oleg Popov as the bear, Saveliy Kramarov as the wolf's nephew, George Mihaita as the donkey and Florian Pittiş as the parrot.

Double Door (1934)

Double Door is a 1934 American Pre-Code drama film directed by Charles Vidor and written by Jack Cunningham and Gladys Lehman. It is based on the 1933 Broadway play of the same name by Elizabeth A. McFadden. The film stars Evelyn Venable, Mary Morris, Anne Revere and Kent Taylor. Morris and Revere reprised their Broadway roles. Though Morris had a long stage career, this is her only film performance. The film was released on May 4, 1934, by Paramount Pictures.

Prisoners of the Lost Universe (1983)

An electrician (Richard Hatch), a TV newswoman (Kay Lenz) and a mad scientist enter a dimension ruled by a warlord (John Saxon).

Whistling In The Dark (1933)

Whistling in the Dark (U.S. television title: Scared!) is a 1933 American Pre-Code comedy-mystery film starring Ernest Truex and Una Merkel. The plot concerns a mystery writer whose scheme for a perfect murder comes to the attention of a gangster (Edward Arnold), who plans to use it. The film is based on the Broadway play of the same name by Laurence Gross and Edward Childs Carpenter, which played for 265 performances in 1932-33. Edward Arnold played the same role in the Broadway stage production. In 1941, the film was remade starring Red Skelton and Ann Rutherford. Skelton then played the role of "Wallace Porter" in two sequels.

The Garden of Women (1954)

A student at a women's university leads a protest against the school's old-fashioned doctrines.

O.B.A.M. Nude (2009)

A stoner college student (Ken Del Vecchio) makes a deal with the devil and becomes president.

The Showdown (1940)

The Showdown is a 1940 American Western film directed by Howard Bretherton, written by Donald Kusel and Harold Daniel Kusel, and starring William Boyd, Russell Hayden, Britt Wood, Morris Ankrum, Jan Clayton, Wright Kramer and Donald Kirke. It was released on March 8, 1940, by Paramount Pictures.

Angel's Holiday (1937)

Angel's Holiday is a 1937 American comedy film directed by James Tinling and written by Frank Fenton and Lynn Root. The film stars Jane Withers, Joan Davis, Sally Blane, Robert Kent, Harold Huber and Frank Jenks. The film was released on June 7, 1937, by 20th Century Fox.

Little Ghost Grabbers (2013)

Cynthia (Ciara O'Hanlon) and her science-obsessed friends discover a way to capture ghosts. They use their new knowledge to save an elderly woman from the rebel ghost Vilhelm (Dalton Mugridge) and other pesky spirits in her house.

Cassidy of Bar 20 (1938)

Cassidy of Bar 20 is a 1938 American Western film directed by Lesley Selander and written by Norman Houston. The film stars William Boyd, Russell Hayden, Frank Darien, Nora Lane, Robert Fiske and John Elliott. The film was released on February 25, 1938, by Paramount Pictures.