Amba (1990)

Prabha marries a debauched Rajendra, who, one day, molests his servant's daughter. His mother Amba testifies against him, getting him sentenced to death, so Prabha decides to avenge her husband's death.

Miles Electric - A Different Kind Of Blue (2004)

In 1970, legendary jazz composer and trumpeter Miles Davis performed a set using electrified instruments with a group of musicians at the Isle of Wight music festival. This documentary presents the entire concert, along with context about Davis' controversial decision to move away from acoustic instrumentation in 1968. Guitarist Carlos Santana is among those testifying to the musician's influence, while scholar and jazz critic Stanley Crouch argues that going electric ruined Davis' music.

Magnificent Butcher (1979)

With help from his brother, a martial-arts master (Sammo Hung) tries to save his sister-in-law from kidnappers.

The Killer Inside Me (1976)

A small-town lawman becomes increasingly psychotic as flashbacks force him to relive childhood traumas.

Badge Of The Assassin (1985)

An assistant district attorney (James Woods) and a detective (Yaphet Kotto) lead a manhunt for killers of New York police officers.

Robin Hood: The Movie (1958)

The legendary outlaw leads his band against evil Prince John in these episodes culled from the classic TV series.

Escapade (1932)

An attorney finds his marriage threatened by the interference of his outlaw brother.

The Queen of Babylon (1954)

Goatherd Semiramis (Rhonda Fleming) becomes the king's (Roldano Lupi) concubine but loves a Chaldean rebel (Ricardo Montalban) in ninth-century B.C. Assyria.

The Escape (1939)

A family is torn between loyalty and a code of justice when it's discovered one of them is a murderer.

Tracker (2010)

A former guerrilla (Ray Winstone) from the Boer War has to capture a Maori (Temuera Morrison) accused of killing a British soldier.

Emergency Call (1952)

An inspector (Jack Warner) seeks potential donors for a critically ill girl in need of transfusion of a rare blood type.

The Alley Cat (1985)

A Montreal clerk (Serge Dupire) and his wife (Monique Spaziani) open a restaurant and fail, thanks to a mysterious man (Jean Carmet).

Personality Kid (1946)

An Army veteran finds his re-entry into civilian life easier through the efforts of his younger brother and a donkey.

The Mummy's Ghost (1944)

A 3000-year-old limping mummy (Lon Chaney) seeks his reincarnated princess (Ramsay Ames) in a Midwestern college town.

Escape from Hong Kong (1942)

Three American entertainers get tangled up with secret agents in the Far East.

The Wayward Wife (1953)

An Italian provincial (Gina Lollobrigida) marries a science professor (Gabriele Ferzetti) after a scandal, then has an affair.

Time Bomb (1984)

A terrorist (Morgan Fairchild) and her gang target an armored truck taking weapons-grade plutonium across Texas.

Springtime in the Rockies (1942)

Lovebirds Vicky Lane (Betty Grable) and Dan Christy (John Payne) make a marvelous Broadway musical team, but Dan's offstage flirtations prompt the duo to split up. Vicky reunites with her old lover (Cesar Romero), and a regretful Dan trails them to a hotel in the Rockies. When Dan gets mixed up with an exotic woman (Carmen Miranda), Vicky mistakenly thinks he's as much a womanizer as ever. Against a backdrop of singing and dancing, Dan struggles to clear things up and win back his gal.

Wonderwall (1968)

Absent-minded professor Oscar Collins (Jack MacGowran), studying in his charmless apartment, is bothered by loud music from the flat next door. Peeking through a tiny crack in the wall, he discovers a gorgeous young model, Penny Lane (Jane Birkin), and becomes obsessed with her and her swinging hippie lifestyle. In surreal fantasy sequences, he imagines doing battle with Penny's gauche photographer boyfriend (Iain Quarrier) for her hand. George Harrison provides the period soundtrack.

Pseudo: Blood of our own (2012)

A veteran detective takes the law into his own hands and conducts a series of raids with his friends. Trouble arises when they turn on one another and begin a game of cat and mouse.

King Arthur, the Young Warlord (1975)

Brave Arthur (Oliver Tobias) unites ancient tribes of Britons against sixth-century Saxon invaders.

Blue Blood (1973)

An aristocratic drunk (Howard Hickman) marries a woman (Mary Mersch) for her wealth, but she goes insane during a pregnancy.

The Ballad Of Genesis And Lady Jaye (2011)

Performance artist Genesis P-Orridge and his lover, Lady Jaye, express their deep bond by melding their identities through plastic surgery.

Father Takes the Air (1951)

A bumbling dad attempts to help his daughter manage a flying school.

It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog (1946)

An editorial prank puts a newsman (Allyn Joslyn) on a case with a detective (Carole Landis) and her Doberman pinscher.

Haunted (2011)

While sealing the deal of a huge mansion, Rehan, the son of a real estate agent, discovers that a young Meera's spirit is constantly tortured by Iyer's spirit. It is up to Rehan to save Meera.

Dad's Home (2010)

Fired from his executive job, a man (David James Elliott) assumes full household duties while reconnecting with his two children.

Los Pobres Van al Cielo (1951)

Two elderly must confront different hardships when someone attempts to take away a child they raised.

Pursuit (1991)

An old-style mercenary (James Ryan) hunts down rebels who have rocked the foundation of an emerging African nation.

Federal Bullets (1937)

A clever lady outlaw conceals her real intentions by acting as a charity-drive leader.

Los Viejos Somos Así (1948)

A young woman lends money of her work to her boyfriend and this one doesn't pay it back, but an old man helps her in exchange of love.

Romeo Eleven (2012)

Rami struggles with a physical disability and his overbearing father controlling his life. He hatches an elaborate plan to meet a woman he met online, as he tries to measure up to his online identity.

Fun and Games (1980)

A divorcee (Valerie Harper) rejects her boss (Max Gail), misses a promotion and makes a case for sexual harassment.

The Truth Is Out There (2011)

Dean Haglund searches for the truth behind conspiracies.

Federal Manhunt (1938)

A killer makes a daring escape from Alcatraz with the help of a female accomplice on the outside.

Hallelujah the Hills (1963)

Two men woo the same woman at different times of the year only to lose her to a bearded man.

The Mountain Runners (2012)

The history of America's first mountain endurance foot race in Bellingham, Wash., in 1911.

The Item (1999)

Four felons, hired anonymously over the Internet, travel to a remote desert location to retrieve a box and must keep it safe for 24 hours.

The Yanks Are Coming (1942)

A popular band joins the army to put on shows for the troops overseas. During a rehearsal, a battle breaks out and the musicians trade their instruments for guns and fight.

The Good Companions (1957)

Miss Trant (Celia Johnson), a philanthropic, adventure-seeking spinster, joins forces with songwriter Inigo Jollifant (John Fraser) and the newly unemployed Jess Oakroyd (Eric Portman) to re-energize a faltering musical theater troupe, the Dinky Doos. Although rock 'n' roll, striptease and television are about to capture the world's attention, the troupe revels in its sense of community, and Jollifant falls for the star, Susie Dean (Janette Scott), who ultimately gets her chance on the West End.

The Desert Horseman (1946)

The Durango Kid (Charles Starrett) and his sidekick (Smiley Burnette) catch up to payroll robbers.

Flower & Garnet (2002)

Eight-year-old Garnet (Colin Roberts) and his 16-year-old sister, Flower (Jane McGregor), have grown up in a deadening environment of stifled grief. Their mother died unexpectedly while giving birth to Garnet and it took the heart out of their father, Ed (Callum Keith Rennie). When Flower pushes her father to finally become a real parent to Garnet, Ed reaches out with the only means of bonding he knows: he buys Garnet a BB gun. Ed unwittingly pushes his fragile son further toward the edge.

South of Death Valley (1949)

The Durango Kid attempts to ease tensions between ranchers and miners over the cause of polluted water.

Deconstructing Dad: The Music, Machines and Mystery of Raymond Scott (2010)

Filmmaker Stan Warnow profiles his father Raymond Scott, a musician, composer, inventor and electronic-music pioneer.

Long Life, Happiness and Prosperity (2002)

In "Long Life, Happiness and Prosperity," 12-year old Mindy Ho (Valerie Tian) tries Taoist magic to fix her single mother's (Sandra Oh) financial situation and seemingly hopeless romantic prospects. Mindy's misdirected charms appear to cause an aging security guard to lose his job and a local butcher to win the lottery. The guard, the butcher and her mother's stories all intersect, bound together by Mindy's attempts at magical intervention.

The Strange Case of Señor Computer (2001)

A robot insists on managing the awkward social life of an alcoholic scientist (Rick Ziegler).

The Gladiators (1969)

Mankind's attempt to control its aggressive tendencies results in the proliferation of televised gladiatorial bouts.

Casomai (2002)

When Tommaso (Fabio Volo), a successful Italian advertising executive, and Stefania (Stefania Rocca), a makeup artist, decide to get married, they opt for a rustic wedding outside of Milan. At the ceremony, the priest talks about the ups and downs of relationships, and both are depicted, as the film looks back at Tommaso and Stefania's courtship and forward to their future. As their relationship is traced, the movie touches on romance, infidelity and parenthood, among other topics.

Time Masters (1982)

A young boy is the lone survivor of a giant hornet attack on the desert planet Perdide.

The National Parks Project (2011)

The filmmakers chronicle every national park in Canada.

Do No Harm (2012)

A psychiatrist (Lauren Holly) kidnaps one of her patients, a woman (Deanna Russo) who bears a striking resemblance to her daughter.

Vinyl (2000)

The filmmaker delves into the world of record collecting.

Eik Dasttak (2007)

Kshitij discovers his partner, Ankita, is on the take, and he tries to persuade her to give up her corrupt lifestyle.

Moon Over Harlem (1939)

Musical numbers highlight this story of a wealthy widow who disowns her daughter after a new man enters her life.

Paris After Dark (1943)

In Nazi-occupied France, Dr. Andre Marbel (George Sanders) lives a double life: healing patients by day and fighting the Third Reich by night. Marbel's loyal nurse, Yvonne Blanchard (Brenda Marshall), joins him in the resistance; but her husband, Jean (Philip Dorn), is less enthusiastic. A former soldier, he's recently returned from several years spent as a POW. When Marbel plans to sabotage the factory where Jean works, he is forced to decide on which side stands.

The Eye of the Monocle (1962)

Top secret agents from three nations struggle to locate a gold cache belonging to a Nazi commandant.

Ninja Vengeance (1992)

A modern ninja teams with a black man terrorized by the KKK to fight prejudice in a Texas town.

She Good Fighter (1995)

Two female kickboxers (Dagmar Liekens, Sophie Winters) and a lawyer (Tom van Landuyt) seek vengeance on an evil crime lord.

Such a Gorgeous Kid Like Me (1972)

While working on a thesis about female criminals, student Stanislas Prvine (Andr Dussollier) discovers the ideal subject in the form of the beautiful Camille Bliss (Bernadette Lafont), a seductive woman accused of murdering her past loves. As Camille relates her tales of crime and passion to Stanislas, she slowly mesmerizes the impressionable young scholar. Falling under her spell, the smitten Stanislas risks meeting the same fate as her earlier beaux.

The First Movie (2009)

Director Mark Cousins travels to a small Kurdish village in Iraq and gives hand-held cameras to the children so that they can document their daily lives.

Quiéreme Porque me Muero (1953)

An employee falls for the niece of the owner, and believes he will soon die because they mistook his clinical studies with someone else's.

Trash Dance (2012)

Choreographer Allison Orr tries to persuade employees of the Austin Department of Solid Waste to participate in a public dance performance.

The Angel Who Pawned Her Harp (1954)

An angel (Diane Cilento) comes to Earth on a goodwill mission and befriends an elderly London pawnbroker (Felix Aylmer).

Subbuteopia (2012)

Two Italian brothers fight Hasbro in the courts to keep making a copyrighted game.

A Different Path (2010)

A sidewalk activist and others struggle to make their way through the urban environment.

The Black Sheep (2010)

Having spent 35 years in an Italian mental hospital, a man (Giorgio Tirabassi) reflects on his life.

Bhutto (2010)

Politician Benazir Bhutto becomes prime minister of Pakistan.

The Pyramid: Finding the Truth (2011)

In 2006, Semir Osmanagic claims that there are ancient pyramids in Bosnia, and he starts excavating sites to prove that the Butmir culture is older than that of the Egyptians.

Lucky 13 (1984)

A teen convicted of murdering his father escapes from authorities and heads for Arizona with a prostitute.

Blue Planet (1990)

"Blue Planet," a space film about Earth, gives us an experience of our home planet that, until now, has only been shared by astronauts. Spectacular scenes from space, filmed aboard several space shuttle missions, are intercut with scenes of the Earth's surface, clearly showing the powerful forces that affect our planet.

Paul Williams Still Alive (2011)

Filmmaker and longtime fan Stephen Kessler's portrait of the award-winning 1970s singer-songwriter-actor, who disappeared for much of the 1980s and '90s, but still performs today.

Three of a Kind (2004)

An overprotective father is infuriated when his daughter's boss asks to stay at their house. However, they gradually set aside their differences as they start getting to know each other better.

The Taiwan Oyster (2012)

Two ex-patriot kindergarten teachers in Taiwan embark on an odyssey to bury one of their countrymen.

The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi (1933)

A flirty college student who has been pinned by the members of the Sigma Chi fraternity falls in love with a no-nonsense athlete who does not have time for women.

Ffolkes (1980)

An English admiral (James Mason) needs an eccentric lord (Roger Moore) and his frogmen to save oil rigs and a ship from a mad bomber (Anthony Perkins).

Mysteries of Egypt (1998)

In the flood-fed richness of the Nile River Valley rose an ancient kingdom whose culture has strongly influenced the western world. Its massive architecture and the intrigue of such personages as Nefertiti and Tutankhamen capture the imagination.

Land (2010)

Three American men set up a business in Nicaragua and get into trouble when the Sandinistas come to power.

The Castle of Fu Manchu (1969)

An Asian villain (Christopher Lee), now in Istanbul, plans to take over the world with a freezing machine.

Sirocco (1938)

A reformed prostitute (Viviane Romance) ditches her irresponsible husband and becomes involved with a wealthy archaeologist.

Pourvu que ça dure (1995)

Two motorcyclists from the police force try to protect a deputy mayor.

2012: Mayan Prophecy and the Shift of the Ages (2009)

An investigation of the doomsday prophecy and the predicted beginning of a new historical cycle.

A Very Young Lady (1941)

A tomboy (Jane Withers) is sent to a private school to become a refined young woman, but her innocent crush on the headmaster (John Sutton) leads to serious complications.

Head (2011)

A delivery boy receives a package containing a renowned scientist's head. When he is kidnapped, his sister must find the hidden package before her brother is killed.

The Best Things in the World (2010)

Together with friends, a paulistan teenager lives situations where fears, pressure to succeed, and family relationship are manifested intensely.

Serafin (2001)

A boy and his friends confront an evil man with the help of a guardian angel.

Puzzle (2006)

Criminals regroup after a botched bank heist to figure out what went wrong.

Hot Rod (1950)

All evidence points to an innocent teenager (James Lydon) whose car was involved in a fatal hit-and-run accident.

Across the Badlands (1950)

After surveyors for a railroad company are killed under mysterious circumstances, the Durango Kid (Charles Starrett) sets out to find the guilty parties.

Split Decision (2000)

Jesus Gabriel Sandoval Chavez starts training to be a boxer as a boy in his hardened Chicago neighborhood. His dreams and considerable talent are put on hold when he is arrested after his friends rob a store with him in tow. Years later, when he is released from prison, he moves to Austin, Texas, where he trains for and wins boxing competitions. However, due to new immigration laws, he is deported to Mexico. Marcy Garriott's documentary focuses on his life and struggle against deportation.

Mirror Images (1992)

Identical-twin sisters (Delia Sheppard) have little else in common, except one's weird lover wants to kill the other.

Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters (2012)

World record-holding players of Tetris prepare for the Classic Tetris World Championship and hope to break new records.

Affairs of a Model (1946)

A woman (Maj-Britt Nilsson) who poses for artists falls for a talented sculptor (Alf Kjellin) who sees her only as the perfect model.

Alimony Madness (1933)

A woman (Helen Chandler) stands trial for shooting and killing her husband's callous ex-wife (Charlotte Merriam).

The Amazon Trader (1956)

An adventurer (John Sutton) narrates four stories set in the South American jungle, including that of an escapee from Devil's Island who attempts to take advantage of a native tribe.

The Bright Shawl (1923)

Charles Abbott (Richard Barthelmess) agrees to visit his friend Andres Escobar (Andre Beranger) in Cuba during the failed revolution of the 1850s. When Charles arrives, he is appalled at how the Cubans are treated and agrees to lend a hand in the revolutionary efforts. Despite initially being drawn to Narcissa (Mary Astor), Escobar's sister, Charles becomes involved with La Clavel (Dorothy Gish), a dancer who can offer him useful information about the enemy.

Mardock Scramble: Second Combustion (2011)

Dr. Easter rescues Rune Balot, and she recovers in Paradise, a high-tech laboratory where the Scramble 09 protocol originated. After a fierce battle, Rune and the doctor decide that it's time to take the fight to the enemy.

Adventures of Popeye (1935)

Popeye the Sailor comes to life from the pages of a comic book to regale a bullied child with tales of his past adventures.

Zan Boko (1988)

Tinga Yerbanga (Joseph Nikiema) lives in a small village in Burkina Faso with his family. But his quiet, rural life is disrupted by the onslaught of urbanization: namely, the burgeoning metropolis of Ouagadougou, which has expanded all the way to his family's ancestral home. When a well-to-do city dweller makes him an offer on his property, Tinga refuses. Unwilling to take no for answer, the urbanite colludes with the government to rob Tinga of his birthright.

Lone Star Raiders (1940)

The Three Mesquiteers (Robert Livingston, Bob Steele, Rufe Davis) help an elderly rancher sell her horses to the Army.

Outlaws of Sonora (1938)

The robber of a bank looks like one of the Three Mesquiteers (Bob Livingston, Ray Corrigan, Max Terhune).