Pie in the Sky (1964)

A country boy becomes wiser through experience when he goes to New York to make money for his father.

The Rickshaw Man (1957)

Matsugoro (Toshiro Mifune), a Japanese rickshaw driver, is hired by a couple to take their son, Toshio, back and forth to doctor appointments. The impoverished rickshaw driver builds a relationship with the family, but, when tragedy strikes, he must undertake a new role. After Toshio's father (Hiroshi Akutagawa) dies, Matsugoro helps Toshio and his mother, Yoshiko (Hideko Takamine), survive the difficult time. But he develops feelings for the widow despite their differing social positions.

The Beginning of the Great Revival (2011)

Historical events surround the formation of China's Communist Party.

Caballé, Beyond Music (2003)

Spain's great cultural treasure, operatic soprano Montserrat Caball, takes center stage in this documentary about her life and career, which features footage of her most highly regarded performances. Viewers get to know this queen diva, whose regal appearance is legendary, more intimately. There are scenes of Caball with her family, as well as extensive personal interviews. The film also includes tributes by other giants of the opera world, including Plcido Domingo and Dame Joan Sutherland.

Away With Words (1999)

A Japanese man (Tadanobu Asano) and a gay bar-owner in Hong Kong drink beer as they talk about their childhood and experiences.

Halley (2012)

Beto, a security guard at a gym, has a strange illness that causes his body to slowly decay. He injects embalming fluid to stem the decay, which increases his melancholy until the gym's female owner makes him feel alive again.

Waiting for Fidel (1976)

When Fidel Castro fails to appear for a scheduled interview, three movie-makers salvage their project by filming post-revolutionary Cuba.

Son of Robin Hood (1959)

In medieval England, many years have passed since Robin Hood was robbing from the rich and giving to the poor. A new tyrant, however, named Duke Simon Des Roches (David Farrar), is poised to seize control of the kingdom. To stop him, the remaining Merry Men must rally to save their fellow countrymen. Needing a fearless leader, they call upon Robin's son Jamie (David Hedison). But the arrival of Deering (June Laverick), a girl who claims to be Robin's daughter, complicates matters.

Prisoner of the Iron Mask (1962)

An Italian nobleman is imprisoned in an iron mask while preparations are made by the perpetrator to marry his sister.

Private Nurse (1941)

A family is reconciled once again through the efforts of a very special kind of nurse.

Seducing Mr. Perfect (2006)

A car accident and a lie lands a woman in trouble with her new boss (Daniel Henney).

Music Man (1948)

Bickering brothers unwittingly wind up working together on the same musical production.

Bread and Freedom (2009)

The life of Giuseppe Di Vittorio (Pierfrancesco Favino), Italian trade unionist and politician.

The Net (1953)

On the lam from the police, Antoni (Crox Alvarado) and Jose Luis (Armando Silvestre) set up housekeeping with their mutual girlfriend Rossana (Rossana Podesta).

Neither the Sea nor the Sand (1974)

A troubled wife (Susan Hampshire) falls in love with a lighthouse keeper (Michael Petrovitch) when she goes to the Isle of Jersey to sort things out.

Queen of the Nile (1961)

An ancient Egyptian high priest (Edmund Purdom) makes his daughter (Jeanne Crain) marry a mad prince instead of a sculptor (Vincent Price).

Make (2011)

Four artists from around the world feel an obsession to create works of art.

Scream in the Night (1935)

A detective (Lon Chaney Jr.) poses as the underling of a jewel thief to infiltrate his gang.

Now I'll Tell (1934)

A bookie's (Spencer Tracy) widow (Helen Twelvetrees) tells how his greed led him to crooked gambling and an affair with a singer (Alice Faye).

The Rawhide Trail (1958)

A Comanche raid provides two cowboys with the opportunity to prove their innocence in the ambush of a wagon train.

The Red Circle (1960)

Scotland Yard searches for a killer whose calling card is a peculiar crimson mark left on the bodies of his victims.

Guards of Shaolin (1984)

Monks must protect a priceless artifact from a band of deadly ninja.

Soy Charro de Rancho Grande (1947)

A simple cowboy travels to the capital and meets a beautiful woman that interrupts his marriage plans.

Three Faces West (1940)

A Viennese doctor and his daughter join the Dakota farmers in their trek from the dust bowl to Oregon.

The Spirit of Salsa (2010)

New Yorkers assemble at the dance studio of Tomas Guerrero in Spanish Harlem to learn the art of salsa dancing.

Había una Vez una Estrella (1989)

A young man is forced to take care of his younger siblings after their parents die.

Crystal Fairy (2013)

Jamie invites an eccentric woman on a road trip with his friends. His devil-may-care journey becomes a battle of wills, as the two lock horns before they try a hallucinogenic concoction.

El Rey de los Taxistas (1989)

A womanizer and a model for erotic photographs get married, each one unaware of what the other does.

Anita (2013)

In 1991, Anita Hill endures attacks on her own character and credibility after she accuses Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas of lewd conduct.

The Beggar's Opera (1953)

Based on John Gray's ballad opera, this film finds philandering highwayman Captain MacHeath (Laurence Olivier) precariously balancing the affections of two young maids (Dorothy Tutin, Daphne Anderson). This earns MacHeath a pair of powerful enemies in the girls' fathers: the vengeful Peachum (George Devine) and the dishonorable constable Lockit (Stanley Holloway). They plot to imprison MacHeath. But even as his death sentence nears, the dashing cad discovers an unexpected key to salvation.

Cybernator (1991)

A detective combats renegade cyborgs trained as military assassins in a bleak future.

Find the Witness (1937)

A newspaper reporter covering a famous magician's eroding marriage must later prove that the subject was responsible for his wife's murder.

Cause of Death (1991)

The brother of a slain DEA agent seeks revenge on a Colombian drug lord.

The River Changes (1956)

A small village situated on the banks of a river undergoes changes influenced by the winding waterway.

Flame Over Vietnam (1957)

During the French Indochina War, an arms smuggler comes to the aid of a Spanish nun and the orphans in her care when enemy forces prevent them from leaving the country.

HolyWars (2010)

A Christian missionary and a radical Muslim each discuss how their religion will rule the world.

Emperor of Shaolin Kung Fu (1980)

A butcher agrees to marry a crazy princess with one arm and fights with the marauders who threaten their kingdom.

No Trees in the Street (1959)

In 1930s London, a man becomes the self-appointed leader in a brutally impoverished slum.

A Day's Pleasure (1919)

Charlie and his family have an adventure on land and sea.

Poison Pen (1940)

The inhabitants of a peaceful village begin receiving mysterious hate mail penned by someone with malicious thoughts.

Don't Quit Your Daydream (2010)

Longtime friends Clark Stiles and Nathan Khyber are the Good Listeners. They are also unrepentant dreamers who refuse to hang up their guitars, even though it's clear they'll never hit it big. They pack up a rented RV and set out on a cross-country journey to collaborate and make music with people all over America. From the deserts of California to the swamps of Louisiana, Clark and Nathan share the joy of music with guitarists, violinists and anyone who can pick up an instrument.

Nude in a White Car (1960)

A fashionable French resort becomes the scene of mystery and murder.

Dark Horse (2005)

A young man rejects romance and helps his friend get through his daily struggles.

Congress Dances (1931)

European leaders use trickery to influence history as they meet to determine Napoleon's fate at the Congress of Vienna.

Fast Work (1930)

A man (Charley Chase) mistakes an escaped mental patient (Dell Henderson) for the father of a woman (June Marlowe) he is interested in dating.

One Step to Eternity (1954)

A Frenchman plotting murder plays with fire when he sets up a tryst with all of his lovers at the same time.

Anatomy of an Illness (1984)

Middle-aged newspaper editor Norman Cousins (Edward Asner) learns that he has a disease that could significantly reduce the quality of his life and cut short his time on earth, but he doesn't agree with his doctor's treatment plans. He believes that he doesn't need to succumb quietly and decides to combat his sickness by simply enjoying his life. With his kindhearted wife, Ellen (Millie Perkins), at his side, Norman determines to treat himself with positivity, laughter and love.

Trouble in Mind (1985)

An ex-convict policeman (Kris Kristofferson) returns to futuristic Rain City, where gangs rove and militia patrol.

Seven Women (1966)

In 1935 China, a group of American missionaries must tolerate the obsessive, self-righteous leader of the mission, Agatha Andrews (Margaret Leighton). However, when the forthright Dr. D.R. Cartwright (Anne Bancroft) joins the mission, she is not afraid to come into direct conflict with the humorless Andrews, which earns her the respect of the other missionaries. Apart from the mounting tension within, the group must put aside their differences when Mongolian bandits attack.

Operation Conspiracy (1957)

A secret agent matches wits with a deadly group of spies out to gather vital nuclear information.

The Oregon Trail (1936)

A cowboy who is bitter over his father's murder sets out after a gang of renegade outlaws.

Over My Dead Body (1942)

A would-be crime writer gathering material for his literary ventures becomes a prime suspect for murder.

Red Tears (2011)

Copious amounts of blood characterize two Tokyo detectives' hunt for a serial killer.

It's a Dog's Life (2012)

Fifi the dog finds himself stuck under the dinner table, surrounded by quite a ruckus.

Spotlight on a Murderer (1961)

An old count hides just before he dies to annoy his heirs. The heirs search a manor for the count's body and are killed off one by one. Jean-Marie, his fiance Micheline and Edwige investigate the deaths and search for the count's body.

For the Love of Ada (1972)

An elderly gravedigger and his wife celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

Patthar Ke Phool (1991)

A man and a woman find love at first sight.

The Easy Life (2011)

A quack doctor with phony charitable impulses turns up in an African field hospital.

Joe the Busybody (1971)

A French writer (Louis De Funs) tries to hide the body of a blackmailer he has accidentally shot.

People in White (2011)

The filmmaker explores the relationship between mental-health patients and their doctors.

Paper Gallows (1950)

A detective novelist, jealous over his secretary's affection for his brother, decides to murder her.

Shreeman Ashique (1993)

A man (Rishi Kapoor) and his mentor fall in love with the same woman (Urmila Matondkar).

Spoilers of the Forest (1957)

A lumber tycoon's (Ray Collins) foreman (Rod Cameron) woos a Montanan (Vera Ralston) who owns 64,000 acres with her stepfather.

Leap Year (1924)

A man (Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle) finds that marriage advice and lady friends do not mix.

Murder at 3:00 A.M. (1953)

When news that a violent crime has been committed leaks out, a chain of similar crimes begins to occur.

Fall Guy (1945)

A bank teller takes the blame when a colleague commits a crime.

The Farmer (1977)

In danger of losing his farm, a decorated World War II veteran (Gary Conway) earns extra money by becoming a hired gun for a gambler being squeezed by the mob.

Murder in Greenwich Village (1937)

A struggling photographer becomes the unsuspecting patsy of a deadly debutante.

Lupin the 3rd: The Fuma Conspiracy (1987)

Lupin must rescue his companion Goemon's bride-to-be after she is kidnapped by a ninja clan.

Captain Salvation (1927)

Theology student Anson Campbell (Lars Hanson) returns to his New England village with hopes of becoming a pastor. When he notices the town's intolerance and persecution of a prostitute, Bess Morgan (Pauline Starke), he protects the girl from their puritanical judgments and reminds them of their Christian duties. But in this noble act of protest, he sacrifices his position in the church, as well as his marriage to the pastor's daughter, Mary (Marceline Day).

Mutiny on the Blackhawk (1942)

An investigator tries to instigate a rebellion among a shipload of slaves.

The Comeback (1978)

A U.S. singer (Jack Jones) trying for a comeback meets his wife's London killer in a spooky English mansion.

Asterix in Britain (1986)

In this animated feature, Roman troops are storming through Europe in the first century B.C., and just a sliver of British soil remains free of Caesar's grasp. After learning of the British plight, Asterix (Roger Carel) and Obelix (Pierre Tornade), two brave souls from similarly besieged Gaul, set out to aid their northern neighbors. Their quest: to deliver a potion that will boost British resolve and fighting skills. By turns, their journey proves whimsical, arduous and terrifying.

Stakeout on Dope Street (1958)

Three adolescents think their prayers have been answered when they stumble upon heroin abandoned by drug dealers.

Misión Cumplida (1970)

An honest Public Ministry agent has a daughter studying law and a son who goes to prison for being reckless.

Five Hours From Paris (2009)

Two people with opposite personalities date.

Riders to the Stars (1954)

Dr. Richard Stanton (William Lundigan) and Dr. Jerry Lockwood (Richard Carlson) are two daring young scientists who put their lives on the line to explore the universe. Seeking to discover a metal better suited to space travel, these pioneers launch into outer space to retrieve a meteorite. But, after fellow astronaut Walter Gordon (Robert Karnes) is violently killed when attempting to wrangle an enormous meteor, Lockwood panics, leaving Stanton to complete the mission on his own.

Cheatin' Hearts (2011)

A man and woman stray after six years of marriage, and they try to salvage their relationship until they realize they were sleeping with the same woman.

The Last Summer of La Boyita (2009)

Jorgelina escapes to the countryside with her father to get away from her boy-crazy sister but her lifelong playmate Mario is undergoing changes of his own.

Pyar Kiya Hain Pyar Karange (1986)

Anand is a Hindu orphan living with a Muslim guardian, Abdul Rehman, in the Northern-most part of India. Anand is a champion skier, and one day Usha watches him ski.

The Lawn Boy (2008)

An upscale career woman and a young man who mows lawns upset their friends when they fall in love.

The Terry Fox Story (1983)

A runner (Eric Fryer) loses his leg to cancer and sets out across Canada on a 1980 fundraising marathon.

No Place to Hide (1956)

Two boys are sought by authorities hoping to recover the deadly germ pellets they have in their possession.

Crystal Force (1990)

A monster comes out of a crystal when a widow and her daughter try to summon the spirits.

Donor Unknown (2010)

JoEllen Marsh searches for the man who donated the sperm her mother used to have her.

Miss Pinkerton (1932)

The nephew of aging Juliet Mitchell (Elizabeth Patterson) is found dead in the house that the pair shared. Inspector Patten (George Brent) believes the deceased was murdered, and asks nurse Adams (Joan Blondell), who is taking care of Juliet, to poke around and see what she can dig up. When Adams meets the victim's fiance, Paula (Ruth Hall), and learns about his life insurance policy, she thinks she's close to cracking the case -- until Julia turns up dead as well, and the plot thickens.

The Nurse's Secret (1941)

An apparent suicide by a rich woman leads her nurse (Lee Patrick) and a policeman (Regis Toomey) to an insurance scam.

The Almond Tree (2012)

Danny and Leslie find out what it truly means to be parents, raise a family and find real redemption.

Green (2000)

Unhappy young adults ponder success, love and happiness while taking LSD in Phoenix.

At the Jersey Shore (2011)

Joe has a chance to work for a big newspaper in New York City if he can write an amazing story about the dating scene along the Jersey Shore.

Chakram (2005)

Chakram and Lakshmi are foreign-returned medical students in love. However, when they decide to get married, Chakram leaves her and moves to another city as he is diagnosed with cancer.

I Live for Love (1935)

A South American actress (Dolores del Ro) and her singer lover (Everett Marshall) pursue their careers away from each other.

Hell Boats (1970)

During World War II, American officer Tom Jeffords (James Franciscus) joins a British torpedo boat stationed in the Mediterranean Sea. Under the direction of Cmdr. Ashurst (Ronald Allen), the Royal Navy patrols the blockaded coast of Malta and repels nearby German ships. When Alison (Elizabeth Shepherd), Ashurst's neglected wife, becomes enamored of Jeffords, the ship's balance of power is thrown into question. The two men must resolve their differences before attempting an important mission.

Playing Around (1930)

A stenographer (Alice White) from the Bronx dumps her hardworking boyfriend (William Bakewell) to date a smooth criminal (Chester Morris).

Violets Are Blue (1986)

Sweethearts (Kevin Kline, Sissy Spacek) meet 15 years later: he's a yuppie with a wife and son, and she is a top photojournalist.

Santo vs. Black Magic Woman (1973)

Interpol hires Santo to investigate the disappearance of two scientists. As soon as he starts to look for clues, a voodoo woman named Dejanira tries to kill him.

Demonicus (2001)

A professor (Vanesa Talor) and her students try to outwit a killer (Gregory Lee Kenyon) possessed by the spirit of a gladiator.

Local Boy Makes Good (1931)

An awkward collegian (Joe E. Brown) must become a track star if he wants a girl (Dorothy Lee) to believe his letter.

Rough Romance (1930)

In Oregon, two men tangle in a fierce struggle for the affections of a young woman.

Confidential (1935)

A Treasury agent (Donald Cook) gains the trust of a mob gunman while working under cover to smash a crime syndicate.