Peg o' My Heart (1933)

Peg o' My Heart is a 1933 American Pre-Code film adaptation of the play of the same name by J. Hartley Manners. It starred Marion Davies as a poor Irish girl who stands to inherit a fortune if she satisfies certain conditions.

Love in First Class (1980)

A man (Enrico Montesano) accidentally leaves his son (Lorenzo Aiello) behind while boarding a train.

A Killing Affair (1986)

A Killing Affair, is a 1986 drama film starring Peter Weller, Kathy Baker, John Glover, Bill Smitrovich and Danny Nelson. Screenplay was written by David Saperstein (Cocoon).

Every Day Is a Holiday (2010)

Every Day Is a Holiday is a 2009 film by the Lebanese director Dima El-Horr. The film is on the official selection of 2009 Toronto International Film Festival. It is the first feature film by Dima El-Horr.

The Sleepless (2012)

When he falls in love, a professional wrestler (Shawn Andrews) with mob connections tries to change his violent lifestyle.

The Body Disappears (1941)

After passing out at his bachelor party, Peter (Jeffrey Lynn) is moved to the college dissecting table by his friends as a joke. But the prank turns serious when Professor Shotsbury (Edward Everett Horton) injects the young man with a serum that renders him invisible. This turn of events complicates Peter's impending marriage to Christine (Marguerite Chapman). But, as Shotsbury and his daughter Joan (Jane Wyman) work on an antidote, Peter explores some of the advantages of being unseen.

The Golden Boat (1990)

The Golden Boat is a 1990 American film directed by Raúl Ruiz.

Unnatural Causes (2008)

Clean Break is a 2008 American film starring Tara Reid, Angus Macfadyen, and Colm Meaney. It was released in a few European markets in 2008 and in the United States on July 3, 2012 under the title Unnatural Causes.

Border Outlaws (1950)

A bounty of $1,000 is offered for the Phantom Rider who has been smuggling narcotics.

Exposed (1938)

Exposed is a 1938 American drama film starring Glenda Farrell, Otto Kruger and Herbert Mundin. The film was directed by Harold D. Schuster and is based on George R. Bilson's unpublished story "Candid Camera Girl". It was released by Universal Pictures on November 4, 1938. A magazine photo-newswoman tried to make amends after exposing a lawyer and complication ensues when they fall in love.

Border Wolves (1938)

Border Wolves is a 1938 American Western film directed by Joseph H. Lewis and written by Norton S. Parker. The film stars Bob Baker, Constance Moore, Fuzzy Knight, Dick Jones, Willie Fung, Oscar O'Shea and Frank Campeau. The film was released on February 25, 1938, by Universal Pictures.

Yana's Friends (1999)

Yana's Friends is a 1999 Israeli film directed by Arik Kaplun. script editor: Savi Gabizon. Critically acclaimed, it won 10 Israeli Academy Awards including the Ophir Award for Best Picture. It also won the Crystal Globe at the 34th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in 1999. The film has a very rare 100% rating on the film website Rotten Tomatoes based on 30 reviews.

First Action Hero (1994)

First Action Hero is a cult 1994 film starring Fabio Testi as Tony Fierro with Ron Nummi as Hoagy and directed by Nini Grassia. It has the alternative Italian name Il Burattinaio.

Not of This World (1999)

Not of this World or Fuori Dal Mondo is a 1999 Italian drama film directed by Giuseppe Piccioni. The translation for Fuori Dal Mondo is outside from the world.

Divorcing God (2011)

The effects modern day life has on biblical ideals.

Hospitalite (2010)

The lives of a Japanese print-shop owner (Kenji Yamauchi) and his family are thrown into disarray by an increasing number of uninvited houseguests.

Living (2012)

People go about their lives in a wintry Russian province.

Distant Drums (1951)

Distant Drums is a 1951 "Florida Western" film directed by Raoul Walsh and starring Gary Cooper. It is set during the Second Seminole War in the 1840s, with Cooper playing an Army captain who destroys a fort held by the Spanish gunrunners then retreats into the Everglades while under chase. The actual location of the fort in the film was the historic Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine, Florida, where most of the filming took place. The enduring legacy of this movie is the earliest known use of the Wilhelm scream sound effect, originally used to vocalize a character being torn to pieces by an alligator.

Kevin (2011)

An Austin musician disappears from the scene in 1995 and tries to recover what he lost.

Red Planet Mars (1952)

Red Planet Mars is a 1952 science fiction film released by United Artists based on a 1932 play Red Planet written by John L. Balderston and John Hoare. It starred Peter Graves and Andrea King and was directed by art director Harry Horner in his directorial debut.

Deadly Game (1977)

A small-town police chief (Andy Griffith) finds a military conspiracy behind a tanker-truck chemical spill.

Blonde Alibi (1946)

Blonde Alibi is a 1946 American black-and-white noir thriller directed by Will Jason and starring Tom Neal, Martha O'Driscoll, Donald MacBride, and Peter Whitney.

Blonde from Brooklyn (1945)

Blonde from Brooklyn is a 1945 American musical comedy film directed by Del Lord and starring Bob Haymes, Lynn Merrick, Thurston Hall, and Mary Treen. The film was released by Columbia Pictures on June 21, 1945.

My Sweet Killer (1999)

A former patient (Kirk Harris) harbors a dark past and finds life outside a psychiatric facility difficult.

Full Of Life (1956)

Full of Life is a 1956 film directed by Richard Quine. It stars Judy Holliday and Richard Conte. It was nominated for an award by the Writers Guild of America in 1957.

Soul Hustler (1973)

Soul Hustler is a 1973 American feature film starring Fabian as a preacher. It is also known as The Day the Lord Got Busted.

Dirty Martini and the New Burlesque (2010)

Performers help create a new burlesque scene in New York.

The Doctor Takes a Wife (1940)

A writer (Loretta Young) and a neurologist (Ray Milland) accept rumors of their marriage when each stands to gain from the mistake.

Earthworm Tractors (1936)

Earthworm Tractors is a 1936 American film directed by Ray Enright and starring Joe E. Brown and June Travis. The film is also known as A Natural Born Salesman in the United Kingdom. This film is based on characters created by William Hazlett Upson. He wrote stories for Saturday Evening Post and introduced Alexander Botts, A Natural Born Salesman, and The Earthworm Tractor Company (based on his previous work with Caterpillar Tractors) in 1927 which lasted until his death in 1975.

Blood on His Sword (1961)

Le Miracle des loups (English: The Miracle of the Wolves) is a French swashbuckler film from 1961, directed by André Hunebelle, written by Henry Dupuis-Mazuel, starring Jean Marais. The scenario was based on a novel of Maria Luisa Linarès. The film was known under the title "Im Zeichen der Lilie" (West Germany), "Blood on His Sword" or "The Miracle of the Wolves" (USA). Numerous scenes were filmed at the Cité de Carcassonne.

The Miracle of Kathy Miller (1981)

The Miracle of Kathy Miller is a 1981 American made-for-television drama film based on the real-life story of a Scottsdale, Arizona teenager who was critically injured in a 1977 car accident. Helen Hunt, in an early starring role, plays the title part; Frank Converse and Sharon Gless are cast as Kathy's parents. Kathy, a high school track and field athlete, overcame the severe mental and physical injury to compete in and finish a long-distance race. The distributor was Universal TV.

Men Are Not Gods (1937)

Men Are Not Gods is a 1936 British film starring Miriam Hopkins and co-starring Gertrude Lawrence, Sebastian Shaw and Rex Harrison. It was a success in the UK when released largely due to the popularity of the two female stars Hopkins and Lawrence. This also brought to attention the talents of Rex Harrison who made his breakthrough into Hollywood not too long after this film. Gertrude Lawrence, although not so much a movie actress, was at the peak of her stage career when this film was released and her performance was praised.

Love. Blood. Kryptonite. (2008)

A teenage pot dealer (Alex Goode) starts pushing harder drugs in order to make enough money to cover his younger sister's private-school tuition.

The Healing (1983)

A promising young doctor (Brian Collins) becomes an alcoholic after his wife's untimely death.

1895 (1995)

A history of the 1895 invasion of Taiwan by Japan.

Dames (1934)

Dames is a 1934 Warner Bros. musical comedy film directed by Ray Enright with dance numbers created by Busby Berkeley. The film stars Ruby Keeler, Dick Powell, Joan Blondell, Guy Kibbee, ZaSu Pitts, and Hugh Herbert. Production numbers and songs include "When You Were a Smile on Your Mother's Lips (and a Twinkle in Your Daddy's Eye)", "The Girl at the Ironing Board", "I Only Have Eyes for You", "Dames" and "Try to See It My Way".

Terraferma (2011)

Until actually confronted with having to make a life and death decision, who can know, with absolute certainty, how they will react? Set on and around a summer tourist island off the coast of Sicily, Terraferma tells the story of two struggling, yet disparate families, whose members become fatefully intertwined. A well intentioned, but illegal rescue of immigrant ‘boat people,’ forces the individuals of the indigenous family to choose between their economic survival and doing the morally correct thing with respect to the family they’ve saved at sea. In the process, both families are slowly torn apart as they come to grips with the harsh reality and consequences of their actions.

The Forgiveness Of Blood (2011)

American director Joshua Marston emerged in 2004 with the jolting, Oscar-nominated Maria Full of Grace, about a young Colombian woman working as a drug mule. In his remarkable follow-up, The Forgiveness of Blood, he turns his camera on another corner of the world: contemporary northern Albania, a place still troubled by the ancient custom of interfamilial blood feuds. From this reality, Marston sculpts a fictional narrative about a teenage brother and sister physically and emotionally trapped in a cycle of violence, a result of their father’s entanglement with a rival clan over a piece of land. The Forgiveness of Blood is a tense and perceptive depiction of a place where tradition and progress coexist uneasily, as well as a dynamic coming-of-age drama.

¿De quién es el portaligas? (2007)

Three girlfriends share memories about an incident from the past.

Islands (2011)

Islands (Italian: Isole) is an Italian drama film released in 2011, directed by Stefano Chiantini and starring Asia Argento. The film was presented in world première at the Toronto International Film Festival 2011, then at the Festival de Cine Italiano in Madrid, at the London Italian Film Festival 2012 and at the Lavazza Italian Film Festival 2012 in Sydney.

Black Russian (2009)

A gorgeous assassin uses her sexual charms to lure in her targets before killing them.

The Turin Horse (2011)

The Turin Horse (Hungarian: A torinói ló) is a 2011 Hungarian philosophical drama film directed by Béla Tarr and Ágnes Hranitzky, starring János Derzsi, Erika Bók and Mihály Kormos. It was co-written by Tarr and his frequent collaborator László Krasznahorkai. It recalls the whipping of a horse in the Italian city Turin which is rumoured to have caused the mental breakdown of philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. The film is in black-and-white, shot in only 30 long takes by Tarr's regular cameraman Fred Kelemen, and depicts the repetitive daily lives of the horse-owner and his daughter. The film was an international co-production led by the Hungarian company T. T. Filmműhely. Tarr announced then that it was to be his last film. After having been postponed several times, it premiered in 2011 at the 61st Berlin International Film Festival, where it received the Jury Grand Prix. The Hungarian release was postponed after the director had criticised the country's government in an interview. The Turin Horse opened to general acclaim from film critics.

You Might As Well Live (2009)

"You Might as Well Live" is also the title of John Keats' biography of Dorothy Parker. You Might as Well Live is a Canadian 2009 film directed by Simon Ennis and co-written with Joshua Peace.

Die Sturmflut (2006)

A presumed-dead man returns in time to save his family from a flood.

Methodic (2007)

Sentenced to life at a state mental hospital, a young man fights to control the demonic presence that lurks within him and forced him to murder his parents.

Adam & Eva (1997)

Adam & Eva is a 1997 Swedish romantic comedy film written and directed by Hannes Holm and Måns Herngren. Starring Björn Kjellman as Adam and Josefin Nilsson as Eva. The film tells the story about a married couple Adam and Eva and their various dreams of the future. Eva's thoughts about the house and kids is scaring Adam who fall into a life crisis. He is cheating with his brother's nanny, which leads to a divorce between him and Eva. He later realizes that he loves Eva and tries to win her back. A sequel is being planned.

A Fallible Girl (2013)

A woman (Sang Juan) and her friend set up a mushroom farm between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but when a personal tragedy calls her back to China, she finds she must repay her debts before she can leave.

In Search of the American Dream (2012)

In Search of the American Dream is a riveting story of five children and their adult brother as they desperately race across Texas for survival after their undocumented parents, were caught, arrested, and thrown in jail in one fell swoop... deportation is only a matter of time. In Search of the American Dream tells the story of one family torn apart, and the fear and agony the children are forced to bear alone.

Film Socialisme (2010)

Film Socialisme alternative French title Socialisme, English: Socialism but often referred to as Film Socialism, is a 2010 French film directed by Jean-Luc Godard. The film was first screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival, to a widely varying reception, and released in France two days later, on 19 May 2010. It screened at the 48th New York Film Festival in 2010, the 27th film that Godard has shown at the festival.

The 4th Man (1983)

The Fourth Man (Dutch: De vierde man) is a 1983 Dutch suspense film directed by Paul Verhoeven, based on the novel De vierde man by Gerard Reve. The film stars Jeroen Krabbé and Renée Soutendijk in the lead roles. It was Verhoeven's last film made in the Netherlands before he established himself in Hollywood; he would later return to make 2006's Black Book. The film was selected as the Dutch entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 56th Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee. The title refers to Krabbé's position as the fourth man whom Soutendijk seduces, after she presumably has dispatched her first three husbands. The film is sexually explicit and, like many of Verhoeven's other films, shows graphic violence and gore.

Lords of Magick (1989)

Accused of sorcery, two 10th-century wizards (Jarrett Parker, Mark Gauthier) go to Los Angeles 1,000 years in the future.

Rage of Angels: The Story Continues (1986)

But Hell hath no fury like the Rage of Angels... Based on the bestselling novel by Sidney Sheldon, the story continues with a shocking double murder and journeys from the glamour and danger of the streets of New York to the elegance and mystery of Rome. As the intrigue builds, it encompasses an undying but ill-starred love affair, bitter revenge, tearful tragedy and deadly blackmail. At its centre stands high-powered New York trial lawyer and devoted mother Jennifer Parker (Jaclyn Smith, Charlie's Angels) whose personal and professional ambitions often bring explosive results. Having made the heart-rending decision to break away from her one true love and father of her child, ambitious and married politician Adam Warner (Ken Howard, J. Edgar), Jennifer sets about rebuilding her career and finding happiness again. Dangerous ghosts from her past come back to haunt her, though in the shape of ruthless mobster James Moretti (Michael Nouri, Flashdance). His brother Michael had been obsessed with Jennifer and had died because of it. Now, the vengeful James is out to blackmail both Jennifer and Adam over their illicit love - and ultimately wants Jennifer dead. Rage of Angels: The Final Revenge is presented in two parts, reflecting its original television screening. Subsequent parts will play automatically, however you can also advance to the next part with your remote.

36 Steps (2006)

36 pasos (36 steps) is a 2006 Argentine horror film directed and written by Adrián García Bogliano.

The Aggressives (2005)

The Aggressives is a 2005 South Korean film about a teen, Soyo, whose parents have abandoned him to fend for himself. He becomes immersed in the local inline skating subculture, and falls in love with the girlfriend of his skating tutor. The film was screened at the 2005 Pusan International Film Festival.

Triple Impact (1992)

Kickboxing con artists (Dale Cook, Ron Hall) go in search of a valuable golden Buddha.

The Marriage Circle (1924)

The Marriage Circle is a 1924 silent film produced by Ernst Lubitsch and Warner Brothers with direction by Lubitsch and distribution by the Warners. Based on the play Only a Dream by Lothar Schmidt, the screenplay was written by Paul Bern. The "circle" of the title refers to the ring of infidelities (suspected and otherwise) central to the plot. The film was remade in 1932 by Lubitsch and George Cukor as One Hour with You.

Tydzien z zycia mezczyzny (1999)

A lawyer (Jerzy Stuhr) begins his week with good intentions but ends up committing crimes similar to those of people he prosecutes.

The Last Days of Emma Blank (2009)

The Last Days of Emma Blank (Dutch: De laatste dagen van Emma Blank) is a 2009 Dutch comedy film directed by Alex van Warmerdam.

Call of the South Seas (1944)

Call of the South Seas is a 1944 American action film directed by John English starring Janet Martin, Allan Lane and William Henry. The film's sets were designed by the art director Gano Chittenden.

The Public Menace (1935)

The Public Menace is a 1935 American black-and-white romantic drama film starring Jean Arthur, George Murphy and Douglass Dumbrille. A newspaper reporter keeps losing and regaining his job due to a manicurist he is persuaded to marry.

The White Girl (1990)

The White Girl is a 1990 dramatic film written, produced and directed by Tony Brown.

Jhutha Sach (1984)

Jhutha Sach is a 1984 Bollywood film directed by Esmayeel Shroff and starring Dharmendra and Rekha. The film was remade in Telugu as Kodetrachu. It was the second movie for child actor Jugal Hansraj, after Masoom.

13 Gantry Row (1998)

When young Australians buy an old house, the husband begins to take on the persona of an earlier inhabitant.

Ferat Vampire (1981)

Upír z Feratu, also known as Ferat Vampire is a 1982 Czechoslovak horror film directed by Juraj Herz. The name is a pun on Upír Nosferatu, or Nosferatu the Vampire.

Wildest Dreams (1990)

A genie (Heidi Paine) in a bikini grants a nerd's (James Davies) wish for true love, by offering him a selection.

Quiet Thunder (1988)

A bush pilot (Wayne Crawford) and a U.S. senator's wife (June Chadwick) flee after witnessing an assassination in Africa.

R (2010)

R (Danish: R) is a 2010 Danish prison drama film written and directed by Tobias Lindholm and Michael Noer, and starring Pilou Asbæk. The film was produced by Nordisk Film. The film follows Rune Pedersen (Pilou Asbæk), who is serving a prison sentence of two years in Horsens State Prison. Here he is set to do the dirty work of distributing drugs between departments.

Disturbance (1990)

A loner (Timothy Greeson) with a nagging mother has a demon inside him, and it's affecting his love life.

Prison Shadows (1936)

Prison Shadows is a 1936 American film directed by Robert F. Hill.

One Tough Cop (1998)

One Tough Cop is a 1998 American action crime film. It was directed by Bruno Barreto and written by Jeremy Iacone. The movie stars Stephen Baldwin as the protagonist and first-person narrator Bo Dietl, a real-life New York City detective who wrote the book that the film is based on. Chris Penn costars as Dietl's partner. Gina Gershon, Mike McGlone and Paul Guilfoyle also play key roles.

Dead or Alive 2: Birds (2000)

Dead or Alive 2: Birds (DEAD OR ALIVE 2 逃亡者) is a 2000 Japanese film directed by Takashi Miike. Dead or Alive 2: Birds is unrelated to Dead or Alive (1999) or Dead or Alive: Final (2002) except that all three films have Show Aikawa and Riki Takeuchi in them, and they are all directed by Takashi Miike.

5 Dark Souls (1996)

Popular teenagers lure three classmates into the woods to see what it is like to kill someone.

Role of a Lifetime (2002)

A has-been actor (Scott Bakula) assumes another identity after Hollywood decides to make a movie about his life.

Frozen (2005)

Frozen is a 2005 British psychological thriller film directed by Juliet McKoen. It features Shirley Henderson, Roshan Seth and Ger Ryan. Set in Fleetwood, on the Fylde coast, in North West England, it was filmed in and around the town and also on location in Scotland and Sweden. It is a tale that has the viewer undecided whether it is a ghost story or a murder mystery right until the final climactic moments.

Rattlers (1976)

Rattlers is a 1976 horror film starring Sam Chew, Elisabeth Chauvet, Tony Ballen, Dan Priest, Ron Gold, Darwin Joston, and Gary Van Ormand. The film was produced, directed and co-written by John McCauley. Harry Novak, head of Boxoffice International Pictures was the executive producer. The film features an early score by Golden Globe nominated film composer Miles Goodman.

Jack The Ripper (1976)

Jack the Ripper (German: Der Dirnenmörder von London) is a 1976 German thriller film directed by Jesús Franco and starring Klaus Kinski. In this Swiss-German film Klaus Kinski portrays Jack the Ripper.

One Way Out (2002)

Casino owners order a policeman (James Belushi) posing as a hit man to kill a married woman who happens to be his lover.

Darkside Blues (1994)

Darkside Blues is a manga series by Hideyuki Kikuchi. The story has been adapted into an anime film directed by Yoshimichi Furukawa. The film was originally licensed by Central Park Media and then later licensed by ADV Films.

Hit So Hard (2012)

Hit So Hard is a 2011 American documentary film directed by P. David Ebersole. The film details the life and near death story of Patty Schemel, drummer of the seminal '90s alternative rock band Hole, and charts her early life, music career, and spiral into crack cocaine addiction. The film weaves together Hi8 video footage Schemel recorded while on Hole's 1994-95 world tour with contemporary interviews with her, bandmates Courtney Love, Eric Erlandson, and Melissa Auf der Maur, as well as her family members. The film also features interviews with other female drummers and musicians, including Nina Gordon, Kate Schellenbach, Gina Schock, Debbi Peterson, and Phranc. The film's score is written by Roddy Bottum of Faith No More. It was produced by Todd Hughes and Christina Soletti and was released theatrically in North America in 2012 by Well Go USA via Variance Films. It also screened a series of film festivals, including South by Southwest, the Marché du Film at Cannes, the Seattle Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, The Portland Queer Documentary Film Festival, and Outfest. The title is a reference to a song on Hole's 1998 album Celebrity Skin.

The Sky We Were Born Under (2011)

To save his relationship, a man leaves the city he lives in and returns to his hometown, a place he wished to avoid forever due to a childhood trauma.

Rollin' Westward (1939)

A cowboy (Tex Ritter) and his sidekick (Horace Murphy) save a rancher (Herbert Corthell) from a crooked attorney (Harry Harvey).

BT - This Binary Universe (2006)

Musician BT combines music and technology in a celebration of the world's beautiful places.

The Captured Bird (2012)

The Captured Bird is a 2012 short Canadian horror film written and directed by Jovanka Vuckovic, produced by Jason Lapeyre and executive produced by Guillermo del Toro.

Storm (2013)

Freddie (Marcus Rnnov) rescues a dog from its volatile owner, but when his dad finds out, he has to return it.

Hard Road (1988)

Two 13-year-olds, one wealthy and the other a pathological liar, travel cross-country in a Ferrari.

Street of Missing Men (1939)

Street of Missing Men is a 1939 American drama film directed by Sidney Salkow and written by Frank Dolan and Leonard Lee. The film stars Charles Bickford, Harry Carey, Tommy Ryan, Guinn "Big Boy" Williams, Ralph Graves and John Gallaudet. The film was released on April 25, 1939, by Republic Pictures.

Heroes Die Young (1960)

Based on the true story of the female Romanian resistance fighter who helped Allied forces destroy a Nazi oil field.

Den ofrivillige golfaren (1991)

Den ofrivillige golfaren, also known in English as The Accidental Golfer and The Involuntary Golfer, is a Swedish comedy film and the fourth installment of the popular Sällskapsresan series directed by Lasse Åberg. It was released to cinemas in Sweden on 25 December 1991. Åberg won the award for Best Actor in a leading role at the 27th Guldbagge Awards.

Shanghai (2012)

Shanghai is a 2012 Indian political thriller film co written, co produced and directed by Dibakar Banerjee, starring Abhay Deol, Emraan Hashmi, Kalki Koechlin, Prosenjit Chatterjee, and based on the Greek novel "Z" by Vassilis Vassilikos. On 6 June 2012, the high court refused stay on the release of the film. It received critical acclaim upon its release on 8 June 2012.

Instant Justice (1986)

Instant Justice is a 1986 film starring Michael Paré, Charles Napier, Eddie Avoth and Tawny Kitaen. Pare plays the role of Scott Youngblood, a marine in Spain who seeks revenge for his sister's murder. The movie was written and directed by Craig T. Rumar.

The Candidate (1964)

The Candidate (Aka: The Playmates for the Candidate, Party Girls for the Candidate, & Kisses for the Candidate) is a 1964 low-budgeted film that starred the 1950s sex symbol Mamie Van Doren. Co-starring in the film were June Wilkinson, Ted Knight, and Eric Mason; Rachel Romen, Robin Raymond, William Long, Jr., and John Matthews, played smaller less meaningful parts. The film had several different filming/release titles like: The Playmates for the Candidate, Party Girls for the Candidate, and Kisses for the Candidate; however, it is mainly known as being titled, The Candidate.

Passkey to Danger (1946)

Passkey to Danger is a 1946 American film noir crime film directed by Lesley Selander and written by O'Leta Rhinehart and William Hagens. The film stars Kane Richmond, Stephanie Bachelor, Adele Mara, Gregory Gaye, Gerald Mohr and John Eldredge. The film was released on May 11, 1946, by Republic Pictures.

Shag Carpet Sunset (2002)

A man (Duke Novak) is devastated after his puppet show on a Seattle television station gets canceled.

An African Election (2011)

An African Election is a 2011 documentary film about elections in Africa, directed by Jarreth and Kevin Merz.

Secret Evidence (1941)

Secret Evidence is a 1941 American drama film. Directed by William Nigh, the film stars Marjorie Reynolds, Charles Quigley, and Ward McTaggart. It was released on January 31, 1941.

Walking on Air (1936)

Walking on Air is a 1936 American comedy film directed by Joseph Santley using a screenplay by Bert Kalmar, Harry Ruby, Viola Brothers Shore, and Rian James, based on the short story, "Count Pete", written by Francis M. Cockrell. Produced by RKO Radio Pictures, they released the film on September 11, 1936. The picture stars Gene Raymond and Ann Sothern, with a supporting cast which includes Jessie Ralph and Henry Stephenson.

Anjali (1990)

Anjali is a 1990 Tamil language feature film directed by Mani Ratnam. It stars Raghuvaran, Revathi, Master Tarun, Baby Shruti Vijaykumar and Baby Shamili in the leading roles. The background score and soundtrack was composed by Ilaiyaraaja. Anjali was the composer's 500th film. The film deals with the story of a dying mentally disabled child, and the emotional trauma experienced by her family. The film was dubbed into Hindi and Telugu and released under the same name. Anjali was critically acclaimed, winning three National Film Awards. It was chosen as India's official entry to the Oscars in 1991, but was not nominated.

Lucky: No Time for Love (2005)

Lucky: No Time For Love is a 2005 Hindi-language film depicting the story of two lovers in war-torn Russia written and directed by Radhika Rao and Vinay Sapru. The film stars Salman Khan and Sneha Ullal in the lead roles.

The House In Marsh Road (1960)

The House in Marsh Road, also known as Invisible Creature, is a 1960 British suspense film directed by Montgomery Tully and starring Tony Wright, Patricia Dainton and Sandra Dorne. It is based on the novel of the same name by Laurence Meynell.

China Town (1962)

China Town is a 1962 Hindi-language film directed and produced by Shakti Samanta. Written by Ranjan Bose and with music by Ravi. It is a black-and-white movie, starring Shammi Kapoor in a double role, as a gangster and his look-alike. Shakila is the leading lady, alongside Helen in a supporting role. The film was remade in Tamil as Kudiyirundha Koyil (1968), starring M. G. Ramachandran and in Telugu as Bhale Thammudu (1969), starring N. T. Rama Rao.