Thank You for Coming (2017)

After taking 12 DNA tests, searching five ancestry databases, finding one possible half-sister and 900 sixth-cousins, filmmaker Sara Lamm might be able to find her biological father, a sperm donor.

Le nid (2018)

The Nest is a Canadian psychological thriller film, directed by David Paradis and released in 2018. The film stars Pierre-Luc Brillant as Pierre-Luc, an actor who agrees to his girlfriend Isabelle's request that he spend five days confined to a locked room, with no contact with the outside world except webcam conversations with her.

Trilogy of Swordsmanship (1972)

A trilogy of tales featuring clever courtesans, battling brigands and a virginal innocent.

Teen Batti Char Raasta (1953)

Teen Batti Char Raasta is a 1953 Hindi comedy-drama film on national integration directed by V. Shantaram. The film was made under the Rajkamal Kalamandir banner and produced by Shantaram. The story and dialogue were by Diwan Sharar while the cinematography was by G. Balkrishna. With music composed by Shivram Krishna, it had lyrics by Pyare Lal Santoshi. The star cast included Karan Dewan, Sandhya, Shashikala, Nirupa Roy, Sheila Ramani, Dewan Sharar and Lalita Kumari.

Jaan Tere Naam (1992)

Jaan Tere Naam is a 1992 Indian Bollywood film directed by Deepak Balraj Vij and produced by Jimmy Nirula. It stars Ronit Roy and Farheen in lead roles. The movie was the screen debut for Ronit Roy and Farheen. The movie was widely popular for its soundtrack and the melodious songs of Nadeem-Shravan are still remembered and film was a Hit at the box office.

Lady Belladonna's Tales From The Inferno (2018)

Lady Belladonna takes on the film industry from her high-rise penthouse.

Village Without Women (2010)

Zoran travels to Albania to find a wife to bring back to his remote village.

Le coeur d'Auschwitz (2010)

Fania, a prisoner in Auschwitz, receives a book made in the shape of a heart on Dec. 12, 1944, to celebrate her 20th birthday.

...All the Marbles (1981)

The California Dolls are hot, young and dirty (well, muddy). But although the gorgeous tag-team wrestlers may be wallowing in a down-market mud-wrestling bout right now, they have a dream: the championship match at the MGM Grand in Reno.

The Ride (2003)

David wipes out on a big wave and travels back in time to 1911 Hawaii.

The Vanishing Riders (1935)

The Vanishing Riders is a 1935 American film directed by Robert F. Hill.

Keep Drinking, Men! The Story of Beer Drinkers in Space (2007)

Capt. Slosh and his boozy crew drink their way across the galaxy.

Rosemary (1958)

Rosemary (German:Das Mädchen Rosemarie) is a 1958 West German drama film directed by Rolf Thiele and starring Nadja Tiller, Peter van Eyck and Carl Raddatz. The film portrays the scandal that surrounded Rosemarie Nitribitt. Thiele made a second film about Nitribitt, Rosemary's Daughter which was released in 1976. The film's sets were designed by the art directors Wolf Englert and Ernst Richter.

Return to Green Acres (1990)

In this television movie, the characters from the popular TV series return to save the town of Hooterville from greedy developers, who are trying to force the folks to sell their land.

The Surfer King (2007)

A Californian moves to Colorado and joins the Employee Olympics to win the Surfer King competition for the concessions crew.

Lulu (1978)

A femme fatale runs into Jack the Ripper.

My Little Pony Live! The World's Biggest Tea Party (2008)

My Little Pony Live: The World's Biggest Tea Party is a 2005 musical based on the My Little Pony franchise by Hasbro. The musical is produced by VEE Corporation under the direction of Richard D. Thompson and Vincent E. Egan. The musical first began in October 2006 and later concluded its performance in 2008. The musical was released on DVD by Paramount Home Entertainment on September 16, 2008, officially recorded live At The Kodak (now Dolby) Theater with the direction by David Stern.

Devo: The Men Who Make the Music (1981)

Concert footage from Devo's 1978 tour.

Beyond the Moon (1954)

Two of Rocky's allies are captured by aliens and brainwashed.

How's Your News? (1999)

Disabled reporters cross America in a hand-painted RV.

Julie: Old Time Tales of the Blue Ridge (1991)

Julie Lyon spins tales of her Appalachian childhood in North Carolina.

The Universal Mind of Bill Evans (1966)

Jazz pianist Bill Evans discusses the nature of creativity with his brother.

Her Bridal Night-Mare (1920)

Her Bridal Nightmare is a 1920 American silent comedy film from the Christie Film Company. It was one of Colleen Moore's first comedy films. The film still exists and has been released on DVD.

White Gold (1927)

White Gold is a 1927 silent film dramatic western produced and distributed by Cecil B. DeMille and directed by William K. Howard.

Noble Earth (2017)

A woman vacationing in Florence, Italy, begins a romance with an Italian nobleman. She soon becomes disenchanted by the regressive and superficial values of his elite class.

The Meaning of Life (2005)

The Meaning of Life is a 35mm animated short film, written and directed by Don Hertzfeldt in 2005. The twelve-minute film is the end result of almost four years of production and tens of thousands of drawings, single-handedly animated and photographed by Hertzfeldt.

Headless (1969)

An experimental journey through the streets of Paris, as seen through the eyes of a young man and a variety of his friends.

Raju Gadu (2018)

A thief tries to change his ways to win a woman's heart.

Way of the Black Dragon (1978)

After his sister is abducted by white slavers, a man joins forces with an Interpol agent in an attempt to take out the nefarious crime syndicate that is responsible for her kidnapping.

Opening (2014)

An exploration of the prolific art scene in New York.

Tea for Two Hundred (1948)

Tea for Two Hundred is a 1948 American animated short film directed by Jack Hannah. Part of the Donald Duck film series, the film was produced in Technicolor by Walt Disney Productions and released to theaters by RKO Radio Pictures on December 24, 1948. The cartoon stars a picnicing Donald Duck who faces an army of ants trying to steal his food. Clarence Nash stars as Donald while the ants were voiced by Pinto Colvig. The film includes original music by Oliver Wallace.

The Reckoning (2020)

Prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo and his team are followed as they try to bring criminals to justice.

A Trouble in Dollars (2014)

A bachata singer travels to New York for a better life, and ends up impersonating a famous painter.

Heritage (1935)

Heritage is a 1935 Australian historical film directed by Charles Chauvel.

Confessions (2014)

A grieving mother turns into a scheming avenger as she plots the downfall of those responsible for her daughter's drowning.

Siyama (2008)

Siyama or Siyama: Village of Warriors is a 2008 Thai action-fantasy film directed by Preecha Songsakul.

Great White Death (1981)

Great White Death is a 1981 documentary/mondo film about great white sharks narrated by Glenn Ford. The film is notable for its Faces of Death-like footage of actual shark attacks.

Avariya - doch menta (1989)

Crash — Cop's Daughter (Russian: Авария — дочь мента, romanized: Avaria — doch menta is a 1989 drama film directed by Mikhail Tumanishvili.

KillerSaurus (2015)

A scientist desperate for funding accepts an offer from a shadowy organization. In exchange for funding, he's told to create an unimaginable weapon: a killer dinosaur.

Hero Hindustani (1998)

Hero Hindustani is a 1998 Indian comedy drama film directed by Aziz Sejawal. It stars Arshad Warsi and Namrata Shirodkar.

Long Way North (2015)

Long Way North (original title: Tout en haut du monde) is a 2015 French-Danish animated film directed by Rémi Chayé. The film premiered at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival, where it won the Audience Award.

The Rift (2016)

A team of agents is dispatched to a retrieve the wreckage of a satellite after it crash lands in Serbia. After unearthing the flight data and the sole passenger’s remains, they quickly realize not all is as it seems.

Iron Moon (2015)

Iron Moon, also known as The Verse of us, is a 2015 Chinese feature documentary film directed by Xiaoyu Qin and Feiyue Wu. The documentary follows working class poets in China.

Les enragés (1985)

Two violent criminals decide to terrorize a wealthy woman in her home.

Imposture (2005)

A professor kidnaps a female student to present her work as his own.

De kollega's maken de brug! (1988)

Workers become stuck in their office during a holiday.

Wide Open Sky (2016)

Following the journey of an outback choir made up of children from some of the most disadvantaged areas in Australia. They battle stereotypes and face massive hurdles to be able to perform with the Sydney Symphony Fellows.

Sick for Toys (2018)

Roy is the nice guy who finishes last. Sick of his current situation, he accepts an invitation to have Christmas dinner with the beautiful and strangely alluring Emilia. Once at dinner, Roy realizes that Emilia and her oddball brother (Edward) are not what they seem.

Le miroir (2010)

A man ages rapidly in front of a mirror.

The Camera: Je or La Caméra: I (1977)

The art of making still photographs.

The Travel Agent (2015)

A woman in Cuba finally gets a chance to visit her dying mother in Miami.

Himmel Oder Hölle (1990)

A woman's perfect relationship crumbles when detectives come looking for her boyfriend.

Le grimoire d'Arkandias (2014)

A boy discovers a magical book that allows him to make a ring of invisibility.

Gladiator Games (2010)

In a distant time and place, power is decided by a cruel game in which teams of gladiators fight and die in a vast arena.

Hasamba Ve-Shodedey Ha-Susim (1985)

During the British rule of Israel in the 1940s, the Hasambas have to stop a gang of horse thieves.

Jimi Asmara (1995)

A popular rock singer falls in love with a nightclub entertainer.

Marussia (2013)

Lucia, a Russian mother, finds herself living with Marussia, her 6-year-old daughter, on the streets of Paris.

2/Duo (1997)

An out-of-work actor and a depressed boutique employee have a difficult time communicating with each other.

Vibroboy (1994)

An ancient Aztec artifact turns a brute into Vibroboy, a psychotic who enjoys pleasuring people to death.

Iron Ladies Roar! (2014)

Gay volleyball players chase a national championship.

Uninvited: Marcelo Burlon (2017)

A history of the public and private life of Marcelo Burlon.

Mister Twister: Class of Fun (2012)

An inexperienced student teacher inspires his students with his unconventional methods.

Peter Bell II: The Hunt for the Czar Crown (2003)

Peter Bell II: The Hunt For The Czar Crown is a 2003 Dutch family film, directed by Maria Peters, based on the Pietje Bell books of Chris van Abkoude.

Maria Mariana (1996)

Maria Mariana is a 1996 Malaysian drama film directed by Yusof Haslam. It revolves around a story of two sisters, Maria and Mariana, who are very different in character. The film explores the issue of a troublesome yet rebellious teenager but at the same time reveals that love can change anything.

Maria Mariana II (1998)

Maria Mariana II is a 1998 Malaysian drama film directed by Yusof Haslam. It was the sequel to the 1996 hit film Maria Mariana. The film was released in Malaysian cinemas on 2 April 1998.

Barnabo of the Mountains (1994)

Barnabo of the Mountains (Italian: Barnabo delle montagne) is a 1994 Italian drama film directed by Mario Brenta. It is based on Dino Buzzati's novel Bàrnabo delle montagne. It was entered into the 1994 Cannes Film Festival.

The Holy Man (2005)

The Holy Man is a 2005 Thai comedy film. One of the top films at the Thai box office that year, it starred popular Thai television comedian, Pongsak Pongsuwan as a Buddhist monk. It is the first of a comic trilogy about young monks.

Niño (2011)

A former illustrious family tries to regain their past glory.

Max & Lenny (2015)

Two girls from the wrong side of the tracks form an intense friendship.

I Forgot to Tell You (2010)

An elderly painter who has Alzheimer's disease helps a troubled young woman embrace her passion for painting.

The Secret of the Ant-Child (2011)

Traveling in West Africa, a woman crosses paths with a young African mother who deposits a baby in her arms.

Karla & Katrine (2009)

Hoping to rekindle their friendship, a teenage girl invites her former best friend to spend the summer with her.

Justinien Trouvé, ou le bâtard de Dieu (1993)

Upon leaving his adoptive parents to join a monastery, Justinien learns secrets about his birth.

Repas De Famille (2014)

A family reunion is sidetracked by sensitive topics like politics, drugs, family heritage, religion and who will take Grandma for Christmas.

Kameleon 2 (2005)

Kameleon 2 is a 2005 Dutch family film with as main characters identical twins Koen van der Donk and Jos van der Donk, also identical twins, born 6 March 1988.

Our Patriots (2017)

After the French defeat of summer 1940, Addi Ba, a young Senegalese skirmisher escapes and hides in the Vosges. Helped by some villagers, he obtains false papers that allow him to live in the open. Spotted by those who seek to act against the occupier and who do not yet call themselves "resisters", he participates in the foundation of the first "maquis" of the region.

Gen (2006)

Gen is a 2006 Turkish horror film directed by Togan Gökbakar.

The Bedside Detective (2007)

An inventor uses his homemade gadgets to become a detective.

Doctor Justice (1975)

A crusading physician with the World Health Organization investigates a series of pirate attacks.

Pierre Rabhi au nom de la terre (2013)

A French agroecologist opposes overconsumption.

Sans moi (2007)

A single mother hires a young woman to care for her children.

Hostage X (2018)

An man who doesn't have a memory has to find out who he is before his kidnappers kill him.

We Are Triathletes (2018)

The journey of six triathletes as they train and prepare for the largest iron distance triathlon in the world.

To the Extreme (2000)

In extremis is a 2000 French film written and directed by Etienne Faure. It tells the story of Thomas, a young man whose lover dies, leaving Thomas to fight for custody of her orphaned son. It takes its name from the Latin phrase which means "in the furthest reaches" or "at the point of death".

Den Helder (2008)

A man returns home from prison to find that his brother has changed.

Cut Loose (2008)

A journalist's flamboyant grandfather fights his last personal battle -- a battle for his right to die.

Love Unto Waste (1986)

Love Unto Waste is a 1986 Hong Kong drama film directed by Stanley Kwan and starring Tony Leung, Irene Wan, Elaine Jin, Tsai Chin, Chow Yun-fat with guest appearances by Elaine Chow and Winnie Yu.

Coplan FX 18 casse tout (1965)

The Exterminators is a 1965 spy film directed by Riccardo Freda. It was the fourth in the Francis Coplan series of films. It was released in the United Kingdom as The Exterminators and on television in the United States as FX 18 Superspy.

Penny's Shadow (2011)

While on a riding holiday, a girl finds a horse considered dangerous, and she secretly trains it to trust humans.

The Torturer (2005)

An aspiring actress auditions for a director known for his extreme moods and his tastes for violence. Seduced by the dangerousness of the character, she follows him to his studio but discovers more than she had imagined.

The Under-Gifted (1980)

Les sous-doués (The Under-Gifted) is a 1980 French comedy film directed by Claude Zidi.

Comment j'ai rencontré mon père (2017)

An adopted youth thinks he's found his biological father.

The Tin Mine (2005)

The Tin Mine is a 2005 Thai biographical drama film directed by Jira Maligool. It is adapted from short stories by Ajin Panjapan and his semi-autobiographical account of growing up in a mining camp in Kapong District of Phang Nga Province from 1949 to 1953. The Tin Mine was the official entry from Thailand for Best Foreign Language Film at the 78th Academy Awards.

Sai lor fah (2004)

Sai Lor Fah is a 2004 Thai crime-comedy written and directed by Yuthlert Sippapak. Filmed on location in Pattaya, it is the story of friends who become mixed up in an escalating series of crimes.

Kahwin 5 (2012)

A successful businessman juggles four wives simultaneously.

Ketika Cinta Bertasbih (2009)

An Indonesian student spends nine years making meatballs to support his family.

Little Baby Jesus of Flandr (2010)

Three beggars sing their way to wealth.

Regarde-moi (2007)

A portrait of low-income housing neighborhoods on the outskirts of a city.

Nos amis les Terriens (2007)

Our Earthmen Friends (French: Nos amis les Terriens) is a French film released theatrically in April 2007 and produced by Claude Lelouch. It has been adapted from the play written by Bernard Werber Nos Amis Les Humains.

Silvio Forever (2011)

Journalists examine the life and work of former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and share historical excerpts and recordings from interviews with the statesman.