Bang Bang Kid (1967)

Bang Bang Kid is a 1967 western film produced by Sidney W. Pink and starring Tom Bosley. The plot revolves around a madcap inventor who constructs a mechanical gunfighter to fight against a tyrannical crime lord. The film was distributed in America by Troma Entertainment.

Something About Mary Magdalene (2007)

Sulude godine (1988)

Matrimonium (2005)

Matrominium is a 2005 comedy film directed by Michael Akers, his second feature film after the successful Gone, But Not Forgotten. Co-written and co-produced by him and Sandon Berg, the latter appears in a lead role in the film as Spencer who is having a sham same-sex marriage with the straight character Rick Federman in the role of Malcolm to enable the latter to win the 1-million dollar prize on the nationally broadcast reality television show Matrimonium. The film was featured in Blood Moon's Guide to Gay & Lesbian Film, by Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince and published by Blood Moon Productions in 2006. In that book, Matrimonium is called a "hilarious spoof on reality television."

Mantle (2005)

Flying Saucers Over Hollywood: The 'Plan 9' Companion (1992)

Medusa: Dare to Be Truthful (1991)

Medusa: Dare to Be Truthful is an American 1991 mockumentary film starring comedian Julie Brown as the title character, with Kathy Griffin and Donal Logue in supporting roles. Comedians Tom Kenny and Bobcat Goldthwait and game show host Wink Martindale also made cameo appearances in the film.

Let's Go Crazy (1951)

Let's Go Crazy is a 1951 comedy film marking an early appearance of Spike Milligan and Peter Sellers playing multiple roles.

Des fleurs pour Algernon (2006)

Chico Xavier (2010)

Chico Xavier is a 2010 Brazilian drama film directed by Daniel Filho, written by Marcos Bernstein, and starring Nelson Xavier, Christiane Torloni, Giulia Gam, Letícia Sabatella, Giovanna Antonelli and Tony Ramos. It was released in Brazil on April 2, 2010. The movie is a biography of the Brazilian medium Chico Xavier.

Régi keringő (1941)

A skorpió megeszi az ikreket reggelire (1992)

Captain of the Forest (1988)

Emmanuelle 2000: Emmanuelle in Paradise (2000)

The Road to Dracula (1999)

Michael Jackson Memorial (2009)

Shapka (1990)

Terrifying Girls' High School: Animal Courage (1973)

Aiven Raula Pai Gaya (2012)

Dragon Flies, Phoenix Dancing (2012)

Cássia Eller: MTV Unplugged (2001)

Daisy-Head Mayzie (1995)

The Bamboo House of Dolls (1973)

Kutsal Damacana 2: Itmen (2010)

Kutsal Damacana 2: İtmen is a 2010 Turkish comedy film, directed by Korhan Bozkurt, starring Safak Sezer as a sailor who returns to Istanbul, following misadventures with Somali pirates and a sojourn in a Buddhist monastery, to do battle with a werewolf. The film, which went on nationwide general release across Turkey on January 22, 2010 (2010-01-22), was one of the highest grossing Turkish films of 2010. It is a sequel to Kutsal Damacana (2007) and was followed by Kutsal Damacana: Dracoola (2011).

Be Somebody... or Be Somebody's Fool! (1984)

Be Somebody... or Be Somebody's Fool! is a 1984 motivational video hosted by Mr. T and distributed by MCA Home Video. The production depicts strongly on new wave and R&B culture of the mid-1980s to appeal to children to respect adults, avoid peer pressure, and build self-confidence. It features a showcase of emerging talent, including Ice-T, Martika, Stacy Ferguson, Janice Kawaye, Tammy Townsend, Bumper Robinson, Shanice, and New Edition. The video has led to a proliferation of video clips that are posted on the Internet.

Las Caras Del Diablo (2010)

Creed: Greatest Hits (2004)

Silent Möbius (1991)

What in the World Are They Spraying? (2010)

Disney Sing-Along-Songs: Very Merry Christmas Songs (1988)

Rent-a-Girl (1965)

Apollo 11: The Untold Story (2006)

The World's Greatest Bar Bets (2008)

Chinese Torture Chamber Story 2 (1998)

Poor, beautiful Lotus is being executed in the most horrible way: death by 1000 cuts. While she is tortured, she flashes back to her lusty affairs, and to how she was sentenced to her torture.

Prensesin Uykusu (2010)

Sleeping Princess (Turkish: Prensesin Uykusu) is a 2010 Turkish comedy-drama film written and directed by Çağan Irmak about a librarian whose quiet life is changed by a new neighbour and her 10-year-old daughter. The film, which went on nationwide general release across Turkey on October 19, 2010 (2010-10-19), had its world premiere on the opening night of the 16th London Turkish Film Festival (November 4–18, 2010).

Unico: Black Cloud White Feather (1979)

Grand Hotel Excelsior (1982)

Grand Hotel Excelsior is a 1982 Italian comedy film directed by Castellano & Pipolo. The film was a commercial success, being the best grossing film in the season 1982/83 at the Italian box office.

Grizzly II: The Concert (1983)

Those Who Whisper (2006)

Sis ve Gece (2007)

Fog and Night (Turkish: Sis ve Gece) is a 2007 Turkish adventure film directed by Turgut Yasalar.

Read or Die (2001)

Read or Die is an OVA based on the manga of the same name by Hideyuki Kurata. It was created by Studio Deen in early 2001 and distributed outside Japan by Manga Entertainment in 2003. The series, directed by Koji Masunari, features the main characters of the original manga such as Yomiko Readman and Joker. It is a continuation of the Read or Die storyline, taking place a few years after the events of the manga.

Second Thoughts (2004)

The Bilbee Boys (2008)

My So-called Love (2008)

Ministry: Sphinctour (2002)

Amália (2008)

Amália is a 2008 Portuguese biographical film directed by Carlos Coelho da Silva and starring Sandra Barata, Carla Chambel and José Fidalgo. Barata portrays legendary Portuguese fado singer Amália Rodrigues; songs used in the film are recordings of Amália. The film has been criticised by some members of her family.

Midnight Sun (2004)

Roger Waters: In the Flesh Live (2000)

Franklin: A Symphony of Pain (2015)

Cactus River (2012)

Dagli archivi della polizia criminale (1973)

My Name Ain't Suzie (1985)

Tong hau goo si (1986)

Cedric the Entertainer: Starting Lineup (2002)

My Mind, Your Body (1985)

Huang jia du chuan (1990)

Shaolin Temple Against Lama (1980)

Freddy und der Millionär (1961)

Freddy and the Millionaire (German:Freddy und der Millionär, Italian:La Signorina Miliardo) is a 1961 Italian-West German musical film directed by Paul May and starring Freddy Quinn, Heinz Erhardt and Grit Boettcher.

Die Winzerin von Langenlois (1957)

The Winemaker of Langenlois (German:Die Winzerin von Langenlois) is a 1957 Austrian romantic comedy film directed by Hans H. König and starring Herta Staal, Gunnar Möller and Paul Hörbiger.

François Truffaut: Portraits volés (1993)

François Truffaut: Stolen Portraits (French: François Truffaut: Portraits volés) is a 1993 French documentary film directed by Michel Pascal and Serge Toubiana, about the film director François Truffaut. It was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 1993 Cannes Film Festival.

Housewarming (1983)

Cats and Bruises (1965)

Sylvester Cat intrudes on Speedy Gonzales' Cinco De Mayo celebration, starting a chase that ends in disaster.

Der Haustyrann (1938)

Der Haus-Tyrann is a 1959 West German film directed by Hans Deppe. It is based on the play The Scoundrel by Hans Reimann and Toni Impekoven.

Surf, Sand and Sex (1994)

Heimweh nach St. Pauli (1963)

Homesick for St. Pauli (German: Heimweh nach St. Pauli) is a 1963 German drama film directed by Werner Jacobs and starring Freddy Quinn, Josef Albrecht and Ullrich Haupt. Heinz Pehlke was the cinematographer. It was based on a musical by Lotar Olias and Gustav Kampendonk. A German singer who has enjoyed massive success in the United States, returns to his hometown, the St. Pauli district of Hamburg. The film was one of the many foreign films that Jayne Mansfield made in the 1960s, after becoming a star in the late 1950s in films like: The Girl Can't Help It (1956) and Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? (1957).

100 Years at the Movies (1994)

7 chili in 7 giorni (1986)

7 chili in 7 giorni (7 kilos in 7 days) is a 1986 Italian comedy film directed by Luca Verdone.

Ssuperzam el invencible (1971)

Together: The Hendrick Motorsports Story (2009)

My Bad Dad (2006)

Fracchia la belva umana (1981)

Fracchia la belva umana (Fracchia the fanatic or Fracchia The Human Beast) is a 1981 Italian comedy film directed by Neri Parenti. It was shown as part of a retrospective on Italian comedy at the 67th Venice International Film Festival. In the cast includes Paolo Villaggio, Lino Banfi and the then young Massimo Boldi and Francesco Salvi.

Crying... Silicon Tears (2001)

Crying...Silicon Tears (Orig. To Klama vgike apo ton paradeiso) is a 2001 Greek language film, directed by Thanasis Papathanasiou and Michalis Reppas.

Superman n'est pas juif ( moi un peu) (2014)

Bang-Bang Wedding! (2008)

Sally (2000)

Sally is a 2000 American drama film starring Rachael Leigh Cook, Michael Weston, and Fatmir Haskaj, and written and directed by first time director David Goldsmith (actor) who also appears in the film as Jack.

Breaking The Da Vinci Code (2005)

L.A. Proper (2009)

Black Sheep Boy (1995)

The Barrio Murders (2001)

Atlanta To New York (2013)

Apollo 13: To The Edge And Back (1994)

Andy's Funhouse (1979)

Kirot (1983)

Trick or Tweet (1959)

Trick or Tweet is a Warner Bros. Merrie Melodies animated cartoon first released in 1959. Written by Warren Foster and directed by Friz Freleng, with voice characterizations by Mel Blanc, the cartoon stars Tweety, Sylvester the Cat and a rival orange-red cat named Sam (voiced by Daws Butler who is uncredited, doing a voice reminiscent of Frank Fontaine). The title is a play on the phrase "Trick or treat".

The Kingdom Chums: Little David's Adventure (1986)

The Kingdom Chums: Little David's Adventure is a 1986 television special inspired by the Biblical tale of David and Goliath, and originally broadcast on the ABC network in the United States. In the special, three schoolchildren from the real world are transported into the world of the Bible, with the help of three magical stuffed animals. One of them, a raccoon named David, becomes his Biblical namesake and faces off against a giant bull named Goliath.

Důvod k rozvodu (1937)

Sexual Intentions (2001)

2010, une année sur terre (2010)

Symmetry (2004)

Symmetry (Polish: Symetria) is a 2003 Polish drama film directed by Konrad Niewolski.

A Man with a Maid (1975)

What the Swedish Butler Saw is a 1975 Swedish-American erotic sex comedy film directed by Vernon P. Becker and starring Ole Søltoft, Sue Longhurst, Charlie Elvegård and Diana Dors. It is known by several alternative titles including A Man with a Maid, The Groove Room and Champagnegalopp. The film is loosely based on the 1908 erotic novel The Way of a Man with a Maid. During the 3-D revival of the 1980s, the film was re-released under the title "Tickled Pink", but the release did keep the "Swedish Butler" credit sequence intact. The film was shot in Stereoscopic 3-D at studios in Stockholm with exteriors in Denmark.

Delitto al ristorante cinese (1981)

Crime at the Chinese Restaurant (Italian: Delitto al ristorante cinese) is a 1981 Italian "poliziottesco"-comedy film directed by Bruno Corbucci. It is the eighth chapter in the Nico Giraldi film series; in this chapter Tomas Milian plays a double role, the inspector Nico Giraldi and the Chinese Ciu Ci Ciao, a character reprised, with slight changes, from the role of Sakura that the same Milian played in the spaghetti western The White, the Yellow, and the Black.

Free to Be... You & Me (1974)

Swing Ding Amigo (1966)

"Swing Ding Amigo" is a 1966 Looney Tunes cartoon directed by Robert McKimson with a story by Sid Marcus. It stars Daffy Duck, Speedy Gonzales and other mice.

Free Eats (1932)

Free Eats is a 1932 Our Gang short comedy film directed by Ray McCarey. It was the 112th (24th talking Our Gang episode) Our Gang short that was released.

Chainsaw Cheerleaders (2008)

Fred Rogers: America's Favorite Neighbor (2004)

Mysteries of the Freemasons (2006)

Kiddy Grade: Ignition (2007)

Total Romance 2 (2002)

Myrna the Monster (2015)