Destiny of a Man (1959)

Based on a story by Mikhail Sholokhov. A man's spirit is tested by the horrors of war.

Tirando a Gol (1966)

The rivalry between the parents of a soccer team produces a romance.

The Corrupted (2010)

Russian mobsters try to recover a cocaine shipment.

Poor Cow (1967)

A young woman has many failed relationships, including a union with a thief that produces a son.

Kamenge, Northern Quarters (2010)

The people of Burundi try to rebuild after civil war.

Wolf Dog (1958)

An intelligent canine soothes tensions between farmers and ranchers disputing land rights in the Canadian frontier.

Ésimésac (2012)

The residents of Saint-lie-de-Caxton have barely enough food to survive. In the spring, one villager convinces the community to come together and plant a garden to grow enough food for all of them.

You Have to Run Fast (1961)

Gangland killers catch up to a doctor (Craig Hill) hiding as a store clerk in a country town.

Devil in Love (1968)

Romance with a mortal jeopardizes two devilish emissaries on a mission to disrupt the peace in Renaissance Italy.

There's Nothing Out There (1990)

An alien monster eyes a cabin of teenagers, including a horror-film buff (Craig Peck) who sees it coming.

Tivoli (1975)

When trying to save the famous burlesque theater Tivoli, participants discover a network of commercial corruption.

Bienvenido Welcome (1994)

The lover of a husband ruins his life, when she leaves in the mirror the message 'welcome to the world of AIDS.'

Smoky (1946)

Wandering cowboy Clint Barkley (Fred MacMurray) spots runaway horse Smoky and leads him back to his ranch. Owner Julie Richards (Anne Baxter) hires the drifter despite Clint's refusal to talk about his past. Clint tames the headstrong black stallion, and man and horse become close. When Clint fires ranch hand (and former partner in crime), Frank Denton (Bruce Cabot), he steals Smoky in retaliation. As Smoky is passed from one owner to the next, Clint searches for his companion.

The Satanic Rites of Dracula (1973)

Van Helsing (Peter Cushing) seeks the 700-year-old count (Christopher Lee), who is dead and living in London with his vampire bride.

The Bishop Murder Case (1930)

In this film based on S.S. Van Dine's detective novel, quick-witted private investigator Philo Vance (Basil Rathbone) is in search of a cryptic killer. The body of Joseph Cochrane Robin is discovered pierced by an arrow, with a note that contains a snippet of the nursery rhyme "Who Killed Cock Robin," which is curiously signed "The Bishop." Vance is on the case, but the pressure to uncover the Bishop's identity heats up when more bodies begin to turn up with nursery rhymes attached.

The Pace That Thrills (1952)

Motorcycle racer Richard "Dusty" Weston (Bill Williams) falls afoul of beautiful journalist Eve Drake (Carla Belenda) for his unsportsmanlike conduct. The bad press enrages Dusty and puts him on the bad side of his boss, J.C. Barton (Robert Armstrong). But his opinion about Eve changes when they sit down for an interview; Dusty sets the story straight, and the romantic sparks fly. When she falls for his best friend instead, it turns the two into rivals on the racetrack.

A Christmas Carol (1975)

Several spirits visit Ebenezer Scrooge on Christmas Eve and bring about his change of heart, in an adaptation of a Dickens classic.

Class of Nuke 'Em High Part II: Subhumanoid Meltdown (1991)

Drone slaves turn gooey and alarm their creator, a professor (Lisa Gaye) sporting a large beehive hairdo.

El Médico de las Locas (1956)

Various comical and musical situations where Tin Tan manages to entertain himself with his dance moves.

Take Care of Your Scarf, Tatiana (1994)

Two men (Matti Pellonp, Mato Valtonen) take to the road in search of coffee and vodka, and meet two women who are clearly interested in them.

The Cream Farewell Concert (1969)

Filmed in London's Albert Hall, the concert highlights the songs of the 1960s band Cream.

No Vale Nada la Vida (1984)

A singer struggles to find balance in her love life, but instead falls into the clutches of alcohol addiction.

A Distant Place (2010)

A dying photographer travels the world to find the place in his dreams.

Dancers in the Dark (1932)

A dancer in love with a jazz musician finds her life complicated by a mobster from her past.

Everybody Has a Plan (2012)

Desperate to begin a new life, a man (Viggo Mortensen) assumes his late twin's identity. He gets more than he bargained for when he unwittingly becomes swept up in his brother's criminal dealings.

Silk 2 (1991)

A Honolulu policewoman (Monique Gabrielle) looks for Japanese scrolls related to an art-museum insurance fraud.

Illicit (1931)

Anne Vincent (Barbara Stanwyck) is not particularly excited when it comes to marriage, despite her long-running relationship with Dick Ives (James Rennie). Although Dick would love to put a ring on her finger, Anne thinks marriage would spell the end of their love affair. Her opinion changes when people start to gossip about their nontraditional liaison. Worried about their reputation, the pair get married, as convention dictates -- and that's when the trouble starts.

The Paw Project (2012)

A veterinarian fights big corporations to protect animals from being exploited.

Dancing Man (1934)

Romance blooms for a couple in the musical entertainment world.


In the summer of 1928, a swindler, a gambler, two murderers, an anarchist, and an innocent man escape from the National Penitentiary in Buenos Aires.

Target (2011)

In 2020, a group of wealthy Muscovites travel to an abandoned astrophysical complex which may have enough power to detain the aging process.

For Queen and Country (1988)

When Reuben James (Denzel Washington), a decorated paratrooper, is discharged from the British military, he returns to his old neighborhood in London's inner city. Despite his upstanding military career, James struggles to find gainful employment in the face of racism and corruption, while navigating the crime and poverty rampant in the city. His situation only worsens when his girlfriend, Stacey (Amanda Redman), leaves him. Pushed further toward the edge, James decides to take a stand.

Johnny (2010)

Devastated by the loss of his son, a man (Mel Fair) adopts a boy (Jerry Phillips) who has leukemia.

Sunset Murder Case (1938)

A nightclub dancer (Sally Rand) seeks vengeance for the murder of her father.

Fire Monsters Against the Son of Hercules (1963)

Maxus (Reg Lewis), nomadic son of Hercules, rescues Idar (Luciano Marin), prince of a sun-worshipping tribe, from a lake monster. When a band of cave-dwelling moon-worshippers descends on the Sun People and kidnaps their women for human sacrifice, Maxus leads a counterattack. He rescues the captured women but is abducted himself, before escaping with beautiful moon-worshipper Moah (Margaret Lee). But ahead are more battles with beasts and the Moon People, now allied with an even nastier tribe.

Two Days Back (2011)

Emma disappears with a feral boy when she is 5 but has no memory of the ordeal. Seventeen years later she re-enters the forest to help environmentalists stop illegal tree-harvesting. When people start to be killed off, she must face her dark past.

The Show Goes On (1936)

A former millworker (Gracie Fields) becomes a national sensation in Depression-era Britain, singing and sharing her wit.

Under the Pampas Moon (1935)

A gaucho (Warner Baxter) with a wide belt follows his stolen racehorse and a singer (Ketti Gallian) to Buenos Aires.

Penumbra (2011)

A greedy, arrogant woman (Cristina Brondo) thinks she's hit the jackpot when she agrees to rent an apartment to a sinister client for several times what the property is worth.

The Enchanted Journey (1978)

A city-dwelling chipmunk leads his animal friends on a trek to their ancestral homes in the forest.

Miss Mink of 1949 (1949)

Winning a mink coat brings nothing but trouble to a couple (Jimmy Lydon, Lois Collier) on a budget.

More (1969)

An American girl (Mimsy Farmer) introduces a German boy (Klaus Grunberg) to heroin and LSD on Ibiza.


A murderous love triangle develops among two friends and a woman who claims to be the daughter of one of their ex-wives.

The Lady Vanishes (1979)

In the years before World War II, zany heiress Amanda Kelly (Cybill Shepherd) travels by train to Switzerland. While passing through Germany, she meets a sweet elderly lady, Miss Froy (Angela Lansbury), who suddenly vanishes. Distraught, Amanda questions her fellow passengers who claim that the woman was never there. Unsure if it's all in her mind or if there's a more sinister plot afoot, Amanda teams up with photographer Robert Condon (Elliott Gould) to discover the truth.

Frontier Gun (1958)

The marshal (John Agar) of a helpless town stands up to an outlaw everyone's afraid of.

Cambio de Suerte (2008)

In a neighborhood in Mexico City several stories take place, different characters come together without knowing that they have seen each other, talked to each other, found each other, and that their luck is about to change.

Island in the Sky (1938)

The nuptials between New York City attorney Michael Fraser (Michael Whalen) and his secretary, Julie Hayes (Gloria Stuart), hit a snag when a case inspires Julie to postpone their wedding in favor of trying to help save Peter Vincent (Robert Kellard), an innocent man accused of murder, from a death sentence. Upon discovering that the murderer is actually Peter's gangster father, Johnny Doyle (Paul Kelly), Michael and Julie attempt to clear Peter's name and get the truth out about Johnny.

Bardsongs (2010)

Three vignettes pose the question: What is the greatest part of all knowledge.

Young Jesse James (1960)

When Union troops hang the father of young Jesse James (Ray Stricklyn), he joins the violently pro-Confederate Quantrill's Raiders, meeting gunslinger Cole Younger (Willard Parker). At first, Jesse is jolted by the bloodshed. But, when the Raiders bring in Union prisoners, and one of them is the man who lynched his father, the teen guns the killer down. His thirst for revenge is satisfied, but not his new-found taste for blood. The Civil War soon ends, but Jesse's crime spree is just beginning.

Together Brothers (1973)

In one of the poorer neighborhoods of Galveston, Texas, a respected black police officer is killed, and the only witness to the crime is 5-year-old Tommy (Anthony Wilson). The killers want to silence the boy but don't reckon on his older brother, H.J. (Ahmad Nurradin), the leader of a local gang of black and Latino youths called "Brothers United." The gang members make it their mission to protect Tommy while simultaneously working to bring the cop killers to justice.

Deadwood Pass (1933)

A federal agent disguises himself as a notorious outlaw to trick a gang into revealing the whereabouts of stolen loot.

The Pit (2010)

Commodities traders try to make a living with coffee.

Mississippi Juco: The Toughest Football League In America (2012)

In the center of the state of Mississippi, 14 junior colleges play renegade football in which every game matters.

Position Among the Stars (2011)

Through the eyes of Rumidjah, an old Christian woman living in Jakarta, the filmmaker shows the economically changing society of Indonesia.

Burning Man: The Burning Sensation (2000)

Filmmaker Alex Nohe documents the annual art/lifestyle festival in the Nevada desert.

Danger in the Pacific (1942)

An American spy is sent to investigate a Pacific island thought to be a secret enemy munitions site.

You Will Be My Son (2011)

A French winemaker's (Niels Arestrup) contentious relationship with his son (Lornt Deutsch) comes to a head when he asks the young man's childhood friend to become a partner in the winery.

Parental Guidance (1996)

After her mother's suicide attempt, a girl stays with her spinsterish aunt in a tiny apartment.

The Dead One (1961)

A jealous woman (Monica Davis) uses voodoo to summon a zombie that will kill her brother's (John McKay) new wife (Linda Ormond).

Granny Baby (2012)

Jack is excited to meet his new baby sister in the hospital. He bumps into a confused old woman in the waiting room and tries to think of a way to help her.

Land of the Outlaws (1944)

A cowboy (Johnny Mack Brown) and his partner (Raymond Hatton) ride where the lawless try to hide.

I'll Show You the Town (1925)

Wanton widow Agnes Clavinger lives it up with companions.

The Wolves of Kromer (1998)

Hypocrites despise the promiscuity, wild parties and theft of a wolf couple (Lee Williams, James Layton), and killers try to frame the duo.

Dangerous Nan McGrew (1930)

A gang of bank thieves is stymied by a beautiful, high-spirited dance-hall queen.

Sinners in the Sun (1932)

A dress model (Carole Lombard) and a mechanic (Chester Morris) each experience an empty, wealthy life before falling in love in poverty.

One Day More (2011)

A hopelessly smitten man (Fabio Volo) follows his dream girl (Isabella Ragonese) from Italy to New York.

Dance Hall (1950)

A woman (Natasha Parry) imperils her marriage when she chooses a man other than her husband (Donald Houston) to be her partner in a dance contest.

Lost Ranch (1937)

A cowboy (Tom Tyler) handles a kidnapping case for his cattlemen's association.

Austin High (2011)

A crackdown on marijuana use affects a principal (Mike Wilson), his staff and their students.

How to Boil a Frog (2009)

Solutions to make life better and save civilization.

Daring Daughters (1933)

Liberated ladies find unique pleasures in the days of Prohibition.

Fruit of Paradise (1969)

A woman (Jitka Novkova) in a sanitarium thinks an eccentric stranger is a serial killer.

Pardon Our Nerve (1939)

A boxer receives financial assistance from two girls who have cooked up an unusual scheme.

Project A-ko (1986)

In the wake of a massive asteroid impact, two new students arrive for their first day at Graviton Academy: red-headed A-ko (Miki It), a young girl with psychokinetic abilities, who is skilled in the martial arts, and her tiny blonde sidekick C-ko (Michie Tomizawa). But when rich-girl B-ko (Emi Shinohara) decides she wants the adorable C-ko to ditch A-ko and join her clique, a heated rivalry between B-ko and A-ko ensues. Meanwhile, a bizarre alien ship arrives on the outskirts of Graviton City.

Service Entrance (2010)

The behavior of two Spanish maids changes the lives of a conservative couple.

The Melody Lingers On (1935)

A piano virtuoso abandons her career in order to locate the war-baby she deserted years ago.

Me and You (2012)

A teenager tells his parents he is going on a ski trip and spends the time alone in the basement.

Cyrus: Mind of a Serial Killer (2010)

While investigating unexplained disappearances in a small Midwestern town, an independent news crew interviews a man who has intimate knowledge of the County Line Cannibal.

Magdalena: Released From Shame (2006)

Mary Magdalene narrates the story of four women whose lives were transformed after coming into contact with a man named Jesus.

Passport to Alcatraz (1940)

A police detective attempts to infiltrate a ring of saboteurs in order to gather damaging evidence against them.

The Path of Hope (1950)

After the shuttering of a local mine, villagers in a tiny Sicilian town are desperate for work. Widower Saro (Raf Vallone) decides to try his luck in France with his three children. He buys passage abroad from Ciccio (Saro Urz), a guide who is to accompany him, his family and several others on their trek. Along for the ride are Barbara (Elena Varzi), and her boyfriend, Vanni (Franco Navarra). While the group travels across Italy, perils, as well as new relationships, are unavoidable.

The Devil's Money (1953)

A textile factory worker is offered a chance to make money by planning a robbery.

She Fell Among Thieves (1980)

A French policeman (Michael Jayston) and a detective (Malcolm McDowell) seek to convict a villainess (Eileen Atkins) for murder in 1924.

The New Gulliver (1935)

In a boy's daydream, the working people of Lilliput revolt against their despotic king.

Dynamite Pass (1950)

Cowboys (Tim Holt, Richard Martin) pave the way for an open road opposed by the owner of a toll road.

Blind Date (1959)

An artist (Hardy Kruger) accused of murdering his lover finds she was the mistress of a high-ranking diplomat.

Zzyzx (2006)

Three people bake in a desert of murder, mystery and manipulation after they become stranded along Zzyzx Road.

Stablemates (1938)

An alcoholic veterinarian (Wallace Beery) helps a jockey (Mickey Rooney) whose future is riding on a race.

Unholy Rollers (1972)

A roller-derby newcomer (Claudia Jennings) soon makes enemies for refusing to play by the unwritten rules.

Footrot Flats (1986)

A dog (Peter Rowley) guards his master (John Clarke) and their house from the evil inhabitants across the river.

The Perfect Clue (1935)

Investigators tackle a case that appears to offer rather dubious leads.

The Kiss (1929)

Irene (Greta Garbo) is stuck in a passionless marriage with her husband, Charles Guarry (Anders Randolf). She strays and falls for lawyer Andr Dubail (Conrad Nagel), but their secret relationship doesn't last. Irene then starts hanging around love-struck 18-year-old Pierre (Lew Ayres). Pierre kisses Irene farewell as he departs for school, but Charles walks in on the innocent embrace, leading to a scuffle. Charles is killed, Irene takes the blame and a murder trial full of twists ensues.

Good News (1930)

A shy coed tutors a college football star when bad grades threaten to make him ineligible to play in the big game.

The Phantom Stage (1939)

A gun-toting duo rides in to save the day when a woman is threatened with the loss of her stagecoach line.

Memory of Love (2009)

After a woman and her lover have a car accident, she awakes and realizes that both of them have been taken to the hospital where her husband works as a surgeon.

Broken Strings (1940)

A concert violinist loses the use of a hand in a car accident.

¿Con quién andan nuestras hijas? (1956)

Some friends are involved in problems such as harassment, fraud and trafficking.

Show Me Your Glory: The Movie (2012)

Jackie Powers shares the story of her tumultuous past of emotional and physical abuse when she worked as a former prostitute.

Dog Run (1996)

Two teenage drifters join up in New Orleans. There, they get involved with a drug dealer who asks them to do a run to New York City for him, promising payment. When the deal goes bad, the boys shack up in an abandoned building on Manhattan's Lower East Side, where they find themselves surrounded by crime, homeless kids like themselves, and general squalor.

Give My Regards to Broadway (1948)

Dreaming of a comeback, an old vaudevillian (Charles Winninger) raises his son (Dan Dailey) and daughters as a family act.